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Now that Ramanujacarya had accepted a number of disciples, he began to give them formal inŽstructions on the Vaisnava scriptures. First he studied with them the Sahasraglti, the thousand hymns praising Lord Visnu which had  been composed by Nammalvar, a famous devotee from south India. All the disciples were entranced to hear the wonderful way that Yatiraja explained these verses, revealing to them the glories of Lord Visnu.One day they came  to a verse which described the holy dhdma of sriSaila, which is also known as Tirupati: "This sriSaila is like Vaikuntha on earth. One who spends his life in that holy place does in truth live in Vaikuntha and at the end of his life will  attain the lotus feet of Lord Narayana."When they had read that verse, Ramanuja asked his disciples, "Who among you is willing to go to sri Saila, make a flower garden and serve Lord srinivasa there until the end of his life?"

It was Anantacarya, a very quiet disciple, who replied, "O master, if you will permit me, J shall go to that sacred hill and there achieve the mercy of the Lord.""You are indeed blessed," said Yatiraja, "and by your devotion you have  delivered fourteen generaŽtions of your ancestors. I consider myself most fortunate to have a disciple such as yourself." Then, after worshiping the feet of his guru, Anantacarya departed for Tirupati.