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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Four > GOSTHIPURNA'S ANGER



By this time Gosthipurna had come to hear in deŽtail of everything that had taken place outside the temple and was extremely angry, feeling Ramauja had betrayed his trust. When Ramanuja pproached him with his two disciples,  the aged carya addressed him in a voice that trembled with rage. "Get out of my sight, O lowest of men! I have committed a great sin by entrusting the most precious gem to such an untrustworthy person as yourself. Why have you  come here again, forcing me to commit the sin of looking at your face? Surely you are destined to live in hell for countless lifetimes.Without any sign of remorse, Ramanuja replied to his guru in a most humble manner, saying, "It  was only because I am prepared to suffer in hell that I dared to go against your order. You told me that whoever chanted the mantra of eight syllables was certain to be liberated. Thus, according to your words, so many people are  now destined to find shelter at Lord Narayana's lotus feet. If an insignificant person like me has to go to hell, it is of no great importance if so many others thereby attain the mercy of Lord Narayana.On hearing these words, which  fully revealed the depth of the devotee's compassion, Gosthipurna was completely stunned and filled with great wonder. All his fierce anger disappeared in an instant, like the passing of a violent storm, and he embraced  Ramanuja with profound affection. Everyone who was able to witness this transformation was filled with joy and astonishment.Gosthipurna then addressed Ramanuja with folded palms, "My child, I have never known anyone so  magnanimous as yourself. From this day you are my guru, and I am your disciple. There is no doubt that you are a most intimate associate of the Lord, whereas I am nothing but a common man. How can I comprehend your  greatness? Please forgive all of my offenses.Ramanuja fell to his knees and clasped the feet of his guru. With his head bowed in humility, he said, "You are my eternal guru. The perfect mantra has become even more potent  because it has emanated from your lips. Thus today it has burnt to ashes the miseries of so many thousands of people. Although I committed the offense of transgressing the order of my guru, I have become eternally fortunate  by receiving your embrace, which is desired even by the gods. My prayer is that, regarding me as your son and servant, you will eternally bestow your mercy upon me.Being highly pleased by Ramanuja's humility and gentle  behavior, Gosthipurna asked him to accept his son, Saumyanarayana, as his disciple. Then, with the permission of his spiritual master, Ramanuja returned to sri Rahgam. After this incident Yatiraja's fame expanded even  further, and for several weeks it seemed the local people could speak of nothing but this great devotee who had come into their midst.