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A little while later, Dasarathi, Ramanuja's second disciple, approached him with the same request as Kuresa. To him Yatiraja replied, "You are my relative, and therefore it is my desire that you understand the verse by hearing  from GosthipOrna. Even though there may be some fault in you, I will tend to overlook it because you are my family member. The duty of the guru is to remove all taints from the heart of the disciple. Therefore it is better that you  take instruction from Sri GosthipOrna." Dasarathi was famous as a great scholar and still a little proud of his learning. It was for this reason that Ramanuja directed him to approach GosthipOrna.As instructed by his guru,  Dasarathi went to reside in Tirukkotiyur and for six months he sat at the feet of Mahatma GosthTpOrna. However, even at the end of this time, the acarya had still not explained to him the meaning of that sublime verse spoken by  Lord Krsna.Eventually, taking pity on the young man, GosthipOrna told Dasarathi, "You are certainly a most brilliant scholar; I know that well. However, you must understand that education, wealth, and birth in an aristocratic family  can cause pride to arise in the heart of a smallminded man. In those who are vVirtuous, great learning brings selfcontrol and tmus gives rise to good qualities, not blemishes. Understanding these instructions, now return to vVour  own guru; he will reveal the meaning of the verse as you desire.