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Dasarathi then returned to Sri Rahgam and rePoorted to Ramanuja all that had taken place in Tfirukkotiyur. At that same time, Attulai, the daughter of Mahapurna, came there, obviously in some distress. When Yatiraja inquired  from her as to the ccause of her unhappiness, she replied, "Dear brother, my father has sent me to you. I live at the hhouse of my fatherinlaw and every day, both ^morning and evening, I have to bring water from a '£lake which is  over two miles from the house.The nroad there is lonely and difficult to traverse and as aa result I have become overwhelmed by fear and Pphysical exertion.When I told my motherinlaw of t'these difficulties,rather than sympathizing  with nmy plight, she flew into a rage, saying, 'Why did you nnot bring a cook from your father's house? Can I aafford to employ a servant while you sit idly at nhome?' Being very unhappy at this treatment, I returned to my father's  house and he has instructed nme to come to you for help with this problem.To this request Ramanuja immediately responded, "Dear sister, do not worry. Here I have c one brahmana whom I will send with you. He will do the work  of fetching water from the laKe andthe cooking as well.So saying he glanced at Dasarathi,the great scholar. Although working as a ser in tne kitchen was an occupation he might haeconsid ered unbefitting for a renowned  pasuch as himself, Dasarathi understood the desife of his guru and gladly followed Attulai to her fatherinlaw's house. There he began to do all tHe work in the kitchen with great care and devoti°n In this way six months passed.

One day a Vaisnava came to the villageandwas explaining a verse before an assembly"* Pe°P'eDasarathi was among the crowd andwnenhe heard the speaker's presentation tingedwlth Im" personalist misconceptions, he  couldn^^strain himself from pointing out these errors. this the man was very irritated and shouted out, "Stop, you fool! Where is a jackal and where is heaven! Whoever heard of a cook explaining the scriptures^o back to the  kitchen and display your talents there. Without showing the least sign of annovance at these harsh words, Dasarathi calmly weft on with his explanation of the verse. His presentation based on many different scriptures, wasmacle  so perfectly that everyone who heard his sp^ecn was captivated. Even the original speaker be Par don from him by touching his feet and askin. How is it that such a sincere devotee and learned scholar as yourself is engaged  in doinO menial work in the kitchen?


To this Dasarathi replied that he was simply acting in accordance with the order of his guru, which was his life and soul. When all the people learned he was Dasarathi, the famous devoteescholar, they went in a group to Sri  Rahgam. Before Ramanuja all of them presented their petition, saying, "0 Mahatrma, it is not proper that your worthy disciple should be engaged as a cook any longer. He has not a trace of pride in his heart and is certainly an  exalted paramahamsa. Please give orders so that in great honor we may bring him to your feet once more.Yatiraja was so pleased to hear the people describing his disciple in such a way that he himself returned with them. When  they met, Ramanuja embraced Dasarathi and blessed him. After returning to Sri Rahgam he explained to him the full significance of Lord Krsna's final instruction to Arjuna in the Bhagavadgitd, which reveals the essence of a  devotee's surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Because Dasarathi had fulfilled his desire by rendering service to the devotees, from that day he was known as Vaisnava dasa.