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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Four > ADOPTING THE WAYS OF ROBBERS



Being a humble devotee, Tirumahgai was not disturbed by this treatment, but the thought of the Supreme Lord standing uncared for in a wild forest full of jackals and hyenas caused him great pain. At last he could tolerate the  situation no longer and exclaimed in front of his four disciples, "We have wasted enough time trying to persuade these ras¬cals to serve the Lord. They will always remain atheists and unbelievers. Which is better—to beg from these  villains while Lord Rahganatha remains in this sorry condition, or to humble them by building a temple for the Lord so magnificent that it will force them to bow down at his feet?The disciples answered, "The service of the Lord is  our duty, not acting as the servants of these rogues."Then prepare yourselves," continued Tirumahgai, "for from this day we will see to it that the wealth of these greedy men is spent for building a temple. These wealthy landowners,  who are cruel by nature, have passed their lives taking from the poor, hardworking people and leaving them without enough to eat. Now then, let us rob these rascals and use their money for building a temple and feeding the  poor.The four disciples readily agreed to this proposal, and each of them spoke in turn. Tola Vazhakkan said, "No one can defeat me in argument.So, while I engage some rich man and his attend¬ants in a debate, they will forget  everything else and you will easily be able to carry off their wealth.Taludhuvan said, "I have the ability to open any lock without a key. Therefore, no treasury door will ever be closed to us.Nizhalai Mithippan said, "Anyone whose  shadow is touched by my feet loses all power of movement. Therefore, it will be easy for us to stop rich travellers along the roads.Nirmal Nadappan said, "The big houses of rich landowners, which are surrounded by moats of  water, are always open to me, for I can easily walk over water. Therefore from today, all the treasure of kings is yours.