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Having finished the Srubhasya, Ramanujacarya was satisfied in having fulfilled one of the three vows he had taken to complete the work of Yamuna-carya. Now he decided he was ready to fulfill the second of his promises by  preaching the Vaisnava philosophy he had presented in the Srubhdsya all over India. Therefore, with seventy-four of his chief disciples and many other followers, he set off to spread the glories of Lord Narayana and refute the false  doctrines of the impersonalists.First of all they went to KahcTpuram, the capital of the Cholas. Having offered prayers to Lord Vara-daraja, Yatiraja then continued on his journey to the city of Kumbakonam. When he spoke in the

temple there, he was , challenged by some of the local scholars, who we He followers of Sahkaracarya. However, by citing many verses from djfferent scriptures, he complete(y nu||jfjed their arguments. All the panditas oi ^  Kumbakonam then surrendered to Ramanujacarya and became devotees of Lord Narayana.Next, Yatiraja and Hhjs followers travelled to Ma days was the capital of the Pandya kingdom as was a center for a(| types of

scholars. Before a greeat assembly of learned panditas, Ramanuja about tne philosophy of de¬votion. His presentation was s0 convincing that at once everyone accepted his teachings and agreed to become devotees o^f  |.orCj Visnu.After remaining foi a few days in Madurai, the party of Vaisnavas trsave||ed on to the city of Kurahga and from there , t0 KurakapurT. In both these places Deities of Lc^rcj visnu were being wor¬shipped, and all the  debtees took pleasure in sing¬ing devotional songs i^thetemples.From there they joilurneyed acr0ss to the west coast of India to the c^jty of Trivandrum in Kerala, where they were able^ t0 beho|d the beautiful fea¬tures of Lord  Padma<nabha |yjng on His bed of AnantaSesa. Then thney travelled all the way up the west coast to Dv%aka from trlere across to Mathura and virndavan  t0 salagrama, Saketa, Naimisaranya, Puskarva and Badarikasrama.

In these holy tirthas II Ramanuja preached the philosophy  of loving devotion to the Supreme Lord, losop^hose who heard him were convinced to beand a'';evotees. Many times logicians, Buddhists, come;, impersonalist followers of  Sahkara came and trojim to present their own arguments, but in before'.stance he was able to point out the defievery 'y in these different doctrines and establish cienci^pmacy of the Vaisnava philosophy. Eventuthe sup'  came again  to SaradapTtha in the provally they<ashmir, where Yatiraja and Kuresa had ince of   ly endeavored to obtain a copy of the previou^d'vrtti.Bodhdyd'1 holars of that place came to try to deThe s^/ianujacarya, but none of them could  feat Rarfi solid arguments. Being overcome in match n'^iey then resorted to the art of black debate,  which they were also adept. They magic if1yarious mantras with the intention of chanted   4bout the death of their opponent.  Howbringing ^  use of Yatiraja's spiritual potency, the ever, bec^f unable to affect him and returned to spells weijs who had cast them. Thus all the pan* aff/ict thoŁ ^dapTtha fell sick and were on the point ditas of Sar of death,     ^me  the King of Kashmir heard of what At this t/Oning. He hurried to SaradapTtha and was happ^/ianuja's feet, begging him to forgive fell at Ran ll brdfonanas. Yatiraja accepted this ap¬pose sinfu' Jnsd all of them, after which they  bePeal and ct^sciples along with the king. came his tiky