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Three times over Ramanuja studied the Sahasra' glti with his disciples. At the conclusion of the third reading a desire arose within his heart to see for himself the holy shrine of SriSaila. Thus a few days later he set off on the journey  from SrT Rahgam accompanied by his disciples, all chanting the holy name of Lord Hari together.At the end of the first day of the journey, they stopped for the night in the town of Dehali. On the next day they walked as far as the  village of Astasa-hasra. Here there lived two of Ramanuja's disci¬ples, Yajnesa and Varadacarya. Intending to pass the night at the house of Yajnesa, who was a wealthy merchant, Yatiraja sent two of his followers ahead to convey  the news of his imminent arrival.When he learned of this from them, Yajnesa was delighted and immediately began to see to all the arrangements necessary for receiving the party of pilgrims. However, so absorbed was he in all  these activities that Yajnesa completely neglected to see to the comfort of the two tired messengers, who were left alone without being offered so much as a glass of water. Becoming unhappy at this mistreatment, they returned to  Ramanujacarya and reported to him everything that had taken place.Being most displeased to hear how his disciple had failed to show proper respect to Vaisnava guests, Yatiraja decided he would go instead to the house of  Varadacarya. This second disciple was an extremely poor man but was noted for his pure heart and great devotion to Lord Visou. Every morning he would set out to beg alms, returning at noon to present whatever he had received  as an offering to the Lord. Thus he passed his life in great contentment along with LaksmT, his chaste and extremely beautiful wife.