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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Five > SAILAPURNAS DEALINGS WITH GOVINDA



They first went to see Lord Varadaraja and then on to visit KahcTpurna, the great devotee and old friend of Ramanuja. After describing to him Govinda's wonderful devotion to his guru, Ramanuja finally begged Kahcipurna, "Please  bless my cousin and make him even more devoted to his guru and even more merciful toward all livingentities.On hearing this KahcTpurna smiled and said, "The Lord always fulfills your desires. No harm can ever befall one who  has your blessings.But hav¬ing observed a disconsolate look on Govinda's face, he added, "Your cousin is suffering greatly due to feelings of separation from his beloved guru. Why don't you send him back to SrT Saila, so that he  can resume his service to Sailapurna, which is the delight of his life?Ramanuja considered KahcTpurna's words for some time. Then he went over to Govinda and instructed him to leave immediately and return to the shelter of his  spiritual master. Govinda was very pleased to receive this instruction and travelled quickly back to Sri Saila by the shortest possibleroute.However, when Sailapurna heard of Govinda's return, he did not so much as glance at him or  call him to take prasdda. Eventually the dcdrya's wife, a kindhearted lady, said to her husband, "You may or may not speak to Govinda, but you must at least feed him."It is not my duty to feed a horse that has been sold," replied  Sailapurna. "He should take shelter of his new master alone.When he heard these words, Govinda, who was standing at the door, understood his gurus mind and left at once to rejoin his cousin. On arriving at Kancipuram, he went  before Ramanuja and bowed down at his feet, saying, "From this day on you should never again address me as 'brother', for I have heard from the lips of Sailapurna that you are now my master.