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After residing at Kurmaksetra for several days, Ramanuja was reunited with his disciples, who were continuing their journey southwards. He went with them to Simhacala and then on to Ahovala, where he established another  matha. At Isalihgahga they were able to see the Deity of Lord Nrsimhadeva and offer prayers at His lotus this way, travelling southwards down the eastern side of India, they came at last to Tirupati, Sri Saila, where Yatiraja  had previously stayed for one year with his uncle, Sailapuma. At that time a great controversy was raging there, for the followers of Lord Siva were challenging the devotees by claiming that Lord Vehkatesvara was actually a Deity  of Siva. Ramanuja then explained the history of Vehkata Hill, with reference to various scriptures, and established that SrT Vehkatesvara was a Deity of Lord Visnu.Having remained at Tirupati for two weeks, Ramanuja and his  followers continued their journey on to Kahcipuram, where they were able to worship Lord Varadaraja. From Kanci they passed on through Madurantaka to Vfranarayanapura, the birthplace of Nathamuni, Mamunacarya's granafa

ther and preceptor. From there they went on to Sri Rahgam and once again took shelter of Lord Rahganatha.