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Ramanujacarya was dismayed to hear this, thinking all his labor in travelling so far had been for nothing. However, that night as he was lying down the goddess Sarada (Durga) appeared before him with the book, saying, "My  child, take this book and return immediately to your own country." Straight away, having hidden the book amongst their belongings, Ramanuja and Kuresa took leave of the panditas of SaradapTtha and departed from that place.

A few days later the scholars were rearranging the books in their library and checking to see if any were in need of repair. When they discovered that the Bodhayanavrtti was missing, they at once con¬cluded that the two Vaisnavas  from south India must be responsible for its disappearance and sent a party of men in pursuit of them to recover the book. After travelling day and night for almost a month, they at last caught up with Ramanuja and Kuresa and  learned on inquiring from them that they were indeed in possession of the Bodhayana' yrtti. Without another word they took the book from them and returned with it to their home in Kashmir. Yatiraja was distressed at the loss,  wondering how it would now be possible for him to write the Sri'bhdsya. Kuresa, on the other hand, did not seem in the least disturbed and said cheerfully, "0 Master, there is no need for you to feel unhappy about what has  happened. Every night of our journey, while you were sleeping, I was studying that vrtti, and now I know the whole book by heart. If we stay here for a few days, I will be able to write it all down from memory.Ramanuja was surprised  to learn of his disciple's prodigious powers of memory and also delighted to hear that he would be able to retain a copy of the book he had so eagerly sought. Em¬bracing Kuresa, he said, "From this day I am eternally indebted  to you.