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While Ramanujacarya was teaching his disciples at Sri Rahgam, he frequently recalled the promise he had made before the body of YSmunacarya to present an authentic Vaisnava commentary on the Veddntasutras, which  would nullify the misleading mdydvadi interpretations.One day, recalling his vow, he said to the assembly of disciples, "I have made, a promise to Yamunacarya that I would write the Srubhdsya com¬mentary, but until now I have  done nothing to keep my vow. Before attempting such a task, it is essen tial that I study the Bodh&yancL'vrtti, written by the sage Bodhayana, but this is such a rare book that I have been unable to locate a single copy of it anywhere  in this part of the country. However, I have heard that one copy of this work is preserved with great care at Saradapi|ha in Kashmir. Therefore I am proposing to go there, taking with me only Ku¬resa, so that I can make a study of  Bodhayana's teachings and then present a true explanation of the Vedantd'sutras.Thus it was that a few days later Ramanuja and Kuresa set off for the far north of India. After travel¬ling for three months, they arrived at SaradapTtha  in Kashmir. There Yatiraja held long philosophical discussions with the local panditas, who were amazed by his knowledge of the scriptures and the depth of his wisdom. Thus they treated him as an honored guest.However, when  he inquired from them about the Bodhayana'vrtti, they were reluctant to let him see this book. Being themselves impersonalists, they realized that if YatirSja were able to absorb Bodhayana's philosophical conclusions, he would be  in a position to completely destroy their false mayavada doctrines with his forceful Vaisnava presentation. Thinking in this way, they said to him, "It is true that the book you mentioned was here until recently, but unfortunately it has  been eaten by worms and is now completely destroyed.