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Having left SaradapTtha, Ramanujacarya travelled southwards to Benares, where he remained for several months preaching and inspiring many of those who heard him to become devotees. From Benares he travelled to  Jagannatha PurT, where he founded a monastery named the Embar Math. By this time his reputation as a scholar and devotee was widely known throughout the whole of India, and as a result none of the panditas of Jagannatha  PurT dared to come and challenge him.Desiring that the priests of the Jagannatha temple adopt the pancardtrki system of worship, as explained by Narada Muni, Ramanuja appealed to the King of Orissa to arrange a debate  between them. Being fearful of the outcome of such a confrontation, all the priests prayed to Lord Jagannatha to save them from inevitable defeat. That very night as Yatiraja was sleeping, he was flung three hundred miles by  Lord Jagannatha to the holy dhdma of Kurmaksetra.When he awoke, Ramanuja was bewildered to find himself in a completely different place and without any of the disciples who had been accompanying him. At first he thought  that the temple nearby was dedicated to Lord Siva, and so he decided to fast for the day as a penance for his inability to worship Lord Narayana. However, when he inquired from some of the local people, he was in formed that  the Deity was in fact that of Lord Kurmadeva, one of the incarnations of Lord Visnu. He then went to the temple and happily engaged in the worship of the Lord.