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A few days later Govinda's mother, DiptimatT, ameto Ramanujacarya. "My child," she said, "Govinda's wife is now grown up and of a suitable age tcbear children. Please ask him to perform his duty ty perpetuating our family, for he  will not listen to me. When I raised the matter with him previously, he told me, 'You may bring my wife to me when have completed my service to Yatiraja and have some free time.' But up until this day he has nevemad any free  time, being always absorbed in his service.Ramanuja then called for Govinda and in structed him that, as a householder, it was his duty to have children who could be trained as pure devotees. "Purify your mind of the lower modes  of nature," he told him, "and then live with your wife and raise a family." Govinda, as always, accepted his cousin's order and went away to carry out his instructions.However, a few days later Ramanuja's aunt came to him again,  complaining that Govinda still had not adopted the life of a gmastha. When he was called to come before Yatiraja, Govinda explained the situation. "O Master, you instructed me to purify my mind of the lower modes of nature and  then to live with my wife and beget children. However, I find that when my devotion to the Lord is completely pure, I cannot even think of family life or be¬getting children. Therefore it has now become very difficult for me to follow  your instructions.When he had listened to Govinda's submission, Ramanujacarya was silent for some time. Then he said, "Govinda, now that I understand the state of your mind, I consider that it is your duty to take san* "nydsa  immediately, for a person must accept the regulations of the status of life that is most suitable for him. This is the injunction of the scriptures. As you have attained complete mastery over the senses, you are quite fit to be a sannydsi.''  Govinda was very pleased to hear his cousin's words and bowed down at his feet.With the permission of Diptimati, Yatiraja began to arrange for the ceremony without delay. In the presence of the sacred fire, Govinda was offered the  danda and kamandalu and thus became a Vaisnava sannydsi. With effulgent features and tears of ecstasy in his eyes, his pure appearance attracted the minds of all those present at the ceremony.Out of great affection, Yatiraja  gave his cousin the name Mananatha, meaning the controller of the mind, a name used by his own disciples to address him. Thinking himself unworthy to bear the same name as his preceptor, Govinda refused to accept this  name. So Ramanuja translated it into the Tamil equivalent, 'Emperumanan', or Embar for short. Later on when Ramanuja founded an dsrama in Jagannatha PurT, he called it the Embar Math in honor of his cousin.