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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Ramanujacharya > The Life Of Ramanujacarya > Chapter Five > ARRIVAL IN SRI SAILA



Early the next morning Ramanujacarya and his party left Astasahasra and set off for the city of Kahcipuram. At noon they arrived there and went immediately to pay their obeisances to Lord Varadaraja. They met with the renowned  Vaisnava saint, Sri Kancipurna, and joyfully passed three days in his association. They then travelled to the holy place known as Kapila Tirtha and on the same day arrived at the foot of the sacred hill known as Sri Saila.

Yatiraja became filled with ecstasy there, thinking, "This is the holy place where SrT Hari Himself is residing along with His consort LaksmT. It would be a great offense for me to touch the Lord's holy abode with my feet, therefore I  will remain here at the foot of the hill." Thus he remained with his fol¬lowers at the foot of SrT Saila, offering constant prayers to Lord Narayana.In the meantime all the sddhus and devotees who lived at SrT Saila came to see  Ramanuja. When they heard of his resolution not to climb th§ hill for fear of committing an offense, they all subrnitted a petition. "O pure one, if great souls such as yourself are unwilling to walk upon the sacred hill of SrT Saila, then  all the common people will acjt in the same way and even the priests will be afraid to go up to the temple. Therefore please change your decision and agree to climb the hill. The hearts of pure devotees are the real temples of SrT  Hari, for He is always present where pure devotion is manifest. The places of pilgrimage become even more sanctified because they are visited by the great devotees.