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Because of his devotion to his guru, his humility, honesty, and gentle speech, all people came to reŽspect Dhanurdasa. In order to show that it is a perŽson's behavior that should be considered and not his birth, Ramanuja would  hold Dhanurdasa's arm while returning from the KaverT, although he would hold the arm of Dasarathi, a brahmana by birth, while walking to the river. When Yatiraja's young brahmana disciples observed their gurus intimate  dealings with a person of lower birth, some of them were disturbed and even dared to say that his beŽhavior was not befitting.Understanding the misconceptions in the hearts of his disciples, Ramanuja decided to teach them a  lesson that would bring them to a proper underŽstanding of the character of a Vaisnava. One night while all the others were sleeping, Ramanuja arose and tore a strip off all the dhotis that were hanging up to dry. The next morning  when the brdhmanas discovered what had happened, a great quarrel arose amongst them with accusations and harsh words flying back and forth. Eventually, Yatiraja himself had to intervene to calm the situation down.