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From an early age the child Parasara gave evi¬dence of his genius and extraordinary character. When he was only five years old, a renowned pari' dita known as Sarvajna Bhatta passed along the road by Kuresa's house,  accompanied by many disciples who were beating on drums and pro¬claiming the glories of the great scholar.One of the disciples announced, "Here is the un¬rivalled pandita, Sarvajna Bhatta. All those who wish to become his  disciples may come to his feet without delay." On hearing this the child Parasara approached the pandita, scooping up a handful of dust as he went. Standing before the great scholar, the child addressed him boldly, "Let me see if  you can tell how many grains of dust are in my hand. If you are truly Sarvajna then you should know everything.The pandita was very surprised to hear Para¬sara's question, but, as he considered the child's words, he began to see  clearly the emptiness of his pride and vanity. Taking the young boy on his lap, Sarvajna kissed him on the forehead and said, "My child, you are truly my guru. Your question has revealed how foolish I was to be so proud of the lit¬tle  knowledge I have acquired.Both Parasara and Vyasa grew up to be great devotees of Lord Narayana, dedicating themselves to the service of Yatiraja. Following Ramanuja's in¬structions, Parasara later married two daughters from  Mahapurna's family.