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Once Mahapurna came before Yatiraja and bowed at his feet. Seeing Ramanuja still sitting without embarrassment at his guru's behaviour, some of the other devotees questioned him in sur¬prise, "Yatiraja, how could you allow  your guru to bow down before you without making any protest?My spiritual master acted in that way," replied Ramanuja, "to show how a true disciple should be¬have before his guru. If Mahapurna has a purpose to fulfill through  these activities, it is not my posi¬tion to interfere with his desires.Later the devotees inquired from Mahapurna about his offering obeisances to a disciple and he explained to them,In Yatiraja I see constantly the embodiment of my  own guru, SrT Yamunacarya, and therefore it is impossible for me not to bow down before him." On hearing this all of them real¬ized even more profoundly the greatness of Ramanujacarya.