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Having spoken in this way, Kuresa returned home and after removing his costly garments and orna¬ments, he dressed himself in the garb of a mendi¬cant. Then he approached KahcTpurna once more. "0 Mahatma," he said, "I  cannot disobey the order of the consort of Lord Narayana, but it is not possi¬ble for me to go before Her at present, polluted as I am by the contaminations of opulence and wealth. Therefore I will take shelter of Yatiraja, my guru, and  purify myself by bathing in the water that has washed his feet. Who knows, if I receive the mercy of great souls such as yourself, then I may be able to see the lotus feet of Mother LaksmT even in this life.So Kuresa set off that same  day, walking to¬wards SrT Rahgam, with Andal following behind. She too had abandoned all trace of opulent life, re¬taining only one gold cup from which to supply wa¬ter to her husband when he became thirsty. After travelling for  some time, they entered a dark forest and Andal began to be afraid. "My lord," she said to her husband, "is there anything for us to fear in this desolate place?"It is only the rich who have cause to be afraid," replied Kuresa. "If you  have no money or wealth with you then there is nothing to fear." On hearing this, Andal immediately threw away the golden cup.The next day they arrived in SrT Rahgam. When Ramanuja heard news of this, he sent at once to have  them brought to the dsrama. Then, when they had rested and taken prasdda, he arranged accom¬odation for them in a nearby house.From that time on Kuresa lived in SrT Rahgam and maintained himself and his wife by begging  from door to door. Although he had been accus¬tomed to living in the most opulent circumstances and was now in a povertystricken condition, he considered himself most fortunate, for now he could pass his days in chanting the  holy name, dis¬cussing the scriptures and serving the feet of his guru. Andal was also completely satisfied by the position in which she found herself, never once la¬menting the wealth they had abandoned. Whilst staying in SrT  Rahgam, Kuresa wrote two books, a commentary on the Sahasragiti and another work entitled Kuresawjaya.