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Kuresa was one of Ramanuja's most intimate disciples, always absorbed in thought of how he could assist his guru in his preaching work.He came from a wealthy brdhmana family of Kuragrahara, a small village near KancTpuram.  As he was in fact the landowner of the whole area around the village of Kura, he came to be known as Kuresa, the master of Kura. He married a very qualified girl named Andal, and together they used the imŽmense wealth he had  inherited in acts of charity, providing for all the poor people in the area.He had known Ramanuja since his boyhood and had always regarded him as a most elevated perŽsonality. When Yatiraja adopted the sannydsa orŽder of life,  Kuresa and Andal were among the first to become his disciples. Kuresa was widely reŽnowned as a great scholar, for whatever he heard, even once, he would remember for all time. It was with his assistance, as we have heard  previously, that Yadavaprakasa was defeated and made into a devotee.From early in the morning until midnight, the gates of Kuresa's house would be open and any poor man who went there would receive gifts in charity. Once  LaksmTdevT, the consort of Lord Varadaraja, on hearing the gates of Kuresa's house closing, inquired from her servant KahcTpurna as to where the sound was coming from. At that time KahcTpurna explained to Mother LaksmT all  about Kuresa's activities. "From early in the morning unŽtil midnight, service is rendered to the poor, the lame and the blind," he told Her. "Then the gates of the house are closed.until the next morning so that Kuresa and his wife  Andal may take a little rest. It was the sound of the gates closing that you have just heard." After hearing this description from KahcTpurna, LaksmTdevT became very anxious to see Kuresa and asked him to bring that devotee to her  the next morning.When KahcTpurna saw Kuresa early the next day, he informed him of the Goddess of Fortune's wishes. At this Kuresa appeared astonished and replied, "Who am I? Nothing but an ungrateful, evilminded man,  while LaksmTdevT is the mother of the universe, who is worshipped with great reverence even by Brahma and Siva. It is said that a canddla may not enter the temple and I, having been polŽluted by my wealth, am lower than any  canddla.Therefore how can I present myself before Mother LaksmT?