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That evening Ramanuja left the dsrama accom¬panied only by Dhanurdasa and walked with him the short distance to the outer gate of Lord Rahganatha's temple. Having passed through all of the outer gates, the two of them stood  at last before the Deity of the Lord. At that time the arati had just begun, and the priest was offering a fragrant cam¬phor lamp to the Lord and His consort LaksmTdevT. Although the inner room of the temple was dark, being enclosed  by walls on all sides, as the lamp was presented before SrT Rahganatha, its flaming effulgence lit up his transcendental features and shimmered on His beautiful, golden, lotuslike eyes. When he saw this revelation of the divine  form of the Lord, Dhanurdasa stood as though transfixed, looking without blinking at the eyes of SrT Visnu, who is known as Aravindaksa. All at once tears of love began to roll down his cheeks as he experi¬enced a taste of the real  enjoyment that is found only in the spiritual world. In an instant all his at¬traction to the pale pleasures of this mundane exis¬tence began to fade, like the stars at sunrise.After some time Dhanurdasa regained his com¬posure and  turned towards Ramanuja, falling at his feet saying, "By your causeless mercy, you have given to this most lusty of men pleasures that are sought after even by the demigods in heaven. I am your servant forever. Like an owl of the  night, I had turned away from the sun and had become infatu¬ated with a glowworm. Now you have opened my eyes, and thus you alone are my master.Ramanujacarya then raised Dhanurdasa from the ground and firmly  embraced him. From that moment, the young wrestler from Nichulanagara gave up his entanglement in material affairs and became a purehearted devotee of Lord Narayana. Hemamba, although a courtesan by profession, had  long regarded Dhanurdasa as her husband. Despite her sinful engagement, she was at heart a devotee of the Lord. Therefore, upon hearing of the great transformation that Dhanurdasa had under¬gone, she was filled with  happiness and came also to surrender her life at the feet of the merciful dcdrya.Yatiraja arranged for them to be properly mar¬ried as man and wife, and by his pure instruc¬tions he removed the contamination of lust from their  hearts. They left Nichulanagara and moved to Rahgaksetra, where they rented a house close by Ramanuja's asrama. In this way they were able to associate with their spiritual master and hear the nectarean Vaisnava teachings  from his lips.