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About a year later Andal gave birth to twin sons. Yatiraja was delighted to hear of this and sent Govinda to perform the jdtakarmat or birth ceremony. After the ceremony was completed, Govinda whis¬pered two mantras into the ears  of both babies— srimari'narayana'Caranau saranamprapadye, 'I take shelter at the feet of Lord Narayana' and srimate narayandya namah, 'I offer my obeisances to Lord Narayana' As gifts for the children, Ramanuja had made out  of gold the five weapons of Lord Visnu the conch, disc, club, sword and bow—so that by wearing them the babies might be protected from ghosts and evil spirits. After six months Yatiraja per¬formed a namegiving ceremony both for  Kuresa's twin sons, whom he named Parasara and Vyasa, and for the son of Govinda's younger brother, whom he named Parahkusapurna.When Ramanuja had stood before the body of YSmunacarya, he had made three vows: to  write a Vaisnava commentary on the Veddnta'sutras, to preach the philosophy of devotional service all over India, and to name one disciple Parasara, in honor of the speaker of the Visnu Purdna. Now all three of these vows were  fulfilled.