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The holy parikrama, or circumambulation of Vrndavana is 6 miles long, and it takes ab<iut two or three hours to complete. Pilgrims arriving in Vrndavana usually observe fasting for the day, taking  their sacred bath in the Yamuna River and then going on parikrama. By circumambulation of Vrndavana, one not only pays proper respect to the I loly Dhama, but one also washes away  innumerable sins accumulated over many, many lifeŽtimes. If one circumambulates any temple of Krishna or Vishnu, one becomes freed from so many sins, but by circumambulating the whole  of Vrndavana, one automatically circumambulates over 5,000 temples all at one time. ITie local residents, known as Brijbasis usually go ODparikrama on Ekadasi (the eleventh day of the waxing  and waning moon) as it has far greater benefit than any other day. The Brijbasis believe that any offences committed in the Holy Dhama, either knowingly or unknowingly, can be washed off by  circumambulating Vrndavana on the Ekadasi day.