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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Rajashekara Dasa > The Complete Guide To Vrindavana > TEN OFFENCES TO BE AVOIDED IN THE HOLY DHAMA



1. To have conlenpt or disrespect towards the guru who is the revealer of the Holy Dhama.

2. To think that the Hofy Dhama is temporary.

3. To comriit violence towards any of the residents of the Holy Dhama, or to any of the pilgrims who come there, or to think that they are ordinary mundane people.

4. To perform mundane activities while living in the Holy Dhama.

5. Earning money by, and making a business of Deity worship and chanting the holy name.

6. To think that the Holy Dhama belongs to some mundane country or providence such as Bengal, or to think that the Dhama of the Lord is equal to a Holy place • connected with some Demigod,  or To attempt to measure the area of the Dhama.

7. To conrmiit sinful acts while in the Dhama.

8. To consider Vrndavana and Navadvlpa different.

9. To blaspheme the sdstras which glorify the Holy Dhama.

10.To be faithless and to think that the glories of the Dhama are imaginary.


In the sacred land of Vrndavana, the results of all devotional activities performed here are magnified one thousand times. Therefore, one can make rapid advanceŽment if one lives offencelessly  in the Holy Dhama. If however, one does commit offences, they arc also magnified one thousand times; therefore, one is advised to carefully avoid committing any offences in Vrndavana Dhama.