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India's Most Holy City of Over 5,000 Temples

By Shriman Rajashekhara Dasa Brahmachaari


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The Vedic scriptures inform us that the beautiful land of Vrndavana is non-different from the spiritual world. Lord Sri Krishna has also declared that He never leaves Vrndavana and is eternally  present there in His transcendental spiritual form. To reside in Vrndavana is exactly the same as residing within the spiritual world, thereby directly associating with the Supreme Personality of  Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna.It was certainly my great fortune that when I first came to India from London in January 1975, my first destination was the sacred city of Vrndavana, about which I had  heard so much since joining the Hare Krishna movement in 1972. Little did 1 realize at that time that I would be spending the next twenty-one years of my life travelling and teaching Krishna  consciousness throughout the Indian subcontinent.It is only by the divine grace of our beloved spiritual master Srila Prabhupada, that it has been possible to appreciate the transcendental  beauty of Vrndavana. 1 have also found that by his mercy this appreciation simply goes on increasing day by day, year after year.It had been my desire for some time to write a comprehensive  guidebook to Vrndavana for the benefit of the thousands of pilgrims, especially from the West, who now flock in large numbers to this most ancient of holy places. While I was performing service  at Srila Prabhupada's rooms at the historic Radha Damodara temple, many visitors who came there were asking directions to the various holy shrines around Vrndavana. It was then that I  decided to prepare this guide book along with an accurate map, to enable them to easily locate the most important places of Vrndavana.Even though I have done extensive research for this  edition, new shrines of importance continue to be discovered along with their relevant histories. It is my intention to continue the research of Vrndavana's holy places for the benefit of all the  devotees of Lord Sri Krishna who relish visiting Vrndavana dhama and going on pilgrimage to all the sacred places connected to the transcendental pastimes of the Lord.


Rajasekhara dasa Brahmacari