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1) Karanadakasayi Vishnu (Maha Vishnu)


2) Garbhodakasayi Vishnu


3) Ksirodakasayi Vishnu



     visnos tu trini rupani

   purusakhyany atho viduh

     ekam tu mahatah srastr

   dvitiyam tv anda-samsthitam

     trtiyam sarva-bhuta-stham

   tani jnatva vimucyate



   "For material creation, Lord Krishna's plenary expansion assumes three Vishnus. The first one, Maha Vishnu, creates the total material energy, known as mahat-tattva. The second, Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, enters into all the universes to create diversities in each of them. The third, Ksirodakasayi Vishnu, is diffused as the all-pervading Supersoul in all the universes and is known as Paramatma. He  is present even within the atoms. Anyone who knows these three Vishnus can be liberated from material entanglement."


                      (Satvata-tantra quoted in Bg. 7.4 purport)



   Krishna is the original Personality of Godhead. His expansion is Balarama, who expands the original catur vyuha or quadruple expansions.


1) Vasudeva  2) Sankarsana  3) Pradyumna  4) Aniruddha


   These original catur vyuha expansions reside in Mathura and Dwaraka. From these original catur vyuha expansions twenty four forms of Vishnu expand. They are named differently according to the arrangement of the conch, disc, lotus and club in Their hands. All of these twenty four forms reside in each Vaikuntha planet with the predominating Deity of that planet.


   From the original catur vyuha the second catur vyuha expands. In this second catur vyuha the form of Sankarsana is also called Maha Sankarsana. It is from maha Sankarsana that Maha Vishnu becomes manifested.




             Original Personality of Godhead




                    First expansion



                  ORIGINAL CATUR VYUHA

        Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna, Aniruddha



                   SECOND CATUR VYUHA

        Vasudeva, Sankarsana,+ Pradyumna, Aniruddha

  (Each expand into three and¦then another two expansions)



                     (Maha Sankarsana)



                       MAHA VISNU



1) MAHA VISNU lies on the causal ocean which apppears in one corner of the spiritual world. He manifests the mahat tattva (or the sum total of material energy). It is into this mahat tattva that He exhales all of the seedlike universes through the pores of His skin. These seedlike universes then expand as the different material elements form coverings around them. Each of the coverings is ten times thicker than the previous covering and form a shell-like covering.

   When Maha Vishnu impregnates the living entities by His glance into the material nature it begins to manifest its various energies.


2) When the universes have thus developed in the womb of material nature, Maha Vishnu expands as GARBHODAKASAYI VISNU, Who enters into each universe with the living entities of that particular universe and thus activates each universe by His presence. he lies down on Ananta Sesa who lies on the Garbha ocean, which is the perspiration from the Lord's body and half fills the universe.

   From His navel comes a lotus bud which is the total form of the living entities fruitive activity. The lotus grows dissapating the darkness of the universe.

   On top of the lotus Brahma, the first living being appears. Not finding his origin, brahma looked in four directions and developed four heads. Situated on the lotus, Brahma could not understand anything. He began entering the stem and climbed down to find its origin. Not finding anything, Brahma again returned to the top of the lotus where he heard the word ta-pa (austerity). Hearing the sound Brahma underwent penance for one thousand celestial years; (6x30x12x1000 earthly years). Being very pleased with Brahma's tapasya, the Lord manifested the Vaikuntha planets. Seeing Vaikuntha, Brahma became very happy and bowed to the Lord. Being very pleased with Brahma the Lord shakes his hand and reveals how to create the universe.


3) To maintain the universe Garbhodakasayi Vishnu expands as KSIRODAKASAYI VISNU, Who is the all-pervading Supersoul (Paramatma). By His entering into every atom He maintains the whole universe. His abode is Svetadwipa an island in the ocean of milk.


References: (S.B.1.3.1-5) (S.B.3.8.11-21) (S.B.2.9.4-9)






(S.B. 2.10.47-48)


First Creation: MAHAKALPA


   The creation of the sixteen elementary elements, which are all products of the false ego, created by Maha Vishnu.

(Maha Vishnu creates the total material energy).


Second Creation: VIKALPA


   The creation of Brahma by Garbhodakasayi Vishnu and the dispersion of the material elements.

(Garbhodakasayi Vishnu creates the diversities in each universe).


Third creation:  KALPA


   The creation by Brahma in each day of his life after waking from his sleep.


   Lord Brahma's one day is called a Kalpa, the creation of Brahma is called Vikalpa and the creation of the total creation is called Mahakalpa.


   In the Skanda Purana, Brahma's thirty days are mentioned. Each day of Brahma is a duration of one thousand divya yugas. A divya yuga comprises of one thousand of the four yugas. The same duration comprises his night.





1)  Sveta Varaha Kalpa  11) Dhyana Kalpa      21) Soma Kalpa

2)  Nilalohita Kalpa    12) Sarasvata Kalpa   22) Bhavana Kalpa

3)  Vamadeva Kalpa      13) Udana Kalpa       23) Supuma Kalpa

4)  Gathantara Kalpa    14) Garuda Kalpa      24) Vaikuntha Kalpa

5)  Raurava Kalpa       15) Kaurma Kalpa      25) Arcisa Kalpa

6)  Prana Kalpa         16) Narasimha Kalpa   26) Vali Kalpa

7)  Brhat Kalpa         17) Samadhi Kalpa     27) Vairaja Kalpa

8)  Kandarpa Kalpa      18) Agneya Kalpa      28) Gauri Kalpa

9)  Sadyata Kalpa       19) Vishnuja Kalpa     29) Mahesvara Kalpa

10) Isana Kalpa         20) Saura Kalpa       30) Paitr Kalpa




(S.B. 3.10.15-18)


1) The first creation is of the Mahat-tattva.

   (This creation is performed by MahaVishnu).

   In the first creation the modes of nature mix and give rise to    false ego.              



2) False ego or identification of the body, along with the    material ingredients, material knowledge and material    activities arise.

   (working senses and knowledge aquiring senses).



3) The sense perceptions are created and from these the material    elements are generated.



   i) sound  ii) touch  iii) sight  iv) taste  v) smell

      sky        air         fire       water     earth



4) The creation of knowledge and working capacity.



5) The contolling deities become manifest by the interaction of    the mode of goodness.



6) The sixth creation is the ignorant darkness of the living    entity, by which the master acts as a fool.






   All the above are natural creations by the external energy of the Lord. The remaining three are creations of Brahma and will be included in that section.