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   During Brahma's one day there are twenty-five Lila-avataras also known as Kalpa avataras because they appear in every Kalpa. Of these Lila-avataras Hamsa and Mohini are not very well known.


1)  Catursana     - The four Kumaras.


                    They appeared in the beginning of creation

                    and are specifically empowered to distribute

                    transcendental knowledge. They are empowered

                    with the Lord's jnana-sakti. They are also

                    known as Saktyavesa.


2)  Narada Muni   - The son of Lord Brahma.


                    He is empowered with the Lord's Bhakti-sakti.

                    He is also Saktyavesa.


3)  Varahadeva    - Sukara or the Boar incarnation.


                    The Boar incarnation appeared in two

                    different milleniums. During the period of

                    Svayambhuva Manu, the earthly planet remained

                    submerged in the water of devastation, so the

                    Lord appeared as a white boar and lifted the

                    earth and set it properly. During the period

                    of Caksusa Manu Lord Boar was red and He

                    killed the demon Hiranyaksa.


4)  Matsya        - The Fish incarnation.


                    He appeared to show special mercy to

                    Satyavrata Muni. After the period of Caksusa

                    when there was a partial inundation, he also

                    protected Vaivasvata Manu by keeping him safe

                    on a boat.


5)  Yajna         - The son of Prajapati Ruci and his wife Akuti.


                    During the period of Svayambhuva Manu there

                    was no qualified Indra. So the Lord appeared

                    as Yajna and took that position.


6)  Nara Narayana - The twin sons of the wife of King Dharma.


                    They are partial expansions of Krishna and

                    Arjuna. Nara and Narayana Rsis exhibited the

                    Lords renunciation.




7)  Kapiladeva    - The son of Devahuti.


                    He explained the Sankhya philosophy.

                    Kapiladeva exhibited the Lord's

                    transcendental knowledge.


8)  Dattatreya    - The son of Atri Rsi and Anasurya.

                    He is a combined incarnation of Lord Vishnu,

                    Brahma and Siva. He spoke on the subject of

                    transcendence to Alarka, Prahlad, Yadu, etc.


9)  Hayasirsa     - Lord Hayagriva 


                    At the end of the millenium ignorance

                    personified took the form of a demon, stole

                    the Vedas and took them to the planet

                    Rasatala. At that time the Lord, at the

                    request of Brahma, retrieved them after

                    assuming the form of a horse.


10) Hamsa         - The Swan incarnation.


                    Due to bewilderment, Brahma, could not answer

                    some questions put forward by his sons. At

                    that time the Lord appeared as a swan and

                    answered the questions.


11) Prsnigarbha   - The incarnation who appeared before Dhruva.


                    He created the planet known as Dhruvaloka for

                    the habitation of Dhruva Maharaja.


12) Rsabha        - The son of King Nabhi and his wife Merudevi.


                    His oldest son was Bharata Maharaja of which

                    the earth was named after - Bharat-varsa. He

                    instructed his sons to follow the path of

                    perfection by tapasya.


13) Prthu         - The incarnation of the Lord's ruling force.


                    Due to the demonic nature of King Vena, the

                    sages killed him by a curse. They prayed for

                    the Lord to appear and churned the two arms

                    of the dead body according to a specific

                    method and the Lord appeared as Prthu.


14) Nrsimhadeva   - The half man half lion incarnation.


                    He appeared to protect Prahlad by killing






15) Kurma         - The Tortoise incarnation.


                    He appeared to become the resting place of

                    the Mandara Hill, used as a churning rod by

                    the demons and demigods to produce nectar.


16) Dhanvantari   - The father of Ayurveda.


                    He appeared from the ocean of milk with the

                    pot of nectar.


17) Mohini        - The Lord's form of a beautiful woman.


                    The Lord tricked the demons by appearing in

                    the form of a beautiful woman and asked the

                    demons for the nectar and distibuted it to

                    the demigods.


18) Vamanadeva    - The Dwarf incarnation.


                    Assuming the form of a dwarf brahmacari the

                    Lord visited the fire sacrifice of Bali

                    Maharaja. He begged three steps of land and

                    with those steps He took the whole universe.

                    He is the son of Kasyapa and Aditi.


19) Parasurama    - Bhrgupati, the son of Jamadagni and Renuka.


                    He annihilated the administrative class

                    twenty-one times because of their rebellion

                    against the brahmanas.


20) Raghavendra   - Lord Ramacandra.


                    He came to perform pleasing work for the

                    demigods, protect His devotees and kill

                    Ravana and his followers. The Lord assumed

                    the form of a human being and exhibited

                    superhuman powers by controlling the Indian



21) Vyasadeva     - The son of Parasara Muni and Satyavati.


                    He divided the one Veda into several branches

                    and sub-branches, seeing that the people in

                    general were less intelligent.


22) Lord Balarama - The first plenary expansion of the Lord.


23) Lord Krishna    - The original form of the Lord.


                    Both Balarama and Krishna appeared in the

                    family of Vrsni (Yadu dynasty)and in doing

                    so removed the burden of the world.


24) Buddha        - The son of Anjana.


                    He appeared in the province of Gaya in Kali

                    -yuga to delude those who are envious of the

                    faithful. He also appeared to stop animal

                    slaughter in the name of Vedic sacrifices by

                    preaching non-violence and by not accepting

                    Vedic authorities.

                    There is also another Buddha incarnation

                    mentioned. There are seventy-two Kali-yugas

                    during the period of one Manu. During one

                    Kali-yuga the Lord appeared as Buddha to

                    bewilder the demons who were destroying

                    the inhabitants of other planets by flying

                    unseen in space ships made by the demon Maya.


25) Kalki         - The son of Vishnu Yasa.


                    He will appear in the village Sambhala. He

                    will mount a horse, Devadatta and taking His

                    sword, will kill millions upon millions of

                    bandits. He will also commence Satya-yuga.







    During Brahma's one day there are fourteen manus and twenty-five Lila-avataras. There are thirty such days in Brahma's one month. There are twelve months in a year and Brahma lives for one hundred years.


    One hundred years is divided into two halves. The first half is over and the second half is now current. Fifty years complete one parardha. Brahma must complete another fifty years after which everything will be destroyed.


   Thus Brahma's life span is 311 trillion 40 billion earthly years. Brahma's life, however, is calculated to be less than a moment for the Personality of Godhead. In the Causal Ocean there are millions of Brahmas appearing and disappearing like bubbles in the Atlantic Ocean.