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The Vayu Purana--Part 2






1. Manvantaras: The Milking of the Earth

2. The Dyanasty of Prthu

3. Vaivasvata Manvantara: The Marica Creation

4. The Race of Prajapati: Rebirth of Seven Sages

5. The Race of Dharma

6. Curse to Jaya Gods: Nrsimha Incarnation: Race of Hiranyakasipu: Birth of Marut-gods

7. The race of Kasyapa: Danu's Progeny

8. Dynasties Descended from Kasyapa

9. The Race of Sages

10. The Procedure of Sraddha

11. The Birth of Skanda: Rules Prescribed for Sraddha

12. The Procedure of Sraddha (Continued)

13. The Procedure of Sraddha Performance (Continued)

14. The Procedure Regarding Performance of Sraddha: The Five Mahayajnas

15. Sacred Places for Sraddha

16. The Sraddha Ritual: Purificatory Rites

17. The Test for Eligibility of a Brahmana (for Sraddha Invitation)

18. Benefit Derived from Charitable Gifts

19. Benefit of Sraddha Performance on Various Tithis

20. Benefit of Sraddha Performance under Different Constellations

21. Miscellaneous Topics: Qualifications of a Brahmana for Sraddha-gifts: Merits of Performance of Sraddha at Sacred Places

22. The Race of Varuna: Birth of Asvin-gods

23. Creative Activity of Manus: The Story of Sudyumna

24. A Dissertation on Music: The Definition of Murechana

25. The Science of Music: The Embellishments

26. The Iksvaku Dynasty

27. The Nimi Dynasty

28. The Nativity of soma and Saumya (Buddha)

29. The Lunar Race: The Amavasu Dynasty

30. The Origin of Dhanvantari; Varanasi Cursed; Raji's Exploits

31. The Story of Yayati

32. The Birth of Kartavirya

33. The Dynasty of Jyamagha and Vrsni

34. The Race of Vrsni

35. Wars between Suras and Asuras: Bhrgu curses Vishnu: The Eulogy of Sambhu by Sukra

36. Glorification of Vishnu's Greatness

37. Royal Dynasties

38. The Manvantaras and Dissolution of the Universe

39. Worlds from Maharloka to Siva's City

40. Dissolution of the Universe

41. Recreation of the Cosmic Egg

42. Dissipation of Vyasa's Doubts

43. The Greatness of Gaya

44. The Glory of Gaya: The Story of Gayasura

45. Gayamahatmya (Contd.): The Story of Sila

46. Gayamahatmya (Contd.): Sila-tirtha and Other Sacred Spots

47. Gayamahatmya (Contd.): The Glory of Adigada-dhara

48. Procedure of the Pilgrimage to Gaya

49. Procedure of the Pilgrimage to Gaya (Continued)

50. The Glory of Gaya