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The Varaha Purana--Part 2







137. The Vulture and the Jackal

138. The Story of the Wag-tail

139. Greatness of Saukara

140. Greatness of holy spots in Kokamukha

141. Greatness of Badarikasrama

142. Action in Privacy

143. Greatness of Mandara

144. Greatness of Somesvara, Muktiksetra, Triveni and others

145. Greatness of Salagramaksetra

146. Greatness of Ruruksetra and Hrsikesa

147. Greatness of Goniskramana          

148. Greatness of Stutasvami            

149. Greatness of Dvaraka               

150. Greatness of Sanandura             

151. Greatness of Lohargala

152. Glory of Mathura Tirtha

153. Greatness of Mathura Tirtha

154. Power of the Tirthas in Yamuna

155. Power of Akruratirtha

156. The Appearance of Mathura

157. Malayarjuan and other Tirthas

158. The Power of Mathura-Tirtha

159. Circumambulation in Mathura

160. The Order of Visits in the Tirthas of Mathura

161. The greatness of Devavana

162. The greatness of Cakratirtha

163. The Greatness of Kapilavaraha

164. The Greatness of Annakuta

165. The Power of Catuhsamudrika well

166. The power of Asikunda

167. The power of Visranti tirtha

168. The Tirthas in Mathura

169. The Semicircular spot in Mathura

170. The story of Gokarna

171. The story of Gokarna (continued)

172. The story of Gokarna (continued)

173. The story of Gokarna (continued)

174. The greatness of the confluence of Yamuna

175. The prowess of Krishnaganga and Kalinjara

176. The prowess of Krishnaganga dnd Kalinjara

177. Consecration of Surya by Samba

178. Satrughna-Lavana

179. Expiations for Offences

180. Creatness of Dhruva tirtha in Mathura

181. Consecration of wooden Images

182. Consecraton of stone Images

183. Consecraton of clay images

184. Consecraton of copper Images

185. Consecraton of bronze Images

186. Consecraton of silver and golden Images

187. The Origin of Sraddha

188. Rituals of Sraddha

189. Qualities of the Brahmin to be fed in Sraddha

190. Other details about Sraddha

191. Madhuparka

192. Peace for all

193. Departure of Naciketas

194. Return of Naciketas

195. Sinners in Yamaloka

196. City of Yama

197. Yama and his associates

198. Torments in Hell

199. Torments in Hell (continued)

200. Torments in Hell (continued)

201. Fight between Raksasa and Yama's men

202. Punishment according to deeds

203. Sins and Punishment

204. Instructions to Messengers

205. God and bad results

206. Rusults of good actions

207. Good results

208. Story of the chaste women

209. Greatness of the chaste women

210. Means to destroy sin

211. Means to destroy sin (cont.)

212. The Awakening

213. Greatness of Gokarnesvara

214. Boons to Nandikesvara

215. Greatness of Sailesvara

216. Greatness of Srngesvara

217. Benefits of Recitation

218. Contents of the Purana