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The Skanda-Purana--Part 3














1. The Manifestation of the Taijasa Linga--Arunacala

2. Greatness of the Immovable Linga of Sankara

3. Parvati Goes to Kanci for Penance

4. Parvati Goes to the Hermitage of Gautama

5. The Greatness of Brahmapuskara

6. Description of Various Holy Places at Arunacala

7. Different Tirthas on Arunacala

8. The Propitiation of Arunesvara

9. The Efficacy of the Circumambulation of Arunesvara

10. The Fight with Mahisasura

11. Mahisasura Slain: His Head Stuck to Gauri's Hand

12. The Reunion of the Goddess with Siva

13. Granting of Boons to Parvati




1. Introduction: Markandeya's Query

2. A List of Different Sacred Places of Siva on the Earth

3. Markandeya's Further Query

4. The Greatness of Arunacala

5. Rewards and Punishments Resulting from Previous Karmas

6. Expiatory Rites

7. Holy Rites for Special Attainments

8. The Description of Creation

9. Dispute between Brahma and Vishnu

10. Manifestation of the Fiery Linga

11. Vishnu's Exploration of the Lower Part of the Linga

12. Brahma's Exploration of the Top of the Column of Splendour

13. Brahma Reuests the Ketaka Bunch to Perjure

14. Manifestation of Sankara

15. Brahma Prepares to Eulogize Siva

16. Description of the Temple of Arunacala by Brahma and Vishnu

17. The Sports of Siva and Parvati

18. Parvati's Devotional Service to Arunacalesvara

19. Demon Mahisa Slain by Durga

20. Parvati's Eulogy of the Lord of Arunacala

21. Siva Praises Parvati

22. The Story of Vajrangada

23. The Story of Kaladhara and Kantisali

24. Vajrangada Attains Salvation

The Skanda Purana--Part 4












1. Narada's Vision of Yajnavaraha

2. Propitiation of Shri Varaha by Mantras

3. Manifestation of the Lord to the Eyes of Everyone at the Request of Agastya

4. Narada Approaches Padmavati

5. Shrinivasa Enchanted on Seeing Padmavati

6. Marks of Vishnu's Devotee

7. Preparations for the Marriage of Padmalaya

8. The Marriage of Svinivasa and Padmavati

9. The Story of Hunter Vasu: The Greatness of Padmasaras

10. The Story of Emperor Tondaman

11. Kasyapa Absolved of Sins

12. The Greatness of Svamipuskarini

13. The Greatness of Svamipuskarini

14. The Greatness of Svamipuskarini

15. The Greatness of Svamipuskarini

16. The Merit of Making a Gift of Water

17. The Greatness of Venkatacala

18. The Glory of Shri Venkatcala

19. The Greatness of Papavinasana Tirtha

20. Merit from Gift of Lands

21. The Greatness of Akasaganga

22. Qualifications of Those Who Are Fit to Receive Charitable Gifts

23. Great Efficacy of Cakratirtha

24. The Episode of the Gandharva Sundara

25. The Greatness of Jabalitirhta

26. The Greatness of Tumburu (Ghona) Tirtha

27. Shri Venkatacala Contains All the Tirthas

28. In Praise of Kataha Tirtha

29. Arjuna Proceeds on a Pilgrimage

30. Description of the Hermitage of Bharadvaja

31. Agastya's Departure to the South

32. The Birth of Suvarnamukhari

33. The Efficacy of Suvarnamukhari

34. The Miraculous Power of Agastya Tirtha and Agastyesvara

35. The Confluence of Kalya with Suvarnamukhari

36. Glorification of the Boar Incarnation (of Vishnu)

37. The Arrival of Sankha, Agastya and Others at Shri Venkatacala

38. Manifestation of Lord Vishnu to Agastya and others

39. Anjana's Penance for Getting a Son

40. The Proper Time for Sacred Bath in Viyadganga