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The Skanda-Purana--Part 2












1. Redemption of Five Apsaras by Arjuna

2. Glorification of Holy Places

3. Greatness of the Tirtha at the Confluence of Mahi and Sea

4. Dialogue between Narada and Arjuna: Different Kinds of Charitable Gifts

5. Dialogue between Narada and Sutanu

6. Narada Settles Brahmanas at the Holy Spot

7. Nadijangha's Story

8. Prakarakarna's Story

9. The Vulture's Story

10. Revival of Indradyumna's Renown

11. The Previous Births of the Tortoise

12. Great Efficacy of the Worship of Siva: The Story of Sage Lomasa

13. Satarudriya Lingas

14. The Legend of Vajranga

15. The Birth of the Asura Taraka

16. Taraka and Devendra Prepare for War

17. The Fight between Yama and Grasana

18. The Battle between the Armies of Taraka and the Devas

19. The Battle between Vishnu and Kalanemi

20. Vishnu Fights with Daityas

21. Taraka's Victory in the Battle

22. The Birth of Parvati

23. Himavan Consoled

24. Kama is Burned

25. Mahadeva Meets Parvati: Eagerness for Marriage with Parvati

26. The Marriage of Hara and Gauri Celebrated

27. Parvati Enraged: The Origin of Ganesa

28. Parvati Goes to the Mountain for Penance

29. Kumara Becomes Commander-in-chief of the Deva Army: (i) Legend of Arbuda

30. Skanda Installed as the Commander-in-chief

31. Kumara's March against the City of Tarakasura

32. Taraka is Slain

33. The Greatness of Lingas Installed by Kumara

34. The Greatness of Kumaresa

35. Greatness of Stambhesvara

36. Description of the Five Lingas Concluded

37. Bhuvanakosa: Evolution of the Universe: Description of Dvipas or Continents

38. The Position of the Higher World

39. The Greatness of Barkaresvara

40. The Birth of Mahakala: The Arrangement of Four Yugas

41. Kinds of Sins; Procedure of Siva Worship; Rules of Good Conduct

42. The Story of Brahmana Aitareya

43. Establishment of Bhattaditya

44. Description of the Divyas (Ordeals)

45. The Story of Nandabhadra

46. Events Connected with Baladitya

47. Installation of Goddesses at Bahudaka Tirtha

48. The Description of Somanatha

49. Dialogue between Kamatha and the Sun-god

50. Human Body--A Miniature Cosmos: Departure of the soul to the Next World

51. The Greatness of Jayaditya

52. The Story of Kotitirtha

53. Greatness of Tripurusasala and the Glory of Narada's Lake

54. The Glory of Narada Idol

55. The Characteristics of Yoga

56. Brahmesvara, Moksesvara and Garbhesvara

57. The Glory of Nilakantha

58. End of Arjuna's Pilgrimage

59. The Departure of Ghatokaca to Pragjyotisa

60. The Birth of Barbarika

61. The Liturgy of Ganesvara

62. The Practice of Mahavidya

63. Vijaya's Accomplishment of Siddhi

64. The Greatness of Bhimesvara

65. Disagreement between Bhima and Yudhisthira: Installation of Kalesvari

66. Krishna beheads Barbarika: Greatness of Guptaksetra Concluded