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The Skanda-Purana--Part 1














1. Daksa's Insolence

2. Sati's Arrival at Daksa's Sacrifice

3. Virabhadra Comes to the Yajna

4. A Fight between Virabhadra and Vishnu and Others

5. Meritoriousness of Devotion to Siva

6. Curse to Brahma and Others

7. Worship of the Linga

8. The Story of a Thief: Incarnation of Rama

9. The Churning of the Ocean

10. Siva Swallows the Poison

11. Procedure of Ganesa Worship: Manifestation of Laksmi

12. Devas Taste the Divine Nectar

13. The Fight between Devas and Asuras

14. Resuscitation of Dead Daityas

15. Nahusa and Yayati: Their Indrahood and Fall

16. Dadhici's Gift of His Body

17. Vrtra Killed: Bali Prepares for War

18. Vamana's Arrival at Bali's Sacrifice

19. Sukra Curses Bali: Vamana Grants Boon to Bali

20. The Nirgunatva of the Siva Linga: The Manifestation of Bhavani

21. Parvati's Penance

22. Sankara's Revelation of Himself to Parvati: Their Dialogue

23. Siva's Marriage

24. The Marriage Ceremony of Siva: The Arrangement for Accommodating Devas and Others

25. The Marriage Ritual

26. The Marriage Celebration of Siva and Parvati: Auspicious Festivities

27. The Birth of Kumara Karttikeya

28. Preparations of Devas and Daityas for War

29. The Battle between Suras and Taraka

30. Taraka Is Slain

31. The Greatness of Sivalinga

32. The Burning of Kala

33. The Greatness of Sivaratri Vrata

34. Siva Loses to Parvati in a Game of Dice

35. Parvati as Sabari Brings Back Siva: Siva's Coronation