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The Siva Purana--Part 1





1. Greatness of Sivapurana

2. Liberation of Devaraja

3. Cancula's disillusion and detachment

4. Cancula's salvation

5. Binduga's salvation

6. Rules for listening to Sivapurana

7. Injunctions and prohibitions



1. Doubt of the sages

2. Answers to the doubts

3. Achievable and the means of achievement

4. Excellence of listening and deliberation

5. Greatness of the phallic emblems of Siva

6. Battle between Brahma and Vishnu

7. Siva manifests himself as a column of fire in the battlefield

8. Siva's forgiveness of Brahma

9. Proclamation of Siva as the great lord

10. Fivefold activities and the Omkara-mantra

11. Mode of worshipping the phallic form of Siva and making gifts

12. The narrative of Siva's holy centres and temples

13. Description of good conduct

14. Description of fire-sacrifice

15. Qualification, time and place for Devayajna

16. Modes of worship of clay idols and their results

17. The syllable Om and the five-syllabled mantra

18. Bondage and liberation: The glorification of the phallic emblem of Siva

19. Glorification of the worship of Siva's Earthen phallic image

20. Mode of worshipping an earthen phallic image by chanting Vedic mantras

21. Number of phallic images of Siva used in worship

22. On the partaking of the Naivedya of Siva and the greatness of Bilva

23. Glorification of Rudraksa and the names of Siva

24. Greatness of the holy ashes

25. Greatness of Rudraksa



1. Inquiry of the sages

2. Indra sends Kamadeva to disturb the penance of Narada

3. Narada attends the Svayamvara of a virgin

4. Narada goes to Vaikuntha and curses Vishnu

5. narada goes to Kasi

6. Description of the nature of Mahapralaya and the origin of Vishnu

7. Dispute between Brahma and Vishnu

8. Description of the body of Sabdabrahman

9. Description of Sivatattva

10. Description of supreme Sivatattva

11. Mode of worshipping Siva

12. The essential and the non-essential in the worship

13. Mode of worshipping Siva

14. Direction for the worship of Siva

15. Manifestation of Rudra

16. Description of the creation

17. Story of Gunanidhi

18. Redemption of Gunanidhi

19. Friendship of Siva and Kubera

20. Siva goes to Kailasa




1. Summary of Sati's life

2. Appearance of Kama

3. Kama is first cursed and then blessed

4. Kama's marriage

5. Story of Sandhya

6. Sandhya granted a boon by Siva

7. Sandhya alias Arundhati marries Vasistha

8. Description of the form and features of Vasanta

9. The power of Kama and the birth of his attendants

10. Brahma-Vishnu dialogue

11. Hymn to Durga. Brahma granted a boon

12. Daksa granted a boon

13. Narada is cursed by Daksa

14. Birth of Sati and her childish sports

15. Sacred rites of Nanda and Hymn to Siva

16. Prayer to Siva offered by Brahma and Vishnu

17. Sati granted the boon

18. Marriage of Siva and Sati

19. Description of Siva's sports

20. Siva's marriage festival

21. Dalliance of Sati and Siva on the Himalayas

22.             "                 "

23. Description of the power of devotion

24. Sati's test of Rama's divinity

25. Separation of Sati and Siva

26. The cause of estrangement between Daksa and Siva

27. The inauguration of Daksa's sacrifice

28. Sati's journey

29. Sati's statement

30. Sati's casting-off of her body and the subsequent disorder

31. The celestial voice

32. Birth of Virabhadra and Siva's advice to him

33. March of Virabhadra

34. Devas see bad omens at Daksa's sacrifice

35. Vishnu's statement

36. Dialogue between Vishnu and Virabhadra

37. Destruction of Daksa's sacrifice

38. Dialogue between Ksuva and Dadhica

39. The fight between Vishnu and Dadhica

40. Journey to Kailasa and the vision of Siva

41. Devas eulogise Siva

42. The removal of Daksa's misery

43. The Arrangement in Daksa's sacrifice