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34. The Gift of Brahmanda

35. The Killing of a Sudra Ascetic

36. Conversation between Rama and Agastya

37. Rama's Abstaining from the Performance of Rajasuya

38. The Installation of the Image of Vamana

39. The Birth of the Lotus

40. The Army of Demons

41. The Rise of the Lotus and the War between Gods and Demons

42. Taraka's Victory in the War between Gods and Demons

43. Gauri's Marriage

44. The Birth of Kumara and the Death of Taraka

45. The Manifestation of Narasimha

46. Purificatory Rites of a Brahmana

47. The Birth of Garuda

48. Importance of Bull (and Cow)

49. Good Conduct

50. The Account of the Five

51. The Story of a Faithful Wife

52. On Women's Conduct

53. Non-covetousness of a Sudra

54. The Rape of Ahalya

55. The Birth of Lauhitya

56. The Account of the Five

57. In Praise of (Digging a) Tank etc.

58. In Praise of Planting Trees etc.

59. In Praise of Rudraksa

60. In Praise of Tulasi

61. Glorification of Tulasi

62. In Praise of the Ganga

63. A Hymn to Ganapati

64. Another Hymn to Ganapati

65. The Slaying of Kalakeya

66. The Slaying of Kaleya

67. The Slaying of Bala and Namuci

68. The Slaying of Muci

69. The Slaying of Tareya

70. Devantaka, Durdharsa and Durmukhaya Slain

71. The Second Namuci Slain

72. The Slaying of Madhu

73. The Slaying of Vrtra

74. The Slaying of Tripura's Son

75. The Hymn of Victory at the End of War between Gods and Demons

76. The Exposition of Merit

77. The Vow of Saptami in Honor of the Sun

78. The Pacification of the Sun

79. The Story of Bhadresvara

80. The Worship of the Moon

81. The Birth of Bhauma and His Worship

82. The Worship of the Planets



The Padma-Purana--Part 3






1. The Story of Sivasarman

2. Life is Restored to Vedasarman

3. The Heroic Deed of Vishnusarman

4. Somasarman's Devotion Put to Severe Test

5. The Consecration of Indra

6. Diti's Wailing

7. Account of the Body

8. Account of the Soul

9. Instructions to Diti

10. The Practice of Penance by Demons

11. The Story of Suvrata

12. Dialogue between Somasarman and Sumana

13. Sumana Explains Ten Basic Virtues

14. Sumana Describes the Death of the Virtuous

15. The Death of Sinners

16. The Death and Post-mortem State of Sinners

17. The Story of Somasarman's Previous Birth

18. The Account of Somasarman's Birth in a Brahmana Family

19. Somasarman's Eulogy of Vishnu

20. The Birth of Suvrata

21. Suvrata's Devotion to Vishnu

22. Dharmangada Born as Suvrata

23. The Slaying of the Demon Bala

24. Vrtra Duped

25. The Killing of Demon Vrtra

26. The Origin of Maruts

27. Coronation of the Kings

28. The Story of Prthu

29. The Story of Prthu (Contd.)

30. Sulobha and Sapharaha; Susankha and Sunitha

31. The Account of Suvrata

32. Anga Gets a Boon from Vasudeva

33. Sunitha's Story

34. Sunitha's Problem

35. Rambha Helps by a Suggestion

36. Sunitha Gets Married and Vena is Born

37. A Heretic Meets Vena

38. The End of Vena's Reign

39. On Gifts and Worthy Recipients of Gifts

40. The Fruit of Occasional Charity

41. The Story of Sukala

42. Iksvaku Goes Ahunting

43. The Boar Gives a Tough Fight to Iksvaku

44. The Boar Dies Fighting

45. The Female Hog Fights Back

46. The Story of Rangavidyadhara

47. The Story of Vasudatta and His Daughter Sudeva

48. The Story of Padmavati

49. Padmavati Succumbs to Gobhila's Fraudulent Approach

50. Padmavati Returns to Her Husband's Place

51. Padmavati Returns to Her Husband's Place

52. Sudeva Goes to Heaven

53. Sukala's Sickning Description of the Body

54. Sukala Gets Prepared For the Showdown

55. Indra Tries to Dissuade Kama

56. Satya & Dharma Come to Sukala's Help

57. The Trap Is Laid For Sukala

58. Sukala Wins

59. Religious Observances Without One's Wife Are Fruitless

60. Sukala's Story Ends

61. Pippala's Pennance Ends

62. Parents As Sacred Places of Pilgrimage

63. Merit Resulting from Service of Parents

64. Matali's Discourse of Old Age

65. Matali on Why the Body Is Left Behind

66. Matali on the University of Suffering

67. Matali on Three Kinds of Sin

68. The Fruit of Righteous Deeds

69. Righteous Acts Enjoined by Siva (Sivadharmas)

70. Sinners in Hell

71. Identity of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva

72. Yayati's Reluctance to Part With the Body

73. The Efficacy of Vishnu's Name

74. Popularity of Vishnu Cult during Yayati's Rule

75. Yayati's Subjects became Deathless by the Grace of Vishnu

76. Dharmaraja Rendered Jobless

77. Yayati Yields to Passion

78. Puru Gives His Youth to Yayati

79. Youthful Yayati Enjoys with Asrubindumati

80. Yadu Refuses to Kill His Mothers

81. Destiny is Irresistible

82. Yayati Takes Back His Old Age

83. Yayati Visits the Divine Worlds

84. Glorification of Devotion to Parents

85. The Story of Cyavana: Kunjala: Divyadevi

86. Divyadevi As Citra in Her Former Birth

87. 'A Hundred Names of Vishnu'

88. Divyadevi Goes to Vishnu's Heaven

89. The Miraculous Bath in the Water of Manasa Lake

90. The Powers of the Holy Places



The Padma-Purana--Part 4






91. Vidura, Candrasarman, Vedasarman and Vanjula

92. The Greatness of Reva

93. Vijvala Narrates His Experience

94. In Praise of Making Gift of Food

95. Deeds Which Lead to Heaven

96. Good and Bad Deeds and the Fate of the Performer

97. Subahu Eats His Own Flesh

98. The Vasudeva Hymn

99. God Vishnu Appears to Subahu

100. Vena Asks to Hear More about Kunjala

101. Kapinjala's Narration

102. Asokasundari Is Born

103. Asokasundari Is Saved and Ayu Gets Bon

104. Indumati's Dream

105. Nahusa is Born

106. Indumati's Lamentations on the Loss of Her Child

107. Narada Assures of Nahusa's Return

108. Vasistha's Instruction to Nahusa

109. Vidvara, a Kinnara, Dispels Asokasundari's Apprehensions

110. Nahusa Gets Divine Weapons from Gods

111. Nahusa Enters Mahodaya, the City of Hunda

112. Asokasundari has a Glimpse of Nahusa

113. Rambha Acts as Asokasundari's Messenger

114. The Fight between Nahusa and Hunda Starts

115. Hunda is Killed in the Battle

116. Nahusa Marries Asokasundari

117. Nahusa's Consecration

118. The Story of Kamoda

119. The Birth of Kamoda

120. Narada on Dreams

121. The End of Vihunda

122. Dharmasarman's Account

123. Kunjala's Story: A Preceptor Is a Holy Place

124. Prthu's Righteous Rule

125. The Merit of Listening to or Reciting This Purana




1. Suta Romaharsana Agrees to Narrate Padma Purana

2. The Creation of the Elements, Prakrti etc.

3. Various Mountains and Regions of the Earth

4. Uttarakuru, Bhadrasva, Malyavat

5. Ramanaka, Hiranmaya, Airavata

6. Bharatavarsa: Its Rivers and Regions

7. Span of Life in the Four Yugas

8. Sakadvipa: Mountains, Rivers and Countries

9. Salmalika, Kraunca, Kusa and Puskara Dvipas and Their Mountains

10. Dialogue Between Narada and Yudhisthira

11. Puskara, the Holiest of Holy Places

12. Visit to Some Holy Places and Its Merit

13. The Greatness of Narmada

14. Sages Pray to God Siva for Protection from Demon Bana

15. The Greatness of Amarakantaka

16. Kaveri Samgama Tirtha

17. Narmada and the Holy Places on Her Northern Bank

18. More Tirthas on the Bank of Narmada

19. Suklatirtha

20. Naraka, Kapilatirtha, Rsitirtha, Ganesvara, Bhrgutirtha, Somatirtha etc.

21. Vihagesvara, Narmadesvara, Asvatirtha etc.

22. The Story of Five Gandharva Maidens

23. The Sage Lomasa Comes to the Help of the Goblins

24. Pingatirtha, Narmada, Dvaravati, Timi etc.

25. Vitasta, Malada, Manimanta, Brahmavalaka etc.

26. Kuruksetra, pariplave, Salvkikini, Kotitirtta etc.

27. Kanyatirtha, Saptasarasvata, Prthudaka, Sannihiti etc.

28. Dharmatirtha, Sakambhari, Rathavartta etc.

29. Kalindirtha: Efficacy of Yamuna

30. Hemakundala and His Two Sons

31. Vikundala's Dialogue with the Devaduta

32. Sugandha, Arundhativata, Sindhuprabhava etc.

33. The Merits of Varanasi

34. The Greatness of Krttivasesvara

35. The Greatness of Kapardin

36. The Greatness of Madhyamesa

37. Other Holy Places of Varanasi

38. Gaya and ther Holy Places

39. Savidya Sandhya, Lauhitya, Karatorya etc.

40. Markandeya Recommends Pilgrimage to Prayaga

41. The Greatness of Prayaga

42. Importance of Giving a Cow at Prayaga

43. The Fruit of Visiting Prayaga

44. The Fruit of Bathing in the Confluence at Prayaga

45. Agnitirtha, Viranjana, Svargatirtha etc.

46. More about Merits Derived from Pilgrimage

47. Prayaga Again

48. Brahma, Vishnu and Siva Dwell in Prayaga

49. Krishna Recommends Pilgrimgage to Prayaga

50. Vishnu's Name the Greatest Holy Place

51. Karmayoga or Rules of Conduct

52. Rules for Sipping Water

53. Rules of Conduct for a Celibate Student

54. Rules for the Householder

55. Don't's for a Twice-born Householder

56. Do's and Donb't's in Eating

57. Acts of Charity Prescribed for a Householder

58. Code of Conduct for an Anchorite

59. Rules of Copnduct for a Sannyasi

60. Restraints for a Sannyasi

61. Devotion to Vishnu the Best Way to Salvation

62. The Merit of Reciting the Padma Purana, Svargakhanda



The Padma-Purana--Part 5






1. Who Are the Devotees of Vishnu?

2. The Importance of Besmearing the Floor of Vishnu's Temple

3. The Importance of Offering a Lamp to Vishnu

4. The Importance of Fasting on the Jayanti Day

5. The Deeds for Which One Becomes Sonless

6. Acts Leading to Vaikuntha

7. The Greatness of Radhastami

8. Prelude to the Churning of Ocean

9. The Churning Stars

10. The Birth of Laksmi

11. The Importance of Observing a Vow in Honour of Laksmi

12. Merit Earned by Protecting a Brahmana

13. The Importance of the Vow of Janmastami

14. The Greatness of a Brahmana

15. The Importance of Ekadashi

16. How to Win Favour of Vishnu

17. The Importance of Water Flowing fron Vishnu's Feet

18. Purificatory Acts for One Guilty of Illegitimate Intercourse

19. Purificatory Acts for Other sins

20. The Greatness of the Worship of RAdha-Damodara

21. Restrictions While Observing the Kartika Vow

22. The Greatness of Tulasi

23. The Importance of Vishnupancaka

24. In Praise of Giving Gifts

25. The Importance of Uttering Vishnu's Name

26. The Importance of Keeping Promise




1. Rama Sees Nandigrama from Puspaka

2. Rama Meets Bharata

3. Rama Enters Ayodhya

4. Rama's Consecration

5. The Coming of Sage Agasti

6. Agastya Begins Ravana's Story

7. Elimination of Ravana by Vishnu

8. Agastya Advises Rama to Perform Horse Sacrifice

9. Instructions in Religious Practices

10. Rama Appoints Satrughna as the Protector of the Horse

11. The Asvamedha Horse Is Let Loose

12. Ahicchatra City, King Sumada and Kama

13. Satrughna Enters Ahicchatra City

14. The Cyavana Episode

15. Cyavana's Penance and Enjoyments

16. The Horse Goes to Cyavana's Hermitage

17. Arrival of a Brahmana Ascetic

18. A Miraculours Happening

19. Ratnagriva Goes on a Pilgrimage to Purusottama

20. The Importance of Gandaki

21. Purusottama Appears to the King in the Guise of an Ascetic

22. The Greatness of Nila Mountain

23. Damana Fights with Pratapagrya

24. PUskala Defeats Damana

25. Subahu Gets Ready with His Army in the Kraunca Array

26. A Fierce Fight Between Laksminidhi and Suketu

27. Killing of Citranga

28. Subahu's Defeat

29. King Subahu Surrenders to Satrughna

30. Janaka Releases Sinners from Hell

31. King Rtambhara Is Blessed with a Son

32. Satyavan Meets Satrughna

33. Satrughna's Army gets Ready to Fight Vidyunmalin

34. Vidyunmalin Killed in Battle

35. Dialogue between Lomasa and Aranyaka

36. Lomasa Narrates the Deeds of Rama to Aranyaka

37. Sage Aranyaka Goes to Vishnu's Heaven

38. Getting Back the Horse from the Possession of an Underwater Female

39. The Seizure of the Horse by Viramani's Son

40. Satrughna Resloves to Fight Against Viramani

41. Rukmangada Is Defeated by Puskala

42. Viramani Is Defeated

43. Defeat of Puskala and Satrughna

44. Hanumat on the Drona Mountain

45. Shri Rama Apears n the Battlefield

46. Viramani Surrenders the Horse to Shri Rama

47. The Sacrificial Horse Develops Stiffness

48. The Horse Is Relieved of Stiffness

49. King Suratha Seizes the Horse

50. Angada Delivers Satrughna's Message to Suratha

51. Hanumat Frees Puskala from Campaka

52. King Suratha Wins the Battle

53. Rama Frees the Bound Horse

54. Lava Binds the Sacrificial Horse

55. The Observation of the Spies

56. Rama Seeks Bharata's Advice

57. The Washerman's Former Birth

58. Laksmana Leaves Sita in the Forest

59. The Birth of Kusa and Lave

60. Lava Defeats the Army and Kills the General

61. Hanumat Falls Unconscious

62. Lava Becomes Unconscious

63. Kusa's Victory

64. Rama's Army Revives

65. Sumati Describes the Adventurous Events to Rama

66. Singing of Ramayana by Kusa and Lava

67. The Commencement of the Sacrifice



The Padma-Purana--Part 6






68. The Horse Sadrifice Ends

69. The Story of Krishna Begins

70. A Description of Shri Krishna

71. The Greatness of Radha-Krishna

72. Devotees of Krishna Born in Gokula as Cowherdesses

73. The Greatness of Mathura

74. Arjuna's Wish and Its Fulfilment

75. Narada's Experience

76. The Greatness of Krishna

77. A Description of Krishna

78. Worship Prescribed for a Devotee of Vishnu

79. Do's and Don'ts for a Devotee of Vishnu

80. Monthwise Rites Prescribed for a Vishnu Devotee

81. Mantracintamani for Devotees of Krishna

82. The Greatness of Vrndavana

83. Krishna's Love Sports in Vrndavana

84. Meditation of the Lord

85. Greatness of Vaisakha

86. Acts to be Performed in Vaisakha

87. Subtle Are the Ways of Dharma

88. Sumana on Kinds of Sons

89. Devasarman's Life in the Previous Birth

90. An Account of Devasarman's Good Deeds of Previous Birth

91. Happy End of Devasarman's Story

92. Citra's Story

93. Divyadevi Is Married to Virasena

94. The Means of Destroying Sins

95. More Rites and Rituals to be Observed in Vaisakha

96. Deeds Leading to Hell and Heaven

97. More Sinful and Meritorious Deeds

98. The Greatness of Vaisakha

99. Kasyapa's Advice to King Mahiratha

100. Carnal Enjoyment Is Sinful

101. King Mahiratha Goes to Vishnu's Abode

102. King Mahiratha Gives Part of His Merit to the Suferers in Hell

103. How to Meditate on Krishna in Vaisakha

104. Dialogue between Sambhu and Rama

105. The Importance of Sacred Ash

106. A Sinful Brahmana Becomes an Attendant of Virabhadra

107. Virabhadra's Heroic  Deed

108. How to Prepare Sacred Ash

109. Jabali Recommends Phallus Worship to the Brahmana Iksvaku

110. How a King Became Siva's Attendant Agnisikha

111. The Sinner Vidhrta Goes to Siva's Abode

112. The Story of Sona and His Wife Kala

113. The Requirements for Narrating a Purana

114. Dialogue between Siva and Rama

115. Reciting and Listening to Purana's Is Meritorious

116. Narration of the Ramayana of a Former Kalpa

117. Fruit of Worship by Justly Procured, Stolen and Impaired Material



The Padma-Purana--Part 7






1. The Contents of the Section in Brief

2. Narayana Grants Boons to Rudra

3. Jalandhara Is Born and Blessed by Brahma

4. Jalandhara's Marriage and Consecration

5. War Between Gods and Demons

6. Death of Demon Bala

7. Laksmi Intervenes in the Fight between Vishnu and Jalandhara

8. Conditions During Jalandhara's Rule

9. The Creation of a New Powerful Weapon by Siva

10. Jalandhara's Messenger Rahu Meets Siva

11. Siva's Attendants Fight the Demons Off

12. Siva Arrives on the Battlefield

13. Jalandhara Disguised as Siva goes to Parvati

14. Vishnu Creates Illusion for Vrnda

15. Vrnda Goes to Heaven

16. Jalandhara Gives up His Disguise

17. Sukra is Confined by Krtya inside Her Vulva

18. Jalandhara Is Killed

19. A Description of Shrisaila

20. The Story of Sagara

21. The Greatness of Haridvara

22. An Eulogy of Ganga, Yamuna, Prayaga

23. The Importance of Tulasi

24. The Importance of Prayaga

25. A Three-night Tulasi Vow

26. Gift of Good Praised

27. Constructing Tanks, Planting Trees etc.

28. Merit Coming From Expostion of a Sacred Text

29. The importance of Gopicandana

30. The greatness of the Vow of Lamp

31. The Vow of Janmastami

32. A Gift of Land Is the Best

33. A Hymn to Sani as a Remover of Trouble

34. The Account Trisprsa

35. The Vow of Unmilani

36. The Vow Of Paksavardhini

37. Keeping Awake on Ekadashi and Dvadasi

38. The Origin of Ekasasi and Killing of Demon Mura

39. The Importance of the Moksada Ekasasi

40. Saphala Ekasasi

41. Putrada Ekasasi

42. The Vow of Sattila Ekadashi

43. Jaya Ekadashi

44. Mijaya Ekadashi

45. Amalaki Ekadashi

46. Papamocani Ekadashi

47. Kamada Ekadashi

48. Varuthini Ekadashi

49. Mohini Ekadashi

50. Apara Ekadashi

51. Nirjala Ekadashi

52. Yogini Ekadashi

53. Devasayani Ekadashi

54. Kamika Ekadashi

55. Putrada Ekadashi

56. Aja Ekadashi

57. Padma Ekadashi

58. Indira Ekadashi

59. Papankusa Ekadashi

60. Rama Ekadashi

61. Prabodhini Ekadashi

62. Kamala Ekadashi

63. Kamada Ekadashi

64. The Importance of Caturmasya

65. Caturmasya Vow to be Concluded Properly

66. Propitiation of Yama

67. The Importance of Gopicandana

68. The Greatness of Vishnu's Devotees

69. The Vow of Sravana Dvadasi

70. The Vow of Nadi-triratra

71. Vishnu's One Thousand Names

72. Merit of Reciting the Visusahasranama

73. Ramaraksa Stotra

74. Merit Earned Through Gifts

75. The Greatness of Gandika

76. The Hymn Causing Prosperity

77. The Vow of Rsipancami

78. The Hymn called 'Apamarjana'

79. The Importance of Apamarjana

80. The Greatness of Vishnu

81. The Importance of Ganga



The Padma-Purana--Part 8







82. The Greatness of Vishnu's Devotees

83. The Swing Festival

84. The Damanaka Festival

85. The Sayana Festival of Vishnu

86. The Investiture of the Sacred Thread

87. Monthly Offering of Flowers to Vishnu

88. Dialogue Between Satyabhama and Krishna

89. An Account of Satyabhama's Former Birth

90. Kartika Best among Months and Ekadashi among Days

91. The Greatness of Prayaga

92. Rules for the Vow of Kartika

93. The Bath Rite

94. Restraints during the Kartika Vow

95. Bringing the Vow to Conclusion

96. The Birth of Jalandhara

97. The Conquest of Amaravati by Jalandhara

98. Vishnu Promises not to Kill Jalandhara

99. Rahu Acts as Messenger of Jalandhara

100. Siva's Attendants Fight the Demons off

101. The Fight Goes on

102. Jalandhara Plays a Trick

103. Vrnda Curses Vishnu

104. The End of Jalandhara

105. The Greatness of Dhatri and Tulasi

106. The Kalaha Episode

107. Kalaha Is Emancipated

108. King Cola and Brahmana Vishnudasa

109. King Cola and Vishnudasa Become Attendants of Vishnu

110. The Story of Jaya and Vijaya

111. The Greatness of Krishna and Veni

112. Portions of Merit and Demerit That go to Others

113. Dhanesvara's Story

114. The Seven Hells Shown to Dhanesvara

115. Asvattha and Vata Praised as Gods in Disguise

116. Alaksmi's Episode

117. The Importance of Bathing in Kartika

118. Siva Answers Kartikeya's Queries

119. In Praise of a Fast for a Month

120. The Greatness of Salagrama

121. The Importance of Offering Lights etc.

122. The Celebration of Dipavali

123. Instructions Concerning the Fast

124. Haribodhini, Bhismapancaka etc.

125. The Importance of Magha As Told by Bhrgu

126. The Importance of Magha As Told by Dattatreya

127. The Release of a Demon

128. The Hymn Yogasara in Praise of Vishnu

129. The Deliverance of the Five Gandharva Maidens and Vedanidhi's Son from Imphood

130. Kinds of Devotion to Vishnu

131. Worship of the Salagrama Stone

132. Remembering Vishnu

133. The Holy Places in Jambudvipa

134. The Greatness of Vetravati

135. The Greatness of Sabhramati

136. The Greatness of Nanditirtha

137. Vikinatirtha and Svetodbhava

138. The Greatness of Ganatirtha

139. The Greatness of Agnipalesvara

140. Hiranyasangamatirtha

141. Madhuraditya

142. Kambutirtha and Papitirtha

143. Ekadhara and Saptadharatirtha

144. Brahmavalli and Khandatirtha

145. Sangamesvara

146. Rudramahalayatirtha

147. Khadgatirtha

148. Malarkatirtha

149. Candanesvara

150. Jambutirtha

151. Dhavalesvara

152. Balapendratirtha

153. Durdharsesvara

154. Khadgadharesvara

155. Dugdhesvara

156. Candresvara

157. Pippaladatirtha

158. Nimbarkadevatirtha

159. Kotaratirtha

160. Vamanatirtha

161. Somatirtha

162. Kapotatirtha

163. Gotirtha

164. Kasyapatirtha

165. Bhutalaya, Ghatesvara and Vaidyanatha

166. Pandurarya-tirtha

167. Candesa, Ganatirtha

168. Vartraghnisangamatirtha

169. Varahatirtha

170. Sangamatirtha

171. Adityatirtha

172. Nilakantha

173. Durgasangamatirtha

174. The Rise of Nrsimha

175. The First chapter of the Gita: The Anecdote of Susarman

176. The Second Chapter of the Gita

177. The Story of Jada: The Importance of the Third Chapter

178. The Forth Chapter: The Story of Two Girls

179. The Fifth Chapter: The Story of Pingala

180. The Sixth Chapter: The Story of Raikya

181. The Seventh Chapter: The Story of Sankukarna

182. The Eighth Chapter: Bhavasarman's Story

183. The Ninth Chapter: A Goat's Story

184. The Ninth Chapter: A Swan's Story



The Padma-Purana--Part 9







185. The Greatness of the Eleventh Chapter: Sunanda's Story

186. The Greatness of the Twelfth Chapter: Siddha-samadhi's Story

187. The Thirteenth Chapter: Duracara's Story

188. The Fourteenth Chapter: Story of a Bitch and a Hare

189. The Fifteenth Chapter: The Story of King Narasimha

190. The Sixteenth Chapter: Khadgabahu's Story

191. The Seventeenth Chapter: Dhusasana's Story

192. The Eighteenth Chapter: A Brahmana Becomes Indra

193. The Greatness of the Bhagavata

194. Shrimad Bhagavata, the Destroyer of All Miseries

195. The Rule of Reciting and Listening to the Bhagavata for a Week

196. Dhundhuli's Story

197. The Seven-day Bhagavata Recitation

198. Procedure to be Followed during the Saptaha

199. The Glory of Yamuna

200. The Episode of a Bhilla and a Lion

201. Sarabha's Story

202. The Story of King Dilipa

203. Dilipa Obtains a Son by Propitiating Nandini

204. The Story of a Merchant Sarabha and a Demon Vikata

205. The Efficacy of Nigamabodha

206. A Woman Should Never Desert Her Husband

207. The Story of Vimala

208. The Greatness of Dvaraka

209. The Story of Brahmana Mukunda

210. Mukunda Goes to Heaven

211. Candaka's Fate

212. The Efficacy of Kosala

213. A Sraddha at Madhuvana is More Meritorious

214. The Greatness of Madhuvana

215. Budha Infuriated and Appeased

216. The Greatness of Badarikasrama

217. The Greatness of Haridvara

218. The Greatness of Puskara: Pundarika's Story

219. The Greatness of Puskara: Pundarika Attains Absorption into Vishnu

220. The Greatness of Prayaga: Mohini's Story

221. The Greatness of Prayaga: Hemangi and Viravarman Go to Vaikuntha

222. Kasi, Gokarna, Sivakanci, Tirthasaptaka and Bhimakunda

223. Gem of a Formula

224. Bearing the Marks of a Disc etc. Essential for a Brahmana

225. The Efficacy of Urdhvapundra

226. The Meaning of the Mantra (Formula)

227. The Description of the Vibuti of Tripad

228. Description of the Highest Heaven etc.

229. A Description of Vishnu's Vyuhas

230. The Fish Incarnation of Vishnu

231. Durvasas Cures Indra

232. The Rise of Goddess Laksmi

233. Ekadashi as a Day of Fast

234. How to Observe the Vow of Dvadasi

235. The Birth of Heretics

236. Characterization of Various Texts and Doctrines as Sattvika, Rajasa and Tamasa

237. The Boar Incarnation of Vishnu

238. The Emergence of Nrsimha

239. The Rise of Baki and Kasyapa's Penance

240. Vishnu Incarnates as Vamana

241. Parasurama's Story

242. The Story of Rama

243. Rama's Consecration

244. Rama Goes to Heaven

245. The Brave Deeds of Krishna



The Padma-Purana--Part 10







246. Jarasandha Defeated

247. Rukmini's Abduction

248. Rukmini Formally Married to Krishna

249. Krishna's other Marriages

250. Aniruddha's Marriage

251. Destruction of Paundraka's Son

252. Krishna Goes Back to His Abode

253. Modes of Vishnu's Worship

254. One Hundred and Eight Names of Rama

255. The Three Gods Subjected to Test by Bhrgu




1. A Dialogue between Jaimini and Vyasa

2. Characteristic Marks of a Vaishnava

3. The Story of King Manobhadra

4. Pranidhi, Padmavati and Chanurdvaja

5. The Story of Madhava and Sulocana

6. Happy End of the Story of Madhava and Sulocana

7. Kalakalpa is Liberated by the Touch of Ganga-water

8. The Love Story of Indra and Padmagandha

9. The Greatness of Ganga

10. The Efficay of Campaka Flower

11. The Rules of Vishnu Worship

12. The Greatness of the Holy Fig Tree

13. Vishnu's Worship withh Lotuses: The Story of Praja

14. Prohibitions Regarding and Fruit of Vishnu Worship

15. The Efficacy of Rama's Name

16. Cakrika's Story

17. Bhadratanu's Story

18. The Greatness of Purusottama

19. What Pleases Vishnu; What Makes Him Angry?

20. The Great Efficacy of Giving (Charity)

21. Brahmanas; Gift of Food and Water

22. The Greatness of Ekadashi

23. Queen Suprajna on the Efficacy of Ekadashi Vow

24. The Greatness of Tulasi and Dhatri

25. The Importance of Honouring a Guest

26. Conduct in the Four Yugas