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Brahma Purana--Part 1








The Nomenclature


Transmission of tradition


Date of tradition


Date of Composition

Place of Composition

Religion and Philosophy of Brahma Purana



1. On the Origin of Devas and Asuras

2. Origin and glory of Prthu

3. Manvantaras

4. Evolution of Vivasvat Aditya

5. Review of the Solar Race

6. Kings of the Solar Race

7. Birth of Soma

8. Kings of the Lunar Race

9. Genealogy of Ancient Ksatriyas

10. The Narrative of Yayati

11. Dynasty of Yayati

12. Birth of Shri Krishna

13. The Family of Vrsnis

14. How the Syamantaka jewel was brought back

15. Akrura obtains Syamantaka

16. Seven Continents

17. Jambudvipa

18. Magnitude of Oceans and Continents

19. Magnitude of Nether worlds

20. Hells in nether regions

21. Upper Regions

22. Pole Star

23. Holy Centres: Their Greatness

24. A Dialogue between Brahma and Sages

25. Bharata Subcontinent

26. The Glory of Konaditya

27. Efficacy of Devotion to Sun-god

28. Glory of Sun-god

29. Names of Sun-god

30. Nativity of Sun-god

31. One Hundred and Eight Names of Sun-God

32. Penance of Uma

33. Testing of Parvati

34. Parvati weds Siva

35. Hymn in Praise of Siva

36. Uma and Sankara leave Himalayas

37. Destruction of Daksa's Sacrifice

38. The Prayer by Daksa

39. The holy Centre of Ekamra

40. The holy centre of Utkala



Brahma Purana--Part 2







41. The Narrative of Indradyumna; Description of Avanti

42. The Holy Centres Sighted

43. A Review of Past Incidennts

44. Description of Holy Centres

45. Horse-sacrifice

46. Prayer for Welfare

47. Origin of Idols

48. Description of Purusottama

49. A visit to the Holy Banyan Tree by Markandeya

50. Markandeya views Annihilation

51. Markandeya wanders in the belly of the Lord

52. Prayer to the Lord

53. Markandeya's vision of the holy lord

54. Visit to Krishna shrine

55. Greatness of narasimha

56. Greatness of Sveta Madhava

57. Mode of Procedure for a Holy Dip in the Ocean

58. Rules of worship and Mantras

59. Merit of a holy dip in the Ocean

60. Glory of five holy spots--Pancatirthi

61. Mahajyesthi Full-Moon day in the month of Jyestha

62. Holy ablution in propitiation of Krishna

63. Glory of holy procession: Gundika yatra

64. The twelve holy pilgrimages and their benefits

65. The world of Vishnu

66. Glory of lord Purusottama

67. Glory of Ananta Vasudeva

68. Glory of holy shrine of Purusottama

69. Narrative of sage Kandu

70. Doubts raised by sages

71. Lord's incarnation in the family of Yadus

72. Incarnations of Hari

73. Nativity of Shri Krishna

74. Incarnations of Hari

75. Putana slain and Cart smashed

76. Cowherd's colony shifted to Vrndavana

77. Suppression of Kaliya

78. Dhenuka and Pralamba are slain

79. Worship of Govardhana mountain

80. Coronation of Lord Krishna

81. Arista is slain

82. Kesin is slain

83. Akrura comes to the cowherd's colony

84. Return of Akrura

85. Kamsa is slain

86. The son of Sandipani restored

87. The onslaught of Jarasandha

88. Mucukunda's Prayer

89. Balarama returns to the cowherd's colony

90. Balarama's sport with Ploughshare

91. Return to Pradyumna

92. Rukmin is slain

93. Naraka is killed

94. The prayer by Indra

95. Lord Krishna marries sixteen thousand and one hundred virgins

96. Progeny of Shri Krishna

97. Usa and Aniruddha--their marriage

98. The burning of Kasi

99. Glory of Balarama

100. The monkey Dvivida is slain

101. Shri Krishna returns to his abode

102. Lord Krishna ascends heaven

103. Episode of Krishna concluded

104. Different manifestations of the lord

105. Path to the world of Yama



Brahma Purana--Part 3







106. Tortures in Hell

107. The Goal of the Virtuous

108. The Cycle of Worldly Existence

109. Gift of food the best of all charitable acts

110. On the performance of Sraddha and the associated legend

111. The details of the Sraddha ritual

112. The details of Sapindikarana Rite

113. Conduct of the Good

114. Assignment of duties to different castes and stages of life

115. Characteristics of mixed castes

116. Review of Virtue

117. Review of Virtue

118. Dialogue between Mahesvara and the sages

119. Goal of the devotees of Vishnu

120. The benefits of singing devotional songs of Vishnu while keeping awake at night

121. Manifestation of Maya

122. Foretelling future

123. Foretelling future

124. Description of Annihilation

125. The Natural Re-absorption

126. The Ultimate Re-absorption

127. Practice of Yoga

128. Review of Samkhya and Yoga

129. Review of Samkhya and Yoga

130. Review of Samkhya and Yoga

131. Review of injunctions regarding Yogtic practice

132. Review of the principles of Samkhya

133. The perishable and the Imperishable

134. A dialogue between Vasistha & Janaka

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138. In praise of the Purana



Brahma Purana--Part 4










1. Holy Centres

2. Siva's Marriage

3. Gift of a Water Vessel to Brahma

4. How Ganga Entered the Matted Hair of Siva

5. Vinayaka and Gautama

6. Descent of Gautami

7. Glory of the Holy River

8. Ghe Descent of Bhagirathi

9. The Holy Centre Varaha

10. Kapotatirtha

11. Kumaratirtha

12. Krittika Tirtha

13. Dasasvamedha Tirtha

14. Paisaca Tirtha

15. Ksudha Tirtha

16. Indra Tirtha: Ahalyasangama Tirtha

17. Janasthan Tirtha

18. Cakratirtha

19. Asvabhanu Tirtha

20. Garuda Tirtha

21. Govardhana Tirtha

22. Papapranasana Tirtha

23. Visvamitra Tirtha

24. Sveta and other Tirthas

25. Sukratirtha and Mrtasanjivani Tirtha

26. Seven Thousand Holy Centres

27. Paulastya Tirtha

28. Agnitirtha

29. Rnamocana Tirtha

30. Kadru-Suparna-Sangama Tirtha

31. Sarasvatisangama

32. Review of the Greatness of Five Tirthas

33. Sami and oother Holy Centres

34. Twenty-two Thousand Holy Centres

35. The Twenty-five Confluences of Various Rivers

36. Amrtasangama and other Holy Centres

37. Description of Seventeed Holy Centres

38. Sixteen Thousand Holy Centres

39. Cakra Tirtha

40. Cakresvara and other HHoly Centres

41. Nagatirtha a Holy Centre

42. Matrtirtha

43. Brahmatirtha and other Holy Centres

44. Avighnatirtha

45. Sesatirtha and other Holy Centres

46. Vadava and other Holy Centres

47. Atmatirtha

48. Asvattha and oother Tirthas

49. Somatirtha

50. Dhanyatirtha

51. Vidarbhasangama and other Holy Centres

52. Purnatirtha and other Holy Centres

53. Ramatirtha and other Holy Centres

54. Putratirtha and other Holy Centres

55. Holy Centres Yamatirtha etc.

56. The Holy Centre Tapasirtha and Others

57. Holy Centre Arstisenatirtha etc.

58. Holy Centre Tapovanatirtha etc

59. Holy Centres Indratirtha etc.

60. Apastambatirtha and other Holy Centres

61. Holy Centres Yamatirtha and Others

62. Holy Centres Yaksinisangama etc.

63. Suklatirtha and other Holy Centres

64. Cakratirtha and other Holy Centres

65. Vanisangama and other Holy Centres

66. Vishnutirtha and other Holy Centres

67. Laksmitirtha and other Holy Centres

68. Bhanutirtha and other Holy Centres

69. Khadgatirtha and other Holy Centres

70. Anvindratirtha and other Holy Centres

71. Kapilasangama and other Holy Centres

72. Devasthana and other Holy Centres

73. Siddhatirtha and other Holy Centres

74. Parusnisangama and other Holy Centres

75. Markandeyatirtha and other Holy Centres

76. Yayatatirtha and other Holy Centres

77. Apsaroyugasangama Tirtha and other Holy Centres

78. Kotitirtha and other Holy Centres

79. Narasimhatirtha and other Holy Centres

80. Paisacatirtha and other Holy Centres

81. Nimnabheda and other Holy Centres

82. Nanditata and other Holy Centres

83. Bhavatirtha and other Holy Centres

84. Sahasrakunda and other Holy Centres

85. Kapilatirtha and other Holy Centres

86. Sankharada and other Holy Centres

87. Kiskindha--A Holy Centre

88. Vyasatirtha--A Holy Centre

89. Vanjarasangama and other Holy Centres

90. The Holy Centre Devagamatirtha

91. The Description of Kusatarpana and other Holy Centres

92. The Holy Centre Manyu

93. Sarasvata and other Holy Centres

94. Cincikatirtha and other Holy Centres

95. Bhadratirtha

96. Patatritirtha

97. Vipratirtha also known as Narayanatirtha

98. Bhanutirtha and other Holy Centres

99. The Holy Centre Bhilla

100. Caksustirtha and other Holy Centres

101. Urvasi and other Holy Centres

102. Meeting of Godavari and the Sea in Seven Branches

103. Rsisatra and Bhimesvaratirtha

104. The Confluence of Ganga with Sea

105. The Benefits of Listening to the Purana