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An associate of the Lord is one whose body is fully engaged in the se^vif-g 0f tne Lord. A materialist might see Sanatana GosvamI % body as being full of itching sores that exuded foul moisture an(j a  Dacl smell. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, however, said that Actually the aroma of his body was the excellent scent of a mixtU;re 0f sandalwood pulp, camphor, musk and aguru. In the Garucja Purana this  mixture, which is called catuhsama, is described as follows:


kasturikaya dvau bhagau catvaras candanasya tu

kurikumasya trayas caihah sasinah sydt catuh-samam


Two parts of musk, four parts of sandalwood, three parts of aguru or Sgffj-on and one part of camphor, when mixed together, formcatu;riSama."In another purport of Shri Chaitanya-charitamrita (Antya  16.29), Sh rjia Prabhupada wrote: A brahmana must be aVaisnava and a learne(j scholar. Therefore in India it is customary to address a brahmana as pandita. Without knowledge of Brahman, one cannot  understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore; aVaisnava is already a brahmana, whereas a brahmana may become a Vaisnava. In the Garuda Purana it is said:


bhaktir asta-vidha hy esa yasmin mlecche 'pi vartate

sa viprendro muni-sresthah sajnanl sa capanditah


Even if one is born a mleccha, if he becomes a devotee he is to be cy^nsifipj-efi rne best of the brahmanas and a learned pandita."In his Nectar of Devotion, Shrila Prabhupada wrote: In the Garuda  Pijrana the stress on hearing is expressed very nicely. It is said the:re; "The state of conditioned life in the material world is just like; that of a man lying unconscious, having been bitten by a snakej This  is because both such unconscious states can be ended by ttne sound of a mantra."There is no doubt that the Garuda Purana is an important Vaishnava literature. Not only did Shrila Prabhupada quote  the Garuda Purana on numerous occasions, Sanatana Gosvami quoted many versesfrom the Garuda Purana in his famous book, Hari-bhakti-vilasa, which is a handbook for practicing devotees. I am  confident that the readers of this small summary will be not only be entertained but astonished at the wisdom contained in the Garuda Purana.