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Lakshmikanta dasa


Song 1 (Kamoda-raga)


1. abhinna madana

2. (Refrain)








     1. Seeing Lord Gaura's form more glorious than Kamadeva, Kamadeva after Kamadeva are ashamed. Seeing Lord Gaura's form more glorious than gold, gold personified turns pale and burns in the flames of grief.

     2. (Refrain) What is equal to Lord Gaura's glorious form? In a secluded place Lord Gauranga rolls on the ground. When will I see Him always?

     3. Compared to Lord Gaura's glorious form, the fair atasi flower is like an ugly bug. To see Lord Gaura's fair form is perhaps a little like seeing lightning flash hiding behind a monsoon cloud.

     4. Lakshmikanta dasa says: Nothing in the three worlds is like Lord Gaura. I will blacken my family's reputation if need be, but I will keep Lord Gaura in my heart. I will worship Him.