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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Vrindavana Mahimamrita > VM Shataka 17




1.       I offer my respectful obeisances to a certain wonderfully glorious person splendid as glistening gold who, without any reservation, gave to all, even to the dogeaters, pure transcendental devotional service, which is filled with many kinds of nectar.


2        The hearts of the great souls cannot enter it.  What do the Vedas say about it?  The Lord described it only indirectly to the devoted Uddhava.  Who, except for they who have taken the shelter of Lord Gaura, can understand Vrndavana, where the nectar divine couple eternally enjoy wildly passionate transcendental pastimes?


3        Lord Gaura, by whose mercy, even though I have no good qualities, even though I am the lowest of all creatures, and even though my wicked heart is filled with faults, I have been able to understand Shri Radha, Shri Krishna (the son of Vraja's king), and Shri Vrndavana, is the goal of my life.


4        May the wonderful, charming, fair and dark hero and heroine who are the greatest wonders of transcendental beauty, splendour, youthfulness, expert intelligence, and all other virtues, who are the splendid abode of playfulness, who are each others life and soul, and who, plunged in the wild and splendid nectar of Their love, enjoy pastimes in Vrndavana, shine in my heart.


5        May my heart plunge in the wonderfully sweet, shoreless, nectar ocean of Shri Vrndavana's glories, the path to which is difficult for all the Vedas to find and the slightest scent of which cannot be found by wandering the universe.


6        Glories, glories to the Vrndavana forest, which is the peerless nectar of the ocean of transcendental bliss and which is filled with the wonderful opulences of many birds, deer, trees, vines, forest-groves, lakes, ponds, shores, hills, and streams that cannot be properly described by millions of Sarasvatis!


7        O feet, please walk in Vrndavana.  O eyes, please gaze at Vrndavana's beauty.  O tongue, please praise Vrndavana's glories.  O ears, please hear them.  O nose, please smell Vrndavana's sweet fragrance. O body, with your hairs erect in ecstasy, please roll about on the ground in the places where Lord Krishna enjoyed transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana.


8        Flooded by the great, splendid, sweet, wild ocean of transcendental love, filled with the bliss of the very sweet transcendental pastimes of Lord Radhikaramana, and sweetly created by Vrndadevi, who is worshipped by all the worlds, may Lord Hari's splendid transcendental abode, Shri Vrndavana, shine in my heart.


9        I pray that birth after birth I may be a clump of grass in the land of Vrndavana, which is worshipped even by the king of the demigods.  That would be my joy.


10      Let me glorify Radha's forest where, although all his desires were fulfilled by tasting the nectar of massaging Lord Hari's lotus feet, Uddhava yearned to become a blade of grass.


11      They who worship Lord Radhavallabha's flower petal feet, who follow religious principles their entire lives, who always serve the dust of the Vaishnavas' feet, who embrace the highest renunciation, and whose hearts are plunged in the nectar of the highest love, find Shri Radha's merciful glance on them in Vrndavana.


12      Gazing at Their pastime-abode of Vrndavana, Shri Shri Radha-Nandakisora become plunged in the shoreless ocean of nectar.  They become full of bliss.


13      Will I find Vrndavana, where with pure devotion sweet with the splendid nectar of intense bliss one may worship the splendid and wonderful fair and dark playful divine couple that shines like moonlight in the mirror of the heart?


14      In the sweet nectar ocean of pure undivided love, on an island of intense nectar, the splendour of Vrndavan rises. There, tossed by pure love for each other, the sweet divine couple enjoys transcendental pastimes day and night. One who stays there enters a condition of life that is full of nectar.


15      I do not know whether I shall be able to meditate on Lord Madhava's two lotus feet. Am I qualified to follow the path of Shri Sukadeva Goswami, Shri Narada Muni, and the other great saints? Still, whether I meet good or ill, the beautiful forest where Shrimati Radha enjoys transcendental pastimes is my life and soul.


16      I offer my respectful obeisances to Lord Radhapati's sweet abode named Vrndavana.  Its boundary the Vedas cannot touch.  It is a secret festival of the greatest transcendental bliss.  Siva, Brahma, and the other demigods do not know even a single drop of its nectar.


17      When, wandering and wandering in the circle of Vrndavan forest, and remembering and remembering the wonderful, dear divine couple splendid as gold and sapphires, will I forget all the dualities of this world?


18      If my body is torn to pieces, or if hosts of terrible calamities fall on me, Oh! Oh! Oh! Still I will never thirst to leave Vrndavana and go to those other, insignificant places. 


19      When, hungrily eating naturally fallen leaves as if they were ambrosia, thirstily drinking handfuls of the Yamuna's pure water, and my heart plunged in nectar as I gaze at the place where sweet Lord Radhikaramana enjoyed the pastimes of the rasa dance, will I reside in Vrndavana?


20      Vrndavana, which is paved with many kinds of colourful, gently splendid jewels, filled with very wonderful flowering trees and vines and with wonderful sounds of many kinds of wonderful birds, deer, and other creatures, and which is the place of pastimes for Nanda Maharaja's son, is my life and soul.


21      Sweeter than the nectar of service to Lord Purusottama's feet in Mathura, a flood of invisible nectar flows in Vrndavana from Radha's beloved.  Of this Uddhava is the witness.


22      Accompanied by the tumult of dundubhi drums, the Puranas declare: "Radha stays in Vrndavana forest."  If you leave  Vrndavana which is the courtyard of She who is the form of the greatest love, where you will see Lord Hari?


23      I pray that my body, which is always dark with Vrndavana's dust, many never go to any other place, even if in that place millions of cintamani jewels are assembled , and even if in that place I may see Lord Hari before my eyes.


24      May Vrndavana's queen, shedding tears of great mercy, be kind to me.  May the desire-vine of Her mercy bear fruit.  May I live in Her favourite garden.


25      One who is firmly determined to stay in Vrndavan until the end of his body has already performed all kinds of devotional service. The greatest and most wonderful of all goals of life rests in his hand. His feet are on everyone's head. Brahma and the demigods bow down before him.


26      When, walking along the Yamuna's shores and under the trees, will I pass my days in Vrndavana, the root from which the wonderful happiness of transcendental love grows.


27      Let me praise the forest where the fair and dark  divine couple, famous by the name Shri Shri Radha-Madhava, enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes.


28      Offer your respectful obeisances to peaceful Vrndavana which, by giving them the sweet nectar of wild spiritual love, delights its birds, beasts, trees and vines. 


29      Inconceivably glorious Vrndavana makes even the lowest person, who devotedly follows the wrong paths and who is a desert barren of devotion for Lord Hari, mad with spiritual love.


30      A devotee may be proud to become successful by practising pure devotional service in some other place. We do not  think he is successful. We shall only take shelter of Vrndavana, which is very dear to Shri Shri Radha-Madhava.


31      Now that I, who am a reservoir of faults, who have not the slightest virtue, and who am the lowest of all but who still hankers for what is very difficult to attain, have come to Vrndavana forest, the seed from which the most splendid devotional service grows, will I become successful?


32      Shri Vrndavana, where the name "Radha", the sweetest part of the shoreless nectar ocean of pure and splendid divine love, shines, is the only goal of my life.


33      One who never performs any spiritual activities, but who has wholeheartedly taken  shelter of Vrndavana, will attain the greatest festival of the nectar of pure love for Shri Radha's beloved.


34      My own people may leave me. My body may collapse. Still, I will not take a single step beyond the border of Vrndavana.


35      She is not my mother, he is not my father, he is not my relative, he is not my friend, he is not my well-wisher, and he is not my guru, who does not order me to reside in Vrndavana. 


36      May those scriptures where the glories of Vrndavan are not heard never, even in dreams, enter my ears.  May those wretched persons who do not rejoice to hear Vrndavana's glories never converse with me and never enter the pathway of my eyes.


37      Enough! Enough with the happiness of staying among women she-asses!  Enough!  Enough with wealth, children, scholarship, and fame! Enough! Enough with the troubles of many kinds of spiritual practise! Take shelter of Vrndavana forest and become fortunate!


38      Millions on millions of Vaikunthas cannot become like a tiny particle of dust in auspicious , opulent Vrndavana, which shines with the splendour of pure love.  They who serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead in millions of ways, but are not devoted to Shri Radha, cannot understand Vrndavana.  Let me glorify Shri Vrndavana.


39      Somehow entering the pathway of my ears the word "Vrnda" may suddenly bring me to the forest where Shri Shri Radha-Madhava enjoy sublimely sweet transcendental amorous pastimes and make me faint in the ecstasy of love. Will this be?


40      When, as I wander Vrndavana's pathways, will I, suddenly seeing the wonderful fair and dark youthful divine couple that are each other's life and soul, suddenly fall unconscious?


41      For sinful me what is as auspicious as staying in the land of Vrndavana until this body ends?  Will I then touch the flood of splendour flowing  from the feet of the beautiful divine couple that enjoys newer and newer transcendental pastimes?


42      When, manifesting a spiritual body, will I reside in Vrndavana forest where all the moving and stationary living entities eternally shine with the splendour of intensely blissful spiritual forms and which they whose eyes  are blinded by maya misunderstand with a host of faulty ideas?


43      Take shelter of Vrndavana where, unseen by the unintelligent, all living entities and even all things are blissful, eternal, spiritual, and full of knowledge.


44      They who attribute faults to the blissful moving and stationary living entities in Vrndavana are offenders.  How can they attain Shri Shri Radha-Madhava?


45      They who relish blaspheming Vrndavana's residents, they who will not glorify Vrndavan, and the fools who somehow think Vrndavana like other places, cannot attain eternal, blissful spiritual forms in Vrndavana. I pray that even in dreams I may never come near those sinful people, the lowest of men.


46      Even if they speak many intolerable insults, even if they kidnap my wife, even if they kill my dear children and relatives, even if they plunder my wealth, and even if they take my own life, the residents of Vrndavan will remain always dear to me. I will worship them always.


47      He who always torments others, is attached to others wives, harms everyone in many ways, acts sinfully, is blinded by greed and a host of vices, and stays in Vrndavana, is a glorious rising sun.  O brother, do not become an owl blind to the sunlight and find faults in him.


48      He who, rejecting others' wealth, others' wives,  hatred, envy, greed, dishonesty, cruelty, violence, and lying words, becomes devoted to the Lord of Shri Radhika's life, will not become frustrated in his desire to stay in Vrndavana.


49      Do everything that opposes religious principles, reject all religious duties, and abandon your guru in order to reside in Vrndavana. That is your supreme religious duty.  That is devotion to your guru. Your sins are whatever stops you from residing in Vrndavana.


50      When his body ends, he who has seen Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who are filled with wonderful, limitless mercy, will attain perfection.


51      "Even a person who, defeated by his senses, has fled the nectar flood of devotional service for Shri Shri Radha-Madhupati's lotus feet, can take shelter of Vrndavana by My mercy."


52      He commits a great offence who becomes the enemy of the devotees who, intoxicated by the pollen of Shri Shri Radha-Madhava's lotus feet, reside in Their dear pastime-forest.  Still by residing in Vrndavana until the moment of his death, even this offender will become free from all sins and supremely pure.


53      Fools, the paths of the world and the Vedas  will bring you trouble only!  Give up everything and make yourself a leaf-hut in Vrndavana forest!


54      The Vedas may jump and dance as they like, the people may think whatever they like, and the unintelligent logicians may establish whatever theories they like, but our heart will never leave the pastime-forest of Shri Radha, whose splendid form is filled with the sweet nectar of pure, wildly passionate transcendental love.


55      The great treasure of our lives is Shrila Vrndavana, which is the most exalted of all spiritual abodes and is the place where , one splendidly dark and handsome and the other fair as soft molten gold, two youthful splendours tossed by the nectar of love eternally enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes.


56      Bowing down again and again and begging with many plaintive words, to the shoreless ocean of mercy that is the hero of Vraja’s playful girls I pray:  In one birth allow me to find my happiness in Vrndavana which is a shoreless ocean of passionate transcendental love.

57      I praise sweet Vrndavana, where a dabbler who walks down many paths at once, a fool, one who has rejected his proper religious duty, an independent person who will not follow the rules of the Scriptures, a person who has not the slightest scent of  the touch of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and who lives there only out of lust and greed, all attain the supreme destination.


58      A bewildered fool cannot understand Vrndavana, which is hidden from all the Vedas, and which is the place where one may attain the ultimate happiness of devotional service, the highest  of all happiness in this world.


59      To demi-god worshippers, to those rapt in the imperishable impersonal Brahman, and even to animallike persons intent only on enjoying their senses, by its inconceivable powers Vrndavan gives the rare and secret nectar of love for Shri Shri Radha-Madhava.


60      When, taking shelter of Shrimati Radharani’s feet, will I see Shri Vrndavana’s wonderful form, a millionth part of which the Vedas cannot touch, the yogis cannot understand, the great souls headed by Laksmi, Siva, Brahma, Sukadeva, Arjuna, and Uddhava cannot see and, what to speak of others, even the Vrajavasis cannot see?


61      O friend, please forget the non-dual Brahman and instead, in Shri Vrndavana, the very splendid peerlessly sweet ocean of nectar in the splendid ocean of transcendental love, accept the splendid form of a delicate gopi expert in all fine arts, and worship the sweet flatterer of Shri Radhika, the ocean of nectar who is your life and soul.


62      O Krishna, O Lord who enjoys pastime with Shri Radha in Vrndavana, please forcibly drag my heart, now tightly bound with a hundred ropes of wicked desires, to Your lotus feet.


63      I cannot subdue my senses at all.  I  have  no virtues. A host of faults always enters me.  Where shall I go?  What shall I do?  Alas!  Alas!  No mercy is shown to me!  O Shri Vrndavana, please give me residence within you, my only home.


64      My noble birth, wealth, and even my life-breath, may all perish. My  good reputation may wither and die.  My religious principles may run to destruction.  Everyone may always mistreat me.  My body may wither away with hundreds of incurable diseases.  Still, my heart will never leave Vrndavana.


65      I praise a certain forest named Vrndavana that protects (avana) the multitude (vrnda) of all sinful living entities from the fearful condition of repeated birth and death.

66      I bow down to offer my respects to they who know that within or without the material world there is nothing as sweet as Vrndavana.


67      All glories to Vrndavan which , just as Shri Radha, is splendid with tilaka decorations, is clothed in garments dark as the Yamuna waters, is splendid with the glory of blossoming champaka flowers, is glorious with many kinds of nectar, is charming with the sweet nectar of pure love for Lord Krishna, and is very dear to Lord Gopendratmaja!

68      Who will not take shelter of wonderful, blissful Vrndavana, where millions of kalpavrksa trees are embraced by the sweet vines of pure bhakti that are their wives, and where the rocks of the hill accounted the best of Lord Hari’s servants form a bed for the Lord’s nap.


69      As much as they do not love Vrndavana, the root from which the Lord’s pastimes of love sprout, to that extent the fools are not able to find the great secret of spontaneous transcendental love for Lord Govinda’s lotus feet.


70      Again and again remembering the person dark as a new monsoon cloud who is embraced by Shri Radha, Her transcendental form like a vine splendid as millions of lightning flashes, a certain saintly devotee, very sweetly effulgent, and pure devotional love rising within him, wanders in Vrndavana.


71      When, at every moment shedding tears of deep love, and the hairs of my body erect with joy, will I roll upon the ground in the places decorated with Radha's footprints in Vrndavana?


72      They find the great secret of pure devotional service who take shelter of Vrndavana forest, where Shri Radha, Her transcendental form filled with the nectar of splendid divine love, gloriously plays with Lord Hari.


73      Renounce everything and, maintaining your body by drinking a little water, reside in Vrndavana, which is filled with the sweet nectar of pure transcendental love, and which is charming with many wonderful trees, vines, bushes, and with bees and parrots intoxicated by singing the splendid glories of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


74      Let me praise Vrndavana, which is flooded with the splendour of Radha’s beautiful golden limbs, the nectar of the splendour of Her pure love, and the blissful monsoon of the splendour of Lord Govinda’s handsome form dark as a host of clouds.


75      There may be insults or praises, many calamities or great good fortune, great learning or illiteracy, happiness or pain, but Vrndavana, which is my life and soul, and the glory of which even the Vedas cannot find, I will never, even in a dream, leave.


76      If the people speak unbearable insults to me as if  I were a candala or a dog or an ass, then I do not feel unhappy, and if the demigods, demigoddesses, saints, and life itself praise me with great affection, then I, who thirst for the nectar of Vrndavana, do not feel happy.


77      O brother, give up all your spiritual practices and take shelter of Vrndavana. As you desire so your body, words, and heart will act.


78      O Lord, may I be filled with the kind of desire that makes me attached to a certain doe-eyed girl so I will never leave Vrndavana.  May the kind of pride and arrogance rise within me that makes me delight to always live in this sweet forest.


79      With a bowl in hand we go begging even on the paths to the houses of dogeaters in Vrndavana.  We pray, that meeting here our past pious deeds, we will never take this body to any other place.


80      When, wearing a kaupina and one old cloth, day and night singing of the waves of Shri Shri Radha-Madhupati’s confidential pastimes, and at the end of the day eating a fruit or a root, will I spend this lifetime in the land of Vrndavana.


81      Above the material nature, in the ocean of happiness that is the Supreme Brahman splendour, is the Supreme bode glorified in the Vedas and named Vaikuntha. Within Vaikuntha the circle of Mathura is glorious with all splendour.  There gaze, O friend, on the forest of Vrndavana.


82      When will my ears, tongue, touch, eyes, nose and other senses plunge me in the flowing streams of nectar?  When, blinded with intoxication by tasting this uncommon nectar, will I sweetly and  very loudly sing Lord Madhupati’s glories everywhere?


83      Even though staying in Vrndavana himself, he who commits the offence of thinking that the residents of Vrndavana do not have spiritual forms of eternity, bliss, and knowledge, will not attain the supreme abode.


84      When one understands that the moving and unmoving residents of Vrndavan have forms of eternal spiritual nectar, then he becomes a genuine servant of Shri Radha’s beloved.


85      Wandering in Vrndavana is the best of all opulences, the best of all religious principles, the best of all kinds of worship, the best of all perfections, the best of all glories, and the best of all oceans of sweetness.


86      The proclamation of my fate and the statements of the spiritual masters, may both forbid me, and the words of they who know the scriptures may rise a great outcry, still, not considering what can or should be done, my heart clings to the treasure of residing in Shrimati Radhika’s pastime forest and it will not move in the slightest.


87      When singing, dancing, laughing, rolling about on the ground, running, crying, or falling down unconscious, will I become blind with intoxication by drinking the great nectar of spiritual love, and oblivious to the world, wander in Vrndavana?


88      When, oblivious to the world, religious duties, home, body, insults, praise, pleasure, and pain, and intoxicated with the nectar of pure spiritual love, will I become like a madman in Vrndavana?


89      When chanting the siddha-mantra of very wonderful names beginning “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna!‘ come from the mouth of Lord Chaitanyadeva, who is compassion personified, will I become perfect in Vrndavana?


90      I meditate on wonderful Vrndavana splendid with gold, crystal, and rubies, with great sapphire trees, with courtyards made of many kinds of jewels, with buzzing bees, with blossoming vines, with wonderful parrots, peacocks, cuckoos, and other birds, and with lakes filled with lotuses and other flowers.


91      Please meditate on Vrndavana, which is beautiful with many forest-cottages where gopis stand by the door and gaze at their two friends enjoying betelnuts, nectar drinks, candies, jasmine flowers, and many other pleasures on a beautiful couch of splendid and soft leaves and flowers.


92      Please always meditate on Vrndavana, which is very beautiful with new forest-groves where in some places are couches of flowers crushed by amorous pastimes, in some places are beautiful pastimes, and in some places are great festivals inaugurated by wildly passionate Shri Shri Radhika-Madhupati.


93      When, wandering day and night through the valleys that are Radha-Krishna’s intimate friends, on the valleys that are pathways through Their various pastime forest-groves, through groves of newly-blossoming kadamba trees, and through the beautiful places where They enjoyed the pastime of the rasa-dance, will I become fortunate, intimate love for them shining within me?


94      What is the use of a beautiful young wife, children, and wealth, which give only temporary happiness? I offer my respectful obeisances to the beauty of Vaikuntha. I pray that birth after birth I may be devoted to the forest where Vrajendra’s son and Vrsabhanu’s daughter enjoy splendid transcendental pastimes.


95      With my head I bow down before Vrndavana.With my words I speak about Vrndavana.  I do not know  anything but Vrndavana.


96      Vrndavana, where Shri Radha's beloved enjoys pastimes, is my life. I hope to attain Lord Krishna’s lotus feet in Vrndavana.


97      O mind, please meditate on Vrndavana, where the parrots sing about the pastimes of Lord Krishna, the master of Radha, where the trees and vines blossom eternally only to please Him, and  where the lotuses and other flowers, and the lakes are beautiful to bring Him a great festival of happiness.


 98     O my beloved, when will I meditate on You in Vrndavana, which is filled with many pastime forests, beautiful with many lakes and ponds, graceful with many trees, vines, bushes, and many kinds of birds and animals, and which is the abode of many transcendental pastimes and splendid with many jewels?


99      Let my thoughts always stay in purifying Vrndavana, where, intoxicated by tasting the sweetest nectar, my dearest divine couple enjoy pastimes, where filled with a great festival of transcendental sweetness, pure devotional service is manifested, and where the words of Vedas and Upanisads cannot enter.


100     When, tears flowing from my eyes as I stutter the holy names of Lord Krishna, will I muddy the ground under a tree? When, seeing in my heart the two splendours glorious like gold and sapphires, will I, overwhelmed, bow down to offer my respectful obeisances?


101     When residing on the border of Vrndavana forest and overcome with love as I engage in meditation, will I suddenly see the youthful divine couple that is my life’s only treasure?  When will I see those two splendours, one dark and the other fair like a golden moon?  When will I hear the sweet nectar of the words They speak to each other?


102     When, entering a part of Vrndavana where no one else may enter, loudly calling out the names of the two who are very dear to me, weeping, and very agitated., will I meet one of my queen’s splendid and doe-eyed maidservants, who will console me with nectar words?


103     May merciful Vrndavan anoint my eyes with the sweet nectar of deep love for the glorious feet of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. Ah!  For how many days have those feet been my shelter?  May those feet, which are the great wonder of Vrndavan forest, flood my heart with  the nectar of their sweetness.


104     When, rapt in meditation, and in trance seeing my own original spiritual form, will I be bewildered, unaware whether a moment or three hours have just passed in beautiful Vrndavana?


105     I will not speak, hear, or think of anything else. I will not speak, worship, or take shelter of anything else. Either awake or in a dream, I do not see anything but the forest where Shri Radha enjoys pastimes. 


106     “Why do You trouble Me? Leave Me alone!”

“Come.  Happily sleep on this bed.”

“Take Your arms off Me! Take them off!”

“ Beloved, I will embrace You just once.”

“Merciless beast!  Leave Me alone!  Leave Me alone.  I do not trouble You.”

When, in Vrndavana forest, will I hear a parrot repeat these words of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna?


107     When, as I wonder alone in the many forests of Vrndavana, and I enter a wonderfully auspicious forest I had never seen before, will an extraordinarily charming youth suddenly appear before and say, “Please do not leave this place?”


108     When, in the transcendental abode of Vrndavan, will I, awake, silent, inactive, and sighing, gaze for a moment on the sweet divine couple, who are more dear to me than life?


109     Even leaving this new and beautiful forest grove, may I smile to suddenly see the youthful divine couple, who appear like ordinary human beings. Even if I go far away,  may I still be overwhelmed with love in this land of Vrndavana as I gaze on the dear divine couple.

110     When, remembering the pastimes of Vrndavana’s master as I wander around the rasa-dance circle bright in the full moon’s light, will I suddenly hear a splendid and nectarine flute-sound, a sound filled with waves of bliss?


111     When will I see the gopis’ master smiling under a kadamba tree?  When will I see the restless  hand of Shri Radha as She picks flowers somewhere in vine-filled Vrndavan forest?


112     Will I someday see the divine couple, splendid like sapphires and molten gold and Their arms on each other’s shoulders?  Will the sight of the splendid, happy, and filled with love divine couple make me faint with joy?


113     Overcome with the longings of spiritual love, my body rolls about on the ground.  Touching me with Their hands, Radha and Her beloved make me roll about.  Ah!  Is there any impossible desire I may have that will not be obtained in the most wonderful and glorious Vrndavana forest?


114     When in a happy dream will I see the very sweet and graceful dear divine couple tightly embracing as They sleep in a forest of vines near the Yamuna’s shore?


115     When, flooding me with mercy merely because I spoke of making my home there, will Vrndavan forest, with the power of its own most wonderful and limitless glory, fulfil the impossible desires most lowly I have held for a hundred million births?


116     O Lord, again and again the soul is tossed helplessly by his own past karma.  I am like that.  My heart is tortured by the sufferings of the material world.  I simply pray that my tongue may always, without ever becoming tired, chant the word “Vrndavana.”


117     My heart does not yearn to become the demigod Brahma in the Brahmaloka planet.  Neither does it seek to become a personal associate of Lord Vishnu in the planet of Vishnuloka.  It only seeks to become, for many, many births, a worm or an insect in the homes of those fortunate souls who celebrate a nectar festival of living in beautiful Vrndavana.


118     May I be born in a home where the breeze carries the scent of flowers in Vrndavana, or in a home where the people bow their heads when they hear the word “Vrndavana.”


119     Will the day come when I will touch Vrndavana? I will know that I have become fortunate when from afar I see persons who live in Vrndavana. Then I will fall again and again to the ground to offer my respectful obeisances to them.


120     Although I have not the slightest scent of faith in the glories of Shri Vrndavana, and although I have no real desire to reside there, I still talk as if these things were true.


121     The people who live in this world are mostly fools. Even if they have studied all the scriptures they generally have no knowledge of beautiful Vrndavana’s glories. Even philosophers who foolishly travel on the pathways of trying to separate the truth from lies become bewildered and cannot find the truth. That is why I serve the dust of Shri Vrndavana.


122     Vrndavana!  Forest filled with the sweetest nectar!  Forest that contains the great treasure of spiritual love!  Witness of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's amorous pastimes!  Forest so dear to me!  Master of the rasa-dance!  Enchanter of the worlds!  Wonderful with flowering vines, birds, and a host of beautiful creatures!  O beautiful Vrndavana far beyond the world of matter, you are the goal of my life.  You are my goal.


123     Obeisances to the beautiful couple that stays in Vrndavana.  Obeisances to the beautiful couple that wanders in Vrndavana.  Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is the life of Vrndavana.  Obeisances to the hero and heroine of Vrndavana.


124     Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is merciful to Vrndavana. Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is the transcendental nectar of Vrndavana.  Obeisances to the beautiful couple that is the perfection of Vrndavana.


125     No place is more exalted than Vrndavana forest. No person is more lowly than me.  It is only by the power of Shri Radha’s holy name that these two may met.


126     May the all-wonderful, limitlessly powerful, and supremely auspicious holy name of Vrndavana’s queen once be glorious in my mouth.