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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Vrindavana Mahimamrita > VM Shataka 16




1        Yearn after He who is the splendid bumble-bee at the lotus feet of Radha's mouth, the black mascara on Radha's eyes, the splendid blue garment on Radha's breasts, the chain binding Radha's heart, the blue lotus growing in the nectar lake of Radha's navel, the mark on the moons of Radha's beautiful toenails, and Radha's pet deer.


2        May Lord Hari, who in a secluded forest cottage sweetly places Shri Radha on His lap, strokes Her hair with His fingers, and again and again kisses Her face splendid as a golden lotus while the hairs of His body stand erect with joy, be always dear to me.


3        May I see the face of that person splendid as a host of monsoon clouds, His garments yellow as lightning, and His handsome form charming the beautiful gopis, His eyes filled with tears when He hears the syllables of the name Radha.

4        I worship the two splendours who, gazing at each other's faces, smiling playfully, on different pretexts touching each other's bodies with Their hands, Their fair and dark forms shining with sweet nectar, and Their hairs erect with joy, are filled with love for each other.


5        If you yearn for what is above the material and spiritual worlds, then wholeheartedly love Lord Madanamohana.  Don't live in a crowded city.  Live in Vrndavana.  Offer respects to all living entities there.  Never offend them.


6        In Vrndavana please worship the very wonderful splendour that has all transcendental opulence, that is an eternal ocean of ever-new wonderful, sweet, perfect handsomeness, that is wonderful with mercy, forgiveness, and other virtues, and that has a form that enchants Kama.


7        In Vrndavana, which is filled with the sweetest nectar of unalloyed love, and which places the goals all desires in the palm of one's hand, reject impersonal mukti and worship the splendour that is a nectar cowherd boy.


8        O wise philosophers, on the pathways of Lord Hari's devotional service please meditate on Vrndavana forest as the source of the nectar of transcendental bliss, as a treasure of wonderful beauty Brahman and Siva have no power to describe, and as the abode of two splendours glorious as a monsoon cloud and a new lightning flash.


9        Who will not glorify they who, not allowing even the word "woman" to touch

their ears, terrified of any contact with women, and offering their lives to Shri Vrndavana, stay at Shri Radha's feet?


10      O noble souls, in Vrndavana forest please serve the very wonderful, blissful and passionate amorous pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who are intoxicated by drinking the very sweet madhvika nectar of Their love.


11      May the very wonderful nectar that wonderfully shines on the Yamuna's shore, in beautiful Vrndavana wonderful in all six seasons, on the wonderful breezes, and on the autumn moon there, and that rests on Shri Shri Radhika-Madhava, the two treasures of transcendental virtue, be seen in my heart.


12      My heart longs to taste the splendid nectar of the fair and dark divine couple, who are greater than Rati and Kama, who are full of unalloyed love for each other, and who stay on the Yamuna's shore in Vrndavana filled with flowering trees and vines, dancing peacocks, the buzzing of maddened bees, and the singing of parrots and cuckoos.


13      Eternally meditate on the fair and dark youthful divine couple worshipped by the artistic girls of Vraja in a charming pavilion of madhavi vines by the Yamuna's shore filled with malaya breezes and decorated with the humming of bumblebees.


14      May the two very sweet fair and dark youthful splendours that bewilder Kamadeva and flood Vrndavana with glistening waves from the ever-new nectar of ocean of the splendour of Their limbs, enjoy pastimes in my heart.

15      I worship Shri Shri Radha-Krishna who, facing each other as They sit on a charming cushion at the door of a vine cottage, sweetly play with dice, Their hearts soft with a playful lover's quarrel as Their friends serve Them by offering arati with camara fans.


16      In the ever-new forest of Vrndavana every day I worship two splendours sweeter than all sweetness, glorious as new gold and sapphires, and Their forms the essence of nectar.


17      At every moment I search in my heart for the charming youthful splendour, glorious as glittering new gold and campaka flowers, where Vrndavana's Kamadeva finds His shelter.


18      May my queen, Shri Radha, whom even He who has large deer's eyes cannot get to sit with Him on the beautiful couch, stay eternally in my heart.


19      I adore the two youthful fair and dark splendours tossed by the waves of a great, eternal, shoreless nectar ocean in a forest cottage.


20      In nectar Radha's pastime forest, where the moonlight of Her glory delights the kumuda lotus flowers of the poets' voices, I yearn to become a flowering vine.


21      Worship the queen of Vrndavana's lover, who is decorated with peacock feathers, who wears a beautiful new guna garland, and who charms everyone with the sound of His flute.


22      Please take shelter of Vrndavana, where every forest is supremely sweet, which is filled with sweetly cooing young cuckoos, and where the splendid trees and vines blossom during every season.


23      Worship Vrndavana's hero who, the hairs of His body erect and His reddened eyes rolling with amorous passion, moment after moment kisses Shri Radha's mouth.


24      Bow down before smiling Lord Hari, who pleases Shri Radha with the sweet songs of His flute, whose splendid form blossoms with hairs standing up, and on whose neck She has placed a garland of flowers.


25      In this forest's pathways worship the two playful splendours that are glorious as sapphires and new gold, that are an ocean of perfect nectar, and that enchant millions of Ratis and Kamadevas.


26      I meditate on two youthful golden and sapphire splendours that, joking and laughing, again and again touching each other on various pretexts, wonderfully singing, playing musical instruments, and dancing, and surrounded by wonderful, sweetly talking gopi friends, enjoy pastimes in Vrndavana.


27      Meditate on the graceful, eternally playful, eternally together, fair and dark youthful hero and heroine blind with passion in the great shoreless ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes and tossed by the waves of Their pastimes of live in sweetly splendid Vrndavana.

28      May Shri Radha who, in the ever-new forest grove, following a friend's advice, from the chest of Krishna as He pretended to sleep, stole Krishna's glistening flute, loudly lamented that Krishna's flute was gone, and was consoled by expert Krishna and a host of smiling friends who shook away Her grief, stay in my heart.


29      "Your  breasts are two golden jewel-cases. A row of jasmine buds disguises itself as Your smile.  Your lips are coral.  Your hands and feet are strings of jewels.  Your body is made of the finest gold."


30      By gently massaging Their feet give pleasure to Shri Shri Radha-Muralidharana who, after  bathing together, decorating each other ornaments, drinking nectar together, and enjoying arati together, now sleep happily on Their bed in the forest.


31      In Vrndavana, sometimes on the Yamuna's shore, sometimes underneath a tree, sometimes in garden grove, and sometimes deep in the forest, my two heart's friends, singing and enjoying in many ways, eternally enjoy sublimely sweet transcendental amorous play.


32      Ignoring the world of illusion and Their splendid and pure fair and dark forms full of transcendental bliss and knowledge, my two life-breaths enjoy a festival of amorous pastimes in the land of Vrndavana.


33      A pair of fair and dark sweetnesses that are eternal battlefields of transcendental amorous pastimes, are the greatest secret hidden from the Upanisads, and shine with ever-new youth, are manifest in Vrndavana forest.  What are They?  Nothing is as sweet as They.

34      Listen, brother.  I vow that what I say is true. Although nothing is sweeter than Lord Hari's feet, the wonder of the dust of Shri Vrndavana-Kamadeva's feet is sweeter still!


35      "Friend, informed by you, I am now jealous and angry. Who has suffered more unbearable pain than I?  With your words you must drag here Lord Vamsidhara's senses and His body decorated with Vrndavana's flowers.


36      Where there is romantic Vrndavana forest, where there is eternal springtime, where there are newly blossoming trees and vines, where mad bumblebees hum, where cuckoos sing with mouthfuls of mango sprouts, and where Lord Syama, the handsome god of love, is personally present, how can there be any talk of jealous anger?


37      "My friend has forbidden Me!  Rake, never again will You speak to Me!  Never will You see Me!  My heart has not doubts!  Don't say anything!  In vain do You try affectionately to touch Me!  However, You may place Your guna garland around My neck."


38      "Radha has spoken to Me!  Now I am plunged into flowing currents of bliss!  Before She had refused Me Her words and thoughts! Friends, why do you stare at Me and smile?  Why are you against Me?  Now I have regained My life!  Because of the power of Vrndavana forest, do-eyed Radha is now civil to Me!"


39      This verse is obscured in the original manuscript.


40      This is the land of Vrndavana. Krishna showers nectar everywhere here.  He conquers the hearts of all moving and still creatures. What more need be said? O friend, He fills my every limb with maddening passion. He stuns my eyes and senses.  How can You be angry with Him?


41      May the two beautiful, youthful, sweetly  passionate, fair and dark splendours that with firm new threads of transcendental love have sewn up each other's heart, words, senses, body and everything, and that eternally play in Shri Vrndavana, stay in our hearts.


42      Friend, what would it matter if I knew everything?  Who am I?  What can I do?  If with the knife of worshipping Krishna I can cut the tight ropes of material love, and if by serving Vrndavana I can subdue the wicked senses, then what need have I for giving charity, performing yajnas, or doing anything else?


43      Please meditate on the two fair and dark splendours that, enjoying betelnuts.  Their hairs erect with excitement, Their soft arms placed around each other's neck, gazing at each other with smiling glances, Their new anklets, belts, and other ornaments sweetly tinkling, and Their heads decorated with crowns by Their exalted gopi friends, dance in Vrndavana.


44-45  These verses are obscured in the original manuscript.


46      May pure transcendental love for Lord Madhava, who in Vrndavana's beautiful forest-cottages, in a beautiful cave on the king of mountains, on the Yamuna's shore, and in the shade of a kadamba tree, performs the dance of service to the feet of King Vrsabhanu's daughter, arise in my heart.


47      May the waves of Shri Shri Radha-Madhava's pastimes of collecting a toll by Govardhana Hill, bathing in the Yamuna, collecting a toll to cross the Yamuna, and stealing flowers in Vrndavana's gardens, flood my heart.


48      Don't leave Vrndavana! Don't go the fearful world of the non-devotees! Shri Radhika enjoys a festival of sweet nectar in the new gardens of Vrndavana.


49      I worship the fair and dark youthful divine couple who under the kadamba trees by the Yamuna's shore, where many fragrant and splendid flowers bloom in the land and water, and where gentle, cooling, fragrant breezes blow, eternally enjoy the nectar of many graceful amorous pastimes.


50      I meditate on Shri Shri Radhika-Madhava who, on the Yamuna's shore, in the shade of Kadamba trees, in a splendid pavilion of glittering jewel-vines lit by sapphire lamps and glorious with pearl flower-buds, diamond flowers, and lapis lazuli sprouting twigs, enjoy playful amorous joking.


51      Sometimes, as a dark cloud with lightning, overcome with amorous desire, Lord Hari plays with His beloved on His chest.  Sometimes, as a handsome tamala tree by a new golden vine, Lord Hari is embraced by a splendid golden form.


52      With Her plantain-tree arm, its hairs erect with wild passion, She sometimes embraces Her beloved's neck, its hairs also erect.  Sometimes She places her lover's aguru scented arm around Her neck.  Sometimes She places His lotus hand over Her heart.


53      Tossed by waves of amorous desire, She sometimes pulls Her beloved on the pretext of seeing the forest's beauty. Sometimes, pretending that She yearns to smell the lotus of His face, again and again She kisses the smiling lotus mouth that brings enchantment from the flute.


54      With her left lotus hand She tilts Lord Hari's peacock-feather crown and with Her right hand She touches His enchanting chin and handsome cheeks where the hairs stand erect.  With many passionate kisses she extracts the nectar from His lips.


55      Sometimes She decorates Lord Madanamohana with Her own ornaments.  Sometimes he happily decorates Her with His ornaments. Sometimes He anoints His beloved with His own fragrant powders. Sometimes She anoints Him with the kunkuma and other fragrant powders on Her breasts.


56      Sometimes She takes the garland from Lord Hari's neck and places it on Her own neck.  Sometimes She takes the garland from her neck and places it on His neck.  Sometimes she scolds Him.  Sometimes She offers prayers of love.  Sometimes She is angry.  Sometimes, Her heart filled with deep thoughts, She glorifies Him.

57      Sometimes, tormented by lust, She weeps.  Leaving Her friends, She goes to the forest to be alone.  With hints from Her eyes and the movements of Her fingers, She points Her beloved to the cottage of vines where She will come to His side.


58      In the sweet forest by the Yamuna's shore I meditate on King Vrsabhanu's daughter who, in the company of the young gopis, who are an ocean of beauty where the beauty of the goddess of fortune and all other beautiful girls is rarely a single drop, is like a beautiful crescent moon among a host of wonderful stars.


59      All glories to my queen, who is a flooding ocean of the sweetness of transcendental amorous pastimes, whose limbs are more splendid than a host of glittering golden campaka flowers, who is a glittering ornament on Lord Madanamohana's chest and whose youthfulness has just begun to sprout.


60      Conquering He who is all handsome, who is splendid as dark clouds and blue lotuses beginning to bloom, who is a treasure-house of noble pastimes, who is young and charming, and whose form is filled with the nectar of amorous love, and  placing Him at Her feet, Shri Radhika enjoys pastimes in the forest.


61      All glories to my queen, who at every moment is the most learned in the arts of wonderful transcendental amorous pastimes, whose form is at every step flooded with wonderful splendour, who is an eternal awe-filled ocean of passionate love for Lord Krishna, and whose virtues have no equal.


62      Meditate on Shri Radha's young Vraja maidservants, whose hearts rejoice in the waves of their queen's every splendid meaningful, and sweet gesture, who are the most expert and talented of all artists, and whose beautiful limbs, with hairs standing erect, are tossed to and fro out of great  love.


63      I meditate on the circle of Shri Varsabhanavi's maidservants, who are busy in the transcendental  amorous pastimes ocean filled with eternal, limitless, nectar waves of pure love, who have Lalita as their leader, and who celebrate a festival of giving good advice to their dear friend.


64      O goddess Laksmi, renounce your shining palace filled with the nectar of  bliss and hosts of blue lotuses and humming bees, and with great love find happiness in Shri Radhika's sweet madhavi-vine palace beautiful with the opulence of love for Lord Madanamohana.


65      In Vrndavana, where there is a great nectar festival of many forest groves filled with countless gopi maidservants, where there are tumultuous sounds of many parrots, cuckoos, and bumblebees, and where there are beautiful blossoming trees and vines, and fragrant, cooling breezes, the two who are my life and soul enjoy transcendental pastimes.


66      Sweetly rocking back and forth as it rests on Lord Madanamohana's chest, a beautiful splendour more brilliant than golden campaka flowers plays in a glorious palace in Vrndavana forest charming with waves of wonderful splendour.


67      May the youthful divine couple, splendid as gold and sapphires, shining with great love and enjoying playful, ever-new transcendental amorous pastimes in a glittering nectar ocean in a beautiful palace of newly blossoming trees and vines in Vrndavana forest, appear in my affectionate heart.


68      The very self of pure transcendental love, may Vrndavana forest appear on the island in the splendid nectar ocean in my heart.  Gazing at each other in the shade of a kadamba tree, may Shri Shri Radha-Madhava appear before me.


69      O Lord Syamacandra, may I be filled with love for You, whose chest is splendid with a golden lotus garland in Vrndavana forest's blissful Kamadeva temple flooded with regal waves of nectar.


70      She who is more dear to me than life, from whose every limb tossed by waves of nectar in limitless, beautiful, golden full-moonlight flows an ocean of intense beauty, and the movements of whose eyebrows create millions of madly passionate Kamadevas, eternally plays on the lap of Lord Syama.


71      In Vrndavana, in every new forest grove, in every new garden, and in every beautiful place of splendid new pastimes, the divine couple, filled with new amorous playfulness and more dear to me than life, enjoy sublimely sweet transcendental amorous pastimes eternally.


72      Sometimes as two bumblebees among the Yamuna's golden lotuses, sometimes as two swans in  the Yamuna's forest of lotuses, and sometimes as a golden vine climbing a divine tamala tree, They enjoy pastimes of meeting.


73      Sometimes They sweetly sing as two parrots.  Sometimes They coo as two cuckoos with soft and passionate "kuhus" in their throats.  Sometimes They dance together as a maddened peacock and peahen.  Sometimes They gaze at each other as a timid stag and doe.


74      I take shelter of the girls in the land of Vrndavana, whose fair golden limbs overwhelmed with amorous passion are like graceful vines, who decorate themselves with prasadam garlands, garments and ornaments, who are wonderfully talented in all the arts, and whose bodily hairs stand erect as they shed tears of eternal love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


75      In the wide ocean of the bliss of intense love, on a splendid island, is Vrndavana forest.  In that place is a wonderful flower-garden surrounded by eternally-new forest-groves flooded with the intensely sweet nectar of Shri Radha.  Please meditate in this way.


76      I pray that I may joyfully carry on my head the dust of the beautiful feet of the great souls who are supremely renounced, who talk among themselves about the sweet divine couple so dear to them, who, shedding tears and their bodily hairs standing erect, speak broken words choked in the ecstasy of love, and who play in the great, shoreless, nectar ocean of Shri Vrndavana.


77-78  A girl, fair as kunkuma and molten gold, who with nectar words sweet with gentle cooling smiles and laughter and scented with the nectar of Vrndavana makes the living entities here tremble again and again, who with crooked glances floods them with waves of nectar, and who is Herself tossed by nectar waves of transcendental love, is the only goal of my life.


79      May She who is King Vrsabhanu's family jewel, who with limitless waves of nectarean golden splendour floods Shri Vrndavana, to whom all the demigods offer prayers, and who is an ocean of limitless, peerless sweetness, always shine before me.


80      Under a nectar tree in the blissful land of Vrndavana, far from the world of the three modes and above even the realm of pure transcendental knowledge, may the limitless nectar splendour of devotional service to Shri Radha's feet flood your heart.


81      A saintly devotee who, in sweet Vrndavana forest, which is flooded by a great ocean of bliss, always joyfully meditates on Shri Shri Radha and Krishna finds the four goals of life (economic development, sense gratification, piety and  liberation) and the Supreme Lord's own transcendental opulence approach from all directions, eager to serve him.


82      This text is largely obscured in the original manuscript.


83      O Shri Radha, I meditate on Your youthful, charming form's wonderful splendour, which rebukes the shining of the beautiful golden moon, enchants Lord Muralimohana's heart, and makes great waves on the sweet ocean of nectar.


84      As Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara sat under a vine-covered tree, many flowers suddenly offered themselves to Them. Then, from all around, many more beautiful flowers suddenly sprouted and bloomed and, smiling and laughing, also bowed down to offer themselves to the youthful divine couple. Please direct your thoughts to these pastimes.


85      Parrots and cuckoos singing on its blossoming  trees and vines, maddened peacocks gracefully dancing on its splendid ground, and its rivers and hills beautiful with splendid jewels, eternal Vrndavana forest is overcome with the nectar of Lord Hari.


86      O Shri Radha, the sight of whose shadow bewilders the best of flute-players and fills His with amorous desires, O queen of Vrndavana's ever-new forests, I joyfully offer my respectful obeisances to the dust of the feet of Your confidential maidservants.


87      O dear girl whose face is more splendid than a host of moons, please accept me.  My tongue will be tightly bound with the chanting of Your virtues.  I wish to stay eternally in this beautiful forest where I may see the sweet loving pastimes of the

youthful divine couple.


88      O beautiful one, please worship the sweetly affectionate fair and dark couple that now sweetly enjoy new amorous pastimes of youth in the grove of new vines by the Yamuna's shore in Vrndavana forest.


89      May She who is the best of musicians, whose youthful limbs are splendid as molten gold, who is a jewel mine of glittering splendours, and who, Her bodily hairs erect with joy, plays the vina for Lord Syama, stay in my heart.


90      Obeisances to the Lord who enjoys nectar pastimes in Vrndavana forest! O queen of Vrndavana, obeisances to the pollen of Your lotus feet!  O Shri Lalita, charming and playful with love for the divine couple, obeisances to You!  O Vrndavana, I offer many, many obeisance's to you!


91      Above the material energy, from which endless material universes have sprung, is the Brahman effulgence.  Within that effulgence is the beautiful realm of Vaikuntha.  Within Vaikuntha is the sweet circle of Mathura. Within that circle my secret  Vrndavana forest shines.


92      My heart does not yearn for final liberation in Lord Hari's Vaikuntha, which is difficult for the demigods to attain.  I only pray that I may accept the body of a blade of grass in the land of Vrndavana, where Shri Shri Gandharva-Muralidhara place Their charming feet.


93      Her bodily hairs erect with joy, She places betelnuts in the moon of Her beloved's mouth.  Her beloved happily chews the sweet betelnuts offered. The very dear maidservant that originally brought the betelnuts is overwhelmed with joy.  Vrndavana forest, the scene of these pastimes and the home of my life, shines with great splendour.


94      When Krishna, as He dreamed of the nectar of unalloyed service to Shri Radha's lotus feet, tossed in His sleep and by His touch accidently broke Her bodice, She, who is my life and soul, at once wept, laughed, and spoke many words.


95      O heart, please meditate on Radha's maidservants who, their bodies tossed by waves if nectar and their hairs upright in ecstatic love, with garlands, perfumes, fanning, betelnuts, and gentle massaging of Their feet, serve the affectionate divine couple eternally.


96      Meditate on Vrndavana, the philanthropist that gives the nectar of intense transcendental bliss. Eternally serve the youthful divine couple in your heart melting with love.  In a secluded place here every day weep and call out:  Alas! Alas! when will They mercifully glance on me?


97      When will we go to the forest where Lord Damodara celebrates a great festival of transcendental amorous pastimes?  When will our hearts become charmed by the sight of the beautiful gopis?  When will we no longer travel  on the darkly shaded path of this temporary world?  When will we no longer spend our time trying to enjoy the fruits growing in the jungle of this world?  When will we worship two oceans of nectar in our shining hearts?


98      Who is your beloved wife?  Who is your son?  With a steady mind think about death.  Will you see death today?  Transcendental Vrndavana is your only shelter.