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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Vrindavana Mahimamrita > VM Shataka 15



1        May  Vrndavana's hero, who always stays in Vrndavana, who is splendidly decorated with a garland of Vrndavana's wonderful flowers and  who, on a couch of flowers in Vrndavana eternally enjoys sweet transcendental amorous pastimes with Vrndavana's queen, grant to me transcendental love for Him.


2        May Lord Krishna, who meets Radha on the beautiful path where you spread many soft lotus petals, andwho enjoys transcendental pastimes with Her in a pavilion wonderfully made of many flowers inn the wonderful Vrndavana flower garden you made with your own hand, protect you.


3        Not even noticing the limitless spiritual opulences of Vaikuntha, and not taking

a single step, even in name, into the realm known as Brahman, the fair and dark splendid divine couple remain plunged in the sweet ocean of transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana forest.  The path to that forest is very difficult to reach.


4        The major portion of this text is lost in the original.


5        Please worship Shri Radha who, at first filled with jealous anger by the cruel words of Her friends, and then worshipped with sweet words Her lover sent through a messenger, now runs to Her lover's place in Vrndavana forest.


6        The girl named Radha, who is the goddess of amorous weapons able to wound the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the goddess of beautiful, sweet, ecstatic transcendental love, who is the goddess of sweet transcendental pastimes, and who is the goddess that rules the life-breath of the prince of Vraja, awakens in Vrndavana forest.


7        With the movements of Her eyebrows She creates millions of millions of Kamadevas.  With Her playful words She creates millions of nectars.  With the splendour of Her smiling face She creates millions of moons.  With the splendour of Her transcendental limbs She creates millions of great oceans of the nectar of love.  This is Shri Radhika, who enjoys transcendental pastimes with Her lover.  She is the controller of my life.


8        O dark-complexioned Lord Krishna, o nectar ocean of transcendental bliss, O Lord Hari, O hero of Vrndavana, O bumblebee attracted to the lotus flower of Shri Radha's face, O eternal festival of  transcendental amorous pastimes, O life-friend of the flute, O Lord always praising Shri Radha's transcendental virtues, O Lord filled with transcendental amorous passion, O Lord whose pastimes are charming, please appear for a moment in my heart.


9        Making a crown of jewels and wonderful flowers, placing it and garlands, earrings, and other ornaments, and a new peacock feather on the newly arriving glistening monsoon cloud Krishna, some of Her friends told to stay far away and some initiated into a vow of silence, She runs, embraces Vrndavana's moon Krishna, and cries.  May Shri Radha shine in my heart.

10      May the most beautiful gopi, Shri Radha, who when the Lord of Her life arrived decorated with flowers from Candravali's garden, would not walk to embrace Him or move a finger or eye to recognise Him, protect us.


11      I meditate on Shri Radha who, when Krishna said:  "All of Vrndavana has attained the kindness of Your feet.  Only with Your permission will I ever go to Candravali's house,"  wept, and when He forcibly embraced Her, called out "No! No!" in a flood of distressed words.


12      Even as the moon faded, the sun shone brightly, the tumultuous sounds of the birds filled all directions, and Her friends gathered in the doorway, trembling, shy Radhika did not retreat from the Lord Krishna's passionate embrace in the cottage of vines in Vrndavana forest.


13      O ornament of Shri Vrndavana forest, O Lord whose heart always stays in Vrndavana, O hero of Shri Vrndavana, O Lord blinded with passionate love, O Lord who embraces Shri Radha, O charming Kamadeva of Shri Vrndavana, O eternal life of Vrndavana, O moon of  Shri Vrndavana, please eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes in the forest of my heart.


14      Dressed in wonderful garments and ornaments, dancing with wonderful grace, Her small golden bells jingling, Her bracelets and anklets tinkling, and Her graceful gestures full of charm, Shrimati Radhika fills her friends, Lord Hari and the entire forest of Vrndavana with wonder.


15      I meditate on Shri Radhika who, wonderfully dressed, wonderfully decorated with wonderful jewels and wonderful rings and necklaces, and Her braided hair set with wonderful and splendid lotus garlands, with wonderful grace and charm dances with Her partner, who is wonderfully decorated with a peacock feather crown, in the circle of the rasa dance.


16      I meditate on Lord Madhava who, eclipsing the handsomeness of Kamadeva, and decorated by the hairs of His body erect in ecstasy, with splendid skill even the great kings of dancing cannot attain, dances with love-blinded Radha on the Yamuna's shore.


17      Please meditate on wonderfully handsome Lord Madhava, who sits with wonderfully beautiful Radha in the cool shade of a great kadamba tree with branches extending for unlimited yojanas.


18      In front of a cottage of charming new golden vines by the shore of the Yamuna splendid with golden lotuses, wearing garments the colour of molten gold, golden ornaments studded with many great jewels, and a garland of beautiful golden flowers, Lord Madhava gazes again and again at beautiful golden-campaka-complexioned Shri Radha as He happily plays a golden flute.


19      My heart is fixed on the blissful moon of Shri Krishna, which was born from the ocean of bliss, and which shines as millions of full moons pouring their cooling light through the branches of Vrndavana's trees.

20      Please remember my fair and dark young king and queen, who are bound with ropes of love and agitated with amorous passion.


21      The jungle of repeated birth and death is filled with the ferocious beasts of lust, greed and host of other vices.  A forest fire of torments floods the ten directions.  What shall we do?  Where shall we go?  Alas! Alas! I do not see any shelter.  O auspicious and glorious Shri Vrndavana, I take shelter of you.  Please protect me.


22      A splendid teenage boy dark as monsoon clouds, His ears decorated with splendid kadamba bud earrings, and on His lap a sweet teenage girl with blossoming lotus-petal eyes and a complexion bright as millions of lightning flashes, enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana forest.


23      Let me praise the forest of Vrndavana, where the divine couple, dark as glistening monsoon clouds and bright with a splendour that mocks millions of lightning flashes, shines with great glory, and where a constant monsoon of nectar turns the river of pure devotional service into a flood that destroys all the paths of demigod-worship.


24      The four goals of life (religion, economic development, sense gratification and liberation) and the fervent worship of the Supreme Personality of Godhead cannot carry one to Shri Radha's forest of Vrndavana without splendid pure devotional service.


25      Shri Radha's forest, which cannot be attained by thousands of births of great austerities, mantra-chanting, yoga, and meditation, is attained at once by a head bowed down with respect.


26      Again and again please worship the youthful hero and heroine who stay, splendid as gold and sapphires, in a glorious nectar forest far above the jungle of matter and spirit.


27      If someone takes shelter of the blissful, wonderfully sweet nectar forest of Vrndavana, then his deeds become as good as the deeds of the demigods.


28      Of secrets the supreme secret, of the festivals of Lord Hari's pastimes, the festival of the most wonderful, wild, and sweet pastimes, and of eternal splendours the supreme eternal splendour, Shri Vrndavana delights our eyes.


29      Throw far away material vision bound by the modes of nature!  Don't meditate with eyes fixed on the Brahman effulgence!  Don't make your eyes worship the glory of the Supreme Personality of Godhead!  Only place your eyes on the splendid nectar of the Lord's pastimes in Vrndavana forest.


30      Friend, look at the splendour of this wonderful  punnaga tree on the path in Vrndavana forest!  Overwhelmed with the taste of its nectar, my eyes greedily play in this tree and in no other place.  Place thread in my hand and with love I will string many garlands and place them on the neck and other places of this tree.  In this way I will become overwhelmed with bliss.


31      "Radha!  Give up this fickleness! Put deep love for Him in Your heart!  Be ashamed before Your friends! The Supreme Personality of Godhead is touching Your lotus feet."

"Cruel girl! She speaks of the flower of the punnaga tree! You think She means something else!  Radha does not speak as You think!"

I meditate on the garland of these words.


32      O Radha, leaving the cottage, You restlessly wander on the flower paths of Vrndavana forest.  With Your friends You pick many beautiful priyaka, tilaka, and bandhujiva flowers.  Clutching the flowers, and followed by many bees, you restlessly wander in this secluded place.

Note:  Some ambiguous words in this verse allow the following hidden meaning.

O Radha, leaving the cottage, You restlessly wander on the flower paths of Vrndavana forest.  In the presence of Your friends You hold Your dear life-friend decorated with beautiful tilaka.  Passionately embracing Your lover, You restlessly wander in this secluded place.


33      "O liar, why do You speak these lies?  What is before our eyes?  Friends, what do you see?  Is what She says true or not?  Ask Her?"

          "If You have spoken the truth, why are You suddenly so angry?"

          Hearing these words of Her friends, Radha placed Her forefinger on the tip of Her nose, shook Her head and laughed.


34      Please worship Vrndavana forest, which is filled with newer and newer wonderful transcendental vines and trees, filled with many wonderful transcendental blossoming flowers, filled with festivals of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's wonderful transcendental amorous pastimes, and filled with a host of other transcendental wonders.


35      I meditate on the transcendental land of Vrndavana, where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna are blinded by the nectar of Their love, where the trees and vines blossom with flowers of nectar, where there is a flood of the nectar singing of playful birds, where there is the rising nectar of the amorous pastimes of many gopis splendid with nectar and where there is an overwhelming flood of nectar.


36      I meditate on wonderful Vrndavana forest, which is flooded by the transcendental nectar of very, very wonderful and fragrant pollen going very far in every direction and the wonderful and glorious splendour of  many great trees.


37      Please meditate on the two splendours named Radha-Krishna, who are overcome by the nectar of transcendental amorous passion, who are flooded with love for each other, who, Their garments and hair loosened, strike each other in amorous bliss, and whose pastimes delight Their gopi friends in Vrndavana forest.

Note:  Texts 38 and 39 are obscured in the original manuscript.


40      I meditate on the wonderfully sweet fair and dark divine couple in Vrndavana, who breathe as one, who have a single love in Their hearts, who enjoy transcendental pastimes as one, who are eternally united, who have become one in transcendental amorous passion, and whose senses are united in the beauty of Their blissful love.


41      Text is obscured in the original manuscript.


42      Let me glorify Vrndavana's king and queen, who, worshipped with ecstatic love, splendidly appear in a pleasure grove in affectionate Vrnda's forest.  Eager to gaze upon each other, and approaching each other on Vrnda's order, Their eyes and limbs marked with pastimes of love.


43      My heart follows the fair and dark divine couple as, wearing ornaments Their young maidservants fashioned from new flowers in the bower of vines, and walking in Vrndavana, They enjoy transcendental pastimes.


44      In Vrndavana I meditate on the splendid and blissful divine couple, whose holy names the gopis serve, and whom the gopis teach the wonderful arts.


45      May Lord Krishna, whose limbs are splendid, who wears splendid yellow garments and splendidly colourful jewels, who is splendid with a belt, anklets, necklaces, earrings, graiveya, and finger-rings, who wears splendid bracelets and armlets, tilaka made of jewels, splendid garlands, and a peacock feather crown, protect me.


46      On the Yamuna's shore, under a beautiful and splendid suradruma tree, under a splendid, colourful jewel awning, as the gopis sing and play musical instruments, and as flowers are offered in folded hands, sweet nectar enters the dancing arena of the upraised flute.


47      In the charming, fragrant, and splendid with jewels and gold splendid pastime-forest protected by Vrnda-devi, which is filled with a great circle of trees whose branches bear splendid flowers and jewels, which is charming with their shade, where the kings of the sages yearn to go,...


48      which is ornamented by the very gentle breeze, a friend to the fragrance of the beautiful blossoming lotuses in the beautiful Yamuna and a devoted servant of  the beginnings of drops of perspiration that have now entered the arena of Shrimati Varsabhanavi's transcendental pastimes...


49      which has opulence the crest jewels of the Vedas cannot approach, the name alone of which showers spiritual treasures, which is ornamented by splendid flower-clusters, splendid flower-buds, and splendid flower-blossoms rare in all holy places...


50      which is ornamented with splendid vines, the buzzing of maddened bees, the splendid cooing of maddened parrots, cuckoos, and other birds, the timid glances of splendid, wonderful, wandering does, which is splendid paved with many great priceless gems...


51      which is charming with splendid caves in jewel mountains splendidly rich with gold and splendid mineral colours and beyond the descriptive powers of the poems of millions of transcendental poets...


52      which is ornamented with new sprouts playing as shinning lamps without oil or wick, with floods of water sweeter than the most splendid nectar, with splendid lakes, with splendid blossoming pankaja lotuses, and with charming bees eternally staying among the kairavas and other lotuses...


53      which is very beautiful with the splendid cooing of splendid swans, cranes, and other birds, which is charming with groves of splendid gold and jewel vines, which is glorious with wonderful splendid jewel courtyards...


54      which frees the people from millions of sins, which the beautiful eyebrowed gopis' her serves eternally, which is beautiful with a mosaic of splendid houses, which is a palace for the splendidly beautiful young gopis' pastimes....


55      which is splendid with transcendental love, which is filled with splendid transcendental vines, which is filled with the splendidly sweet bliss of transcendental amorous pastimes, which is filled with the opulence of all splendid transcendental pastimes, and which is filled with beautiful forests, I eternally meditate on playful  Lord Hari.


56      On Lord Hari, who is wonderfully splendid with limitless transcendental pastimes, who day and night stays with splendid, blinded with love Shri Radha, who eagerly plays games with a ball in a splendid jewelled courtyard...


57      who is the moon of teenage boys, whose transcendental form is splendidly handsome, whose smiles and laughter are splendid, whose dancing is splendid, who expert joking is splendid, whose eyes are splendid, whose graceful threefold-bending gracefulness is splendid, whose graceful limbs are decorated with splendid ornaments...


58      whose playfully moving eyebrows frustrate Kamadeva's splendid bow, whose splendid glances pierce the beautiful young gopis, who eclipses the splendid deer, bees and fish, whose ocean of desires is filled with tidal waves when the moon of Shri Radhika's face rises...


59      whose heart is wounded by the arrow of Radhika's sidelong glance, whose heart yearns to taste the nectar of Radhika's lips, whose handsome eyes break the khanjana birds' pride, who is splendid as glorious lotus flowers...


60      whose face is more handsome than millions of full moons, whose gentle and charming laughter rebukes the jasmine buds, whose arms are anointed with splendid kunkuma aguru, who is decorated with jewel bracelets and a host of other ornaments...


61      the splendid Kaustubha gem in whose necklace eclipses the moon, who holds Radhika's flower-petal feet to His chest anointed with sweet fragrances, who is enthralled by Radhika's wonderful garments and ornaments, whose bodily hairs stand erect when Radha embraces Him...


62      who, the crown of expert lovers, enjoys a great festival of transcendental amorous pastimes with deeply in love, blind with passion, and expert at ever-new amorous pastimes Shri Radha, who is eternally blessed by Her affectionate friends...


63      who is anointed with golden kunkuma and sandal paste, who is decorated with garlands of svarna-yuthis and other splendid flowers, who is decorated with golden necklaces, anklets, and splendid jewel ornaments, who wears graceful, colourful, fine, new, splendid, golden ornaments...


64      who wears wonderfully splendid jewelled rings, who wears tinkling bells tied with a glittering golden string, who place His flower-petal lips to the mouth of His golden flute, who wears charming golden-flower earrings...


65      who enjoys passionate amorous pastimes with Shri Radhika and many other beautiful girls more splendid than millions of lightning flashes, who gently smiles to have attained His heroine's deep love, who always stays in the sweet mango groves that are Shri Radhika...


66      who is splendid as a dark monsoon cloud, whose beloved is splendid as lightning, whose heart yearns at every moment to enjoy pastimes with Shri Radha, who speaks incoherently in the madness of love, and who is in love with King Vrsabhanu's daughter, I meditate day and night.


67      With a playful, handsome boy who with a happy heart draws colourful tilaka on the moon of Her beautiful forehead and who wears a jasmine-garland by His beloved's kindness, Shri Radhika shines in the forest groves.


68      Handsomely dressed, an ocean of nectar in the paths of newly blossoming Vrndavana, decorated with flowers and jewels, and His hair splendid, may Lord Krishnacandra and His beloved protect you all.


69      I worship two transcendental splendours, who are decorated with flowers and wonderful garments, who smile at each other, whose hearts are filled with bliss, who are filled with limitless expert intelligence, and who mercifully give each other a host of kisses.


70      May Lord Hari who, decorating Himself with kunkuma tilaka, His glorious hair neatly tied and all His limbs blossoming with signs of happiness, jubilantly entered the forest grove and, eager to meet His beloved, searched for Her amongst Her friends, protect you all.


71      In Vrndavana forest a sweet and inconceivably glorious goddess is hidden.  Please humbly bow before Her with folded hands.  Worship Her with splendid and fragrant blue flowers.  Circumambulate Her and bow down before Her.


72      If with love in your heart you carefully keep the blissful treasure of pure devotional service, then I  will tell you the truth:  sometimes when Krishna sweetly places the vine of His arms around Radha's neck, She responds with "No! No!"


73      I shall tell you a mantra that is hidden from all the Vedas and not manifested anywhere in the most confidential scriptures. When a person chants this mantra the great spiritual perfections come before his feet and the opulences of the Supreme Personality of Godhead stand in his hand.


74      For a person who chants this mantra there are no orders or prohibitions. A person who understands the dust of this mantra's lotus feet purifies they who know the rules of the Vedas. This mantra is the sweetest nectar.  It is the auspiciousness of all auspiciousnesses. It is filled with all limitless wonderful glory.  It is the attainment of all attainments.


75      It is the ultimate goal of all goals.  It is the wild bliss of all wild blisses. They say it is the secret of all secrets. Without thinking of anything else, day and night chant this mantra: Radha.


76      This mantra is a flood of sweetness churned from the sweetest nectars.  It is a precious flood of the wild sweetness of the bliss of pure love.  O fortunate one, who understands us?  Who understands the meaning of  this mantra that is a flood of bliss flowing into the heart?


77      O goddess of Vrndavana, if You wish that the prince of the gopas would worship you every night, then look for a secluded place in the forest, hide, and become like an unmoving tree there, and we, your friends, will stay near You.


78      is obscured in the original.


79      Carefully instructing Her friends, as a practical joke She hid. Then, in the dear middle of the night passionate Lord Hari ran here and there looking for Her as She laughed.  All glories to Radha's outrageous, playful, wonderful, amorous joke!


80      In a dream You see Yourself in Vrndavana forest enjoyed by the crown of heroes. Now Your body is troubled with desire for that rare Deity. Although You do not notice Him, the Supreme Personality of  Godhead of whom You ask now stands before You.


81      "My arrogant friends are now staring through the window in this forest-cottage.  O beloved, O master of all heroes, act quickly!  Put out all the jewelled lamps!  Draw the curtains!  If You have not lost all Your powers, do it!"  May these words of Shrimati Radharani protect your ears.


82      "O Radha, O generous one, please sprinkle on Me the gift of Our amorous pastimes.  Let Your friends say, Now let us leave this forest, "I meditate on these requests Lord Murari spoke to Shrimati Radha as She leaned against His chest in the groves of limitless Vrndavana.


83      "My lover is always tormented with amorous desires. Lalita, her friends, and many other girls have given their instructions.  O My virtuous maidservant, you tell Me:  What should I do?"  All glories to the advice she gave Shrimati Radha on the forest-path!


84      "I will tell My beloved it is untrue.  I will reassure Him. I will bring Him to the hidden cottage of vines.  Now you should have the sense to angrily run from this place."  Please gaze on Shrimate Radha as Her mouth is filled with these words of grief.


85      This forest arouses passionate amorous desires. His form is the ultimate of youthful  handsomeness. He is more enchanting than millions of Kamadevas. He is always playful.  My friends will go to My forest.


86      Here the cuckoos sing in flowering Vrndavana. Here the fragrant breeze gently blows.  Here are my wise, great-hearted friends. I have taken bad advice. I am broken.  How will I escape this suffering?


87      O bumblebee, in this Vrndavana are many yuthika trees.  n these trees are numberless flowers. Fearsome Kamadeva is very powerful with his bow and millions of arrows.  What is the use of My jealous anger here?


88      I will never listen to such bad advice again!  With harsh words I have offended My saintly lover!  Only He, coming here wounded by the cuckoos singing, can save My life.


89      "A proud and jealous girl is glorious in this world. O friend, girls that are not proud before their lover are wretched."  hen these proud words from Her dear friends entered her ears, they pierced Her heart and made it tremble.


90      Friends, now I have attained the sweet state of jealous anger. Now springtime in Vrndavana is like a wonderful husband and wife. Now the bees' singing is like the twang of young Kamadeva's bowstring.  Now the cuckoos' cooing is like the sound of thunder.


91      Thinking it is nectar, my eyes always lust after the foul lump of flesh that is a woman's body.  I am drowning in pride for my little life.  My tongue has not given up its love for sweet foods.  My heart is greedy for money. O Vrndavana, even though I live within you, what will be my fate?


92      Vrndavana is a charming and impenetrable fortress carefully protected by the army of all who stay within it. Shri Radha, who stays eternally in a cottage of newly-blossoming vines, who is the ornament of Lord Krishna's lap, and who is served eternally by Lalita and many others, is the supreme goddess there.  May the generous king of ecstatic devotional love, who stays there, unseen even by the goddess of fortune, bless us all.


93      O friend, please worship He who wears a  charming gunja necklace, who with charming flute-music robs the wealth of the gopis shyness, who neutralises Vraja's poisons and fires, who is loved eternally by His beloved, whose splendour has no equal, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana, and who takes away His devotees' sins.


94      May Lord Hari, who fills the trees and vines here with transcendental splendour, who in Vrndavana forests' cottage of vine pleases the beautiful girls of Vraja, and who makes the blissful sweet nectar of a festival of love flow from he holes in His flute, make blissful freedom from this world blossom within us.


95      In Vrndavana, by the Yamuna's shore, where the bees sweetly hum, the parrots sing, and the breezes gently blow, in a cottage of splendid, blossoming jasmine vines, a boy splendid as a tamala tree enjoys pastimes. He makes a splendid gunja-necklace and then lovingly places it on Radha's chest.


96      Please always remember Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara who, blinded with amorous passion, laugh and sing in Vrndavana's new forest-palaces beautiful as a nectar oceans of bliss.


97      Richly decorated with anklets and other ornaments, and resting on Shri Krishna's chest in Vrndavana forest's colourful flower garden, may Shri Radha shower upon me the great nectar ocean of a glimpse of the playful drama of Her wonderful transcendental amorous pastimes.


98      I meditate on the two fair and dark sweet splendours that sweetly sing under a beautiful kadamba tree in a flower garden by the Yamuna's shore.


99      Please worship Shri Radha-Muralidhara who, wonderfully decorated with new flowers by Their friends, eager to enjoy pastimes in Vrndavana's new forest-grove, and led by a certain girl, happily walk on the beautiful forest-path.


100     What is the use of millions of moons if Your blissful face is here?  O girl with the beautiful face, what is the use of floods of nectar if Your bimba fruit lips are here?  What is the use of Kamadeva's sharp arrows if Your sidelong glances are here? O Radha, if You are pleased, then who is more fortunate than I?


101     In your hearts everyone please worship Shri Shri Radha-Madhupati who, enjoying wild amorous pastimes on the cottage porch in the new grove of vines and mandara trees by the Yamuna's shore filled with gentle nectar breezes, sweetly laugh and sing.


102     O girl with the beautiful face, why is Your sindhura cosmetic suddenly gone?  Why is the mascara on Your eyes blurred?  Why do You cover Your face and body as You come from the forest?  Why do You bow Your head and beg these things from us?


103     All glories to the handsome, splendid sapphire Vrndavana-moon very gently served by the breeze blowing from the blue-lotus forest blossoming in the Yamuna, shining on the porch of a palace among the trees and vines of Vrndavana forest, His limbs splendid and charming as sapphires, pleased by the showers of flowers sent by the poets in the heavenly planets, very charming, a flowing stream of the sweet nectar of love, and His heart inflamed with the sweet nectar of love for Shri Radha.


104     O Vrndavana-moon, with candana dots and red sindhura please draw on My forehead a tilaka love-mark to replace the decorations now destroyed. With kunkuma draw a beautiful picture on My breasts. Sweetly decorate My lips as they were before.  Break My fear that My harsh friends will embarrass Me.


105     Please worship the handsome, sweetly amorous dark youth that, eager for news of Shri Radha, wanders Vrndavana pathways with Shridama and other friends and, His peacefulness long since fled, frantically makes plans to meet Her.