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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Vrindavana Mahimamrita > VM Shataka 14




1        Worship the forest far from the ocean of ignorance, flooded with the wonderful ocean of knowledge, and splendid with Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's pastimes.


2        What is the use of this network of illogical ideas? Cut the network of illusion and fly, O bird, to the  beautiful forest of Vrndavana.


3        Cut the great ropes of misplaced hope, leave the poison forest of sense gratification, and fly, O bird of my heart, to the nectar forest of Vrndavana.


4        Oh! Oh, when will this fool cross the lofty Vindhya Mountains of pride in his wealth, learning, and noble birth, and find the sweetness of Vrndavana?


5        I am pathetic!  I am a pathetic fool!  Even though from Vrndavana I have obtained my original spiritual form, because I am proud of this jar of stool, I still blossom with happiness when the sinful non devotees respect me!


6        Why do you wander this way and that?  Take shelter of Vrndavana's dark moon, which is flooded with flowing streams of nectar, and which is the dear friend of Shri Radha.


7        Please gaze at Vrndavana's handsome dark moon, which brings great tidal waves to the ocean of nectar, and which is the dear friend of the two lotus flowers of Shri Radha's eyes.


8        In Vrndavana a certain very passionate lover is now intoxicated by tasting the

splendid nectar of Shri Radha's lips.


9        May Lord Krishna, whose threefold bending form stands under the branches of the kadamba trees in Vrndavana forest, and whose lips trickle drops of nectar, appear with Shri Radha in my heart.


10      All of you in Vrndavana please worship the fair and dark youthful divine couple, on the cloth of whose hearts each other's wonderful transcendental form is painted with the nectar colours of love.


11      Please meditate on the beautiful land of Vrndavana, which is flooded with splendid transcendental nectar moonlight and filled with many forests of santana, kalpdruma, parijata, mandaraka, and haricandana trees.


12      I meditate on the splendour of Vrndavana forest, which is filled with wonderful golden vines embracing splendid trees and bearing wonderful jewel flowers.


13      O foolish people, please leave this ocean of burning sufferings. Go to Vrndavana forest, which is cooled by the effulgent nectar bliss of a host of moons, and there serve Lord Krishna.


14      I pray that my mind may become a singing bumblebee in the dust of Shri Radhika's feet in the land of Vrndavana, where Lord Krishna eternally enjoys transcendental amorous pastimes.


15      What is the good of our worshipping many saintly spiritual masters? What is the shame of this world to us?  For me there is no infamy, no fear, no object of sense gratification, and no material pious activity.  Like a madman I do not even listen to the discourses of scholars learned in thousands of books. My mind is simply overwhelmed by the nectar of Vrndavana.


16      Let there be millions of violations of the rules of piety! Let there be millions of calamities one after another! Let there be millions of criticisms from the people of this world!...Why should I leave Shri Vrndavana, which is millions of times more dear to me than my own life?


17      He who offers respectful obeisances to Vrndavana is worshipped by the three worlds.  He who has no respect for Vrndavana is reviled by the three worlds.  He who takes Vrndavana very seriously is taken seriously by all the demigods. He who takes Vrndavana lightly becomes as insignificant as a blade of grass.


18      He who bows his head in the direction of Vrndavana becomes the greatest of men.  He who has a little love for the land of Vrndavana becomes loved by all. He who gives something as a gift to Vrndavana becomes the most wealthy person in all the worlds. He becomes the master of all the wealth of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


19      Why, even after learning that even up to liberation itself no situation is happy or pleasing, do the unfortunate people not always stay in Vrndavana, where the youthful Divine Couple, whose transcendental forms are the sweetest nectar from the ocean of bliss, and who have stolen each other's hearts, have staying by each other's side, created a great flood of transcendental nectar?


20      O my desire, if you are determined to stay in Vrndavana, then do it. I shall remain here with no other concern. I do not care for happiness, distress, mental anguish, pious deeds, freedom from sin, or the splendour of  pure devotional service to Lord Hari's lotus feet.


21      O Shri Vrndavana, I think a body covered with your dust is mot fortunate. In any other place I shall not accept the opulence of Lord Brahma, who has four mouths reciting the Vedas, or the opulences offered by the arms of the goddess of fortune. I think an insignificant dog who lives in your realm to be fortunate. I do not think anyone, even if he has a very beautiful and affectionate wife, even if the hand of the goddess of fortune rests upon him, or even if he is enlightened with spiritual knowledge, to be fortunate if he lives in any other place.


22      When moon faced Lord Krishnacandra places the flute to His splendid smiling lips and plays very sweetly, Shri Radha fixes Her eyes upon Him, and the residents of Vaikuntha feel ecstasy and the hairs on their bodies stand erect with joy. However, when His senses in meditation on this scene, He faints in the ecstasy of love.  At that time the goddess of fortune becomes unhappy, and the residents of Vaikuntha cannot find the slightest happiness anywhere.


23      If Radha lifts Her head and gently smiles, then of what use are the rising of the full moon or the forests of blossoming lotus flowers?  If, pretending to wish to see the forest, She goes there, taking the hand of a gopi friend, then the night in beautiful Vrndavana forest becomes filled with nectar.


24      "This bumblebee is now drinking the honey of that blossoming golden lotus moving to and from in the waves of the Yamuna.  Radha, why do You smile?  Should a great bumblebee not boldly take this honey in Vrndavana forest?"


25      "O Radha, seeing this khanjana bird on the broad banks of the Yamuna, the khanjana bird of My eyes now wished to go to the shore of Your thighs. Now that the handsome black bees are drinking the honey of the lotus flowers in Vrndavana, I have become filled with the desire to drink the honey of Your beautiful lotus face."


26      Wonderfully decorated with colourful flowers, Shri Radha enjoys passionate amorous pastimes with a great bumblebee in the beautiful newly-blossoming groves of Vrndavana, which are filled with swarms of buzzing bees.


27      O foolish people, why do you not live in Vrndavana? In Vrndavana even the aborigines have become filled with the nectar of love for Lord Hari. Their virtues are praised by the demigods, and their glories are worshipped by the sages.


28      Text 28 is almost completely obscured in the manuscript.


29      They who are proud of their exalted status but do not take shelter of Vrndavana, the very wonderful and purifying place where Lord Hari enjoys His very charming transcendental pastimes, are very unfortunate and lowly.


30      Greedy to taste the nectar of Lord Hari, I have abandoned all material responsibilities.  Why have you not given me even a small drop of that nectar?  O Vrndavana, why do you cheat me in this way?


31      As splendid as sapphires and molten gold, a youthful couple is blinded with the nectar of love in  the land of Vrndavana. I yearn to serve Their feet.


32      Let me surrender to the saintly devotees who reside in Vrndavana, the very secret and wonderfully sweet transcendental abode mercifully appearing in this world although in reality it is very far from both this material world and the spiritual realm of Vaikuntha.


33      O unfortunate fool, please dive into the splendid ocean of spiritual nectar that is the land of Vrndavana. Why, impelled by the thirst to taste the poison of sense gratification, do you waste your time swimming in the ocean of sufferings?


34      There is a gopi full of love for Shri Radha's lotus feet. Her young, charming, fair form is filled with spiritual splendour.  Her waist and limbs are slender.  Her breasts are very beautiful.  She wears a splendid new cloth on Her broad, youthful hips.


35      She wears a graceful splendid string of jewels over her navel, a locket and many necklaces over the graceful bodice covering her youthful breasts, jewel anklets on her feet, and a sash on her hips.  She is splendid as a golden vine with two new clusters of flowers.


36      She wears a splendid jewelled graiveya on her neck, golden rings with pearls and colourful jewels on her ears, a gold-and-jewel-studded pearl in her nose, and a splendid lotus at the tip of her flower-entwined braids.


37-38  Devotional service to Shrimati Varsabhanavi's lover in my heart, at every moment intoxicated with intense love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, laughing and laughing with every action, the hairs of my body standing up as my Lord eternally smiles, in the company of sadhus hearing and talking of my king and queen's sweetness, residing in Vrndavana, with all my heart worshipping the Lord who is the eternal friend of the devotees, and His feet become my greatest treasure, with great respect I fall down as a stick before His feet.


39      I throw away all my pride and place upon my head the dust of the feet of anyone who, with unwavering love for the lotus feet of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, is determined to always stay in Vrndavana.


40      As Shrimati Radha, fatigued from the battle of conjugal pastimes, rests on the chest of Her lover, a certain gopi plunged in pure love serves Her. Even though he is destroyed by his senses, and even though he cannot directly see any of these pastimes, a person who in his heart meditates on this gopi becomes supremely fortunate.


41      "When you simply wish for Shri Radhika's protection, illusion at once flees in fear."  O wretched heart, from where have you gotten these hundred feigned symptoms of ecstatic love, as real as a host of flowers imagined to float in the sky?


42      "Beloved, I will serve the beauty of Your charming breasts, which have stolen My heart.  If You are kind to Me, then My happiness will become very great. Without You I have no power to remain alive in this forest grove for even a moment." Please meditate on these amorous words Shri Shri Radha-Krishna speak in the forest of Vrndavana.


43      "In this forest of Vrndavana, the ocean of my amorous desires is now flooding far beyond its shores and will not tolerate even a joking, pretended impediment to its pastimes."  Lord Hari grasps Her feet and begs, "Your friends are all far away. Without being crooked, with straightforward amorous pastimes give Me pleasure in this secluded place."


44      At certain times, in the maddeningly sweet forest of Vrndavana, two limitless transcendental forms passionately enjoy unlimitedly sweet amorous pastimes in a limitless cottage of newly flowering vines.

45      When Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, thirsting after the sweetness of transcendental pastimes, are not satisfied by being a single couple, They become limitless couples and enjoy wildly passionate pastimes in the circle of the rasa dance.


46      The forest of Vrndavana charms the hearts of the entire world and makes it thirst  after the sweetness of the ocean of bliss.  How is it that by the cooing of Vrndavana's cuckoos, parrots, and other birds, even Lord Krishna's flute,  which maddens the entire world, has become bewildered and silenced?


47      The transcendental  amorous passion of Shri Shri  Radha-Muralidhara increases moment by moment without limit and all Their Gopi friends become plunged into the ocean of transcendental bliss.  O Vrndavana, this is your great transcendental glory.


48      Alas, alas, if one does not worship Shri Radha's lotus feet, then when She is displeased, Lord Hari, who is submissive to Her, becomes very difficult to attain.  Without taking shelter of Vrndavana, how is it possible to attain Her feet, which never travel to any other place?


49      As the girls of Vraja blissfully sing, play musical instruments, and wonderfully dance, and as the sky of Vrndavana resounds with the beating of drums and is filled with a shower of flowers, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna sweetly sing and dance.


50      The vina makes no sound, the flute does not call, the cuckoos do not warble the fifth note, the gopis become silent, and Lord Hari gives up His love-talk, when Shri Radha sings the glories of Vrndavana.


51      In Vrndavana forest Radha and Madhava become glorious with ever-increasing transcendental virtues that seem to be always competing with each other.  The wild ocean of Their friends' transcendental bliss also eternally increases.  I meditate on this.


52      All opulent Shri Shri Radhika-Krishnacandra playfully steal the heart of the entire world.  Still, beautiful Vrndavana forest steal Their hearts. This is certainly very wonderful.


53      Radha and Krishna worship Vrndavana, saying, "Beloved, let us multiply our lives by millions of times with those millions of lives offer arati to Vrndavana."  Let me glorify Vrndavana.


54      A fortunate person will abandon material piety, economic development, sense gratification, impersonal liberation, devotion to Lord Narayana, and the means by which any of these goals may be attained and instead, to attain the direct service of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, stay in Vrndavana until the time of his death.


55      Shri Shri Radha-Krishna are the ultimate form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  Their very wonderful and secret realm bears the name Vrndavana. The account of Their pastimes is the most exalted of all narrations. I  pray that my heart may become filled with wonder by tasting the sweet nectar of the transcendental festival of pure love for Them.


56      I shall voluntarily choose to live in hell if there my ears may be filled with the supremely blissful glories of Shri Vrndavana, or if I may sing those glories, or if those glories will enter the pathway of my memory.  If I cannot do any of these things then even the loving service of Lord Narayana in Vaikuntha will give no happiness to me.


57      In order to attain the bliss of pure love let us bow down and offer our respectful obeisances to Vrndavana forest where, avoiding those whose honey has already been taken by the bees, and paying no attention to those with no beauty or sweet scent, by lovingly, slowly, and carefully picking flowers, Radhika teaches Her maidservants.


58      In the shade of a parijata tree in Vrndavana forest, in a jewelled pavilion, with a splendid floor of jewels and a roof of beautiful flowers, I see Lord Hari, seated with Radha on silk cushions and flowers,  and asking questions of Their glorious gopi maidservants.


59      If the forest of Vrndavana, which is filled with the very sweet nectar of transcendental love, is not manifested outside or within the heart, then Shri Radha will not appear with Her lover, Lord Krishna. If the two splendid and sweet transcendental forms of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna are not present, then how, even with many millions of the most strenuous efforts, will the sweetest part of the ocean of the bliss of pure love appear?


60      Beautiful with splendid garlands, fragrances, and ornaments, and enjoying betelnuts with Their friends as They are entertained by singing and music, Radha-Krishna are eager to see the new forest.  At that moment the moons of Their faces are reflected in the still clear pond.  I meditate on the beauty of Vrndavana at that moment.


61      O lust, anger, greed, and  other vices, you are my friends. Till the moment this body falls I shall never leave you. You will embrace me and please me with your actions. If you make me a prisoner in Vrndavana, the He who is the most rare and fortunate person will protect me.


62      Meditate on two new splendours wearing wonderful new garments and ornaments of new flower blossoms and buds, newly meeting, splendid as new sapphires and gold, and flooded with the nectar of new amorous passion in Vrndavana where the glories of all seasons shine at the same moment.


63      Happily tasting wonderful nectar, worship Lord Hari, who is charmed by the wonder of Vrndavana's wonderful deer and birds and wonderful festival of transcendental amorous pastimes.Happily tasting wonderful nectar, worship wonderfully handsome Lord Hari, who is charmed by the wonderful love of wonderful-hearted Shri Radha.


64      Vrndavana is wonderful. Its grove of forest-vines is wonderful.  Its beautiful flower-couch is wonderful. Shri Shri Radha-Muralidharana, who are expert at tasting nectar, are wonderful, Their pastimes are wonderful. Their sweetness is very wonderful.


65      He dark as a new monsoon cloud, She splendid as a playful lightning flash, He a treasure-house of skill in new amorous pastimes, She filled with new amorous playfulness, He a stream flooded with currents of new bliss, She languid with a great weight of new sweetness, He, Krishna, and She, Radha, fill Vrndavana with new splendour.


66      In Vrndavana forest, by the Yamuna's shore, in a splendid sandal grove, in a splendid jasmine-vine cottage, on a couch of parijata and many other flowers, Radha-Madhava, decorated with flower garlands, flower crowns, and other flower ornaments, enjoy charming amorous pastimes in our hearts.


67      Wherever passionate Radha-Madhava go in Vrndavana forest, the peacocks, intoxicated by the nectar of Lord Hari, dance again and again, the jasmine vines suddenly bloom, there is a flood of the buzzing of maddened bees, and cuckoos passionately sing in each mango tree.


68      Shri Shri Radha-Madhava's wonderful handsomeness ... is splendidly reflected in the crystal pavements and the great mirror trees and vines everywhere in Vrndavana.


69      "This way!  This way!"  Led by eager gopi-friends from one path to another in an excursion to see the forest's beauty, Radha-Madhava laughed, Their eager hearts giddy with happiness.


70      "O my king and queen, please come to my dear friend's place in the east."  When the maidservant grasped Their feet and begged with sweet words, Radha-Madhava happily went there.  Please meditate on Them in this way.


71      With Their lotus footsteps decorating the forests, with Their shy smiles and laughter filling the sky with splendid white jasmine flowers, and with the dancing of Their eyebrow-vines breaking Kama's bow, Radha-Madhava together wander in Vrndavana.


72      I worship Radha who, hastily dressed, garments and ornaments in the wrong places, earrings swinging on Hr cheeks, eyes moving restlessly, and flower ornaments falling from Her braided her, not doubting Her friends, runs to drink the nectar of seeing Her beloved in glorious Vrndavana.


73      When a gopi praises Vrndavana forest, Radha becomes overwhelmed.  Dropping Her vina, not tying Her hair and belt, and not telling Her friends, She eagerly begins to run there, happily followed by the other gopis.


74      To see Lord Madanamohana in Vrndavana is the fruit of offering pious deeds to the Lord, the fruit of associating with saints devoted to the Lord's lotus feet, and the fruit of happily hearing nectar talks about the Lord.


75      Meditate on the gold and sapphire splendours who, taught the arts of amorous yearning by Lalita and other experts, and silently observed by charming deer and birds, are now initiated to perform the Kamadeva-mahotsava in Their own forest.


76      Meditate on the pastimes of Radhika-Krishna who, intoxicated with the nectar of amorous desire, Their eyes, limbs, and voices trembling, Their words stuttering, and Their peaceful composure completely devoured, enjoy eternally in the nectar groves of Vrndavana.


77      The ears yearn with limitless thirst to taste the nectar of narrations about You.  The eyes are tormented with thirst to see the moon of Your face.  Not recognising big or small, or even a little of injunctions and prohibitions, limitless Vrndavana eternally shines with Shri Radha.


78      I worship Shri Radha who, to give wonderful pleasure to Her beloved, with Her own hand made a wonderful flower-garden and devotedly decorated the wonderful new forest-groves where She and a maidservant-follower happily wait for Him.


79      Let us praise a beautiful fair young girl and Her handsome dark lover who, wearing wonderful delightful garments, decorated with new garlands and ointments, happily led by Their expert girl teachers to a cottage in a new forest-grove, and passionately enjoying new amorous pastimes together, delight the friends gazing at Them through the lattice-window.


80      Let us praise two wonderful fair and dark splendours that with wonderful melodies sing Vrndavana's glories, that make Their friends filled with Vrndavana's nectar dance, and that become intoxicated as they gaze again and again at Vrndavana's beauty.


81      Each of Their limbs a glistening shoreless ocean of fair and dark nectar, Their transcendental pastimes a treasure millions of Kamadevas cannot count, and Their names Radha and Krishna, may the youthful couple eternally playing in the groves of Vrndavana penetrate my heart.


82      O heart, please worship Shri Vrndavana's eternally splendid hero and heroine, who in wakefulness, dream, and dreamless sleep remain together eternally, who are eternally full of love, who are eternally situated in wonderful splendid youth, who are eternally maddened with amorous passion, who eternally enjoy wonderful pastimes together, and who are eternally surrounded by gopi friends.


83      I meditate on Radha and Her lover who, the handsome sprouts of Their arms placed on each other's shoulders, laughing and laughing, and saying "O queen of My life!  O My beloved! Look! Look! Listen! Listen", with many playful, languid, splendid steps, sweetly walk in Vrndavana forest.


84      When Vrndavana's eternally blissful dark moon, which is the only friend of Shri Radha's lotus eyes, rises, then the cakora birds of our eyes do not become blinded by the dark.


85      May the splendour of Vrndavana's pastimes, which are eternally filled with nectar of deep Radha's love and eternally worshipped by all other forests, delight my heart.


86      I meditate on Lord Hari's splendid flute, which with its flowing current of intense bliss, traps and binds the deer of the worlds heart, cuts all bonds, and makes mad with nectar all who find happiness in Vrndavana.


87      When, overcome by Vrndavana's nectar beauty, and happily covering Her limbs with its dust, will dead Radha, Her large reaching-to-Her-ear eyes rolling in ecstasy, shine with great wonder?


88      When, meditating on the transcendental beauty of the places where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoyed pastimes, will I gloriously and permanently reside in wonderful, blissful Vrndavana?


89      When, seeing millions of enchantingly beautiful girls to be a great mistake, knowing millions of great mystic powers to have a foul odour, and the beauty of Shri Radha's lotus feet manifest in my heart, will I yearn to stay in Vrndavana?


90      How can he in whose heart or words Radha, Radha's lover, Vrndavana, or the devotees who love Them, do not stay, see Their nectar beauty?


91      I glorify Vrndavana, where the trees, vines, birds, deer, and bees are splendid and blissful, where the many different places are all very sweet and splendid, and where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, whose forms are two oceans of the sweet splendour of passionate transcendental lover, enjoy pastimes eternally.


92      Filled with limitless blissful moonlight, filled with the limitless splendour of beautiful lapis lazuli, splendid with candrakantas, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, and unlimitedly splendid with crystal and gold, the trees in the land of Vrndavana are very wonderful.


93      May Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, whose forms are filled with the splendid nectar of pure love, who are two oceans of wonderful skill in transcendental amorous pastimes, and who make Vrndavana blissful with the sweet flood of fair and dark splendour from Their limbs and blind with the nectar of Their love, eternally appear in my heart.


94      I pray that Shri Shri Radhika-Krishna, who sing very sweetly in a kadamba's shade in Vrndavana forest, may grant the service I desire in my heart.


95      I meditate on Shri Radha's splendid reddish lotus feet, which with melodiously tinkling ankle bells walk on the golden pavements of  Vrndavana.


96      I pray that my heart may never, even in the moment of death, forget the feet of

Radha's lover.  I pray that my body may never, even in millions of calamities, for even a moment leave Vrndavana, which is my life and soul.


97      O heart, forget the sense pleasures you have briefly glimpsed!  Don't meditate on the self-manifest Brahman effulgence!  Don't be bewildered by great wealth!  Search for the wonderful nectar in Vrndavana forest!


98      Defects in Vrndavana are not defects. To see them is ignorance. To see suffering, decay, or other defects in Vrndavana is an illusion.  A great illusion.


99      The moonlight of Vrndavana's glory delights the lotus flower of the heart, crushes the great darkness of ignorance, and fills the ocean of nectar with waves.


100     Because of ceaseless offenses to Shri Radha one falls into the ocean of suffering without hope of rescue.  Only Vrndavana's merciful glance can rescue him.


101     What is this great illusion that afflicts even great men?  In Vrndavana forest the supreme splendour of Lord Madana Gopala shines above all. In Vrndavana is a monsoon of the sweetest nectar.


102     The handsomeness of the splendid Vrndavana moon of Lord Madana Gopala's face completely enchants the most reserved and saintly. I will pass this lifetime placing my body at His feet by engaging in His unalloyed and sweet devotional service. I will abandon all other actions.


103     I gaze on Lord Mukunda, who is dressed in handsome golden garments, who has golden decorations and a golden flute, and who wears as a sacred thread a glittering golden campaka-garland gloriously golden as Shri Radha.


104     Although I yearn to drink the nectar moonlight of Lord Madanamohana's face, I cannot because the beautiful beaks of Radha's restless cakora-bird eyes constantly drink it.