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1        Wherever in the nectar filled forest of Vrndavana, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, thirsting to enjoy passionate amorous pastimes, go, the bees, parrots, cuckoos and other creatures gracefully sing, the peacocks enthusiastically dance, and the trees shower garlands of flowers.


2        As long as the moonlight of Shri Radha's jewel toenails does not shine, the cakori

bird of my heart cannot be happy in this land of Vrndavana.  As long as there is no deep faith in the land of  Vrndavana the mercy of Shri Radha's feet does not appear.


3        O great soul, if you roll about in the ground in Vrndavana, then you will attain an exalted position like the beautiful pearl necklace strung by Lord Krishna and worn by Shri Radha.  This exalted fate will not be very difficult for you to obtain.


4        Splendid, charming, and expert in the 64 arts, a dark moon shining in the groves of Vrndavana now kisses a wonderful golden lotus flower.  One who gazes again and again at this moon and lotus will become struck with wonder.  He will then become plunged in the ocean of transcendental bliss.


5        On Shri Radha, whose lips are beautiful even when not decorated with cosmetics, whose hands are like lotus flowers even when not anointed with kunkuma, whose glistening dark lotus eyes are very beautiful even when not anointed with mascara, whose long, smooth, glossy hair is very beautiful even when not combed or tied, and who, even without wearing any ornaments, is ornamented in the most beautiful way, please always meditate on this land of Vrndavana.


6        When the fortunate devotees consider that Vrndavana is more dear to them than life itself, then Vrndavana is not difficult for them to attain. If, by the mercy of the great devotees in Vrndavana, they attain pure love, then the queen of Vrndavana will at once be easily attained by them.


7        This is not the full moon night. This is not the moon that rules over that night.  This is not a blossoming lotus flower growing in a lake.  This is not a beautiful riverside beach.  This is not a splendid river. This is not a wonderful lightning flash.  This is not a monsoon cloud.  All glories to wonderful Shri Radha, who seemed to be these things in Vrndavana forest.


8        "Beloved make this couch perfect."


          "O My beautiful love, what offense have I committed?"

          "Your actions are not good."

          "What can I say."

          "How much must I forgive?"


          "No! Leave my feet!  When you have gone I shall sleep on this bed alone."

          "I shall massage Your feet."

          "You are not very good at that."

          "I am Your servant.  You shall teach me."


9        "You have lost Your mind!"

          "You have stolen My mind from Me.  Tell Me where on Your body You are hiding it.  I shall push My hand into Your bodice and reclaim it."

Hearing these words from the young parrots, Shri Radha and Her friends smiled and chased them away with loud calls and a barrage of flowers. I pray that Shri Radha may protect me in this land of Vrndavana.


10      The yearning to completely offer oneself to the land of Vrndavana is the attainment of millions of cintamani jewels.  It is a satisfaction greater than drinking millions of nectars.  It is liberation and pure devotional service multiplied millions of times.


11      The sight of the beauty of Shri Vrndavana is initiation in the most exalted spiritual vows.  It is instruction in the transcendental worship of Shri Radha.  It is the innermost chamber in the palace of the deity of transcendental love.


12      Please worship the forest of Vrndavana, where, crowned with the feather of a passionate peacock, His delicate form as splendidly dark as a host of blue lotus flowers, decorated with garlands of flowers and other ornaments, His form colourfully decorated with splendid mineral colours, and wearing a gunja necklace, Lord Hari revealed His transcendental handsomeness.


13      If one travels to Vrndavana, then what is the use of him going to millions of other pilgrimage places?  If one hears the singing of the birds of Vrndavana, then what is the use to him of all the Vedas?  If one recites the names of the trees and other living entities in Vrndavana, then what is the use to him of a host of prayers and mantras?  If one sees Vrndavana, then what is the use to him of millions of opulences?


14      Wherever the breeze, passing over the splendid trees, vines, and other living entities in the pure, eternal, spiritual and blissful forest of Vrndavana, goes, opulent spiritual airplanes arrive to carry all the tiny insects and worms to the transcendental abode of Lord Vishnu.


15      Let us glorify Vrndavana, where the purifying breeze that carries its dust, the fragrance of its flowers and the water droplets of its Yamuna, brings both liberation and pure devotional service to Kikata-desa and even to hell.


16      Who has the power to glorify the most exalted and fortunate souls that have tasted Vrndavana's delicious fruits, spoken its supremely auspicious and charming name, seen its enchanting beauty, and touched its ground?


17      O place where the sounds, touch, beautiful form and other features irresistibly attract the ears, skin, eyes and other senses of even Lord Hari, O shelter of the shelterless, O place, whose power reveals the great jewel of pure devotional service which makes even liberation seem bitter by comparison, O Vrndavana, when you travel along the path of someone's senses, you make him the crest jewel of all fortunate souls.


18      Continually gazing at the intense sweetness of Vrndavana, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna smile and laugh with unrestrained happiness. The hairs of Their bodies stand erect in ecstasy, and They melodiously sing the names of Vrndavana, saying: "beautiful Vrndavana," "All glories to Vrndavana," and "O Vrndavana." What cannot be obtained by they whose tongues speak in this way?


19      Please meditate on the two splendid fair and dark transcendental swans who, eloquently describing its glories, stay in a nectar lake here in Vrndavana, the splendid, secret spiritual world that eternally shines above all as a nectar full moon of bliss in this world.


20      O fools, now that your senses are strong why do you not worship the land of Vrndavana, which is hidden even from the Vedas?  Make your feet quickly walk to it.  Make your voice chant its name. Plunge your ears in the nectar ocean of words about it.  Fix your mind in thinking it.


21      This is not the time to be attached to wife, children, wealth, and all the rest.  Death is now chasing your body. Quickly, quickly run to the forest of Vrndavana, the most rare and difficult-to-attain of all rare things, which by its own mercy is now manifested in this world.


22      Fools think the moving and non-moving creatures in blissful, spiritual Vrndavana are conditioned souls bound by the modes of nature. We say they are worshipable for everyone and they are the two sources of the nectar treasure of pure devotional service to Shri Radha-Muralidhara.


23      Exhausted by enjoying many pastimes in Vrndavana forest, covered with drops of perspiration, and like a full moon if the moon could be decorated with beautiful strands of pearls, may Shri Radhika's lotus face protect you all.


24      If a blossoming golden lotus flower illumined by the light of numberless host of splendid moons were to kiss a black bumble bee, then I would compare that sight to the face of Shri Radha in Vrndavana.


25      Lord Hari takes in His fingers the red cosmetics touching Shri Radha's colourful jewel anklets and with awe and reverence places it over His heart.  Please worship Vrndavana, where Shri Radha gracefully walks with Her soft and delicate feet.


26      A great wonder shines in Vrndavana.  It is two blossoming lotus flowers.  It is two moons.  It is two persons thirsting to taste sweet nectar in the other. One is the splendour of gold, and the other is the glory of sapphire.


27      "Is this the crest-jewel of honey-drinking black bees staring at a golden lotus bud?  At that moment Shri Radha smiled and shyly covered Her breasts. Please meditate on Her in Vrndavana in this way.


28      When Shri Shri Radhika-Krishna quarrelled over the names of the trees, vines, birds, and other creatures, Vrndavana forest became at once filled with the news, and the gopis all laughed very heartily.  Please meditate on the very sweet quarrel.


29      Meditate on Shri Radha's beautiful face, which would be like the whorl of a golden lotus if the lotus had a row of pomegranate seeds, were splendid as millions of full moons, were eternally in bloom, and were enjoyed by a glistening black bee.


30      "Who made these two eyes?  Friend, You know.  I violently scratch the surface of the earth.  Gazing at Vrndavana forest and this other splendidly handsome person, I am not satisfied even with an unlimited number of eyes! Queen Radhika, our eyes are very greedy to see this other person."


31      Filled with limitless sweet fragrance and plunged in the sweetness of nectar moonlight, Shri Radhika's golden pastime-lotus face is enjoyed by a black bee in Vrndavana.


32      May the very sweet, cooling, wonderful, flooding nectar stream of conversation flowing from the moon of the mouths of Shri Radha-Muralidhara and flooding the beautiful forest of Vrndavana, day and night intoxicate the bumble bees of my ears and heart.


33      In your heart always meditate on a blissful spiritual body splendid with pure love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.  In your heart assist the dear divine couple's pastimes in Vrndavana's newly-blossoming vine palaces, where Laksmi and other goddesses pray to enter.


34      O brother, give up the happiness and distress of worldly affairs.  Become like one asleep to the external world, and within your heart plunge your body, eyes, words, and mind into the remembrance of the very splendid and charming fair and dark divine couple, who day and night gracefully and blissfully enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes together in the groves of Vrndavana forest.


35      Please meditate on the Shri Shri Radha-Madhava's pastime forest splendid as millions of full moons, free from the six waves of material suffering, flooded with the waves of the nectar ocean of transcendental love, and charming with many wonderful lakes, streams, hills, vines, bushes, trees, and blissful, playful birds and deer.


36      Again and again cry out: "O queen of Vrndavana's newly-blossoming groves, I am lost.  Please have mercy on me!"  Pushed by love, three times a day bow down in the direction of Shri Vrndavana.


37      He who, pushed by the torment of separation from Shri Vrndavana, cries out as one whose precious treasure is stolen, and who rolls about on the ground, streams of tears flowing from his eyes, becomes the most famous person in this world.


38      Her hand waving away the bees greedy after the very wonderful sweet fragrance of Her beautiful transcendental form, and Her eyes blossoming with eagerness and bliss, Shri Radha walks along the paths in Vrndavana forest and enjoys transcendental pastimes with Her beloved.


39      When my queen Radha becomes filled with jealous anger, and Her  friends tell Her to refuse to talk with Him, stunned Lord Hari pleases Her by offering Her many flowers, fruits, and other gifts from Vrndavana forest.  Let me glorify Vrndavana forest.


40      When Shri Radha, the hairs of Her transcendental body erect in transcendental

bliss, describes the many glories of Vrndavana forest, then the bumble bees stop singing, the female cuckoos no longer sound the fifth note, the parrot stops tracing his melody, the peacock dance no longer calls out "keka", the embarrassed lute makes no sound, and the flute does  not sing.


41      Every day the parrots and then the gopi-maidservants happily recite Shri Radha's virut poem splendidly glorifying Shri Vrndavana. When my queen made Her lover hear it, He become overwhelmed with bliss and love. I pray that my mind be always rapt in meditation on Shri Vrndavana.


42      If scholars who have crossed to the farther shore of the ocean of all Vedic scriptures do not recognise the supreme exalted position of Vrndavana, then I consider wise.  They are glorified by all the sages who know everything.


43      Know that the end has come. Say something. "Don't let your eyes madly fall like moths into the blazing fire of a woman's beauty. Today or tomorrow this body will drop.  Why struggle so hard to maintain it?  Give up the company of worldly men and always stay in Vrndavana."


44      An ear that follows the holy name of Shri Vrndavana become flooded by an ocean of nectar.  So does a tongue that tastes the holy names of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.  Still, I think that he who ignores the great souls who always hear and glorify the divine couple and are full of love for Their lotus feet cannot taste the sweetest nectar.


45      The most sacred of all sacred places. The most auspicious of all auspicious things.  The most splendid and transcendental of all that is splendid and transcendental.  The greatest desire-fulfilling philanthropist of all desire fulfilling philanthropists.  Greater than the greatest.  Of they who give transcendental love for the greatest giver of transcendental love.  What place other than Vrndavana can be thought of in this way?


46      O intelligent men, please at once take shelter of Shri Vrndavana, which gives a body better than the always valueless material body, a home better than the home populated by wife and family, a happiness greater than any other happiness, and a liberation better than any other kind of liberation.


47      Let this wretched body, made of bones, flesh, stool, urine, and pus, which is ultimately destined to be destroyed, which is continually pressed by the senses, which is overcome by hundreds of physical and mental troubles, and which continually burns in the flames of lust, either stay or go.  You please simply enjoy the nectar of Lord Hari in Vrndavana.


48      Today or tomorrow the great burden of this pot of stool will fall down and perish. O, O fool, attachment to women will lead you to destruction. How many hellish tortures, which cannot be borne for even a moment, are you forced to bear?  Why are you so slow to taste the transcendental bliss of living in Vrndavana?


49      In the three worlds what men are not controlled by women? They who are not controlled are mostly men who hanker for fame, but some may be seen who are great saints untouched by material desires, and whose company makes the material desires of others  fall away.  O intelligent reader, if you have no desire to awaken the material benefits that sleep in your hand, then with a peaceful heart reside day and night in Vrndavana.


50      O fool, give up the worship of the demigods, and worship Shri Radha's lover, Lord Krishna,, the supreme and most confidential form of the Personality of Godhead.  Stay in Vrndavana forest and make your home under the numberless kalpa-vrksa trees there.  Go from time to time to the village to beg alms, and spend your time wandering in Vrndavana.


51      In your hearts meditate on Vrndavana forest as a place filled with numberless beautiful flowers.  Run to Vrndavana.  O fools, if your footsteps take you away from the cintamani jewel of Vrndavana, you will eventually find yourself begging alms at the houses of degraded dogeaters.


52      Shri Shri Radha-Krishna have made all moving and non-moving creatures blind with the nectar of pure transcendental love and made them roll about on the ground by tasting that nectar.  The peerless current of wild bliss flowing in Vrndavana has quickly carried  away the jewel of my heart.


53      O impersonal liberation, you lead to complete annihilation those who seek you.  A pure devotee of Lord Hari has only contempt for you.  O forest of Vrndavana, they who in this world take shelter of you will not even utter the name of that terrible liberation.


54      Have you not heard yourself glorified again and again in many lifetimes?  What varieties of sensual pleasure, beginning with the enjoyment of beautiful women anointed with sandal and decorated with splendid garlands, have you not already enjoyed in many lifetimes?  Now please become averse to all sense pleasures.  Now  become like a bumblebee enjoying the ultimate transcendental pleasure in the charming forest that is the place where Shri Radha enjoys pastimes.


55      The sight of the horrible ball of flesh covered by a thin layer of pretty skin and known as a beautiful young woman leads the moral instructions of the wise to complete destruction.  What is devotional service for one whose intelligence is robbed in this way?  Friend, do not stay for even a moment to hear the names of these fallen men.  Simply run to Shrimati Radhika's forest groves.


56      May charming Shri Shri Radhika-Krishnacandra, whose forms are overcome with wild bliss, who are intoxicated, and who are blissful with wild transcendental amorous passion, fill me with bliss here in Vrndavana.


57      The forest of Vrndavana is like a wooden irrigation canal that carries the river of the wonderful bliss of pure devotion to its residents, makes streams of tears flow from their eyes, and  decorates them with many symptoms of devotional ecstasy, such as standing erect of the body's hairs, perspiration, trembling, rolling about on the ground, sighing and fainting.


58      Only fragments of this verse are extant.


59      May Lord Krishna, who is like a new dark cloud in Vrndavana, who is wild with love for Shri Radha, and who is like a black bee thirsting to taste the nectar of Her lotus face, protect you all.


60      If, in the forest of Vrndavana, which is the root of all transcendental bliss and the home of multitudes of eternally blissful gopis, I find pure transcendental love, then what business have I worshipping or blaming the hosts of demigods.


61      They whose ears remain untouched by the supremely worshipable land of Vrndavana, which is an overwhelming monsoon shower of the transcendental opulence of pure love, must go on their pilgrimage to the land of the crows.


62      They who consider Vrndavana their only treasure and who tremble with the bliss of intense love for the splendid fair and dark divine couple are, because of their great transcendental piety, always protected in this world.


63      Where is pure devotional service? Where is detachment from the world? Where is spiritual knowledge? Where is religion? The forest of Vrndavana, which cannot be touched by the black snake of time, is the only home of all these opulences.


64      In this long and frightened night we shall not take a single step into the blinding dark pathway of repeated birth and death, which is the home of lust, pride, cruelty, anger, greed, and many other jungle beasts. O Vrndavana, we shall simply stay here and remember your great mercy.


65      Don't be foolish!  Don't become bold with this doe-eyed girl!  O friend, don't play with this the all devouring black snake before you!  Don't hanker either for the well being of this material body, or for the wealth that brings with it all that is unwanted!  Consider the miseries of material life!  Resolve to happily stay here in Vrndavana.


66      What person would, even for a moment, turn his ear from the great multitude of Vrndavana's glories, which contain the extraordinary boundless treasure of pure love for Shri Radha's feet, and place it in anything else?


67      The acaryas say it is the dark and the light.  The learned Vedic scholars say it is Maya and spiritual splendour.  It is a wonderful sun as splendid as millions of lightning flashes accompanied by a splendid darkness in the forest of Vrndavana.


68      To the prince of  the gopis, who is expert at enjoying the pastimes of the rasa dance, who is decorated by Shri Radha's passionate friends, who charms the cows, whose transcendental body is covered with  dust, who plays the flute, and who is the ultimate object of yogic meditation, I offer my respectful obeisances.


69      To the prince of the cowherds, whose budding-twig fingers restlessly move over the seven holes in the flute as He plays transcendental melodies,, and who is the amorous hero who rests upon the splendid pearls decorating Radha's neck, I offer my respectful obeisances.


70      I meditate on handsome Shri Shri Radhika-Vrajendranandana, who sit on a wonderful and splendid silken throne in the midst of many beautiful-eyebrowed jasmine-garland-decorated, dancing gopis in charming forest gardens.


71      O gently smiling Lord, O Lord dressed in splendid yellow garments, O Lord glorious as a dark monsoon cloud, O Lord who enjoys the wonderful rasa dance with the gopis, O abode of the transcendental treasure of pure love, O Lord who eternally enjoys transcendental pastimes with Shri Radhika in the forest, O Lord whose face is charming as millions of moons, please protect me.


72      May playful Shri Radha, whose kind and gentle smile reveals beautiful jasmine-bud teeth, who wears an exquisite blue silk garment decorated with splendidly colourful spots, and who is glorious in the charming forest groves filled with gunja and bumblebees, eternally reside in my heart.


73      May Shri Radha, who wears a string of  splendid black gunja that once rested on Lord Krishna's neck, who has stolen the great treasure that is the heart of Lord Krishna who continually thirsts to enjoy transcendental pastimes with Her, who enjoys many loving transcendental pastimes in the charming forest groves, and who removes the host of sufferings sprung from the lack of devotion to Her, become manifest in my heart.


74      May Shri Radha, whose face is moonlight drunk by the cakora birds of Lord Krishnacandra's eyes, who is the personified Deity of transcendental love, who is maddened with amorous passion, who wears a garland of splendid golden campaka flowers that attract swarms of restless bees, and who shines with transcendental splendour, bring peace to my suffering heart.


75      Let me glorify Lord Krishna, whose handsome face is like the moon, who is splendid as a host of sapphires, who enjoys many transcendental pastimes in the caves of the king of mountains, who is glorified by the supremely worshipable goddess of fortune and who stays in a forest cottage with Shri Radha.


76      "O king and queen of my life, if You wish to enjoy pastimes, here is a grove of kadamba trees in Vrndavana forest.  When will You be kind to us?"  With these words spoken by a gopi friend, and with words of "Come quickly! Come!" and with smiles and laughter, the curtain concealing Shri Shri Radha-Krishna is opened. May that curtain protect us.


77      Let me glorify Vrndavana forest where, when Shri Radha and the transcendental flutist Shri Krishna sing and dance, wildly tossed to and fro by the waves of the overflowing ocean of nectar, Their gopi friends also dance, and many splendid demigods and demigoddesses also dance to the sounds of dundubhi drums.


78      Your hearts filled with ecstasy, please take shelter of Vrndavana forest, which is filled with an  intense sweetness that makes the heart blind with ecstatic love, and which is the place where the perfect, eternal, and sublimely passionate god of love, Shri Krishna enjoys many transcendental pastimes day and night with the supreme goddess of love, Shri Radha.


79      Don't leave! Cross over the ocean of repeated birth and death!  Cross over the ocean of impersonal liberation!  Remain fortunate and stay in the forest where Shri Radha, the ocean of the sweetest nectar, enjoys transcendental amorous pastimes!


80      May thousands of ropes tie me to the eternal servants of Vrndavana.  Neither the great liberated souls nor the devoted servants of Lord Narayana are better than they.


81      Renouncing sense gratification as if it were poison, not taking a single step into that world of repeated birth and death, and concentrating your heart on the supreme goal of life, stay in Shri Radhika's forest.


82      Happy over others' good fortune, crying over others' distress, shining with happiness only to attain pure devotional love and unaware of anything else, worship Shri Radhika's forest.


83      Let me glorify the eternal land of Shri Vrndavana, where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna express Their unlimitedly increasing mutual love, where They enjoy transcendental pastimes in each other's company, where all moving and non-moving creatures are intoxicated with the nectar of pure love for Them, and where even a newcomer is at once granted a charming spiritual form.


84      Ah, what is Vrndavana's wonderful power, that grants liberation, the mellows of Vishnu-bhakti, and other rare gifts to all, even the most unqualified?


85      "Friend, why do You walk so slowly now in the forest? Why, even though You have not drunk madhu wine, do Your eyes glisten?  Why, even though there is nothing to fear, do You tremble?" In my heart I worship Shri Radha, who bowed Her head in embarrassment to hear Her friend's words in Vrndavana forest.


86      Unconscious even though you are not asleep, blind even though your eyes are healthy, intoxicated even though you have not drunk any wine, leave your wealth far behind, become like a poor man, and, blissfully swim in the nectar ocean of love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, always stay in Vrndavana.


87      Friends and relatives will always try to bind you with ropes of misplaced affection.  Maya will bewilder you with the sexual advances of a woman and the sweet talking of children. Know that money is both the cause of a host of troubles and a diversion from your real self-interest.  Give up everything and go to Vrndavana.

88      Fool today or tomorrow you will die!  What will your wife, children and money do to save you?  Brother, now that death hems you in on all sides, you should run to Vrndavana.


89      O you who are not blind, why do you not see that the woman before you is simply a gruesome ball of flesh with a few oozing holes?  Brother, only because this pretty skin has filled you with wonder do you  now neglect the forest of Vrndavana.  How pathetic you are!


90      With a great struggle fleeing the all-devouring, lying "I" and "mine" of material life, and crossing the ocean of repeated birth and death, find the blissful land of Vrndavana.


91      I shall never leave Vrndavana forest, where the youthful divine couple, who are as splendid as gold and sapphires, whose eyes are cakora birds gazing at the moons of each other's face, and who are the two thieves who have taken my heart, enjoy transcendental pastimes together, and go to any other place in this horrible world.


92      Ah, if in Vrndavana even Lord Hari, charmed by the sound of Radha's anklets, cannot see His own divinity and supremacy over all, then how is it possible that the great souls illusion of false-ego shall not also perish here?


93      In this forest of Vrndavana, where a shoreless ocean of nectar always flows, please gaze on the charming and passionate Divine Couple, who are filled with intense transcendental bliss, and who are splendid as a blue lotus and a golden campaka flower.


94      Knowing in your heart that the form of woman is an ocean of cruel hells, seeing that wealth is a great misfortune, aware that popularity breaks the sweet nectar of devotion for Lord Hari, and decorated with the ornament of renunciation, please worship the supreme transcendental abode of Vrndavana,


95      Please meditate on Vrndavana forest, where, Her entire form covered by a black cape and hidden by the blinding darkness from the closely growing trees that eclipse even the sun, Shrimati Radhika happily goes to meet Her lover in broad day.


96      In my heart I meditate on Shri Radhika, who as the autumn moon shines brilliantly, Her form  camouflaged with sandal paste, a necklace of pearls, and newly washed white garments, is very eager to meet Her lover in Her own forest garden of jasmine flowers.


97      May Shrimati Radhika, who, passionately yearning to meet Lord Madanamohana in the newly blossoming forest of Vrndavana, saw the wonderfully colourful forest, became at once stunned, Her feet unable to walk on the path, and had to be carried along by Her dear companion, appear in my heart.


98      What is the relationship with father, mother, relatives, and friends? What is the bewildering illusion of love for them? What is attachment to a beautiful wife one considers more dear than his own life? What is the sense of ownership for home, wealth, and everything else? What is concern for the well-being of one's own body?  Forcibly cut all these knots and take shelter of Vrndavana forest.


99      Vehemently renouncing wife, children, wealth, home, and all the rest, which present an illusion of momentary happiness although they are ultimately sources of pain, crying and crying, and his body displaying the symptoms of ecstasy, a fortunate person, finding the dust of the feet of the playful queen of Vrndavana forest, becomes filled with transcendental bliss.


100     Bearing the name Vrndavana, a certain mine of the jewels of transcendental love shines with great splendour. The desire to attain Shri Radha's lotus feet finds a saintly devotee who resides in that place.