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1        I have a firm faith in the worship of Shri Radha. My heart burns with pain and can find no peace. Except for the land of Vrndavana, what medicine is there to cure me?


2        As Shri Shri Radha-Madhava can never be separated, so the two nectar Vrndavana's are never apart.


3        Enough with books! Enough with garrulous philosophers who cannot understand Vrndavana! Enough with the tangled nets of logic! Give up all doubts and reside in Vrndavana.


4        What book will count the numberless glories of Vrndavana? What philosophy will explain the sweet pastimes of the divine couple in Vrndavana?


5        In Vrndavana the sky is covered with a network of clouds and lighted by lightning flashes. The lotus eyes of the devotees mad with the nectar of love for Krishna are now flooded with monsoon rains of constantly flowing tears.


6        Considering this life as brief as a lightning flash and seeing wife, children, wealth, home and other things to be temporary and unreal, some fortunate souls, seeking the supremely independent Personality of Godhead, whose lap is ornamented by Shri Radha, enter the forest of Vrndavana.


7        He who, although he lives in the realm of the illusory potency and is not qualified to enter the spiritual world of Vaikuntha, bows his head once to the distant land of Vrndavana, enters Vrndavana. With his eyes he drinks the splendid lotus flower of Lord Madana Gopala's face. Shri Radha is merciful to him.


8        Without attachment to the meaningless dualities of this world, without aversion to the greatest torments, a friend to every living entity and with my heart's eye gazing on the sweetness of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, I shall reside in Vrndavana.


9        Like a small child to all women, like a momentary guest to my own house, like an enemy to my own body, with words and heart like a dear friend to all performers of action, like a mother to all creatures, and like a cakora bird on the trees and vines illumined by the moonlight of Shri Radha's toenails, may I live in Vrndavana.


10      Now that I am a servant of Vrndavana my heart feels as if it were filled with great monsoons of nectar, floods of nectar, waves of moonlight, the currents of the celestial Ganges, the sweetest honey, and an abundance of splendid camphor.


11      Seeing the eternal and blissful spiritual forms of Vrndavana's moving and stationary creatures untouched by this world of three modes and swimming in the nectar ocean of pure love for Lord Hari, many great yogis take shelter of the shade of Shri Radha's red lotus-petal feet with all their hearts and now shine with transcendental glory.

12      Eager to claim this body and house as my own, I am very pathetic. Pleased by worship from the people, I am pathetic. Blossoming with happiness to hear a few words of faint praise, I am pathetic. Even though in my hand rests the eternally splendid fruit named Vrndavana, which even goddess Laksmi and the great demigod Siva cannot attain, I still refuse to taste it.


13      O people, I will mercifully teach you something. Please listen. If you wish to attain all the very wonderful goals of spiritual life, then please go to Vrndavana where there are independent pastimes with limitless and wonderful potencies, and where Queen Radha removes all fear.


14      O people, why should you leave the splendid moon of the face of Lord Madana Gopala, which shines in the forest of Vrndavana? Please know that moon is the supreme perfection. It is the best of the five goals of life.


15      O people, please sprinkle your eyes with the great flood of nectar flowing from the splendour of the moon of the smiling face of Lord Madanamohana. In Vrndavana, which is a temple of the sweetest nectar, and which repeatedly frustrated the earnest attempts of the goddess of fortune to enter it, please at once exchange all your material troubles for the most intense transcendental bliss.


16      I think this asoka tree before me must at one time have been struck by Your foot decorated with tinkling anklets. O daughter of King Vrsabhanu, O surging current of the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes, if out of your happiness or anger I could become like this tree, then what could be more wonderful or sublime?


17      Vrndavana contains both the bliss of Shri Radha's lotus feet and the heart of Lord Hari. Because She has given the first gift and Lord Hari has given the second, I find that the peacefulness of my heart has been suddenly stolen away.


18      Just as in a pond fish are trapped by fishermen in a net, deer are cornered by the hunters in the forest, men averse to Lord Hari are caught by Maya with the terrible ropes of illusion in the wheel of birth and death, and thieves are shackled and placed in prison by the powerful king's police, in the same way we are tightly bound by the flood of the wonderful nectar of the transcendental glories of the forest of Vrndavana.


19      I have come to Vrndavana to cut the pathetic ropes of repeated birth and death. Alas! Alas! The Supreme Personality of Godhead has now bound me with ropes from which I have no power to escape.


20      Like a lusty man who meets a beautiful girl, like a drunkard who has just drunk some wine, and like a pauper who has suddenly attained a great fortune, so I am in this forest of Vrndavana.


21      A certain young, golden and sweet lotus flower girl is splendid with charming and wonderful playfulness in the forest of Vrndavana. Wandering above that lotus the black bee Krishna has now become intoxicated by drinking its nectar. I have now also become a bee and I have now landed on that flower's red lotus feet.


22      O lotus eyed Radha, why do You anxiously gaze to the east? Go to Your lover and remove His anxiety. O charming girl, is Your face not as splendid as millions of moons?


23      O Radha, now that You have rejected Him with harsh words, Your charming lover, dressed in a disguise, has come outside Your palace and with the voice of a cuckoo, sings Your glories.


24      In your heart please see the splendour of Vrndavana's god of love, which Shri Shri Radhika-Madhava drink with the cupped hands of Their restless eyes.


25-26  I take shelter of the very charming forest of Vrndavana, which is delightful with the humming of very charming bees made greedy by the sweet fragrances of various very charming flowers, which is filled with very charming poems sung by very charming parrots and cuckoos, where Radha's maidservants make a very charming couch, where the charming groves are places where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy transcendental pastimes, and where Radha's very charming friends are blinded by the intoxication of pure transcendental love.


27      The forest of Vrndavana is eternal, spiritual, effulgent, filled with intense bliss, and beyond the reach of the three material modes. Fool, turn your gaze from this sinful world. O saintly devotee, gaze at this wonderful form of Vrndavana.


28-29  "Radha, why do You not show Me Your beautiful golden lotus face so charming with its knitted eyebrows? Why do You not show Me Your breasts, which are the abode of the most wonderful beauty?" May Lord Hari who, in the forest of Vrndavana placed Radha on His lap, held Her chin, and gazed at Her face smiling with these jokes of love, appear before me.


30      Shri Krishna said: O Radha "I think of Your breasts and Your angry face with its knitted eyebrows as two golden lotus flowers above which hovers a swarm of black bees".


31      Please meditate on the black stag Shri Radha has caught in the trap of love, and with whom She plays day and night in the forest of Vrndavana.


32      Shri Radha is intoxicated by the sweetness of Vrndavana. She is intoxicated with extraordinary love. The sound of the name "Krishna" makes Her wild with thirst to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes. She is expert in the battlefield of love.


33      I offer my respectful obeisances to the splendid dark parrot that stays on the unreachable top branches of the tall mango tree of the Upanisads, that pleases the gopis, and that with the wonderful ropes of intense love Shri Radha binds, forces to bow down, and pushes into the cage of Her feet.


34      Please meditate on the wonderful handsome, restless, dark parrot who, thinking them to be bimba fruits, bit the very sweet lips of Shri Radha.


35      Let me take shelter of the walking tamala tree embraced by an amorous golden vine in the land of Vrndavana.


36      O Radha, deep in the Vrndavana forest You have stolen the jewel of my heart. Please give me the sweetness of Your smile. I am your servant.


37-38  She with face, eyes, breasts, hips, navel, feet, hands and other limbs very wonderful, it filled with new blossoms, splendid lotuses, playing deer, mountains and riverbank beaches all very beautiful, She with a transcendental form restless with passion, it filled with flowering golden vines, She decorated with tinkling ornaments, it charming with the sweet warbling of many birds, She with a splendid face framed by beautifully glistening black braids, it the place where the beautiful Yamuna flows, She with lips very beautiful and words filled with currents of transcendental bliss, and it filled with swift and cooling streams, may Shri Radha and the forest of Vrndavana simultaneously and affectionately appear in my heart.


39      Lord Govinda plays clear high notes on the flute. Shrimati Radhika claps Her hands. The peacocks madly dance in Vrndavana forest. If the wonderful, ecstatic hearts of the goddesses of fortune are irresistibly attracted to their lover, Krishna, then who under these circumstances has the power to remain peaceful in Vrndavana.


40-41  A great wonder has appeared in the forest of Vrndavana. Revealing Their handsome transcendental forms, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna have entered the arena of the rasa dance with Their gopi friends. Now everyone has become detached from materialism. Now the demigods headed by Brahma revile impersonal liberation. Now the great sages have broken their meditations. Now Lord Narayana and goddess Laksmi roll about on the ground, overcome with ecstasy. Now the opulence of the sweetest nectar is manifested in Vrndavana in this world. Now the kings of all the planets headed by Indra, have come to the surface of the earth. Now pure love for Lord Krishna agitates everyone's heart. Now no one has the power to see anything else. Now Lord Narayana, remaining in His own abode, has forgotten that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Now goddess Laksmi is plunged into love for Lord Krishna.


42      What person in the three worlds would not engage his senses in the worship of the forest of Vrndavana, where the flooding streams of liberation everywhere make one indifferent to liberation, where great multitudes of cintamani jewels fulfil all desires, where demons are at once destroyed, where the grass is very beautiful, and where there are many smiling, tall kalpa-vrksa trees?


43      It is the happiness of all happinesses. It is the sweetest of all sweetnesses. It is the most wonderful of wonders. It is the best of all that is good. It is the most beautiful of all that is beautiful. It is the most splendid of all spiritual and material splendours. In this way the forest of Vrndavana, the nectarean abode of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, is splendidly manifest.


44      O learned men taking great trouble for uncertain results, in the forest of Vrndavana the five goals of life always roll at one's feet, and one can easily grasp them all without any work.


45      Although here in Vrndavana forest unprecedented wisdom, wealth, and every other benefit easily fall into one's hand, still the fools will not worship Vrndavana, which is worshipped by the great demigods and sages.


46      Its kindness, generosity, and unequalled superiority are all limitless. Its splendour is the splendour of the smiling Supreme Person. Why do you not take shelter of Vrndavana?


47      Fool, cut the tight knot of "I" and "mine" in the heart. Close your eyes to it and quickly go to Vrndavana, which is hidden even from the Upanisads, the crest jewels of the Vedas. Don't stop to think.


48      O fools, why have you stopped playing in the nectar ocean of intense transcendental bliss? Why have you instead plunged into an ocean of troubles? Why have you left the difficult to attain realm of Vrndavana to practice spiritual life in some other place?


49      Exalted persons like yourself take great trouble to attain your goals. You do not see that all your goals will approach you of their own accord in Vrndavana.


50      Abandon all petty thirsts and worship Vrndavana, which showers the fulfilment of all desires and even makes Shri Laksmi-Narayana's bodily hairs stand erect with ecstasy.


51      "O friend, when you pick flowers in Vrndavana forest, Krishna, who wears a crown of peacock feathers, will see You. You will then burn with an unquenchable thirst to taste the nectar of His association and in His heart great flames of amorous passion will rise."


52      "From the beginning there were poison flames of passionate love. The cooling nectar moon shone in vain. My heart was completely burned. Your charming anklets tinkled and You entered the pathway of My eyes in auspicious Vrndavana."


53      "This bumble bee will not fly to the beautiful blossoming malli flowers. He will not fly to the charming kelivalli flowers. He will not fly to the blossoming lotus flowers. He is not eager to taste the sweet fragrance of the malati flowers. He will not look at the smiling vasanti flowers. O Radha, in this forest of Vrndavana He only flies to the lotus flower of Your feet."


54      How will it be possible for us ever to reach the end of our debt to the great spiritual masters who have now returned to Your supreme spiritual realm, and from the moons of whose mouths has descended a torrential stream of the nectar glories of Vrndavana that now fills the world with bliss?


55      Take me to Vrndavana. I will pass my entire life there placing myself at the feet of the great souls who are the crest jewels of all saints, and from whose mouths flows the nectar stream of the sweet transcendental pastimes of the dear lover of Shri Radha.


56      "Shri Radha, whose feet are the supreme nectar treasure of Vrndavana forest, is splendidly manifest in the heart, words, and eyes of Lord Hari. O Candravali, we have no time to linger. The lingering of your feet is simply making a fool of you."


57      "O Padma, Candravali always stays in the abode of my heart, which remains always subject to her order." These clever words carefully concealed Lord Krishna's deep love for Shri Radha's feet.


58      Vrndavana is the wonderful path that leads to intense transcendental bliss. It is the wonderful and blissful path that leads to deep transcendental love. It is the highest point of opulence and generosity. It is the secret treasure hidden in the Upanisads.


59      Have the great souls whose ears drank the nectar flowing in Vrndavana, who were immersed in pure love, whose bodily hairs stood up, who would sometimes faint in ecstasy, and who were plunged in the boundless ocean of intense transcendental bliss, left us? Now we are dead and can associate only with their names.


60-61  The great souls who, when they saw the splendid and charming gunja berries growing in Vrndavana, or when they saw wonderful kirira fruits, became overwhelmed with ecstatic love, who moment after moment called out "O Krishna" in voices choked with emotion, who muddied the ground with the flooding streams of their tears, and who took shelter of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's lotus feet, which rest in the nectarean land of Vrndavana, have now abandoned this world bitten by the poisonous snake of Kali-yuga, and have now attained Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's lotus feet. Now we are left only with persons like ourselves. Now our hearts have become withered dry and we are no longer able to maintain our lives.


62      Fool, cut your bonds and go to Vrndavana, which is the great secret hidden in the Upanisads, which is deeply plunged into pure transcendental love, which is the crown of all goals of life, which is the ocean of transcendental bliss, and which is the friend of the poor and shelterless.


63      If by good fortune you attain Vrndavana, whose glory purifies the three worlds, and which is difficult for even the greatest saints to attain then in Vrndavana you should, with the nectar of transcendental love, worship Shrimati Radharani and Lord Govinda, whose lotus face eclipses a host of handsome moons.


64      With a completely peaceful heart one should always reside in Vrndavana, which is attained by the most fortunate souls, which is pleasant with fragrant breezes, and which Lord Narayana and goddess Laksmi yearn to enter.


65      If you wish to attain the supreme goal of life and you do not wish to suffer the slightest pain, then, dear friend, go, go at once to Vrndavana. Do not go to Brahma, Siva and the other frightened demigods.


66      Whatever transcendental potencies may understand the material or spiritual realms, none has the power to understand the two monarchs of Vrndavana and Their transcendental pastimes. In this best of forests please worship these two monarchs, who are plunged in the splendid and blissful nectar of pure transcendental love.


67-68  I, who am a great palatial mansion where the most painful sufferings of hell reside, who am arrogant, deceptive, and shameless, who am bitten by the serpent named woman, who am not peaceful, who deep in my heart have love neither for Lord Madhava or His devotees, who am dull and stunted, who have no power to understand the land of Vrndavana, which is flooded with nectar, who cannot control either mind, or senses, who is not situated on the path of piety, whose intelligence is very slow to understand the two lotus feet of Lord Hari, who is not firmly situated in celibacy, whose host of sins make it difficult for him to obtain the mercy of saintly persons, and who has no other shelter, shall now take shelter of Shri Vrndavana.


69      Alas! Alas! The witch of woman tugs at my heart. Palatable foods coming near my tongue never return. I flatter countless people to achieve my ends. How is it that I, a degraded and completely unqualified person, reside in Vrndavana?


70      Senses, act as you wish. We are not your enemies. What power do persons like myself have to restrain you? However, please listen to one statement of ours and act according to it: "This fool will never leave Vrndavana".


71      Although living, acting like a man dead to the world, his material body and senses absorbed in spiritual activities, intoxicated and blinded by tasting the sweet nectar of Shri Radha's lotus feet, enjoying the blissful festival of joking words spoken by Shri Radha's very clever lover, Lord Krishna, and by Lalita-devi and the other gopis, a very fortunate person may reside in the forest where Shri Radha enjoys blissful transcendental pastimes.


72      I meditate on Vrndavana as being identical with Shrimati Radharani, who is intoxicated by tasting the mellows of the ocean of transcendental sweetness, who enjoys very wonderful dancing pastimes with Her lover, the best of dancers, whose lover gazes at Her splendid transcendental beauty, the hairs of His body erect in ecstasy, and who is surrounded by Her wonderfully graceful friends.


73      I meditate on Vrndavana as being identical with Shrimati Radharani, whose cheeks are decorated with very wonderful designs drawn in musk, who is the most eloquent poetess, who is the crest jewel of all beautiful demigoddesses, who loses all modesty and peaceful decorum in the presence of Her very dear lover, and whose walking unleases a flood of sweet gracefulness.


74      I pray that Vrndavana forest, which is an ocean of transcendental nectar even Lord Narayana and Shrimati Laksmi-devi cannot hope to attain, which the reverential Vedas cannot understand, and the transcendental splendour of which eclipses all spiritual and material suns and fires, may become merciful and permit me to live within its boundaries.


75      O forest of Vrndavana, the monsoon rains of the nectar of transcendental love rising from your effulgence has washed my heart. Your moonlight of Shrimati Radharani's toes anoints my heart.


76      I, who aspire to live in Shri Vrndavana, pray that my ears become deaf to hearing the faults of the residents of Vrndavana, my tongue dumb to speaking about them, and my intelligence blunt in thinking of them.


77      May Lord Krishna who, laughing as Shri Radha, thinking them to be flowers, tried to collect the stars reflected in the sapphire pavement of Vrndavana, playfully tried to fine her for unauthorised flower picking, protect you.


78      O Shri Vrndavana, you are my purifier. O Shri Vrndavana, you are my life, O Shri Vrndavana, you are my ornament. O Shri Vrndavana, you are my good reputation.


79      O Shri Vrndavana, may your splendid handsomeness, which is increased by the two rivalling handsomenesses of the youthful transcendental forms of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, who are like two mad persons enjoying a festival of passionate amorous pastimes, arouse spiritual desires within me.


80      The forest of Vrndavana, where the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoys all His blissful transcendental pastimes, where the supreme goddesses of fortune manifest their beautiful transcendental forms, and where my only charming hero of Shrimati Radharani's heart resides, is the goal of my life.


81      All wonderful and extraordinary good qualities of the most exalted and qualified women are present in the beautiful girls of Vraja, and they all completely take shelter of my queen, Shrimati Radharani. With charming grace Shrimati Radharani eternally enjoys transcendental pastimes, making everyone's heart attached to the sweet nectar of transcendental mellows, and completely eclipsing the most exalted rival, the forest of Vrndavana is splendidly manifest.


82      Plunging the entire world into the nectar ocean of perfect transcendental love, removing from the wives of Vraja the shyness to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes, making everyone's heart attached to the sweet nectar of transcendental mellows, and completely eclipsing the most exalted rival, the forest of Vrndavana is splendidly manifest.


83      Intent on enjoying limitless and wonderful transcendental pastimes, and displaying the splendid graces of all transcendental heroines, the queen of my life enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana with Her playful, charming and devoted lover. My heart does not consider anything, save for this Vrndavana, to be real or important.


84      The forest of Vrndavana fills with wonder the hearts of the wisest men. It is the personified flood of the waves of sweetness of the nectar of transcendental love. It attracts the bumblebees of the hearts of the most fortunate souls. It is the boat with which I shall be able to cross the ocean of my great desire.


85      May the charming forest of Vrndavana, which is filled with waves of moonlight that bring great tidal waves to the limitless ocean of the nectar of transcendental love, which sprinkles the earth with the sweetest nectar, and which makes all other endeavours of the most intelligent men a useless waste of time, always protect my body.


86      May the ground of Vrndavana, which agitates and arouses the hearts of perfectly liberated souls, which is a limitless ocean of mercy, which is a great jewel mine of transcendental beauty and opulence, and which is the charming place where Shrimati Radharani gracefully places Her feet, fulfil my very-difficult-to fulfil desire.


87      Spreading open my eyes and ears, and living in the very wonderful forest of Vrndavana, which is the very dear friend of the ocean of nectar that flows from the charming divine couple, maddened with love, will I, my thirst never satiated, see the nectar beauty of Vrndavana and hear its transcendental qualities described by the great devotees?


88      O forest of Vrndavana, I shall now sell you my body, mind, and senses. The price shall be the pure devotion to the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, the lover of Shrimati Radharani that is described in the Vedas. Will you pay that price?


89      O Shri Vrndavana, may my ears be flooded with your transcendental qualities, may my eyes become plunged into the ocean of nectar by seeing your beauty, may my tongue jubilantly dance in the description of your glories, and may my body always be filled with ecstatic love for you.


90      O Shri Vrndavana, will you purchase my body if I do not ask any specific price? What better offer can I make? I throw my body at your feet. I am no longer able to maintain myself with any pious or impious deeds. Saintly persons should be kind to the weak who carry very heavy burdens.


91      O forest of Vrndavana, it is not proper for you to ignore me, who has fallen into the blind well of hellish life and who has now taken shelter of you. In the three worlds no one else is willing to protect me, whose intelligence has been destroyed by a host of sins, who disobeys all the orders of the Supreme Lord, and who, although he thinks himself very intelligent, is in reality the greatest of fools.


92      You are the shoreless ocean of transcendental bliss and I am the most unhappy person in the world. You are the great protector and I am the great sinner. You have taken a vow to protect the shelterless and I have no other shelter. O Vrndavana, I think you are my only shelter.


93      I pray that the names of the very unfortunate persons averse to the beautiful forest of Vrndavana shall never enter my ear. What shall they who have no splendid pure love for Lord Krishna, the charming lover of Shrimati Radharani, be able to see in the world beyond the touch of matter?


94      One may continually meditate up to the moment of his death, but he will not understand anything of the truth of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. That truth is found in the supreme spiritual abode manifested above even the Vaikuntha worlds. For this reason, without ever wavering, let us always place our love in Shri Vrndavana.


95      In the transcendental, shoreless, splendid pure nectar ocean, which is more beautiful than the goddess Laksmi, more beautiful than the moon, which contains the transcendental effulgence of the great bija syllable, and which is intoxicated with unrestrained pure love, the district of Mathura is splendidly manifest as a transcendental island. Within that island are the pastures of Maharaja Nanda, and within those pastures the forest of Vrndavana astonishes the entire world with a great flood of nectar.


96      The Vedas spread a great net of words that lead to many paths that all lead to suffering. The saintly sages are not able to pacify me, who burns in the fire of the hope to taste nectar of love for Lord Krishna. The followers of Sruti and the followers of Smrti oppose everything I hold dear. O Vrndavana, O abode of love for Shrimati Radharani, you are my only shelter.


97      What is attachment? What is detachment? What is fame in this world? What is infamy? What is religion? What is irreligion? What are pious and impious deeds? What are desire and desirelessness? What are faults? What are virtues? What are the varieties of suffering in this world? What is happiness? For one determined to never leave Vrndavana until his death what is the effect of millions of thunderbolts?


98      As a shower of flowers fell from the sky, as the demigods played dundubhi drums, as the splendidly charming Malayan breeze blew, as the wonderful moon shone, and as the broad beaches of Vrndavana became filled with a sweet fragrance, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna wonderfully danced in the circle of Their gopi friends. Please meditate on Shri Shri Radha-Krishna in this way.