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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Vrindavana Mahimamrita > VM Shataka 11



 1       O mother Vrndavana, O mother overflowing with love, please place on your lap this mischievous child who has been playing in the dirt, mercifully forgive his offenses, wipe the dust from him, feed him the breast-milk of transcendental love for your master and mistress, and give him all protection.


2        I do not possess even the slightest dim reflection of piety. I have no fear of sin,

no love for Krishna, and no friendship with the devotees. Still, somehow I am able to spend my little lifetime within your boundaries. Please know that I have no other shelter. Please, if you think it is right, accept me forever.


3        O Shri Vrndavana, I have committed many unpardonable sins. I have given up the path of religion. Even with words I respect neither the Vedas, the community of spiritual masters, nor anything else. The lotus feet of Lord Krishna are far from me. Alas! Alas! I commit offenses at every moment! Because I know the great devotees take shelter of you I have now also taken shelter of you. Now that I have offended you, what

shall I do? Where shall I go now?


4        Alas! Alas! I have abandoned all the principles of religion! Alas! I have not given up a single sin! My offenses to Lord Krishna, His holy names, and His devotees, have no end. O Shri Vrndavana, you are the shelter of the shelterless. I have taken shelter of you. Now that I have offended you, what shall I do? Where shall I go now? Now you may do with me whatever you wish.

5        You are the shelter of the shelterless. Your great glory is sung by all the Vedas. O Vrndavana you are my shelter. I have no other shelter than you.


6        Even though I am incomparably wretched and fallen, I still aspire to attain a priceless spiritual treasure. O Vrndavana, everyone may laugh at me, but if you give me a little portion of your mercy, why should I feel any embarrassment?


7        O Vrndavana, if Lord Krishna, who is the prince of Vraja and the very generous saviour of the fallen souls, enjoys transcendental pastimes here with Shri Radha, why should I worry about the supreme spiritual benediction?


8        Displaying all His wonderful and limitless potencies, within your boundaries Lord Krishna enjoyed transcendental pastimes with Shri Radha. O Vrndavana,why do you neglect me?

9        O Vrndavana, if I am not able to attain the nectar in you, whose glories have no limit, and who are flooded with splendid transcendental nectar, then shall millions of

lifetimes performing austerities to attain it.


10      If my body, which is fit to be eaten by dogs and jackals were to fall down of its own accord and die within your boundaries, that would be very auspicious. O Vrndavana, in order to maintain my material body I shall never leave you and go to some other place.


11      I have heard that Radha's beloved Krishna never wishes to leave you. O Vrnda, either in dream or wakefulness I have no desire to leave your forest and go to some other place.


12      My body may become broken by a trukaca, or my exalted social position and religious principles may become destroyed, still, I shall never for a moment consider leaving the forest of Vrndavana, which is so difficult to enter.


13      I do not wish to serve Lord Hari and my personal liberation is as valuable to me as a tiny seashell now that I can drink with my eyes the beauty of the forest grove where Shri Radhika enjoys pastimes.


14      Satisfying your hunger by eating dried fruit, satisfying your thirst by drinking the water of the swiftly moving mountain streams, and resting in the caves of Govardhana Hill, the king of the mountains, please happily reside, O friend in this forest of Vrndavana.


15      Be silent. Do nothing. Remain under a tree in Vrndavana forest. Shedding tears, your cheeks resting in your hands, and the hairs of your body erect with ecstatic love, gaze in trance on the beautiful transcendental pastimes of Shri Radhika.


16      Lord Krishna said: "The beautiful hair of My beloved resides in the splendour of your peacock feathers. I see Her curling locks of hair in your swarms of black bumble-bees. The moon of Her smiling face rises in the whorls of your golden lotus flowers. The eyes of your frightened does are the resting place of the sweetness found in the corners of Her eyes.

17      "Her beautiful nose shines in your beautiful sesame flowers. The beauty of Her lips shines in your bandhujiva flowers. Her beautiful teeth shine in your jasmine flowers. Her charming smile shines in your white lotus flowers. Her peerless form shines in your blossoming vines. The beauty of Her breasts shines in your splendid flower-buds. Her arms shine in your lotus stems.


18      "Her broad hips shine in your wide river banks. Her delicate thighs shine in your plaintain trees. The beauty of Her hands and feet shines in your red lotuses. O Vrndavana forest, the beautiful form of My beloved resides within you. That beautiful form also shines in my fortunate heart.


19      "O forest of Vrndavana, when the beloved mistress of My life playfully hid nearby, one of your vines pointed Her out by waving one of its budding hands. I now owe a very heavy debt to that vine.


20      "O forest of Vrndavana, when the pollen of your endless blossoming flowers disturbed the two eyes of My beloved enjoyed a great festival of kissing awa all her troubles. O Vrndavana, you are the sustainer of My life.


21      "One time, aware that I was hiding in a grove of tamala trees, My beloved said, 'The rascal has not come!' She then approached Me, and prayed to Me, saying 'O handsome tamala tree, You are very dear to Me'. Then She earnestly embraced Me. O forest of Vrndavana, by aranging this pastime you have purchased Me.


22      "O forest of Vrndavana, one time, as She was enjoying many pleasant pastimes with Her gopi friends, My beloved entered your abode of flowering vines. Disguised as an actress-dancer, I met Her there. When She angrily rebuked Me, saying"You are acting the part of Krishna!" My heart became filled with happiness.


23      "O Shri Vrndavana, one day My beloved desired a beautiful flower from the top branch of one of your very tall trees, and she said to it, "O faultless tree, please bend down and make Me happy, "I laughed and predicted that the tree will never bow down. But then, to the great pleasure of My beloved, the tree did exactly as She had asked.


24      "O wonderful Shri Vrndavana, when I gave My beloved a wonderful and splendid garment made of your colourful flowers I prayed for Her mercy. she replied by laughing and giving Me a single kiss. O Vrndavana, by giving Me those flowers you have made

Me your submissive servant.


25      'O forest of Vrndavana, you are very fortunate and glorious. When Shri Radha, eager to see your great beauty, walks within you, you cover each pathway with showers of flowers, and you glorify Her with many prayers spoken through the mouths of many parrots, cuckoos, and other birds.


26      "O gopi friends, why do you smile in this way? Why are your hearts filled with doubt? Why should there not be many golden vines in this wonderfully glorious forest of Vrndavana? Why should there not be many sapphire trees? Why should these trees and vines not embrace in this beautiful and charming way?


27      "Even though I had won the dice-game where four kisses and My flute were wagered, My beloved still falsely claimed that She had won. O Vrndavana forest, O psychologist who knows what is in My beloved's heart, by arranging these pastimes you have brought Me great transcendental bliss.


28      "O forest of Vrndavana, having left Her gopi friend far behind, and My own heart filled with love and joy, I personally massaged Shri Radha's delicate reddish lotus feet, which eagerly wander within your boundaries.


29      "At every moment you are flooded with the blissful and wonderful stream of the transcendental handsomeness, pastimes, expert intellligence, and host of other virtues that belong to Shri Radha and Myself. O Vrndavana, this is your great good fortune. This is your transcendental opulence.


30      "You are flooded with the great streams of pastimes I enjoy with Shri Radha. Without limit you eternally increase My thirst to enjoy with Her. You greatly deepen the bond of love between Us. You are filled with oceans of nectar. O Vrndavana, you shine with pure devotional service.


31      "O Vrndavana, O ocean of transcendental virtue, spontaneous love for Queen Radha eternally arises within you. I have now been purchased by you. If you desire something impossible to attain, no bar will prevent you from attaining it." Vrndavana forest, which was thus glorified by Lord Hari, shines with great splendour.


32-33  In Vrndavana, where the restless black bees are like Radha's curling hair, the clusters of flowers on the blossoming vines are like Her very full breasts, the golden budding twigs are like the fingers of Her hands, everything is like the beauty of Her transcendental form, and where Radha and Krishna enjoy pastimes day and night, Vaikuntha's king, Narayana, His goddess, and all Their associates become enchanted by the flood of sweetness that flows from Radha-Krishna's wonderfully handsome forms and reaches even to Vaikuntha.


34      All glories to Shri Vrndavana, which is ultimate liberation, the great treasure of nectar,the good fortune of the world, and the place sought by all the Vedas.


35      Leave all other worthless places and take shelter of Shri Radhika's garden, which is like the sweetest nectar churned from the nectar ocean of pure devotion to Lord Hari.


36      We may attain what we seek, or we may not attain it. We simply pray that we may leave this external material body within the boundaries of Shri Vrndavana.


37      I am very foolish and unintelligent. I know only what one should never know. You are all very learned and intelligent. I simply pray that my body may become decorated with the dust of Shri Vrndavana.


38      O great logicians, please do not bring many books onto the pathway of your ears. O great gurus, I bow down before you. Why, by declining to become blinded with the intoxication of pure love for Shri Vrndavana, you have made yourselves the objects of everyone's laughter?

39      Even though the entire world considers me a madman possessed by a ghost, and even though I am like a worm or an insect within her boundaries, the forest of Vrndavana still accepts me.


40      Shall I accept whatever comes to me by destiny and not strive for material things? Shall I become overwhelmed by tasting the sweet enctar of Lord Krishnacandra? Shall I renounce everything and give my heart to the holy land of Vrndavana?


41      I do not know what is real religion or what is not real religion. I do not know what should be done or what should not be done. All I know is that, having tasted the sacred water of this holy place, I am determined never to leave this forest of Vrndavana.


42      Now that I am overwhelmed with spiritual love I vow I shall never leave Vrndavana. I shall see all expected and unexpected events as meant for my protection and if some obstacle blocks my path I shall simply take shelter of the place named Radha's Garden.

43      In the land of Vrndavana the splendid, supremely sweet king of transcendental mellows, who is named Srngara, and who has now become a great sapphire, eternally embraces Shri Radha's glistening neck.


44      "Beloved, look! Disguised as a cluster of flowers, the glistening fire of amorous passion has climbed this campaka tree here in Vrndavana forest and now it stares at Us as if it desires to burn Us alive. I wonder when We will be separated?"


45      O beautiful queen of Vrndavana, if You are decorated with karnikara earrings, a garland of mandara flowers, bandhujiva flowers in Your hair, a red lotus at the end of Your braids, a white toy-lotus in Your hand, and Your body decorated with kunkuma and covered with exquisite garments flowing like waves, You are dressed according to Your own desire.


46      Shri Radha is the supreme goddess of love. She is supreme in all spiritual and material worlds. Her lotus eyes fill Laksmi and all the goddesses with wonder. They pray for Her merciful glance. Lord Krishna is the supreme god of love. His amorous passion has no limit. He is supreme over all. A single ray of His splendour floods Lord Narayana in an ocean of happiness.


47      If Shri Vrndavana reveals its queen, then that revelation makes the sight of the most beautiful celestial jewel-like goddess become bitter as poison. That revelation reviles liberation, pleases the heart, makes the transcendental glory of Vaikunthaloka appear dull and stunted, and, what to speak of these things, makes one taste the nectarean and eternally unfading transcendental happiness tasted by the gopis of Vraja.


48      O devotee expert at relishing transcendental mellows, please meditate on the forest of Vrndavana, which reveals the beautiful face and forehead of Shri Radha and Her friends and delights supremely blissful Lord Krishna.


49      O gentle friend, please find your happiness in Vrndavana forest, which is filled with many gopi, priyaka, and punnaga flowers, and which is the eternal abode of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is very dear to the gopis.

50      Please meditate on Vrndavana as the place filled with wonderful transcendental opulences that bring great happiness to Lord Krishna, and as the place where Shri Radha, who feels Her lover's quarrel with Lord Krishna to be as sweet as nectar, rests on a couch in the middle of a forest grove.


51      Filled with wonderful bliss by seeing the transcendental pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, the forest of Vrndavana has now decked itself in beautiful blue and yellow garments of indivara and campaka flowers and a garland of excited bumblebees.


52      Let me glorify the forest of Vrndavana, where the wonderful, splendid, limitless, jewel-branched kalpa-vrksa trees earnestly compete among themselves to provide the dear divine couple with many ornaments, fragrances, garlands, garments, foodstuffs, and many other things.


53      Vrndavana is filled with kalpa-lata vines that fulfill all desires. It is filled with showers of nectar that cool the living entities trapped in the fires of material distress. It is a nectarean resting place for one whose heart eagerly traverses the pathway of pure love of Krishna. It shines with great splendour.


54      In the land of Vrndavana all glories to Shri Radha's wonderful lotus-friends, whose flowers are their faces, whose bumblebee visitors are there moving locks of curling black hair, whose stems are their delicate and graceful vine-arms, whose filaments are their teeth, and whose splendid soft leaves are their garments.


55      In the sky of Vrndavana's lake the splendid pure waters are the moonlight, the handsome swan is the moon, and the many blossoming white lotuses are the host of stars.


56-57  "I have just seen something very wonderful and now I am bewildered. In this forest grove a beautiful-eyed golden lotus flower is now kissing the splendid and playful dark moon." To the clever friend who spoke these words Radha said, "You are mistaken." Making a gesture with Her lips, She joked, "Actually it is something else."


58      With a wealth of pure love, Shri Radha's transcendental form is eternally decorated. With Shri Radha, Lord Syamalacandra's transcendental form is eternally decorated. With Lord Krishna, the forests of Vrndavana are splendid. With Vrndavana, the district of Mathura is splendid. With Mathura, Vaikuntha is auspicious. Therefore Vrndavana is the king of all transcendental abodes.


59      Lord Hari, whose form is made of bliss, who, in His own abode enjoys blissful pastimes in limitless spiritual forms, and who makes all material goals worthless, as the Supersoul in everyone's heart now decorates this world of moving and stationary beings.


60      As palatable food is to men tortured by hunger, as cool water is to men perspiring in the heat, as a beautiful girl is to lusty men, as wealth is to the poverty-stricken, as a cool shade-tree is to those distressed by the hot summer sun, as parents are to children, as impersonal Brahman is to the yogis and as Lord Hari is to the devotees, so is Vrndavana to me.


61      Shri Vrndavana is my greatest attainment, my greatest deity, my greatest friend, my greatest teacher, my greatest religious duty, my greatest wealth, my greatest glory, my greatest austerity, and my greatest knowledge. What more need I say? Shri Vrndavana is eternally evreything to me. Shri Vrndavana is everything I have searched for in this world.


62      Only fragments of this verse are extant.


63-65  I meditate on Vrndavana, where there is a great ocean of transcendental loveliness, where there is a great treasure store of the jewels of many transcendental virtues, where there is a very wonderful weapon, where the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoys transcendental amorous pastimes, where there is a great palace of the sweet nectars of transcendental bliss and love, where there is the transcendental residence of Shri Radha, Lord Krishna, and many individual spirit souls, where Shri Radha is the most beautiful goddess, where Shri Radha is the splendid crescent moon risen from the ocean of Lord Hari's intense transcendental handsomeness, where Shri Radha is the splendid lake filled with the blossoming lotuses of sublime transcendental pastimes, where the deers of the hearts of the beautiful eyed girls are charmed by the music of the flute, where Shri Radha is the moon risen from the ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes, where Shri Radha is the red sindhura marking the nectar of selfless love, where a certain dark complexioned divine person resides, where there is a dancing arena filled with all transcendental virtues, where there is an auspicious cottage, and where there are ever new festivals of transcendental amorous pastimes.


66      O Vrndavana, Shri Radha, decorated with splendid flowers and eclipsing the three worlds, is Your beauty, the golden flowering vines are Your delicate and splendid limbs, the beautiful lotus is your face, the jasmine flowers are your teeth, the bandhuka flowers are your lips, the white lotuses are your eyes, and the sprouting twigs are your hands and fingers.


67      "This is a wonderful vine of lightning flashes. It is not Radha. And this is a monsoon cloud. It is not the prince of the cowherds." Happily speaking these contrary words in the presence of the two Deities of transcendental pastimes in the cottage of flowering vines, a certain gopi friend pleased Shrimati Radhika.


68      "This is a walking golden flower vine resting on a tamala tree in Vrndavana forest. This vine holds up these two great golden mountains. Here on this vine you can see a row of half moons."


69      O friend, meditating day and night on a certain charming and playful walking lotus flower and thinking how He may enjoy with Her, a certain dark moon filled with the treasures of the 64 arts is now pining away in the darkness, deep in the splendid forest of Shri Vrndavana.


70      O friend, please lovingly worship Shri Vrndavana, which is the beginning of the treasure of the nectar of intense transcendental bliss, which is filled with the limitless opulence of transcendental love, and which is made very charming by the passionate pastimes of Shri Radha and the flutist Shri Krishna.


71      Dear gopi friend, when you enter the lake, express this playful doubt to your friends: "is this a beautiful lotus flower decorated with a swarm of black bees, or is it a face decorated with curling locks of hair?"


72      "Is this the splendid moon?"

"Why does it not have spots?" "Is this the face of one of the playful girls of Vrndavana?"

"How did Her lips become so beautiful?" In this way Shri Radha's friends spoke among themselves.


73      Friend, when you are in the water up to Your neck and Lord Hari sees only Your face, He will wonder, "What is this astonishing thing?"


74      "Why does this moon not shine? How is it that this blossoming lotus flower walks about on the land and enjoys pastimes as it pleases? " By speaking these charming joking words in the beautiful forest cottage, Lord Hari delighted Radha's friends.


75      "Has a swan swimming in Vrndavana's lakes taught Radha to walk in this way or has She taught them? Has this sweet girl taught the does these shy glances, or has She learned from them?"


76      Because it can only be understood by love, neither the mind or words can understand a certain full moon that delights the flower blossoms with its sweet nectar moonlight and brings a pleasant coolness, a flood of intense sweetness, and a handsome lustre to Vrndavana forest.


77      In the assembly of learned devotees I hear the descriptions of the Lord's transcendental forms and incarnations, of the various stages of devotional service, and of the many sweet and charming transcendental pastimes playful Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy in the forest of Vrndavana. Should I ever do anything else?


78      Thirsting to enjoy amorous pastimes, handsomely decorated Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy together in a cottage of newly blossoming vines in the beautiful forest of Vrndavana. Either directly, or in other ways, the Vedic literatures describe the many varieties of their moonlight splendour.


79      Call out, "O Radha-Krishna," and meet Them as They happily enjoy transcendental pastimes in the newly blossoming groves of Vrndavana. I myself have personally seen one person as splendid as gold and another wonderfully blissful dark-complexioned persom more dear to me than life.


80      Many people say of intensely blissful transcendental Vrndavana, "Oh, Vrndavana, is just a forest." In my heart I have a different opinion. Vrndavana is the external manifestation of the sweet ecstatic love Shri Shri Radha-Krishna bear for each other.


81      A splendid great darkness now kisses the charming and wonderful golden moon that eternally bathes the ten directions of Vrndavana forest with limitless moonlight and places sweet nectar everywhere.


82      In Vrndavana Radha's friends draw tilaka on Her face and say, "This is Shri Radha's face." I think this face is actually a beautiful moon risen from the churning of the great nectar ocean of the splendour of love for Lord Madana Gopala.


83      Intoxicated by the sweet nectar of transcendental passion, and displaying unique handsomeness, youthfulness, opulence, sweet charm, and expert intelligence, the very wonderful fair and dark youthful divine couple enjoys pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana. A glimpse of the shade of Their toenails makes Lord Narayana faint in ecstasy.


84      One who is very fortunate worships Shri Radha's lotus feet, which are plunged in the great ocean of transcendental beauty, plunged in the great ocean of golden splendour, and filled with the wonderful tinkling of colourful anklets and the great auspiciousness of the chest of the dark moon of Lord Krishna.


85      Go ahead and attain material or spiritual happiness! Attain all the kinds of liberation! Attain devotion to Lord Vishnu! What is the value of these things? What are they in comparison to a tiny fragment of the happiness of serving Shri Radha's feet?


86      Don't place your glance on this temporary body and its fleeting happiness! Don't plunge into the distresses born from the gruesome sense-happinesses that start with a young woman! Give up all attraction to hearing this body glorified! Give these up and quickly go to the abode where Shri Radha places Her lotus feet!


87      My brother, what is death? Death is the desire to enjoy the ball of stool and urine known as a woman. What is disease? The greatest disease is the envy and hatred that churns one inside and out. What is heaven? The greatest heaven is the association of person who continually celebrate a jubilant festival of pure love for Lord Krishna, the son of Maharaja Nanda. What is the ultimate secret knowledge hidden in the Upanisads? The ultimate secret of the Upanisads is the divine couple who enjoy transcendental pastimes in Shri Vrndavana.


88      The crest jewels of the swans very happily stay at this splendid lake filled with blooming sweet lotus flowers. If you leave this lake, flying away with the crows, and if you develop a desire to taste mud, then you are not a swan.


89      O merciful Lord, You are splendid with a great host of wonderful virtues. You are equal to all. You are the best of all. For how long have You existed? Have you not existed eternally? O Lord whose form glitters with transcendental nectar, You have not even begun to reveal the pastimes You enjoy here in the land of Vrndavana.


90      Because the offense of not being perfectly satisfied to live here has sprouted, many persons, even though they live for a long time in Vrndavana, which is the most charming, sweet, lovely,and auspicious place for a devotee, remain unable to directly see the sweet nectar of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's transcendental loving pastimes.


91      O beautiful gopi, you are uselessly proud of your two beautiful eyes. In Vrndavana are there not many lotus flowers growing in different lakes that are just like your eyes?


92      A vine of pearls splendidly decorates the waterpot breasts of Shri Radha. It is Her touch that gives these pearls their beauty.


93      O beautiful faced girl, your crooked dark eyes are now plunged into the crooked dark form of Lord Hari. The friendship of similar things is natural in this world.


94      The demigod Brahma prayed to be born in Vrndavana in a new body filled with the nectar of love for splendid and charming Lord Hari. Whoever resides in Vrndavana is worshipable and filled with transcendental good qualities.

95      The presence of the nectar form of Shri Krishna has transformed the forest of Vrndavana into a place of nectar. Everything that falls into the salt-water ocean also becomes salty.


96      In Vrndavana who will not receive Shri Radha's glance? When the Svati star shines, water falling into an oyster's throat will inevitably become a pearl.


97      All happiness and distress is manifested according to one's consciousness. Shri Shri Radha and Krishna are perfectly happy and content to lie down on the ground of Vrndavana.


98      From one whose heart yearns to taste the sweet nectar of the most charming and splendid land of Vrndavana, does not everything remind him of the charming Lord?


99      In Vrndavana Lord Hari presses Shri Radha's very large, elegantly rounded, extremely firm and sublimely beautiful breasts as He ties Her glistening curly, black hair.


100     Does not Lord Hari bring happiness to an unhappy heart? With His embrace He brings the splendid nectar of transcendental happiness to His beloved in Vrndavana.


101     Some few rare saints become Lord Krishna's gopi beloveds in Vrndavana. They are trees that bear fragrant, delicious, and beautiful fruit in this world.


102     Seeing Radha and Krishna wandering in Vrndavana forest and thinking Them to be a dark monsoon cloud and a ligtning flash, the best of the peacocks spread their tails and jubilantly began to dance.


103     Fools are not attracted to the beautiful land of Vrndavana. This is not surprising. A man afflicted with the disease pitta-rasana cannot bear the taste of sugar-water. He immediately spits it out.


104     Although Vrndavana is filled with the sweetest transcendental nectar, some fools see it to be otherwise. Is this surprising? A white conchshell appears yellow to a man with jaundice.


105     For saying, "Now I shall describe the nectar virtues of Shri Vrndavana" I am very wretched and pathetic. Who has the power to understand Vrndavana? Who can measure with a small bucket the water of the great ocean? One who tries becomes the object of laughter in this world.


106     The blissful eyes of the people of Vrndavana see the five goals of life present everywhere, but those people in Vrndavana who, receiving great mercy, have become the servants of Shri Radha's feet, which are a flood of the sweetest intoxicating nectar, cannot see the five goals anywhere.


107     In the kingdom of Vrndavana the royal subjects, all lovers of Krishna, are all wealthy aristocrats. They who are devoted to the king of Vrndavana become wealthy with the priceless opulences of the nectar of transcendental bliss.

108     My mind does not go to any place other than the glories of Vrndavana. O learned scholars, your commentaries on the scriptures are all in vain. I am deaf to your every word.


109     Vrndavana is the home of boundlessly wonderful and powerful transcendental pastimes. Vrndavana is filled with limitless mercy. No happiness is superior to happiness in Vrndavana. Without the merciful sidelong glance of Shri Radha no one has the power to do anything. I am the perfect example. I know that I suffer so grievously because I have not attained Her mercy.


110     Although Vrndavana is the source of all transcendental bliss, my heart cannot find any happiness within it. O beautiful girl, I cannot for a moment look at your beautiful smiling face. How can a kumuda flower find happiness without the moon?


111     Are there not many very beautiful intelligent gopis here in Vrndavana? O Radha, I see only You. Where can a cakora bird go if he turns away from the moon?


112     O Shri Radhika, if you are not merciful, then my mind and body will become racked with pain and I will quickly die of grief. For this reason please always cast Your glance of mercy on this person in Vrndavana.


113     The girl named Shri Radha is the most exalted form of the goddess of fortune. Her lover is the most exalted form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


114     May the charming youthful divine couple, which enjoys the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes in Vrndavana without beginning or end, be the object of my worship.


115     With charming devotional service please eternally worship charming Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who eternally enjoy charming transcendental pastimes in the charming groves of charming Vrndavana forest.


116     In a splendid transcendental body suitable for Radha's service, acting as a servant of Radha's feet, and pleasing the heart of Radha's lover, eternally reside in Radha's forest.


117     O beautiful faced Radha, gazing into Your face makes my eyes blossom with happiness. The moon, which is the friend of the kumuda flowers, brings only happiness to the kumudas.