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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Prabodhananda Sarasvati > Vrindavana Mahimamrita > VM Shataka 10




1        Please meditate on a certain beautiful girl in Vrndavana whose complexion is splendid as molten gold, whose face shines as millions of moons, whose newly tied braids are decorated with very splendid blue flowers and a great bunch of flowers at the end, whose beautiful nostrils are decorated with a single splendid pearl set in glistening gold and jewels, whose beautiful lips are like bimba fruits, whose beautiful teeth are like a row of splendid pearls...


2        who covers the two beautiful flower buds of her young girl's breasts with the edge of her garment, whose waist is very slender, whose very beautiful soft hips are covered with a glistening silk sari, who is beautifully decorated with a belt, ankle bells, many necklaces, bracelets, and glistening armlets, the graceful vine of whose limbs fills all directions with its splendour....


3        the hairs of whose body stand erect because of her great love for Shri Radha, who has studied the graceful arts under the tutelage of her mistress, Shri Radha, who is the object of Shri Radha's great mercy, love, and trust, who worships the splendour of her friend Shri Radha's jewel toenails, which are millions of times more dear to her than her own life, and who wears a splendid, fine, colourful bodice decorated with leaves and bunches of flowers.


4        I meditate on the pathways of Vrndavana forest. I meditate on the fair and dark divine couple who, drowning in the shoreless ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes, are not aware whether it is day or night.


5        Please worship the fair and dark divine couple in the groves of Vrndavana, who are the two Deities of the nectar of eternal transcendental amorous passion, who are eternally filled with playful pastimes of youth, and who are eternally and very wonderfully handsome.


6        In Vrndavana forest I eternally meditate on the divine couple, whose charming transcendental forms are filled with the most intense nectar of love for each other, and who are surrounded by a host of gopi friends blinded by the nectar of love.


7        With eternal love in my heart I worship Radha's beloved, who is eternally youthful, who is eternally overwhelmed by the nectar of transcendental bliss, whose dark limbs are an eternally expanding shoreless ocean of splendour, who is eternally agitated with transcendental amorous passion, and who is millions of times more dear to me than my own life.


8        Here in this forest of Vrndavana my heart has become enchanted by the youthfulness, expert skill in the art of transcendental amorous pastimes, ever new and splendid beauty, shyness, playful smiles, playful crooked sidelong glances, playful graceful motions, very beautiful and splendid fair complexion that makes the beholder become overwhelmed with transcendental bliss, and charming transcendental sweetness of Shri Radha.


9        When, because of seeing the forest of Vrndavana with perfect clearness, will my heart, jubilant with the sweet nectar of transcendental bliss and overwhelmed with ecstatic pure love, become plunged in the golden shoreless ocean of the sweetness and beauty of Shri Radhika's transcendental form and pastimes, which is filled with gracefulness, youthfulness, and charm, and which is the thief that has stolen the heart of Shri Krishna.


10      I pray that, without considering my faults or virtues, the very powerful land of Vrndavana, which is filled with eternal, unbounded compassion and all other good qualities, will accept me.


11      O Shri Vrndavana, I have renounced everything and taken shelter of you, but I have also made you very impatient by committing millions of offenses. If you do not give me shelter in your groves, which are filled with the great transcendental bliss that is Shri Radha's lotus footprints, then I have no other place to turn. There is no other place I can go.


12      One who resides in Shri Vrndavana and offends Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enters the darkest of hells. He will never be delivered.


13      O Vrndavana, O forest that contains the great treasure that is Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. I am sinful. I tremble in fear. You are my only shelter.


14      He who meditates on the groves of Vrndavana forest, which are flooded by the charming waves of the sweetness of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's pastimes, is the most fortunate of persons.


15      I am fallen, shelterless, bewildered, poor, addicted to wicked deeds, and very far from the lotus feet of Shri Radha. How can I attain the land of Vrndavana? I do not know.


16      I pray that Shri Vrndavana will accept me, even though I am pathetic, wicked-hearted, and ill behaved.


17      I pray that Vrndavana's fair and dark, very wonderful youthful divine couple, who are eternally plunged in the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes, may always stay in my heart.


18      When, maddened with love, will I directly see the youthful divine couple, who are as splendid as gold and sapphires, and who enjoy eternally transcendental amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana?


19      When, walking, talking, standing, sleeping, or beathing in Vrndavana forest will I directly see the two fair and dark splendours trembling with transcendental amorous passion?


20      May all the worlds meditate on the nectarean fair and dark divine couple, who are more charming that millions of Ratis and Kamadevas. May all the worlds fall at Their feet.

21      I pray that in the charming land of Vrndavana the very charming beauty, splendour, and pastimes of charming Shri Radha and the charming prince of Vraja may eternally appear in my heart.


22      I pray that the wonderful, youthful, handsome, playful, very sweet, fair and dark divine couple may appear before me in the groves of Vrndavana forest.


23      I worship Lalita and her friends, who in the forest of Vrndavana have become intoxicated by continually drinking the pleasantly cool, sweet, and smiling nectar words flowing from the blossoming golden and sapphire lotus mouths of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, which are more beautiful than millions of moons.


24      In Vrndavana I meditate on the splendid fair and dark youthful divine couple, who wear splendid red and yellow garments and are decorated with splendid flower-decorated braids, a splendid peacock feather crown, and splendid jewel tatanka and shark shaped earrings.


25      I meditate on Vrndavana, which somewhere is decorated with calves mooing, somewhere with playing boys, somewhere with a festival of blissful gopi girls, and somewhere with the charm of Radha-Krishna's pastimes.


26      Let me take shelter of the splendid transcendental forest of Vrndavana, which is eternal, full of knowledge and bliss, more beautiful than the Nandana forest or any other celestial forest, and which is entered only by the devotees filled with unalloyed pure love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


27      When, completely avoiding the association of women and men attached to women, sitting alone under a tree and shedding tears as I chant the holy names of the dearmost divine couple, silent when people come, as tolerant as the earth, and thinking myself lower than a blade of grass, will I live in Radha's pastime forest of Vrndavana?


28      All glories to Shri Radha's pastime-forest, which is filled with millions of kamadhenu cows, millions of gardens and grassy lawns, many splendid and transcendental kalpa-vrksa, sandal, parijata, kudra, and other trees, many cintamani jewels, many very charming forest cottages, and many beautiful, moon faced gopis.


29      Placing white jasmine garlands in the sky with His repeated smiles and laughter,making all directions full of blue lotus flowers with His moving glances, and planting blossoming sthala lotus flowers on the ground with His footsteps, Lord Madhava walks with Shri Radha in Vrndavana forest. I meditate on Him in this way.


30      When, again and again shedding tears as I enter the forest grove where the couple that is my life and soul enjoyed pastimes, singing about Their pastimes, in fear fleeing materialists as if they were serpents, eating a little fruit and some dried leaves when I am hungry, when I am thirsty drinking water to my heart's content, and living under a tree in Vrndavana forest, will I finally become happy?


31      O enjoyer of the nectar that is Shri Gandharva (Radha), O Lord whose handsome moon mouth is decorated with a flute, O Lord who wears a great gunja-necklace fashioned by Your gopi beloved and placed on You by Her own hand, O Lord who wears a peacock feather crown lovingly made by Your beloved. O Lord whose bodily hairs stand erect in ecstasy, today in this forest of Vrndavana, please enjoy your pastimes in my heart.


32      Let me glorify Vrndavana where, the hairs of Their bodies erect with excitement, Their eyes red, Their words confused, Their steps faltering, Their conversation filled with lover's quarrels, Their hair and garments in disarray, and Their flower garlands and other ornaments broken, the fair and dark divine couple laughed again and again, intoxicated by the nectar of Their pastimes.


33      Ignoring everything else, considering all material opulences very insignificant, and struck with wonder at its sweet beauty, I worship Shri Vrndavana, supreme above all, the moonlight of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's beautiful faces making it shine as if with limitless moons, and its moving and stationary spiritual living entities all blinded with pure love for the divine couple.


34      Though everyone pities me, saintly persons beat me to teach me a lesson, and my ignorant relatives affectionately decorate me and with kindness try to stop me as I depart, will I, aware that they are acting as foolish children, and not abandoning my resolve, take up residence in Shri Vrndavana, which is filled with boundless transcendental bliss?


35      When, following a vow of poverty, and again and again singing the glories of the transcendental qualities of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, will I muddy the ground of Vrndavana with my tears?


36      When will I become completely charmed by Shri Radha's transcendental form and qualities? When will the graceful dancer of devotional service to Shri Radha's lotus feet enter my heart?


37      Sometimes his hairs standing erect, sometimes shedding streams of tears, sometimes chanting the holy name of Radha in a broken voice, sometimes rolling about on the ground, and sometimes fainting, a devotee overwhelmed with ecstatic love wanders in the forest of Vrndavana.


38      Their handsomeness destroying the pride of countless Ratis and Kamadevas, and Themselves bound with love for each other and plunged into the shoreless ocean of limitless nectar, the fair and dark youthful divine couple is eternally manifest in Vrndavana.


39      Let millions of thunderbolts fall on me. Let everything burn in a great fire. Let the millions of blazing suns that appear at the time of universal devastation rise in the sky. I will never leave Vrndavana.


40      Tigers may tear me to pieces and devour me. Terrible poisonous black snakes may bite me. I may be afflicted by a host of incurable diseases. Everyone may give me trouble. Because I have no house I may be tormented by severe cold, rain and great winds. I may be afflicted by unbearable hunger and thirst. Still, I shall not take even a single step out of Vrndavana.


41      Without even seeing the face of a woman, without conversing with maerialistic men, without flaunting one's humbleness and fixed vow of poverty, even if directly asked, without finding fault with anyone, without desiring anything, and satisfied with whatever comes without endeavour, please stay here in Vrndavana and find the nectar flowing from Shri Radha's lotus feet.


42      Let me take shelter of Shri Vrndavana, which has many splendid transcendental forest groves, which is filled with wonderful, eternal, limitless sweetness, and which contains the beauty and opulence of the eternal transcendental amorous pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


43      On an island in the shoreless ocean of the spiritual effulgence of intense transcendental bliss, the forest of Vrndavana shines with great splendour. Let me now take shelter of the fair and dark, handsome, youthful divine couple who enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes without beginning or end there.


44      All glories to a certain young goddess, who is filled with the ultimate sweetness of krishna-prema, and the waves of the glistening ocean of the splendour of whose transcendental limbs has broken the differences of the directions in Vrndavana.


45      Please place your glance on the passionate youthful, fair and dark divine couple. They are the supremely sweet nectar churned from the shoreless, endless, pure, blissful, eternal, splendid ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes.


46      Filling all spiritual and material worlds with the splendor of Her transcendental limbs, and flooding every place with the sweetness of Her transcendental pastimes, a very beautiful teen-age girl, whose form is like a golden vine agitated with pure love for Lord Syama, is splendidly manifest in Vrndavana forest.


47      Saintly theologians teach the graceful dance known as pure devotional service to the lotus feet of Shri Radha. By dancing, whether a materialist like me, sinful or pious, blamed or praised, one may take shelter of Vrndavana, where Shri Radha is splendidly manifest.


48      May I perform millions of wicked deeds. May I be filled with millions of wicked thoughts and millions of horrible, senseless material desires in the forest of Vrndavana, but may I never forget the holy name of Shri Radha.


49      His heart fatally pierced by volleys of terrible poisoned cupid's arrows shot by the sweetness of Shri Radha's shy smiles and the pastimes of Her dancing sidelong glances and the sweetly graceful movements of Her transcendental body, a certain dark-complexioned youth now staggers about in the forest of Vrndavana.

50      May Shri Radhika's youthfulness, charm, virtues, talents, gracefully moving limbs, and beauty that floods all directions, appear in our hearts.


51      May the youthful fair and dark divine couple, who are two oceans of love, who are filled with wonderful youthful beauty, and who enjoy wildly passionate transcendental amorous pastimes, eternally appear in a heart filled with the sweet nectar of ecstatic love.


52      If you will not worship Vrndavana, where in grove after grove Shri Shri Radha-Vrajendu happily enjoy transcendental pastimes, where in tree after tree splendid fragrant flowers bloom, and where in flower after flower a flood of nectar flows and a swarm of bees becomes blinded with happiness, then your birth in this world and everything you possess is meaningless.


53      In effulgent, sweet, spiritual, purifying Vrndavana, where there is not the slightest trace of material goodness, passion and ignorance, no power of time, and no demigods and other powerful conditioned souls, patiently live always, O fool, not seeing it with bewildered eyes.


54      Aware that work done for the external material body is degrading, aware that extravagant praise is a series of empty words only, aware that material wealth is a great calamity, aware that a woman's body is a demoness, aware that the material body is a useless burden, aware that the company of materialistic men is a poisonous snake, and aware that even though everyone may consider you a great personality you are actually the most lowly and fallen, become free from material possessiveness, and please stay in this land of Vrndavana.


55      Not associating with women or men attached to women, taking shelter of this holy place, remaining indifferent to all the dualities of material existence, eating whatever simple food is easily available, please place Shri Radha's lotus feet in your heart sweetened with splendid ecstatic love, and please pass your days and nights always chanting Her holy names in the forest of Vrndavana.


56      Give up all attachment to your wretched material body, which is simply a pot of stool. Take pleasure in the association of great saints who have accepted a vow of poverty. Even from afar do not glance at beautiful golden-complexioned girls. Remain indifferent to honor, poison, nectar, and all the sufferings of this world. Impelled by great devotional love, always stay in Vrndavana.


57      Please meditate on the splendid crown jewel of all forests, which breaks the chain of cause and effect, wipes away the fear of time, destroys both sins and material virtues, removes the threefold miseries, remains very far away from the three Vedas, and is filled with the very wonderful nectar waves of pure transcendental love.


58      I worship the splendid fair and dark divine couple, who are wonderfully youthful, who eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes in transcendental Vrndavana, who are each other's life and soul, who are the life-breath of Lalita-gopi, and who are eternally tossed about by great waves of transcendental amorous passion.

59      I worship the wonderful and youthful divine couple, who are fair and dark as gold and sapphires, who enjoy splendid transcendental pastimes, and who are overwhelmed by newer and newer feelings of very passionate love for each other.


60      Please meditiate on the playful, ever-new transcendental pastimes of a certain divine couple, who are splendid as sapphires and new gold, and who stay in the land of Vrndavana, source of the nectar of transcendental mellows.


61      I pray that in the land of Vrndavana I may eternally serve the wonderfully fair and dark, eternally youthful divine couple, who are two abodes of the sweet nectar of transcendental mellows, and who are blinded by eternally new, very passionate love for each other.


62      I pray that I may serve the very glorious and eternally youthful divine couple who are now overwhelmed by the sweet nectar of Vrndavana forest. They are as splendid as gold sapphires, and the flood of Their transcendental handsomeness has inundated the ten directions.


63      Enchanting Vrndavana contains the secret of all bliss, the secret of all love, the secret of sweet fragrances, the secret of transcendental amorous pastimes, and the secret of intelligence.


64      I meditate on the brillant golden and sapphire lotus splendors of a certain handsome, youthful, passionate couple, who are like a single life, and who with ever increasing thirst eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana forest.


65      Shri Vrndavana forest, the fair and dark divine couple who live as if with a single self, and Their dear gopi friends are all filled with the wonderfully sweet nectar of transcendental love. Even though I am a great offender, if I once have a slight scent of a relationship with Them, They will not neglect me.


66      Let me glorify the completely independent Supreme Personality of Godhead, by whose arrangement the conditioned living entities encased in material bodies are allowed to engage in either exalted or degraded activities, by whose arrangements some living entities yearn to live in Vrndavana forest, by whose arrangement some living entities are able to live in Vrndavana forest, by whose arrangement some living entities are able to completely renounce all material sense-gratification, and by whose arrangement some living entities are able to associate with great souls and attain transcendental knowledge and devotional service.


67      Let me take shelter of the blissful, wonderful, independent Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is everything, who is the master of wonderful potencies, who by taking shelter of His own perfect potencies enjoys blissful pastimes in His many divine forms, and who lives and does as He likes.


68      The ultimate limit of Lord Vishnu's bliss, Lord Hari's exalted potencies, and Lord Bhagavan's perfect transcendental qualities are all eternally manifest in the supremely exalted land of Shri Vrndavana.


69      I am ever averse to pious acts, I am a great reservoir of all kinds of sinful deeds. I have no good qualities. All the saintly devotees avoid me and even the fools and outcastes stay far away form me. Will the naturally kind and affectionate land of Vrndavana also reject me?


70      All glories to Vrndavana-dhama, which purifies they who have no shelter, chases away all sins, purifies the most fallen, makes the hearts of all living entities melt with the nectar of intense bliss, is constantly remembered by the great demigods, and is the life and soul of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


71      O Shri Vrndavana, O bliss of Shri Shri Radhika-Rasikamauli, please always be like my eternal mother, like my father, good friend, brother, dear relative, lover, worshipable deity, spiritual master, guide, life, priceless treasure, sweet nectar, good son, and my own heart.


72      All glories to the youthful splendour named Radha, which rests on the lap of a dark youth in Vrndavana forest, which has a glistening golden form plunged in the flooding ocean of transcendental beauty, and which with the nectar of ever-new transcendental love eclipses the glory of spiritual and material worlds.


73      Because within it are splendidly manifest the ultimate wonder of opulence, the ultimate wonder of the Supreme Lord's transcendental qualities, the ultimate sweetness of transcendental pastimes, the ultimate intoxication of the nectar of transcendental love, the ultimate wonder of transcendental beauty, and the ultimate wonder of playful youth, I take shelter of Shri Vrndavana.


74      The perfectly spiritual land of Vrndavana, which has splendidly auspicious, sweet, spiritual potencies, and by the touch of which all the living and dead become eternally free from the grip of the three modes and, manifesting spiritual forms plunged in the nectar of love for Lord Hari, shine with great splendour, is splendidly manifest.


75      I offer my respectful obeisances to the land of Vrndavana, which is the place of Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara's wonderful pastimes, which is eagerly sought by the pure-hearted devotees in this world, which shines with the splendour of many glistening transcendental jewels, which is charming with very wonderful and colourful places, and which completely crushes the six waves of material misery.


76      All glories to the land of Vrndavana, which is made in some places of splendid transcendental sapphires, in other places of gold, in other places of lapis lazuli, in other places of candrakanta jewels, in other places of diamonds as white as snow, in other places of pearls, in other places of coral, and in other places of jewels no one on earth has ever seen.


77      For the pleasure of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna the regal trees in Vrndavana forest assume many different forms. Some assume forms of the sweetest nectar, others take the forms of splendid transcendental milk and cream, others forms of intoxicating liquors, others forms of crystal, and others forms of very cooling camphor.


78      May Vrndavana where, following Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's joking orders, the fortunate, regal trees bow down to offer respects, resting their branches on the ground, then become charming, flower filled, many branched pavilions, and then, from where the hand can grasp up to their very tops, bloom with many flowers, show auspiciousness to me.


79-82  May Vrndavana forest, where some of the trees are more splendid than millions of blazing midday suns, some more brilliant than millions of kalpagni fires burning at the time of cosmic dissolution, some more charming than a great flood of splendid, cooling moonlight, some more splendid than red gunja berries, some more clear and splendid than millions of brilliant crystals, some charmingly decorated with splendid new shoots, some splendid as a limitless flood of molten gold, some splendid as diamond necklaces, some splendid as flocks of parrots, some splendid as black mascara, and some splendid as roses, and where in this way the eternal, blissful, nectarean spiritual forms of the many regal, wonderful, flower filled trees display a great array of many different splendid and indescribable transcendental colours, be eternally manifest before me.


83      In Krishna's forest I meditate on the wonderful trees bearing a great multitude of nectarean fruits, glistening with a shoreless ocean of transcendental nectar, covered with a great network of wonderful colourful flowers, buds and leaves, and bearing a great host of nectarean fruits.


84      I meditate on splendidly charming Vrndavana forest filled with trees and vines blossoming with limitless love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, ornamented with birds and beasts overwhelmed with the nectarean mellows of love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, and filled with newly blossoming forest groves where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy transcendental pastimes.


85      I gaze at the very splendid and sweetly charming forest of Vrndavana, which is situated in the supremely splendid and sweet realm of Vaikunthaloka, which crushes impersonal liberation and material sense gratification to a powder, and within which the youthful divine couple, who shine like gold and saphires, enjoy limitless transcendental pastimes.


86      Please cross beyond the lifeless material realm where conditioned souls experience a host of illusory miseries and then enter the all pervading Brahman effulgence. Deep within that effulgence please see the splendid forest of Vrndavana, which shines with the wonderful sweetness of the nectar mellows of supremely pure transcendental amorous pastimes.


87      In that place a fair and dark youthful couple, filled with a great flood of handsomeness, shining with limitless splendour, expert at enjoying transcendental pastimes, filled with ever new and fresh wonder and sweetness, and blinded with transcendental amorous passion, enjoys pastimes in the forest groves.


88-89  In that place I continually meditate on the divine couple, who are filled with the pure essence of transcendental bliss, who possess the ultimate limit of handsomeness and all transcendental virtues, and who possess the great wonder of very sweet and completely unrestrained passionate transcendental amorous pastimes. I continually meditate on the very brilliant and sweet incomparable splendour of Shri Radha's lotus feet. I continually meditate on a certain young girl whose complexion is as splendid as a new lightning flash, whose transcendental beauty and delicate soft features have defeated the virtues of beautiful golden vines...


90      who fills all directions with her bodily lustre, who is splashed by the great waves of incomparable transcendental beauty, who is a great treasure of transcendental intelligence, whose form is unlimitedly graceful, who is a completely surrendered maidservant of Radha, who is overwhelmed with great love for Radha, who by Radha's mercy is able to cross from one shore to the ocean of transcendental skill to the other...


91      whose braided hair is decorated with jewels and flowers, who covers her head and her flower bud breasts with a silken cloth, who is very shy and affectionate, who smiles gently, whose movements are graceful, whose naturally crooked sidelong glances fill the entire world with wonder...


92      whose waist is very slender, who wears a lovely glistening sari over the beautiful splendour of her very braod hips, who wears a tinkling sash of bells and tinkling jewel anklebells, whose graceful and delicate vine arms are decorated with jewel armlets and glistening bracelets...


93      whose very beautiful neck is splendidly decorated with a host of glistening necklaces, whose beautiful ears are decorated with large jewel earrings, whose beautiful nose is decorated with a lovely pearl studded with gold and jewels, whose lips are beautiful as two bimba fruits, whose beautiful chin is decorated with a splendid dot of black musk...


94      who with the great flood of the splendour of her teeth shining as glistening pearls seems to fill all directions with white jasmine and lotus flowers, the hairs of whose body stand erect out of intense love for Shri Radha, who is dressed in a beautiful sari and and decorated with many lovely flowers....


95      who, eager to serve Radha's lotus feet, continually runs from here to there, her anklebells loudly tinkling, and who by the playful movements of the waves of the wonderful and splendid handsomeness of the divine couple, more dear to her than life, is plunged into the flooding nectar ocean of transcendental bliss.


96      I am filled with great faults. I do not possess even the slightest trace of virtue. Alas! It is not proper for the merciful devotees to even glance upon me. Again and again I have commited inexcusable offenses to you. Still, O Vrndavana, you are like my mother and I am like your son. Please do not abandon me.


97      I am a great fool who has committed every grievous sin. Even the lowest of men pity me. Even in dream I never worship the feet of Lord Hari or His devotees. I do not act for my own welfare. I have no shelter. O Vrndavana, you are very glorious because you are so tolerant, affectionate, and virtuous. Please protect me.


98      Eternally enjoying limitless transcendental pastimes in your groves, your beloved divine couple do not see any rules or prohibitions to restrict Them. You bring the sweet nectar of meditation on Them. O boundlessly wise Vrndavana, please do not abandon me.


99      If the moving and stationary living entities here in the land of Vrndavana understand the sweet spiritual nectar of the amorous pastimes of Radha's lover, then where is religion for them? Where is irreligion? Where is the slightest word of the various rules of social etiquette? Where is auspiciousness? Where is inauspiciousness? Where is even the faintest glimpse of pain and trouble?


100-101 See all the dualities of material nature, see the transcendental Brahman effulgence, see the splendid bliss of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Very far from that see the splendid dark effulgence of the nectar mellows of transcendental love, within that splendour see the land of Shri Vrndavana, and within that land land please worship, with very sweet loving service, the very fair and dark divine couple, who are very wonderful, graceful, youthful, handsome, and generous, and who thirst to enjoy the mellows of passionate transcendental amorous pastimes.


102     Very affectionate, very delicate, very handsome, overflowing with transcendental bliss, very intelligent, very splendid, endowed with pleasantly cool shade, filled with beautiful flowers, delicious fruits, fragrant sweet honey and beautiful leaves and buds, and glistening with ecstatic love for Lord Krishna, the trees in Vrndavana forest shine with great splendour.