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1††††††† When, laughing, dancing, singing, the hairs of my body erect, my eyes filled with tears, my body stunned, covered with perspiration, and displaying the various symptoms of very sweet devotional ecstasy, will I , continually remembering my beloved Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, and mad with ecstatic love, continually reside in Vrndavana?


2††††††† When will my heart plunge in the blissful ocean of the beauty, sweetness, and playfulness of Radha's two lotus feet? When, renouncing impersonal liberation and all great material opulences as if they were a clump of grass, will I reside in Vrndavana?


3††††††† My heart is enchanted by Shri Radha, who walks in Her transcendental forest, Her feet beautiful as lotus flowers, Her anklebells sweetly tinkling, Her feet flooding the surface of the ground with a golden and reddish sweetness, and Her jewelled anklets and splendid toe rings brightly glistening.


4††††††† Will I, unmoved by the touch of the Vedic or public opinion, my heart rapt in meditation on the greatest sweetness, and the bumblebee of my heart intoxicated by tasting the great sweetness of the nectar of the lotus flower of Shri Radha's feet, stay here in Vrndavana?


5††††††† Who would not become enchanted by meditating on Shri Radha's youthfulness, beauty, cooling nectar eloquent words, the graceful motions of Her golden limbs, or Her tears, erect bodily hairs, and other symptoms of ecstatic love?


6††††††† Please meditate on Shri Radha's face, which is like the whorl of a blossoming golden lotus illumined by a limitless shower of moonlight and filled with very sweet nectar that Lord Hari, whose complexion is like a blue lotus, yearns to taste.


7††††††† Please meditate on the moon of Radha's face, which showers a great monsoon of splendid golden moonlight on the material and spiritual worlds, and which is the life and soul of the cakora bird that is Lord Krishna.


8††††††† I offer my respectful obeisances to the eternally youthful queen of Vrndavana, whose beautiful transcendental form is filled with the sweetest nectar of pure transcendental love.


9††††††† Please meditate on the flooding golden oceans of the sweet nectar of Shri Radha's love, which have now covered the spiritual and material worlds.


10††††† Many charming girls who make even the most beautiful transcendental young girls seem as insignificant as so many blades of grass, place their heads on the forest ground before the feet of my queen, Radha.


11††††† Please meditate on Shri Radha, who is the most splendidly beautiful of all

beautiful girls, and who is worshipped by the most intelligent and beautiful girls in the three worlds.

12††††† Let me glorify the gopi maidservants who attend Shri Radha's lotus feet, from which flows a nectar ocean of the bliss of unrestrained, sweet pure love.


13††††† Even though I have not performed a single pious deed, and even though I have committed every sin, shall I not attain spiritual perfection simply by chanting the two syllable mantra "Radha".


14††††† O Vrndavana, even though I am reckless, even though my actions are opposed by the most learned gurus and theologians, and even though I am a slave to my senses, please allow me to reside within your boundaries. Please do not abandon me.


15††††† Alas! I have committed millions of sins. I am more fallen than the outcasts. I have not taken shelter of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. O Vrndavana, will you give me shelter?


16††††† Even though you are very difficult to attain, I still hope that I may reside within your boundaries. Now my senses have become enemies. O Vrndavana, what will become of me?

17††††† May I live in hell millions of times. May I never attain my desires. May the Supreme Personality of Godhead decline to grant me His mercy, but may my yearning to attain the sweetness of Shri Radha's lotus feet never become slackened.


18††††† Even the eyes and heart of Lord Hari are filled with boundless yearnings to see the beauty of charming Radha's feet, which are decorated with melodiously tinkling ankle bells as She wanders with graceful steps in the forest of Vrndavana, I pray that beauty may appear in my loving heart.


19††††† May Shri Radhika, who is plunged in the waves of the ocean of the sweetness of youthful beauty, who is the great Deity of Krishna-prema, whose dancing knitted eyebrows contain millions of playful amorous desires, and who is as sweet as nectar, appear in my heart.


20††††† May my heart, overcome with the sweetness of ecstatic love, become plunged in the eternally increasing ocean of sweetness that moves over Shrimati Radharani's beautiful youthful, transcendental form, the very sweet moonlight of Her face with its shy smiles and crooked sidelong glances, Her wonderful words, graceful motions, and all Her very sweet transcendental pastimes.


21††††† I pray that Shrimati Radharani's youthful, charming, sweet, and wonderful transcendental limbs, wonderful crooked sidelong glances, sweet shyness, enchanting gentle smile, beauty, lustre, graceful motions, and the first symptoms of Her blossoming love for dark complexioned Lord Krishna may all appear before me.


22††††† May my queen, Radha, Her unlimitedly beautiful fair limbs anointed with kunkuma, decorated with jewels and gold, and showering unlimited oceans of very sweet transcendental splendour, and Her transcendental form bearing the wonderful symptoms of the sweet nectar of Her passionate transcendental love for dark complexioned Lord Krishna, appear in my heart, which is now astonished by the wonderful sweetness of Her every act.

23††††† Above the highest transcendental abode is the blissful kingdom of Vrndavana, where the wonderful youthful divine couple are splendidly manifest. I offer my respectful obeisances to that person who, situated in his own desired spiritual form, sweetly carries out the orders of Lalita and the other gopis, who love the divine couple more than their own life's breath.


24††††† May I pass the moments of my life in the land of Vrndavana, always meditating on the beauty of Shri Radha's lotus feet, which are decorated with sweetly tinkling jewelled ankle bells.


25††††† I pray that Shri Radha's lotus feet, which are decorated with sweetly tinkling ankle bells, and are filled with limitless beauty, delicate softness, sweet fragrance, a flood of transcendental splendour, and a host of other transcendental virtues, may appear before me.


26 †††† May my heart chant the glories of Shri Radha's very beautiful lotus feet, which are golden above their reddish soles, and which steal away the heart of Lord Hari with their sweet transcendental splendour.


27††††† On Shri Radha's lotus feet I gaze at the waves of jewelled splendour flowing from Her anklets and toe-rings and shining in the splendid jewel moonlight of Her toenails.


28††††† I meditate on the very fragrant lotus flower of Shri Radha's feet, which is filled with the thick, sweet honey of transcendental bliss, which the black bee of Lord Krishna yearns to attain, and which even the goddess of fortune cannot attain.


29††††† I pray that Shri Radha's charming feet, which are beautifully decorated with jewel ankle-bells, and which shine with a series of toenail moons set on a line of newly sprouted very delicate flower toes, may appear before me.


30††††† Everyone please meditate on Lord Krishna's flute, which is now completely silenced by the tinkling jewel ankle-bells on Radha's feet. All its hissing is now useless. Now it is simply an object of laughter for all of Radha's friends.


31††††† Because Lord Krishna again and again smells them and presses them to His face, eyes, and heart, Shri Radha's fragrant and pleasantly cooling lotus feet now shine with a dark splendour.


32††††† When, in this forest of Vrndavana, will I see the flooding ocean of the great sweetness of Shri Radha's unrestrained devotional love.


33††††† I meditate on Radha's lotus feet, their jewel toenails shining with great splendour, and their charming ankle-bells tinkling during Her very sweet and wonderful pastimes in Vrndavana forest.


34††††† I worship the fair and dark youthful divine couple, who enjoy unrestrained, very passionate transcendental amorous pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana forest. With their wonderful skill in the art of love They have filled each other with wonder, enchantment, smiles, and completely unrestrained amorous passion.

35††††† "What is the use of this dark-complexioned liar Krishna?"

"Why do You always speak in this way?"

"What is the use of the Krishna, who is simply blossoming with happiness in the company of Candravali?"

"Why do You place these words on my ear?"

"What is this use of this fickle rake Krishna?"

"Please stop thinking of this Krishna!"

When She heard these words, Radha suddenly and with great anger struck her friend with the bouquet of blue lotus flowers.


36††††† Neither Brahma, the primary demigods, the secondary demigods, the demons, the human beings, or the great yogis, have the power to cross beyond the Supreme Personality of Godhead's illusory potency in the form of a beautiful young woman. I am now agitated by this illusion, and now I have become like the most degraded outcast. O Vrndavana, if you accept me I shall become so exalted that even the great souls who are like tilaka markings decorating the community of saintly devotees will worship me and bow down to offer respect to me.


37††††† May my heart become fixed on dark-complexioned Lord Krishna, who in the charming transcendental abode of Vrndavana forest places to His lips a glistening golden flute studded with pearls and many colourful jewels and decorated with bunches of flowers, and eternally plays songs describing the splendid glories of Shrimati Radhika.


38††††† A certain teen-age girl, whose transcendental form is situated in the topmost limit of beauty, and the splendour of whose golden limbs fills the forest of Vrndavana, has stolen the heart of dark-complexioned Lord Krishna.


39††††† In a grove of Vrndavana forest a golden vine, filled with buds like golden lotus flowers, its face like a golden full moon, its waist very slender, and its limitless transcendental beauty filling all directions is now embracing a passionate, dark, transcendental tamala tree.


40††††† O heart, please meditate on Shri Radha's handsome lover, whose ear is decorated with a karnikara flower, whose bimba-fruit lips are kissed by the gopis, who plays the flute, whose charming dark form is anointed with fragrant powder, who wears yellow garments splendid as lightning, and who is crowned with a peacock feather.


41††††† All glories to the beautiful young girl whose complexion is splendid as gold, who is the great sweetness of the nectar ocean of love, who is served by many beautiful girls expert in many arts and skills, and who is the thief who has stolen the heart of dark-complexioned Lord Krishna.


42††††† Gaze on the sublimely sweet limbs, pastimes, words, and glances of Shri Shri Gandharva-Muralidhara (Radha-Krishna), who are splendid with good fortune, and who are overwhelmed by the nectar of eternally-increasing passion aroused by each other's eternal, wonderful, and very sweet youthful splendour.



43††††† I jubilantly worship the charming, splendid, wonderfully youthful, fair and dark divine couple, whose bodies, hearts, senses, and everything have become one in Their intense love, and who tremble with passion deep in Vrndavana's kadamba grove.


44††††† May She who splashes all directions with great waves from the flooding ocean of golden lustre, who is enchanting with beauty, new youth, and skill in the arts of passionate love, who is the personification of the blissful nectar of pure love, who is the life of Lord Syama, who is the Deity of transcendental knowledge, and who is the ornament of Vrndavana, eternally shine in my heart.


45††††† Glory, glory to Radha, a fathomless ocean of pure love! Glory, glory to Krishna, who eternally thirsts to drink nectar with Her! Glory, glory to the friends that bring Them together! Glory, glory to Vrndavana, Their splendid abode!


46††††† My heart yearns to attain the very handsome and charming fair and dark divine couple, who are eternally anguished, eternally in each other's company, and eternally celebrating a great festival of the most wonderful nectar.


47††††† The wonderfully glorious divine couple, who with wonderful creative arts manifest a wonderful festival of transcendental amorous pastimes, who with Their wonderful bodily lustre make the forest grove very wonderful, who wear very wonderful garments, and who are wonderfully youthful, fill my heart with wonder.


48††††† First meditate on the very pure and clear nectar ocean of transcendental moonlight that is beyond the dualities of material existence and filled with the limitless nectar of transcendental bliss. Then within that moonlight see the personal splendour of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then, within that splendour see the effulgence of the kama-bija mantra. Then within that splendour see the very sweet abode of Vrndavana.


49††††† Vrndavana, which is a great ocean splendid with many colourful jewels, which is beautified by many wonderful trees and vines filled with many fruits, flowers, buds, clusters of blossoms, leaves, twigs, and branches, which is wonderful with jewel birds, deer, parrots, peacocks, cuckoos, humming bees, lakes, streams, and mountains, ...


50††††† which is wonderful with limitlessly fragrant, charming, jewelled pastime-courtyards, which is limitless with enchanting forest groves, which is beautiful with an eternal flood of nectar and flower pollen, which with the nectar of intense bliss overwhelms the universe and all the demigods,...


51††††† and which is surrounded by the Yamuna shining with beautiful glistening jewel shores, beautiful beaches, the tumultuous warbling of wonderful swans, cranes, splendid karandavas and other birds, the buzzing of intoxicated bees, splendid, eternally blooming kahlara, kamala, and wonderful utpala lotuses,...


52††††† filled with blissful currents of splendid, pure, wonderful nectar, and lined with splendid jewel shores and kadamba groves, charming with cooling, fragrant, gentle breezes, eternally shines with great splendour.


53††††† Please meditate on the charming, handsome, passionate, and wonderfully youthful hero and heroine named Radha and Madhava, who are crowned with jewels decorated with peacock feathers and braids, and whose sweet fair and dark forms are wonderfully splendid.


54††††† Please meditate on the flood of nectar flowing through the divine couple's delightful, splendid limbs, Their wonderful graceful motions, the rising flood of Their beauty, Their expert sidelong glances, smiles, and Their sweet, joking, secret conversations.


55-56In the circle of Shri Radhika's maidservants, whose faces are beautiful as millions of moons, whose forms are splendid with the limitless, glistening nectar of Radhaís lotus feet, who are sweet with a wonderful variety of forms, who are wonderfully expert in many arts, and who shine with the wonders of youth, is a certain gentle, noble, very beautiful girl, whose complexion is splendid as molten gold, whose limbs shine with a limitless fair splendour, who is charming with youthfulness, whose breasts are two golden lotus whorls, who wears a cloth bodice and many jewel necklaces ....


57††††† whose waist is as slender as a lionessís waist, whose hips are broad, whose garments are decorated with waves of wonderful colour, the vines of whose arms are decorated with very wonderful glistening jewelled armlets and bracelets, whose ears are decorated with glistening earrings, whose beautiful sesame-flower nose is decorated with a splendid pearl studded with gold and jewels,...


58††††† whose teeth are a row of glistening pomegranate seeds, whose bimba-fruit lips are plunged in a great flood of transcendental sweetness, whose eyes are maddened khanjana birds, whose eyebrows are bows of Kama, whose face is the whorl of a glistening lotus flower or the limitless shining of millions of moons, the very charming and young golden vine of whose transcendental form is flooded with millions of waves of graceful movements,...


59††††† whose ankle-bells tinkle very sweetly, whose blue garments covering her beautiful slender form flutter as she eagerly goes here and there to lovingly serve the divine couple, whose shyness, gracefulness, gentle smile, crooked glance, and other virtues are all very wonderful,...


60††††† whose bodily hairs stand erect out of great love for the dearmost divine couple, who, understanding the divine couple's hints, expertly acts to please Them, who is expert at joking in the company of Radha's friends and maidservants, who is eternally devoted to the feet of her mistress, Shri Radha,...


61††††† who, being asked, gives advice, speaking gentle words sweet and cooling as nectar, who, being ordered to facilitate the divine couple's pastimes, being sent as messenger, affectionately repeats Radha's love-letter to Krishna, whose bodily hairs stand up, who becomes plunged in the fathomless sweet ocean of transcendental bliss,...


62††††† who massages Radha with scented oil, who bathes Her with scented water, who serves Her by dressing Her in garments, decorating her with flower garlands and ornaments, and anointing betelnuts mixed with camphor to chew, who, as Radha is falling asleep, massages Her feet and gently fans Her with a cloth,...


63††††† who arranges a great festival of transcendental pastimes with dark-complexioned Lord Krishna, who, carrying golden vessels, a fan, or other articles, follows the glorious Radha, who, whether Radha speaks orders or remains silent, always serves Her wishes, and who continually plunges Radhaís lover into great transcendental bliss. Please meditate on this gopi in this way.


64††††† Again and again hearing each other's words in a secluded place, gazing at the wonderful signs of love on each other's bodies, and each other's wonderful, splendid, sweet skill in amorous pastimes, the divine couple cannot stop the nectar waves of bliss from flooding Their limbs.


65††††† Eternally meditating on Shri Radha, taking shelter of the shade of Her lotus feet, always filling his tongue with the nectar of Her holy name, staying far away from women and men attached to women, considering their company poison, and performing austerities, a saintly devotee resides here in Vrndavana.


66††††† His great devotion and renunciation increasing day by day, a fortunate person will take shelter of Shri Radha's feet and reside in Vrndavana.


67††††† Thinking all scriptures that ignore Shri Shri Radha-Krishna a useless waste of time, glowing with love for Shri Radha's lotus feet, performing severe austerities, unconcerned about his material body, and friendly to everyone, a saintly devotee resides in the transcendental abode of Shri Vrndavana.


68††††† Let us glorify Vrndavana where, neither coming nor going, eternally tossed about in the shoreless and impassable ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes, and embracing each other Their whole lives, the handsome, wonderfully youthful, fair and dark divine couple eternally stays.


69††††† In Vrndavana, the divine couple, whose transcendental forms are filled with pure and blissful love, whose forms are wonderfully with signs of passionate love, who are charming with wonderful bodily lustre, glances, words, graceful motions, and other virtues, and are the resting place of beauties that have no equal or superior, are splendidly manifest.


70††††† The youthful divine couple, who are a great wonder flood of beauty, the ultimate limit of sweetness, the wonderful flood of the nectar moonlight ocean of beauty, the splendour of wonderful love, the final limit of transcendental amorous pastimes, and my very life and soul, are splendidly manifested in Vrndavana.


71††††† I worship the youthful fair and dark divine couple, who stay in Shri Vrndavana, who have become one in the unrestrained, unbroken passion of Their love, who are the sole resting place of wonderful youthfulness, beauty, and splendour, and who are the life that fills my heart.

72††††† I meditate on Radha-Hariís gopi friends, whose ears are plunged in the very sweet nectar of the divine couple's conversation, whose eyes are fixed on their playful glances, and whose hearts are intoxicated by drinking the nectar festival of Their rendezvous.


73††††† I reside in Vrndavana, and within my heart filled with love I meditate on how Lord Krishna, intoxicated with the nectar of transcendental amorous desire, boldly approached Shri Radha, how embarrassed Radha playfully pretended to spurn His advances, and how they both enjoyed very sweet pastimes in each other's embrace


74††††† He who carries in his heart Lord Vishnuís splendour named Brahman is always worshipped in this world. He who worships the Lord's form is dear to the Lord. He who directly worships the Lord's form is dear to the Lord. He who directly worships Shri Krishnacandra has no equal in his love. he who, expert at tasting transcendental nectar, never leaves Vrndavana, is a thief who has stolen my heart.


75††††† The ground here is only ground. The water is only water. the trees and vines. The moonlight is only moonlight. The birds, beasts and humans are only birds, beasts, and humans. The deity of Shri Krishna is only a deity of Shri Krishna, the enemy of all the demons. The deity of Shri Radhika is only a deity of Shri Radhika. Enough with this nonsense! I pray that I may be able to directly see the reality that everything in Vrndavana is spiritual and transcendental.


76††††† May the enchanting forest of Vrndavana, which is a flood of great transcendental sweetness, and which inflames the divine couple's pure amorous desires, eternally appear in my heart. may Shri Vrndavanacandra and perfect, playful, pure Shri Radha enjoy the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes in my presence.


77††††† Their new youthfulness filled with limitless sweetness, and Their fair and dark complexions two oceans of limitless, glistening splendour, with limitless artistic skill a certain couple enjoys eternal, limitless transcendental amorous pastimes in Vrndavana.


78††††† I pray that in a pastimes cottage I may attain direct service to the youthful divine couple, who make the entire forest of Vrndavana intoxicated with waves of sweet pastimes and the splendour of Their fair and dark limbs.


79††††† When ignoring this horrible material body and all its degraded activities, and meditating in my heart on my original nectarean spiritual form, and strictly observing a vow of poverty, and without even a fixed home, will I day and night worship Shri Radha's lotus feet in this forest of Vrndavana?


80††††† I, who am the personification of all sinful deeds, may never be delivered from hell. I only pray that I may never forget the holy names of Shri Vrndavana, Shri Radha, and Shri Radha's lover.


81††††† In this world there has never been, there is not now, nor will there ever be anyone as sinful as I. For this reason this reason the unlimitedly merciful land of Vrndavana is my only shelter.

82††††† I shall now approach the nectar of the wonderful mercy, tolerance, and other transcendental virtues of the king and queen of Vrndavana. I have no other shelter. Even though I am very low and fallen, I pray that I may not be neglected.


83††††† O Vrndavana, even though I proclaim, "I take shelter of you," alas, I still remain a very wicked person at heart. I am the lowest of the low. Shall I attain your mercy?


84††††† By my own karma I am destined to enter an eternal hell. How many days have I lived in Vrndavana and chanted the holy name Radha? These days are my only protection.


85††††† O mother Vrndavana, O Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara, O king and queen of Vrndavana, will you neglect me because I have committed so many offences?


86††††† Alas! I am a great fool and all my actions are abominable. Still, I shall never leave the land of Vrndavana and I shall never cease chanting the holy name of Shri Radha.


87††††† Chanting the glories of the very sweet transcendental form and pastimes of Shri Radha, I happily live in Vrndavana without the slightest care or anxiety.


88††††† The divine couple, who are as splendid as a golden campaka flower and a blue lotus, who are the resting place of all beauty, youthfulness, and charming playful pastimes, and who are the two Deities of the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana, are my only shelter.


89††††† In Vrndavana forest, which is filled with the sweetness of charming transcendental amorous pastimes, I pray that the youthful fair and dark complexioned divine couple may eternally appear before me.


90††††† I do not know the difference between right and wrong. I have not studied the scriptures. I do not associate with learned theologians. Still, the restless black bee of my heart is greedy to taste the sweetness of the lotus flower of the feet of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


91††††† I worship the fair and dark divine couple, who enjoy transcendental pastimes, plunged in a nectar oceans of unrestrained passion in the forest groves of Vrndavana.


92††††† When this residence in Vrndavana comes to an end I may enter millions of hells, or then again I may not. Whatever happens, even though I am very low and fallen I cannot renounce my hope to one day attain the service of Shri Radha's lotus feet.


93††††† Even if I must bear thousands of insults, even if my body is torn apart by a trukaca, and even if I must suffer millions of calamities, I still shall not leave this forest, which is so dear to Shri Radha.


94††††† Even if the outcasts spit on me, if somehow by the mercy of the holy dhama I am able to reside here in Vrndavana until the moment of my death, I shall consider everything else to be as important as a blade of grass.

95††††† Except for the land of Vrndavana nothing can save me from being flooded with sufferings from beginning to middle to end by becoming plunged into the very foul-smelling, very impure, very grotesque body of woman.


96††††† Alas! I am very unfortunate. My intelligence has deviated from the path of righteousness. I am a fallen outcast. Nevertheless, because I know the power of the land of Vrndavana, I still continue to hope that I shall one day attain my desire.


97††††† I pray that the boundlessly merciful, fair and dark, youthful divine couple, who eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes in Their forest of Vrndavana, may some day glance upon me.


98††††† When, as They passionately enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes in the flower garden of Vrndavana forest, will I jubilantly serve the fair and dark youthful divine couple?


99††††† Look at Shri Shri Radha-Krishna! Now that Their enthralling chess game at the entrance to the newly blossoming grove in Vrndavana forest is broken by a sweetly playful dispute, They are like two flooding oceans of transcendental nectar.


100†††† I pray that the ever new and fresh Vrndavana pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, the mischievous and amorous children of Nanda and Vrsabhanu, may become like a series of jewel necklaces resting on my throat.


101†††† Turn your eyes from the labyrinthine network of the material world of duality where the bodies and everything else are fashioned from the three modes of nature, and make your mind enter the endless, limitless, intensely blissful spiritual effulgence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then make your mind enter the splendid ocean of nectar manifested from the very sweet kama-bija syllable. In that ocean find the transcendental land of Vrndavana, and there worship the fair and dark divine couple.


102†††† Beautiful without equal or superior, filled with the sweetness of playful youth, enjoying transcendental pastimes and splendid in agitation although Their transcendental powers are boundless, the divine couple are so blinded by eternal amorous passion that They are now unaware of anything beyond each other.


103†††† Meditate on Shri Radha's beautiful and playful gopi friends, whose forms are spiritual and eternally youthful, and who are very intelligent and full of all transcendental virtues. Meditate on Shri Radha's beautiful young maidservants, who present a great variety of wonderful transcendental forms, who are expert in many wonderful and charming transcendental arts, who are dressed in splendid garments and ornaments, and who are filled with pure love for their dearmost divine couple.