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1 Her face is like the whorl of a charming, blossoming golden lotus flower. Her splendid teeth are like a row of ripe pomegranate seeds.


2 Her splendidly beautiful bimba fruit lips are an ocean of transcendental sweetness. Her very beautiful chin is enchantingly decorated with a black dot of musk.


3 Her shyly smiling eyes are two restless khanjana birds. The playful movements of Her eyebrows have completely defeated the powerful bow of the demigod cupid.


4 Her beautiful nose is decorated with a splendid pearl set in gold and jewels. Her ears are charmingly decorated with flowers and beautiful jewel earrings.


5 The splendour of a jewel locket beautifies her new golden conchshell neck. Her beautiful new breasts are two golden flower buds.


6 Her breasts are wonderfully beautiful. They are very charming and they are very full, firm, large and high.


7 Her bodice is always covered by the edge of Her sari. She is decorated with

splendid jewel bracelets and armlets.


8 Her arms are two splendid, graceful vines. Her abdomen marked with three graceful folds of skin is like a glistening, smooth golden flower petal.


9 Her slender waist is very charming and beautiful. Her large, young hips expand the nectar of the great beauty.


10 The beautiful and wonderfully colourful flower of Her silken sari reaches down to Her graceful ankles. Her lovely thighs are two glistening and smooth plantain tree trunks.


11 Her knees are very beautiful. Her splendid legs are lotus stems. All moving and non moving living entities are enchanted by the beauty of Her lotus feet.


12 Her graceful, playful steps enchant the most charming Lord Krishna. She wears a splendid sash and tinkling golden ankle bells.


13 Her toes are adorned with splendid rings and Her feet with golden anklets studded with rubies. Her legs and thighs are very beautiful.


14 Her fingers are splendidly decorated with jewel rings. At every step she is more beautiful. She is a shoreless ocean of expert skill in the performance of very wonderful, endless transcendental pastimes.


15 With Her delicate fair limbs and the nectar waves of very wonderful amorous pastimes, She completely enchants both Lord Krishna and Her gopi friends.

16 Now please meditate on the many millions of maidservants filled with love for the sweet, jewel-anklet-decorated splendour of the beautiful lotus feet of Vrndavana's queen.


17 They are loved, honoured, and carefully taught by the leaders of the gopis. They are charming, displaying many kinds of youthful beauty.


18 They are decorated with a very wonderful variety of garments and ornaments, and their bodily complexions also display a very wonderful variety.


19 They are skilled in a great variety of arts. With their musical talents they please the dear divine couple.


20-21 All their actions reveal the sweetness of youth. With their naturally graceful motions, shy smiles, and crooked sidelong glances, they charm both the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the entire world. Among them is one especially beautiful girl who is the special object of Shri Radha's kindness.


22 Unable to bear a moment's separation from Her, she always stays by Shri Radha's lotus feet.


23 What more can I say to describe her? Sometimes, as Shri Radha enjoys transcendental pastimes with Her lover, Krishna, this girl places them both on the bed in the cottage of vines, and other times she dresses Them both in various garments.


24 Her sweet bodily lustre is as splendid and charming as gold. Her beauty is without limit. Her sweetness is without limit.


25 She is wonderfully youthful. Her beautiful breasts are like flower buds. her colourful bodice is covered by many pearl necklaces.


26 The smooth and splendid plantain trees of her arms are decorated with bracelets and armlets. The splendid vine of her braided hair plays on the surface of Her beautiful thighs.


27 Her very slender waist is enchantingly beautiful. Her splendid silk sari reaches down to her ankles.


28 She wears a very fine bodice beautifully decorated with bunches of flowers. Her charming eyes are surrounded by curling locks of hair.


29 She casts shy, sweet, smiling, playful sidelong glances. She is expert in various transcendental arts. The curving features of her transcendental form are very beautiful.


30 The hairs of her body stand erect in her ecstasy of love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. She is expert in all the arts, having been personally taught by her mistress, Radha.


31 She is charmingly decorated with flower garlands, garments, ornaments, and many other things given to her by the most dear divine couple. She possesses great humbleness, good character, and a host of other transcendental virtues.


32 She is expert at understanding the hints concealed in the glances, words and expressions of her mistress Radha. She chews the betelnuts offered by Lord Krishna. She worships Shri Shri Radha-Krishna with great respect.


33 She brings golden vessels and other paraphernalia to the secret meeting with Lord Krishna. Radha's great love and various kindnesses make her overwhelmed with love.


34 In all three phases of time (past, present and future) she has no desire other than to serve Shri Radha's lotus feet. She is always plunged in the shoreless ocean of the happiness of pure love for Shri Radha.


35 Even in her dreams she does not know anything but the lotus feet of Shri Radha. She is always plunged in an ocean of pure love for Shri Radha.


36 Her youthful beauty fills the entire world with wonder. As she repeatedly tastes the nectar of transcendental mellows, the hairs on her body stand erect in ecstasy.


37 With the limitless splendid beauty of her transcendental form she enchants the entire world. Eager to perform her duties in Radha's service, she quickly goes here and there.


38 She is like a walking golden vine with cluster of newly-blossoming flowers. She floods the ten directions with waves of splendid beauty.


39-40 With the wonderful beauty of her transcendental form she fills all directions with wonder. With playful steps, the tinkling of ankle-bells and the sweet jingling of bracelets and belt, she enchants the entire world. She always drinks the sweet, cooling nectar of the narrations of the confidential pastimes of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


41 She is delighted by the very sweet and cool nectar of conversation flowing from the moon of Shri Radha's mouth.


42 Eagerly and happily hearing these descriptions again and again and, even though you have never directly seen this but know of it only by words, meditating on this always and in all conditions, please reside in the beautiful forest of Vrndavana.


43 Don't recklessly look at the host of follies in this very impure, horrible material body.


44 Escaping the bewildering trap that uproots the real goal of life, defeats even Brahma and the demigods, is filled with stool, urine, phlegm, pus, muscle, flesh, bones, marrow, blood, and a host of other horrors, is covered by some skin, and goes by the name of a beautiful young woman, run far away and take shelter of Vrndavana, home of the supreme goal of life.

45 If you see that your heart has become a slave to women and that that slavery is a great obstacle blocking all your desires, then violently beat your wicked senses with the raised whips of your anger, throw your ornaments and material possessions far away, consider all so-called obstacles insignificant as so many blades of grass, and reside in Vrndavana.


46 Without the mercy of Lord Hari, the Deity worshipped by self-realised saints, no one can cross the influence of the illusory potency of maya, which appears as the smiles, sidelong glances, and seductive movements of a beautiful woman. Although it may shine as a flood of nectar, the very sound of the words "beautiful woman" is more deadly than the most bitter kalakuta poison. For this reason chant the holy names Radha-Krishna and peacefully stay here in Vrndavana.


47 The very wonderful flood of nectar that fills the heart in Vrndavana makes the bliss of prema into a single drop. A man cheated by senses that show him the painful illusions of this world and blinded by the Supreme Lord's maya in the form of a woman, is not able to taste that nectar.


48 Please meditate on the transcendental potency who bears the name Radha, who with a very sweet flood of limitless beauty has washed away all material dualities , who with the graceful motions of Her transcendental limbs enchants all moving and non moving living entities, and with arrows of shyly smiling sweet sidelong glances wounds dark complexioned Lord Krishna and overwhelms Him with the transformations of ecstatic love.


49 Please protect me from the cruel witch of woman's company. Please protect me from anger, envy, madness, cruelty, pride, greed, falsehood, and all other vices. Please protect me from the fear of becoming separated from Shri Vrndavana. O Radha-Krishna, because I am very fallen and weak, please kindly protect me from all dangers.


50 I would rather die of starvation than associate with materialistic householders. Even to get the best thing I shall not for a moment approach young women. Even if everything collapses I shall not, even within my mind, leave Shri Vrndavana. Oh, what fruit will the endeavour of this weak and fallen person bear?


51 Not with millions of scriptures and gurus, not with hundreds of rebukes from the world, not with the repeated vision of hellish life, and not with even a host of calamities am I able to restrain, for even a moment, this mind infatuated by young women. O Vrndavana, will you protect me?


52 Alas! Alas! The forms of young women and other objects of sense gratification repeatedly steal away my heart. The illusory potency of the Supreme Personality of Godhead attacks me and repeatedly dances on my head. I continually aspire to remain always here in Vrndavana forest. Will Shrimati Radharani be always merciful to me? I do not know.


53 Day and night may my tongue be filled with the sweet nectar of Shri Radha's glories. May I pray for the position of the maidservant of Her lotus feet in Vrndavana forest. May my peaceful composure be stolen away by the youthful beauty of the golden-complexioned goddess Shri Radha. By the power of my tears, hairs standing erect, and the other symptoms of my love for Shri Radha, may I cross beyond this world of repeated birth and death.


54 In a cottage in a grove of glorious Vrndavana forest a youthful couple, as brilliant as sapphires and molten gold. and overwhelmed by the very sweet mellows of transcendental pastimes, is splendidly manifest.


55 Please eternally worship the fair and dark, sweet youthful divine couple overcome by newer and newer happiness as They gracefully play in the ever-new and sweet forest garden.


56 May Shri Radhika, the enhanting splendour of whose limbs makes the faces of the beautiful vraja-gopis turn pale, and the beauty of whose toenails makes Kamadeva, Rati, Narayana, Laksmi, and their followers faint, appear in my heart.


57 Vrndavana is brilliant with the wonderful virtues of all seasons more splendid than all splendour, sweeter than all sweetness, more beneficial and auspicious than all auspiciousness, more pleasantly cool and fragrant than all pleasant coolness and fragrance, and a wonderful ocean of bliss greater than all happiness.


58 I worship the beautiful land of Vrndavana, which from eternal bliss creates ever-increasing transcendental glory, which eternally emits splendid and enchanting fragrances, which is eternally filled with auspicious transcendental abodes, and which can only be attained by pure love.


59 Please always reside in the land of Vrndavana where, with the beautiful lotus flowers of Their feet, from which flows a sweetness that eclipses the greatest nectar, Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara, who are two treasure houses of transcendental virtues, and who are wonderfully and incomparably youthful and delicate, eagerly walk.


60 Cross the ocean of repeated birth and death and go to the beautiful land of Vrndavana, which is paved with great cintamani gems and filled with fragrant flower pollen and camphor dust, and where the slightest touch uproots the six waves of material suffering.


61 Let us meditate on the beautiful land of Vrndavana, splendid, full of limitless wonderful virtues, wonderful with the effulgence of many glistening jewels, granting eternal bliss, and everywhere very sweet with Shri Shri Radha-Madhupati's footprints.


62 The supremely blissful land of Vrndavana, the limitless, supremely wonderful splendour of which is beyond the understanding of the most intelligent, which at once awakens unalloyed love for the Supreme Lord, which shines with great splendour, which is full of nectar, and which is the most exalted of all transcendental abodes, with a flood of sweetness delights my heart.


63 I've given up my desire for fame. I don't care if I become infamous. I don't follow the path of material piety. I've renounced the game of scholarship. I don't practice austerity, astanga-yoga, or jnana-yoga. I don't hear the words of my elders. I don't even notice my own body. O Vrndavana, now that I have taken shelter of you I shall never divert my attention from you.


64 In Their own forest of Vrndavana, will Radha and Her own ornaments, whose forms are filled with the nectar of love, glance upon us who have no devotion and are so many oceans of the mud of material desires?


65 Let us meditate on the very wonderful, sweet, melodious tinkling of the anklebells on Shri Radha's lotus feet in Vrndavana.


66 May my queen, Shri Radha, who is decorated by a circle of smiling and laughing friends playing vinas, mrdangas, talas and other musical instruments....


67 who is served by beautiful maidservants bearing jewelled golden cups, betelnut boxes, fans and other paraphernalia....


68 whose splendour pervades all spiritual and material worlds, who is filled with limitless sweetness, whose form is like a golden vine....


69-70 who with splendidly beautiful limbs soft and delicate as sirisa flowers, with wonderful youthful sweetness, beauty, gracefulness and other virtues, and with flowing waves of a flooding nectar ocean of amorous pastimes, enchants all moving and non moving living entities in Vrndavana forest....


71 who is decorated with many splendid garlands and ornaments, who is anointed with splendid cosmetics, whose splendid silken bodice is decorated with flowers...


72 whose bodily hairs stand erect in ecstasy as she places the vine of Her beautiful left arm around Lord Krishna's shoulders whose beautiful left lotus hand plays with a lotus flower...


73 whose maidservants repeatedly and affectionately fan Her with their saris edges, who chews betelnut, who gives betelnuts to Her beloved.


74 whose maidservants offer Her a golden jewelled goblet filled with delicious, cool nectar scented with camphor and spices....


75 who, gazing again and again at Vrndavana's wonderful beauty, and intently listening again and again to Vrndavana's wonderful sounds, becomes struck with wonder and asks Her lover, "What is this?"...


76-77 who with very sweet, wonderful, graceful, playful steps, with tinkling ankle bells, with the flooding moonlight of Her toes, and with a heart overwhelmed with beautiful happiness, walks in the very opulent and sweet forest of Vrndavana...


78 who walking here and there in the very wonderful and beautiful forest, sings and makes Her beloved sing...


79 and who eternally enjoys transcendental pastimes, be served day and night by me, whose only home is Vrndavana.


80 A person who even once tastes in his heart Vrndavana's sweetness, which is wonderful with the splendour of Radha-Madhava's pure amorous pastimes, at once abandons all Vedic and conventional duties and, his body filled with symptoms of ecstatic love, looks like a madman.


81 He who considers Radha-Muralidhara's lotus feet the sole object of his love, who considers others' wives his mothers, all plants and animals his good children, those who rebuke him his own kin, those who hate him his dear friends, and his own body the same as the bodies of others, is qualified to reside in Shri Vrndavana.


82 When, always plunged in the nectar ocean of pure love for Lord Krishna, always yearning in my heart for service to Shri Radhika's lotus feet, tasting the sweetness of renunciation, and continually shedding tears, will I reside in Vrndavana forest?


83 I meditate on beautiful, handsome, kind, youthful, playful, charming Shri Radha-Muralidhara, whom witty, dear gopi friends eternally serve with flower-garlands, betelnuts, sandal paste, and many other offerings, in a jewel pavilion in the shade of a kadamba tree by the Yamuna's shore in Vrndavana.


84 Please meditate on the splendidly decorated divine couple, who sit on a colourful cushion in a great jewel vine pavilion under a kalpa-vrksa tree by the very sweet and blissful Yamuna shore, and who with sweetness, youthfulness, handsomeness, charm, playfulness, and brilliant intelligence, enchant all Their gopi friends in Vrndavana.


85 Please meditate on sweet Vrndavana, beautiful with nectar trees and vines blossoming in the brilliant moonlight, with the wonderful singing and dancing of parrots, cuckoos, and peacocks, with the humming of restless bees intoxicated by drinking madhvika honey, and with many clear lakes and streams.


86 Meditating in this way, an intelligent devotee should happily reside in the blissful and effulgent forest of Vrndavana.


87 Why should a person who is a slave to lust and other vices, who hankers after fame, and who has abandoned the right path, not attain perfection in Vrndavana if he has somehow attained Vrndavana's mercy?


88 Why not meditate on the pure love manifest in Vrndavana, which is more cooling than a full moon risen from the shoreless ocean of kindness?


89 O beautiful Vrndavana, O abode of pure goodness, even though I have committed limitless offenses, I now take shelter of you.

90 O Vrndavana, even though I am very fallen, and even though I boldly lie when I say "O Vrndavana, I am yours, "I beg you: please be merciful and accept me anyway.


91 Will I, the lowest of men, be able to reside without impediment in the eternally, boundlessly merciful forest of Vrndavana? Will I taste the nectar of Lord Hari?


92 Filled with flower pollen fragrant as perfumed powder, flooded with currents from the ocean of unprecedented nectar, covered with waves of transcendental moonlight, and overcome with blissful sounds of madly playing birds, Vrndavana forest is splendidly manifest.


93 I gaze at the forest of Vrndavana, which is filled with blissful, eternal, spiritual grasses, bushes, trees and vines, with forest groves meant for Shri Radha's transcendental amorous pastimes, with many divine lakes, streams, and hills, with divine birds and beasts, and with charming gunja berries and black bumblebees.


94 I meditate on Vrndavana, which is encircled by the nectar stream of the Yamuna, and which is wonderful with limitlessly fragrant jewel courtyards, beautiful blossoming trees and vines glistening with the sweetest nectar, and the tumultuous sounds of many wildly blissful birds.


95 Without taking shelter of Lord Hari, the Deity worshipped by the great self-satisfied sages, what great sage or demigod can remain unbewildered by the desire to enjoy beautiful young girls in this world? Frightened, stay far away from these girls. Conquer your tongue and genitals, and always reside in Vrndavana forest.


96 O Vrndavana, please be merciful to me, who am boundlessly sinful, filled with hundreds of wicked thoughts, completely controlled by powerful lust, anger, and a host of other vices, the personification of proud hypocrisy, averse to the company of saintly devotees, averse to pious deeds, and without any shelter but you.


97 Even though my senses wildly run on the pathways of impious deeds, even though I do not for a single moment remember Lord Krishna, who is a great ocean of transcendental bliss and the dear lover of Shrimati Radharani, even though I have neither piety nor devotional service, even though all good qualities have abandoned me, and even though alas, alas, I am very bewildered, I shall now take shelter of Shri Vrndavana.


98 Austerely considering the touch of sense-objects to be like flames of the most powerful poison, not finding any pleasure in the material senses, placing my cheek in my hands, washing it with my tears, and praying for the limitless transcendental mercy of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, I shall reside in Vrndavana.


99 When, ignoring the paths of ordinary customs and Vedic injunctions, not considering those whose hearts have not entered the sweet nectar of love for my beloved divine couple to be at all fortunate, overwhelmed with the nectar of love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, the hairs of my body standing erect, continually shedding a great flood of tears, and filled with symptoms of wonderful ecstatic devotional love, will I become filled with bliss in the forest of Vrndavana?