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1        Please worship Vrndavana's trees, which grow in a splendid island of sweet nectar risen from the spiritual effulgence ocean of the Kama-gayatri-bija and are the wonderful object of love for the very charming fair and dark divine couple.


2        The goddess of devotion to Shri Krishna's lotus feet, who never appears before the liberated souls, and whom even Sukadeva, Narada and other saints cannot approach with their pure deeds, continually wanders here and there, searching for someone who lives in beautiful Vrndavana.


3        Always give all honour to everyone. Always think of yourself as the lowest of the low. O intelligent one, reside in the charming abode named Vrndavana. Consider honour and dishonour to be the same. Consider millions of praises and millions of insults to be the same. Consider poverty so great it is difficult even to eat and limitless wealth to be both the same. Consider friends and enemies to be all the same.


4        A woman's body is merely a grotesque lump of foul flesh covered by a thin layer of pretty skin.  Spit at the thought of trying to enjoy that lump of flesh.  Consider wealth to be worthless.  Know that children, relatives, and friends are simply ropes to bind you.  Consider palatable food and drink to be the beginning of your troubles.  Fear handsome garments.  Be humble, think of yourself as everyone's servant or disciple, and reside in Vrndavana.


5        Seeing it to be a shoreless ocean of the sweetness of the lotus feet of Radha's lover, a pure devotee worships Vrndavana.


6        My tongue constantly dances in the glory of Vrndavana's virtues. They who know it is eternally the most exalted of all never leave it.


7        For the moment let us not consider Lord Krishna, the moon of Vrndavana. Let us not consider Shrimati Radharani, the queen of Vrndavana, and let us not consider Her gopi friends either. Even one blossoming tree in Vrndavana forest has the power to enchant the entire world.


8        Fool, abandon, the many rituals of ordinary religion and in Vrndavana find the

intense bliss even the demigods cannot attain.


9        Don't perform pious acts. Don't practice yoga. Don't worship Lord Vishnu. Don't hear Lord Vishnu's glories. Reside in the earthly land of Vrndavana, and you will certainly attain the spiritual world.


10      To reside, up until the moment of death, in the earthly land of Vrndavana, is considered more than equal to performing countless pious deeds, worshipping Hari, and studying all the Upanisads.


11      Let me perform hundreds of impious acts. Let all my piety go away. If the land of Vrndavana will accept me, why should there be any worry?

12      I wish to reside in Vrndavana. I try to reside in Vrndavana. If, fool that I am, I try to leave, I pray that merciful Vrndavana will rescue me.


13      The supreme, indescribable, charming sweetness of Vrndavana forest enchants the heart of Radha's dear friend.


14      In Vrndavana is the topmost limit of transcendental bliss, the topmost limit of the nectar of transcendental good fortune, the topmost limit of Lord Hari's sweetness, and the topmost limit of worshipable transcendental qualities.


15      I have carefully studied the scriptures and  I have served many spiritual masters.  Still, I have personally seen that the best scripture and the best spiritual master is transcendental  Vrndavana.


16      Friend, why are you morose?  What is the need for this useless talking? Simply hear, describe, and glorify in song the transcendental qualities of Vrndavana.


17      Why are you suffocated by thousands of useless concerns for public opinion and the niceties of religious practice?  Simply place your body in the beautiful land of Vrndavana and become happy.


18      What is the need  to associate with saintly persons? What is the need to study the scripture?  What is the need to perform pious deeds? I think the blades of grass in Vrndavana are supremely pious and fortunate, yet they do not endeavour to perform pious deeds.


19      If your eyes yearn to gaze at women, pluck them out.  If your feet wish to leave Vrndavana, crush them to powder with a rock. If your life-breath tries to take you outside Vrndavana, abandon it.  If your body decides to take you outside Vrndavana, tie it up and beat it ferociously.


20      Even if one of the residents of this material world has committed adultery millions of times with his guru's wife, has killed hundreds of millions of brahmanas, has stolen gold, drunk wine, slaughtered cows and performed a great multitude of the most horrifying sins, if he stays in Vrndavana until the moment of his death,he becomes a pure hearted saint.


21      One who does not even know the word "religion", who is always devoured by all kinds of sins, who because of his sins is scorned even by the mlecchas and candalas, but somehow by the boundless mercy and forgiveness of the holy dhama, resides in Vrndavana until the moment of his death, becomes the most fortunate of men.  Who is as fortunate as he?


22      I cannot discriminate between religion and irreligion. I am eager to talk with impious men. At every moment I am crushed by lust, anger, madness and a host of other vices. Even for a single moment I cannot patiently tolerate the dualities of happiness and distress in this world.  O Vrndavana, only if you are very kind, generous, and forgiving, and  only if you protect me as a mother protects her child, will I ever become happy.


23      When, the hairs on my body erect in ecstasy, and my eyes flowing streams of tears, will I day and night wander in Vrndavana's groves, where Shri Shri Radhika-Krishna eternally enjoy passionate amorous pastimes?


24      When in my heart will I worship the young, passionate golden splendour eternally and sweetly playing with a young, dark, peerless, charming monsoon cloud in the newly blossoming forest groves by the Yamuna's shore?


25      Above the effulgence of advaita-brahman the blissful effulgence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead shines. Within that effulgence is the effulgence of the sweetness of the Lord's delightful pastimes. The most brilliant part of the effulgence is beautiful Vrndavana, where the eternally playful young girl Radha stays with dark-complexioned Lord Krishna.  Please meditate on the supremely sweet splendour of Her feet.


26-30  Always and in all situations meditate on yourself as one of Shrimati Radharani's many maidservants, who are all expert in the arts of transcendental mellows, expert in making a great variety of colourful garlands, garments, and ornaments, wonderfully youthful, beautiful, graceful, and decorated with beautiful faces always blossoming with happiness as they serve Shri Shri Radha-Krishna. Meditate on yourself as Shrimati Radharani's maidservant, as a beautiful, charming young gopi delicate as a newly blossoming golden vine, as a girl whose moving, neatly braided black hair is decorated with jewels and clusters of flowers, whose  beautiful nose is decorated with a single splendid pearl set in gold and jewels, whose face has the splendour of a golden full moon, who emits a great flood of the sweet fragrance of a host of  lotus buds, whose beautiful breasts are like two wonderful golden lotus buds discreetly covered by a bodice, who has a very slender waist, who has very beautiful broad hips, who is beautifully decorated with a belt, anklets, necklaces, bracelets, and golden veil, whose hips are girded with a wonderfully colourful cloth, whose limbs emit a splendid lustre that fills all directions, who wears glistening earrings and a splendid golden lotus flower over one ear, who displays the very wonderful gracefulness, joyfulness, sweetness, and beauty of rising youth, who is so overwhelmed with love for Shri Shri Radha-Krishna that her bodily hairs stand erect and tears fill her eyes, who is situated  in the highest position of skill in all the transcendental arts, who is wonderfully expert at speaking joking words, who is plunged in a nectar ocean of transcendental bliss, and who considers the beautiful divine couple the sole great treasure of her life.  I pray that I shall always meditate on my actual spiritual identity in this way and that even in the greatest calamity I shall not be illusioned into thinking that this material body is myself, or that this home and its various paraphernalia is my property.


31      Dear friend, if you desire to attain pure transcendental pastimes, which display the most exalted transcendental love, splendid beauty, and great bliss, then please take shelter of Shri Vrndavana with all your heart, for in Vrndavana the youthful divine couple, who are filled with the nectar of pure transcendental love, enjoy Their eternal pastimes.


32      Laughing at harsh rebukes, physical blows, or any other trouble, not unhappy to not find anything to eat, in the eyes of the common people appearing to act like a very bewildered child, wealthy in the great treasure of the penniless ascetics, and never flaunting your own virtues, bow down and serve all the living entities in Vrndavana.


33      In an island in the midst of the shoreless, pure, eternal, blissful, regal, intensely sweet, effulgent nectar ocean of the mellows of transcendental love, the beautiful, ever new and fresh, supremely sweet forest of Vrndavana eternally shines with great splendour.  Please reside there and worship the two fair and dark splendours.


34      Never leaving to go to any other place, never arriving from any other place, eternally young, always plunged in the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes, supremely sweet, decorated with peerless transcendental virtues, and splendid as gold and sapphires, the divine couple eternally stays in Vrndavana.


35      Somewhere in the apex of forests may my heart become placed in the two splendours that are the apex of  the nectar of transcendental amorous pastimes, the apex of the sweetness of transcendental  love, the apex of the splendid beauty of newly budding youth, and the apex of wonderful amorous skill.


36      A great treasury of Radha-Madhava's charming amorous pastimes, a thief that robs the living entities of all material aims in life, a wonderful glory that dances on the crowned heads of the three Vedas, a saint that vows to always protect those who take shelter of it, and a nectar ocean of pure love, Vrndavana remains always awake.


37      The transcendental abode name Vrndavana, which is filled with all the glory and sweetness of the nectar of Krishna-prema, and where all discussion of cause and effect merges into non-existence and the blissful Brahman effulgence does not shine, is eternally manifest above all.

38      Let us glorify Vrndavana, from the splendour of which everything is manifest, which delights the spiritual and material worlds with a drop from the nectar ocean of the wonderful bliss of pure love, from the existence of which all existence follows, and of the wonders of the glory and sweetness of which the entire world contains only a fragment.


39      May Vrndavana, where the fair and dark youthful divine couple, flooding the world with a limitless ocean of love by manifesting the shade of Their wonderful and limitlessly powerful lotus feet and the flood of the sweetness of Their wonderful pastimes, passes beginningless and endless time with a festival of very sweet amorous pastimes, give me shelter.


40      With only the power and glory of the Lord's holy name, conquer and conquer lust, hatred, and all other vices. Make me forget the dualities of material existence that spring from the material body. Reveal the splendour of the spiritual world.  Forgetting the material world, show me the sweet splendour of the spiritual world.  Seeing the two wonders in a secluded place, and revealing Vrndavana forest, bring me before the fair and dark hero and heroine.


41      Accompanied by all his senses, this person runs wildly into the gruesome world of hedonism.  He does not find even the slightest scent of happiness anywhere. He is now mad.  He has become completely blind. His deaf ears are struck with wonder to hear the advice of his friends, guru and scripture. When will slow-witted I take shelter of Vrndavana?


42      Again and again I see the pigs here. They constantly pass stool, urine and other filth.  Their life is very short and its beginning, middle and end are filled with horrible sufferings.  Still, I have a strong desire to enjoy material sense gratification as they do.  O forest of Vrndavana, please rescue me from this desire.


43      If, out of love for Vrndavana, a person like me abandons all the rules of ordinary religion, and if overcome by the uncontrollable material senses, he offends the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and if, in spite of all obstacles, he continues to reside in Vrndavana, he will certainly attain the most exalted state of pure spiritual love for Lord Krishna.  Will this beautiful land  of Vrndavana then not be merciful and rescue me?


44      Some worship Lord Vishnu, some daily perform meditation or yoga, some perform the karma-kanda rituals of the Vedas, and some are simply attached to wife, children, money, and other things.  Who among them lives with pure love in Vrndavana forest, which is beautified by Shri Radha-Krishna's eternal, passionate amorous pastimes?  I do not know.


45      Beyond the touch of the three modes of material nature is the splendour of intense transcendental  bliss.  Within that the splendour of intense love for Lord Krishna shines.  Within that is the very sweet splendour of Vrndavana forest.  There please worship the two fair and dark youthful mines of the jewels of sweet nectar.


46      I am not unhappy if degraded men criticise me. I do not protest if thugs assault me.  If others insult me, I remain peaceful.  Fully aware of my own impious nature, as an outcast I stay far away from others. To everyone I always pray for mercy.  I am very fallen.  I am like a dog or jackal. I only ask that somehow or other I may stay in the blissful land of Vrndavana.


47      In my heart taking terrible calamity to be like good fortune, insults to be like honour, criticism like praise, enemies like friends, poverty like great wealth, and envy like friendship, I shall stay in this land of Vrndavana, which charitably gives to its residents the nectar of the lotus feet of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


48      May my head always very respectfully bow down to salute Vrndavana.  May my tongue always be enthusiastic to glorify its transcendental qualities.  May my hands clean its newly blossoming groves.  May my feet wander within it.  May my ears hear its glories.  May my eyes gaze upon it.  May my mind always meditate on it.


49      With very sweet devotional love, please worship Vrndavana, which is the most wonderful of all good fortunes, the most wonderful of all auspiciousnesses, the most wonderful of all spiritual splendours, the most wonderful of all beauties, the most wonderful of all generous philanthropists, the most wonderful of all Lord Krishna's abodes and the most wonderful of all.

50      All glories to Vrndavana-dhama, which is filled with trees and vines blossoming in the ocean of blissful moonlight, which is decorated with many pigeons, parrots, cuckoos, and peacocks, which is filled with the buzzing of restless bees, and which has as its companion the Yamuna flooded with the sweetness of divine love.


51      Please meditate on Vrndavana forest, beautiful with the splendid moonlight of transcendental bliss, the essence of intense sweetness, the ecstasies of transcendental love, and groves of regal trees bearing wonderful new flowers.


52      A self-realised soul always tastes the nectar of pure love for Lord Krishna. In his heart he sees the spiritual forms of all the moving and non-moving residents of Vrndavana, and he also sees his own original spiritual form. If you cannot see in this way, then hear the truth from the mouth of a bona-fide spiritual master, and always reflect on what he has taught you. Reside in Vrndavana, and one day the reactions to your past deeds will come to an end, and you will also taste the nectar of pure transcendental love.


53      He who takes shelter of Vrndavana, which is beyond the three modes of nature, which by its own mercy shines on the earth, which generously gives the nectar of pure love for Lord Hari, and which is filled with splendid bliss and flooded with unequalled sweetness, is honoured by the three worlds.


54      In the middle of the ocean of intense bliss a nectar island of cintamani jewels shines. There the very wonderful and colourful abode of Vrndavana is manifest.  Friend, don't lament. With unalloyed devotion please reside there, where one may easily attain what is very far from the students of Vedanta, and what even the great devotees of the Lord cannot attain.


55      Please meditate on the young hero and heroine of transcendental amorous pastimes, who are two flooding oceans of passion, and who, sighing, and in the intensity of Their passion repeatedly breaking the flower garlands, jewel necklaces, garments and ornaments carefully placed on Their transcendental  bodies by jubilant and loving friends, make Their friends smile and laugh again and again.


56-57  Beyond the world of the three modes of nature, which is decorated with numberless universes and filled with suffering, is the shoreless ocean of bliss that is the self manifested, brilliant effulgence of the spiritual world.


58      The wise know this spiritual effulgence, free from the waves of material change and without suffering, ignorance, or the activities of ignorance, as the Supreme Brahman.


59      Please meditate on the ocean of very sweet bliss that is the very pure, glorious and wonderful splendour of the Supreme Personality of Godhead there.


60      That wonderful realm is very large and splendid. It is glorified by the loving devotees.


61      Within that splendour is the very wonderful, very great, limitless splendour of Lord Krishna.  Please meditate in this way.


62      That splendour is very effulgent, delightful, charming, wonderful, and beautiful.  It is filled with great transcendental love and it is a great festival of the nectar of great transcendental bliss.


63      Deep within that splendid world is the most wonderful, splendid, and exalted realm.


64      In that splendid realm is the ultimate limit of purity, the ultimate limit of transcendental bliss, and the ultimate limit of the transcendental opulences that are the nectarean mellows of spiritual love for Lord Krishna.


65      That realm is eternally free from the slightest touch of any material desire.  It is manifested from  the bija-syllable of the kama gayatri mantra.  It is filled with the nectar of ecstatic love.


66      Within that is the more splendid realm that is the beautiful forest of Vrndavana.  That forest is the great empire of complete transcendental sweetness. It is the great wonder of complete transcendental bliss.


67      In that realm are the most perfect sweetness, the most perfect nectar, and a host of all fortunate trees, vines, birds, deer, and other creatures.


68      That realm is decorated with many splendid pastime cintamani mountains and with many lakes, ponds, and wells, all filled with nectar waters of transcendental bliss and love.


69      That place is splendid with courtyards of glistening gold and cintamani jewels and with splendid trees and vines of  eternally blossoming flowers.


70      There are blissful trees bearing countless fruits, and playful, agitated birds that make a great festival of tumultuous warbling.


71      Honey flows from every blossoming flower and there are the sweet buzzing sounds of a great host of bumblebees blinded with joy.


72      There are many very wonderful nectar-filled forest groves and every direction there is filled with the pollen of flowers.


73      In various places passionate peacocks wildly dance, and cuckoos intoxicated by tasting new mango buds, sing the fifth note.


74      That place is filled with splendid blossoming kahlara, kamala, utpala, and jati flowers, and with swans, cranes, cakravakas, and karandavas.


75      There are many lakes and streams, their very clear waters filled with the nectar of transcendental bliss, and their splendid shores studded with a mosaic of jewels and beautified with many splendid jewel staircases.


76      In this place the Yamuna, opulent with many padma and utpala lotuses, flows with a great stream of the sweet nectar of great transcendental bliss.


77      The sweet sounds of the birds and bees by the Yamuna delight the ears. The entire area bears the splendid and delicate scent of camphor pollen.


78      The Yamuna is beautified by splendid shores that shower the nectar of transcendental bliss. Nearby is a very charming forest-garden.


79      Vrndavana is filled with very wonderful and splendid variety. Everything there is effulgent with the sweetest nectar.


80      This place is the form of the Kama-gayatri bija and the bliss of transcendental pastimes, in this place supremely handsome Shri Shri Radhika-Krishna stay.


81      Their naturally wonderful youthful handsomeness enchants the entire world.  They are eternally intoxicated by the nectar of supremely pure amorous pastimes.


82      The splendour of Their fair and dark transcendental forms floods all directions.


83      Their charming transcendental forms are filled with all beauty. he graceful movements of Their transcendental limbs contain the great treasure of transcendental beauty.


84      They are two shoreless oceans of very wonderful handsomeness that has neither equal nor superior.They are two oceans of ever-increasing, boundless, pure mutual love.


85      Their limbs are eternally agitated with transcendental amorous passion.  Because They are overcome with passion the hairs on Their bodies stand erect with excitement.

86      Their hearts untouched by the desire to enjoy with anyone else,They enjoy eternal and passionate transcendental amorous pastimes together.


87      By expertly playing very wonderful musical duets, Their appetite for amorous pastimes becomes awakened.  They now swim in the great ocean of pure transcendental amorous love.

88      Affectionately served by a splendid circle of gopi  friends, They eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes.  They are the charming life and soul of the gopis plunged in the nectar ocean of love.

89      Now, with great devotion, let us meditate on our queen Shri Radha, whose transcendental form is filled with the nectar of supremely pure love.

90      She is the crest jewel of all beautiful young  gopis. All Her beautiful limbs are filled with all transcendental virtues.


91-92  With Her wonderful beauty She enchants all the universes and makes Mohini, Parvati, Rati, and all other beautiful girls hang down their heads in shame. Her complexion is the colour of molten gold.  Her glistening beauty is limitless.


93      The rising lustre of Her fair complexion fills the ten directions. The rising sweetness of Her transcendental beauty drowns the spiritual and material worlds.


94      She is a splendid, wonderful nectar ocean  of pure transcendental love. She performs arati, offering millions of Her own lives to Lord Krishna.


95      She is filled with the great splendour of unalloyed, pure, transcendental love.  Her splendid transcendental form displays the most wonderful ever fresh youthfulness.


96      She manifests millions of oceans of the nectar of ever fresh transcendental beauty.  At every step Her very wonderful transcendental beauty completely enchants the entire world.


97      Her charming transcendental form is a great flood of transcendental sweetness.  She wears a garland of malli and campaka flowers that greatly agitate swarms of bumblebees.


98      She is decorated with a vine of  beautiful braided hair which enchants the entire universe.  It begins with exquisite beauty at the top of Her head, is seen encircling the area of Her eyes, and finally hangs down to Her broad hips. In its beginning it is decorated with many colourful flowers, in its middle flowers are entwined within it, and at its end it is decorated with clusters of flowers and jewels.


100     Her very dark, long, glistening, very broad, splendidly beautiful braids are like a great snake lurking behind a vine of campaka flowers.


101     Her face is as splendid as an unlimited golden full moon, or the whorl of a golden lotus glistening in the unlimited moonlight.