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1        Offering prayers to everyone, trying to please everyone, wishing all happiness for everyone, worshipping everyone, humbly bowing my head before everyone, and abandoning all pride, I reside in this purifying land of Vrndavana.


2        By presenting the great illusion of a beautiful golden-complexioned girl, the bewildering potency, maya, blinds even an intelligent man, plundering the great treasure of his life and destroying his good qualities and saintliness.  For this reason, with great fear, one should flee far away from this maya and serve the land of Vrndavana.


3        Although I am very  wretched and fallen I still yearn to attain the wonderful state that even Laksmi, Siva and all the demigods cannot attain. Because I have offended you I cannot attain even a single drop of  your transcendental nectar. I do not make even the slightest attempt to renounce the objects of sense gratification, which make one forget the path of religion. I am filled with bewilderment, grief, fear, and shame. O Vrndavana please protect me.


4        Lust continually tortures my heart. Anger blinds me.  Greed agitates me. I am filled with pride, envy, madness, harsh words, cruelty and a host of other vices.  I have fallen from my real benefit. O Vrndavana, I take shelter of you.


5        O crest jewel of all fortunate men, if you desire to discover the supreme, unknowable secret of pure unalloyed devotional love for the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then reside in Vrndavana, which is supremely opulent with the sweetest nectar and filled with palaces where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy pastimes



6        If you desire sense gratification, then why not enjoy the greatest sense gratification, which is available in Vrndavana?  If you desire liberation, then know that in Vrndavana you can easily attain liberation without having to suffer many harsh austerities.  If you desire devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, then know that the supreme secret of devotion is hidden in Vrndavana.  Learn this from the great devotees, and serve Shri Vrndavana.


7        Beyond the world of the three modes is the Supreme Personality of Godhead's splendid abode.  There the very splendid, very wonderfully beautiful Shri Vrndavana shines.  When will I serve the very beautiful and sweet, fair and dark, youthful divine couple, who day and night are intoxicated with the nectar of amorous pastimes there.


8        With floods of very sweet and wonderful fair and dark transcendental beauty flowing from each of Their limbs, the hairs on Their bodies standing erect, both of Them displaying millions of wonderful symptoms of the ecstasy of transcendental amorous love, and immersed in the nectar of transcendental mellows, the eternal and wonderful youthful divine couple enjoys transcendental pastimes in the groves of Vrndavana forest.  O heart, please eternally meditate on Vrndavana forest.


9        Not knowing any greater opulence, or any sweeter nectar, not going to or coming from any other place, and not manifesting any age other than the full bloom of youth, the divine couple does not cease enjoying transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana for even a moment.


10      When shall I worship the youthful divine couple, who are intent on enjoying transcendental pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana, which is overcome with the nectar of the bliss of pure transcendental love, and which is wonderfully filled with many transcendental birds, deer, lakes, streams, hills, trees, vines, bushes, and many wonderful courtyards paved with precious jewels.

11      I meditate on the trees of Vrndavana.  Shri Shri Radha-Krishna happily enjoy transcendental pastimes under these trees, eat their fruits as sweet as nectar, and decorate Themselves with their flowers.  The charming birds perched on the branches of these trees have become silent and their wide open eyes have stopped blinking as they drink the very sweet nectar of the conversation of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


12      I offer my respectful obeisances to the trees of Vrndavana forest. These trees bear various kinds of transcendental fruits, manifest various kinds of forms, and appear and disappear in different places, all to bring pleasure to Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


13      May Vrndavana's trees, who are Shri Radha-Krishna's loving devotees, whose new bud hairs stand erect with joy, who shed tears in a flood of honey, who splendidly dance, moving newly sprouted twigs in the breeze, who smile and laugh with beautiful blooming flowers, who recite prayers with the cooing of birds, and who, bending under the weight of many fruits and flowers bow down to offer respects, bring me transcendental bliss.


14      Some very tall, some very short, some strong, some delicate, some granting cool shade, some without shade, some filled with hollows, some without hollows, some old, some young, some slender, and some stout, the regal trees of Vrndavana, continually expanding the waves of the nectar happiness of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, and fulfilling all Their desires, shine with great splendour.


15      One who, in the solitary places of Vrndavana forest, constantly meditates on Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's wonderful forms and wonderful sweet pastimes, who has attained splendid, eternal, ecstatic love for Them, and who has become happy by renouncing all material activities, is the most fortunate of men.


16      I pray that the purifying land of Vrndavana may become for me as delicious food is for one overcome by hunger, as cool water is for one tormented by thirst, as a cool lake is for one perspiring in the heat, as a great fortune is for a penniless beggar, as the immortal Supreme Brahman is for the yogis, and as the life-breath is for all living entities.


17      I bow down before Vrndavana's trees, which are glorified by great sages beyond the dualities of matter, which generously bear great fruits more than can be desired, which make numberless celestial trees seem insignificant, which are filled with the sweet nectar of eternal spiritual bliss, and which are plunged in pure love for Lord Krishna.

18      With unalloyed love please worship Vrndavana's dear trees, which stand eternally beyond the shoreless ocean of the three modes of nature, which bring others across and then plunge them in the nectar ocean of passionate love for Lord Krishna, and which  grant spiritual goals even the greatest yogis cannot attain.


19      Flooding all directions with a wonderful, supremely pure splendour, and intoxicating the universes with sweet and fragrant showers of nectar, the regal trees of Vrndavana bring great  transcendental bliss with their wonderfully colourful flowers, new sprouts, nectar fruits, clusters of blossoms, and new buds.


20      Everyone should worship Shri Vrndavana's fortunate trees, the divine couple's personal friends who, seeing the arrival of the sweet lovers Radhika-Krishnacandra, the moonlight of Their faces so glorious even the most splendid flood of moonlight dare not touch it, at once dropped many buds and flower blossoms, making a couch of flowers.


21      Let me glorify Vrndavana's trees. Seated on a couch of their flowers in their cooling shade, sprinkled by a shower of sweet nectar from them, relishing their very delicious fruits, praising each other, and giving each other sweet nectar, Shri Shri Radha-Krishnacandra enjoy.


22      O heart, please meditate on Vrndavana's trees, which are rich with limitless sweet fragrances, limitless kinds of beautiful flowers, limitless floods of blissful honey, and limitless branches filled with limitless fruits, flowers, and budding twigs.


23      In some places the land of Vrndavana has the form of a svastika, in other places the form of a wheel, and in other places a circle.  In other places it is narrow like a crescent moon, in other places it is like a splendid jewel catuska bracelet to accommodate the rasa-dance, and in other places it is like a small or large wonderfully beautiful ornament.


24      Charming with jewel staircases, glorious with millions of kinds of splendid jewels, splendid with gold and jewel trees and vines with great branches and clusters of blossoming flowers, and filled with beautiful pavilions, the land  in Vrndavana shines with great splendour.


25      Placing His beloved Radha on His lap, flattering Her and again and again making Her laugh, trembling, and the hairs of His body erect with excitement, Lord Krishna enjoys transcendental amorous pastimes in the forest of Vrndavana.  May Lord Krishna, the lover of Shri Radha, bring transcendental happiness to you all.


26      In the spiritual abode of Vrndavana the land is filled with spiritual splendour, the trees and vines are spiritual, the birds and deer are spiritual, the large nectar-sweet lakes are spiritual, the mountains, rivers, ponds, jewels, minerals, and clouds are spiritual, and the many charming forest groves are all spiritual.


27      Let me glorify He who is Vrndavana's moon, who even though He many times displays many transcendental potencies in many spiritual forms, and even though many times He displays limitless splendid handsomeness, and even though many times He showers many kinds of transcendental nectar, is still defeated by the sweetness of Radha's love.


28      In a vine cottage in Vrndavana forest, continually keeping beautiful lotus faced Radha on His lap, caressing Her, His heart melting with love and the hairs on His body standing erect with excitement, Lord Krishna speaks many wonderful words begging newer and newer transcendental amorous pastimes.


29      If one lives in the earthly land of Vrndavana, touches it, sees it, travels to it, meditates upon it, bows down to offer respects to it, sings or hears about its glorious qualities, carries its dust on his head, or has any relationship with it, then this purifying earthly Vrndavana will carry him to the supreme abode of Vrndavana in the spiritual world.


30      Displaying very wonderful glances, words, and gestures, and overwhelmed by the sweetness of Their unrestrained love, the fair and dark youthful divine couple enjoy transcendental bliss in the forest of Vrndavana.


31      Placing Her on His lap, running His handsome fingers through Her black hair, and repeatedly smelling the fragrance of the golden lotus flower of Her face, Lord Krishna raises Radha's chin and repeatedly kisses Her bimba fruit lips. Please meditate on this Lord Krishna, the Deity of conjugal love reigning in Vrndavana.


32      With deep love please worship the two supremely sweet fair and dark youthful divine splendours who, all Their limbs overcome with passion, sport in the shoreless ocean of transcendental amorous pastimes in Shri Vrndavana's newly blossoming groves.


33      In the forest place of rendezvous vehemently denouncing Her lover, eloquently rebuking those of Her friends sent by Him to make peace, overwhelmed by the nectar of transcendental mellows, and tormented by desire, Radha is about to depart.  Please allow me to be the confidential maidservant who then, carrying a golden fan and other articles, follows Her.


34      Please meditate on the divine couple who, Their handsome silken garments slipping, Their flower garlands, great jewel necklaces, and belts all broken, Their hair loosened, Their tilaka, mascara, and other cosmetic ointments wiped away, and attended by maidservants attentive to Their every wish, is now overwhelmed by transcendental amorous passion.


35      I bow down to offer respects to any person who vows to reside until the moment of his death in the beautiful land of Vrndavana, the original kingdom of transcendental bliss.  Noticing that such a person is becoming qualified to be one of Their personal associates, Shri Shri Radha-Krishna consider: "What arrangements shall We make for this person?"


36      In the abode of Vrndavana please worship Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, whose jokes and laughter are splendid as millions of rising moons, the movements of whose eyebrows create millions of wonderful transcendental Kamadevas, and whose words are like millions of flowing streams of the cooling sweetness of transcendental bliss.


37      I continually chant the holy name of supremely purifying Vrndavana, which is filled with limitless sweetness and with splendid, sweet, spiritual love, and which is beautiful with forest groves where Shri Shri Radha-Krishna enjoy transcendental pastimes.


38      Eternally serve Shri Radha, whose love for Lord Hari is fathomless. Don't meditate on your material body, which is simply a great obstacle.Don't commit offenses. Even if you are tormented by many sufferings, don't leave the abode of Vrndavana, which is blind with the nectar of Shri Radha.  O fool, don't leave the difficult to attain abode of Vrndavana.


39      All glories to the fair and dark divine couple, who somewhere in Vrndavana forest play dice, somewhere playfully hide from each other, somewhere steal each other's property, somewhere embrace, imitating the trees and vines, somewhere ride together on a swing, somewhere speak wonderful riddles, somewhere imitate the movements of the birds, deer, and other forest creatures, and somewhere amuse Themselves with jugglery and magic tricks.


40      How many are the blissful incarnations of the Personality of Godhead?  Does the Lord not display countless splendid transcendental forms?  Does He not directly appear in countless charming and handsome forms?  For me it does not matter.  For me only Shri Krishna, the lover of Shri Radha, is charming and handsome.


41      In the Puranas the transcendental words: "Shri Radha resides in the forest named Vrndavana" shine with great splendour.  From this we may understand that Shri Radha's very wonderful complete form does not  appear even in the village of Vraja.  Her love has no equal or better.  Lord Hari is the Supreme Person, perfect in all respects.  Please gaze upon Him, Vrndavana's moon, who is conquered by the sound of the name "Radha".


42      O heart, with great love please meditate on very splendid Vrndavana, where the apex of transcendental sweetness is manifest, where the apex of wonderful glory is manifest in the crest jewel of transcendental love, and where the apex of transcendental  beauty is manifest in Shri Radha.


43      May Vrndavana's beauty once appear in my heart. May the bliss that enchants the demigods fill me with sweetness. May Lord Hari's very wonderful handsomeness shine before me. May I find a shelter in the sweetness of the moonlight of Shri Varsabhanavi's beautiful toenails.


44      Please deeply love the divine couple who, eternally and wonderfully youthful, eternally afflicted by transcendental amorous desire, and the fair and dark splendour of Their transcendental limbs filling the ten directions, spend Their days and nights eagerly enjoying endless ever new, very wonderful transcendental amorous pastimes in the groves of Shri Vrndavana.

45      To a person who resides in Vrndavana, whose mind is absorbed in thought of Lord Krishna, who is equal in gain or loss, victory or defeat, good fortune or calamity, and praise or blame, who always bows down to offer respects to those filled with devotion for the Lord and pleases them with gifts as far as he is able, and who, even though repeatedly troubled by others, in his heart never wishes them any ill, I offer my respectful obeisances.


46      To those persons who, peacefully tolerating thousands of harsh words and thousands of insults from the lowest of men, tolerating thousands of great sufferings imposed by the lack of adequate food, clothing, and shelter, and tolerating great suffering in the heart caused by lust and other troubles, continue to reside in Lord Krishna's pastime forest of Vrndavana, I offer my respectful obeisances.


47      To a fortunate person who resides in Vrndavana, who finds no fault with any moving or non-moving living entity, who does not trouble anyone, who eats only a small quantity of food obtained without endeavour, whose mind does not think of women for even a moment, who hears, chants, and remembers the glories of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, and whose heart is filled with the transcendental sweetness of the divine couple, I offer my respectful obeisances.


48      O Vrndavana, please withdraw your maya.  Although I do not fear the Supreme Lord's maya, your maya always makes me tremble.  They who, because of your maya, see otherwise the blissful and spiritual nature of you and yours, lose their intelligence, commit offenses and fall far away.


49      O Vrndavana, what shall I do? My wicked senses jump over the path of common sense. They drag me into a very terrible condition. I have no power to restrain them.  I have thus committed an unpardonable offense to you. Still, I cannot be happy in any other place. I  have no other shelter. O Vrndavana, please don't cast me away!  Please don't cast me away!


50      Even though I proclaim, "I shall not reside in any other place for even a moment,"  still I am such an incomparable fool that I continue to offend you. The desire for sense gratification has made me abandon both common sense and the path of religion. O, O Vrndavana, will I ever attain your mercy?


51      May Vrndavana's trees, who are all very generous, whose softened hearts melt with compassion, who are wealthy with the glittering opulences of limitless transcendental nectar, and who manifest symptoms of ecstasy, shedding tears and their hairs standing up out of love for Lord Hari, accept me as one of their company.


52      Filled with the nectar of love for Radha-Krishna, Vrndavana's  trees place in Their hands many wonderful fruits and flowers for Their pleasure. They please Them with their birds' cooing and bees' songs.


53      I offer my respectful obeisances to Vrndavana's fortunate, fortunate trees which sweetly decorate the divine couple with many flowers and other ornaments and which, overcome with bliss by the touch of Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara's beautiful lotus feet, shed flowing streams of tears and find the hairs on their bodies erect in ecstasy.

54      Anointing Themselves with the kharpara ointment made by rubbing the trees' branches, dressing Themselves in garments made from the trees' leaves, decorating Themselves with the trees' flowers, drinking the trees' flowing honey, embracing each other under the trees, and eloquently glorifying the trees, the fair and dark divine couple are, for me, an  ocean of bliss in Vrndavana forest.


55      I take shelter of the divine couple who, Their hair loosened, Their bodily hairs erect in ecstasy, a stream of nectar words flowing from Their mouths, Their jewel necklaces, flower garlands, and cosmetic ointments broken, and Their forms beautifully clothed, are overwhelmed with amorous passion and enjoy sweet pastimes in Vrndavana.


56      Happily attended by many maidservants who provide Them with flower-garlands, garments and other things, and wandering through the forests of Vrndavana, the charming fair and dark youthful  divine couple is now overwhelmed by the nectar of Their transcendental pastimes.  I pray that I may someday be allowed to serve Them.


57      I worship the fair and dark divine couple, who, very wonderful, situated in very charming eternal youth, every limb of Their bodies manifesting limitless sweet handsomeness, and continually overcome with amorous desires, day and night enjoy eternal pastimes in Vrndavana and drown all moving and non-moving beings in a flooding ocean of nectar.


58      Please meditate on Vrndavana's trees, every branch, leaf, fruit, flower, and blossom of which is filled with the splendid nectar of the sweetest fragrance.


59      Please worship the fair and dark divine couple, who enjoy pastimes in the beautiful groves of haricandana and other trees growing by the Yamuna's shore.


60      When will I directly see the intensely sweet and blissful nectar ocean of the Vrndavana pastimes of the very sweet divine couple, whose limbs are as splendid as gold and sapphires.


61      In the beautiful forest of Vrndavana some very fortunate souls are able to taste the flood of wonderful sweetness from the nectar ocean of pure love for the lotus feet of Shri Gandharva's (Radha's) intimate friend.


62      Showering the trees in Vrndavana with a great rain of pure love and a bliss that eclipses all other blisses, the Krishna monsoon cloud and the Radha lightning flash shine with great splendour.


63      May the pastimes in Vrndavana of the youthful divine gopa couple, who are fair and dark as the petals of a newly blossoming golden campaka flower and a blue lotus, appear before me.


64      Please serve the handsome and youthful divine couple, splendid as sapphires and molten gold and trembling with limitless transcendental passion in a lovely kadamba grove.

65      In a very wonderful flower garden in Vrndavana forest, which is the root of the sweetest nectar, the fair and dark youthful divine couple, who are my life, and who are now overwhelmed with passion, enjoy pastimes.


66      I meditate on Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who are agitated by the bees' buzzing and the cuckoos cooing in the forest flower gardens.


67      Today in Vrndavana forest the bees are singing everywhere, the cuckoos make a constant great tumult of "kuhu kuhu", the peacocks dance playfully, and the trees and creepers have blossomed with many beautiful flowers.  O Radha, they do all this only to please you.


68      Inspired by the nectar of love, Krishna approached Radha from behind and playfully covered Her eyes.  Radha said, "Let go! I know who You are.  ou are Lalita."  Krishna laughed. One gopi friend said, "The hairs on Your body are standing up with excitement. You know who it is". Then Radha laughed.  Moving a blossoming-twig fan, another gopi then made a cooling breeze fall upon Shri Shri Radha-Krishna.


69      Situated in wonderful, playful and charming eternal youthfulness, served by eternally joyful affectionate gopi friends whose bodily hairs stand up and who shed tears by seeing Their splendour, and the handsomeness of Their transcendental forms filling Rati and Kamadeva with wonder, Shri Radha and He who is the jewel of lovers enjoy limitless blissful pastimes day and night in Vrndavana forest.


70      I worship Shri Vrndavana, where there is a flooding ocean of the glory of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's fair and dark forms, where a flood of the nectar of pure love eclipses the fame of both spiritual and material worlds, where there is the most splendid splendour, where one loses all attachment for any other place, and where the divine couple enjoys beginningless, endless, glorious, exalted pastimes.


71      My queen, please sit still for a moment. My charming Lord, please stop for a moment. I shall  clear away the signs of amorous pastimes from Your eyes, limbs, and clothing. Lalita and the other gopis have been searching for you. They will arrive at any moment. If they see You like this they will all make jokes. They will laugh and laugh.  It will be very embarrassing for You.


72      The beautiful lotus flowers of Their faces fully blossomed in the splendid moonlight, Their charming conversation flowing like a stream of honey, Their bodily hairs erect, and Their limbs trembling in the excitement of Their transcendental amorous passion, the eternal fair and dark complexioned divine couple enjoy transcendental pastimes in Vrndavana.


73      Filled with the sweet nectar of love for each other, laughing and laughing, expertly embracing each other, and again and again struggling in the battle of transcendental amorous pastimes, the splendid divine couple quickly enters the courtyard of a forest grove of Vrndavana.


74      Arranging Their hair and tilaka markings, offering Them fragrant scents, betel nuts, and flower garlands, clothing Them in splendid, fine silk garments, giving Them very palatable transcendental food and drink, nicely fanning Them, massaging Their soft lotus feet, and doing many other things, the gopis serve Shri Shri Radha-Krishna in the groves of Vrndavana forest.


75      In Vrndavana some of Radha's beautiful maidservants decorate the forest groves, some string  splendid garlands and other ornaments with  many flowers, some happily prepare many kinds of aromatic fragrances, and some make very fine garments.


76      O mind, please worship the girls of the land of Vrndavana, who with the splendour of a single beautiful limb and the flooding sweetness of youth turn all the young demigoddesses in  heaven into blades of grass.  Please meditate on the very sweet and glorious divine couple, who make the greatest sages become stunned with wonder.


77      May the beauty of Vrndavana forest, the peerless glory of the blissful, youthful, fair and dark divine couple in the bliss of Their ever-new, great, transcendental amorous pastimes, and the beautiful young girls who illuminate the ten directions and who are overwhelmed by the sweetness of worshipping the divine couple that is  more dear to them than life, appear before me.


78      Far from the material energy, which is the root of numberless material universes, is the sweet nectar of the Supreme Personality of Godhead's effulgence.  Within that effulgence are the Vaikuntha planets,  and in the most confidential portion of Vaikuntha is this blissful, glorious Vrndavana, splendid with the Kama-gayatri-bija.


79      I worship the splendid, sweet, soft, expansive land of Vrndavana, which is filled with cintamani jewels, which is the abode of transcendental bliss, which is scented with sweet transcendental fragrance, which is filled with the transcendental nectar of pure love of God, which is splendid with flower pollen and which is filled with wonderful and colourful transcendental glory.


80      Here in Vrndavana the wonderful young girls eternally worship Shri Radha-Muralidhara, who are filled with the sweetness of the beauty of youth, with sweet love for each other, and with the wonderful intoxicating nectar of the bliss of love.


81      I pray that Shri Radhika's maidservants, whose bumblebee hearts are always intoxicated by tasting the honey of Radha-Krishna's lotus flower feet, who shed tears and whose bodily hairs stand up because of a blissful flood of love for Them, and who bitterly lament when any obstacle stops their service to the master and mistress of their lives, may appear before me.


82      Please meditate on Radha's young, slender, very sweet maidservants, who are graceful as golden vines, the splendour of whose limbs fills all directions, and whose golden earrings move to and from on their cheeks and whose bracelets, anklets, and the belts on their hips all tinkle as they busily serve the divine couple, who are more dear to them than life.


83      Please meditate on Shri Radhika's maidservants, who are as fair as gold, whose broad hips are decorated with splendid saris and tinkling bells, whose lotus feet are splendid with melodiously tinkling anklets, whose budding breasts are covered with splendid  bodices and beautiful necklaces moving to and fro...


84      whose noses are decorated with priceless pearls set in jewels and gold, whose large braids are decorated with jewels and flowers, whose smiling faces are brilliant as numberless golden moons, who shine with the playfulness of youth, whose limbs are enchantingly beautiful...


85      whose bodily hairs at every moment gracefully stand erect because of intense, sweet, spontaneous love for Radha-Krishna, and who, plunged into the fathomless ever-expanding ocean of transcendental bliss, smile and laugh, their bodies at every moment blossoming with transcendental bliss.


86      Flooding the ten directions with the splendour of their limbs, splendid and youthful, blinded with love for the very charming youthful divine couple, and decorated with a variety of garments and ornaments, Radha's maidservants shine with great splendour.


87      May I, in a heart rapt in unmoving meditation on the goddess of fortune's husband, yearn for the service of Shri Gandharva's (Radha's) lotus feet, which are a great treasure of fragrant nectar sought by a certain wonderful, wise black bee in beautiful Vrndavana forest's new vine pavilions.


88      I meditate on the beautiful land of Vrndavana, which is paved with glistening cintamani jewels, marked with the nectar pollen of Radha-Krishna's footprints, splendid with jewels of many colours, and illuminated with the limitless splendour of transcendental nectar.


89      The land of Vrndavana is very splendid, gentle, fragrant with the intense bliss of the pastimes of the two divine lovers more glorious than the greatest jewels filled with the camphor, incense and other things of leafy-branched trees, filled with the pastimes of the divine couple who enter it, and so splendid it has no need for a moon.


90      I offer my respectful obeisances to the wonderful effulgent, transcendental land of Vrndavana, which is splendid with glistening gold, sapphires, rubies, red-coral, lapis lazuli, and candrakanta jewels.


91      I eternally meditate on the land of Vrndavana, which is glorious above everything, an island of sweetness in the shoreless ocean of nectar, wonderful with the blisses of transcendental amorous pastimes, blinded by the nectar of love for Radha-Krishna, its limbs rolling about on the ground in ecstasy, and a wonderful  treasure of transcendental beauty and good fortune.


92      I meditate on Vrndavana, where many affectionate gopi friends prepare a couch for Radha-Krishna's pastimes, where the deer, birds, trees, and vines are intoxicated with the nectar of love, and which is very charming, beautiful with many splendid forest groves, delightful with jewel pavements, and filled with splendid lakes, streams, and jewel mountains.


93      Filling Shri Radha-Krishna with passion, intoxicating all moving and non moving entities, crushing passionate Kamadeva's pride and disarraying his garments and ornaments, and making the stars, the moon, and affectionate young gopis mad with happiness, Vrndavana shines with great splendour.


94      Without ever becoming tired, please always meditate on beautiful Vrndavana, which is glorious with numberless charming forests of parijata and other  splendid trees, worshipped by demigods full of love for Lord Hari's lotus feet, plunged into an ocean of the light of millions of moons, and unapproachable even by the host of Upanisads.


95      Brother, are you trapped in the jungle of repeated birth and death?  Can you find not even a moment's relief from the three-fold sufferings? The words of the scriptures don't tell you how to escape?  Simply meditate in your heart on the trees of Vrndavana, which are so dear to Lord Krishna.