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1        There is a place so fragrant it defeats the fragrance of sandalwood multiplied millions of times.  There is a place so fragrant it defeats the fragrance of musk multiplied millions of times.  There is a place more fragrant than a flood of camphor.  There is a place more fragrant than an abundance of kunkuma.  There is a place so wonderfully fragrant that it defeats aguru.


2        Day and night this place is filled with the sweet fragrance of various flowers.  It has various kinds of nectar drinks, various kinds of delicious foods, and various kinds of very sweet splendid fruits.  Because of Radha-Madhava's pastimes, in this place are broken jewel necklaces, flower garlands, belts, and other objects.


3        By Radha-kunda's shore in a beautiful jewel pavilion, accompanies by Her gopi friends and singing wonderful dusts with dark complexioned Krishna, may King Vrsabhanu's daughter appear before me.


4        With their lotus hands Radha and Her friends repeatedly splash Lord Krishna, the jewel of lovers.  Krishna then lowered His moonlike face and cried out: " Enough! Enough! I accept defeat!"  When Radha heard these syllables, which were like a great flood of nectar, She stopped splashing and burst into laughter.  i wonder:  Did pastimes like this happen here in this place?


5        In this small grove of graceful kalpa-vrksa bushes with beautiful flowers on their extended branches, did the two Deities of the nectar of transcendental mellows at some time enjoy  wonderful pastimes of decorating each other with flowers?


6        All glories to the amorous happiness Radha and Krishna enjoy together by casting wonderful, smiling glances at each other from the corners of Their eyes, by, out of various pretexts, touching each other's limbs where the hairs are standing up in ecstasy, and by conversing with sweet nectar streams of words.


7        Shri Radha, who with floods of splendour from Her beautiful, youthful limbs the colour of molten gold, with eternally wonderful graceful waves of very sweet amorous pastimes, and with the faltering of Her voice, Her tears, Her trembling, and other symptoms of ecstatic love for dark complexioned Krishna, fills with wonder Her friends come to Her favourite forest grove and makes the hair on their bodies stand erect, is my queen.


8        May Shri Radha and Her beloved, who are flooded with waves of very, very wonderful sweetness, playful transcendental pastimes, splendid beauty and expert knowledge of the arts of love, who have come to Vrndavana from Vraja, and the wonder of whose beauty increases hundreds and hundreds of times at  Radha-kunda appear in my heart.


9        When, wonderful with splendid, graceful waves from the nectar ocean of sweetness, and filling Vrndavana with a very wonderful and splendid fragrance, will the lake where Shri Radha enjoys wonderful pastimes, the most wonderful of all places, decorate my mouth with its glories?


10      In the whorl of a giant gold lotus, surrounded by filaments and petals, the divine couple, expert at relishing transcendental mellows, and splendid as gold and sapphires, enjoy the pastime of repeatedly moving back and forth on Their swing.


11      In Vrndavana let us glorify the passionate queen's favourite transcendental lake, which is eternally very wonderful with Radhika-Hari's endless sweet pastimes, which  is an ocean of the great wonders of the nectar of transcendental mellows, and which is very splendid and fragrant.


12      Let me take shelter of the lake that is Vrndavana's greatest ornament, where two splendid fair and dark forms of bliss enjoy the ultimate dance of the nectar of pure amorous pastimes, and where the water's touch makes a wonderful sweetness rise in the heart.


13      The hairs of His body erect in ecstasy, His crown and earrings moving, and His flute placed against the full  moon of His lips, Madhava praises the delightful transcendental qualities of Radha-kunda, which is the greatest jewel decorating Shri Govardhana's crown, and which is very dear to the queen who rules the life of the charming lotus-eyed Lord.


14      O friend, please meditate on Radha-kunda's flowering-vine pavilion, which is praised by Vrndavana's great splendour, which is respectfully worshipped by Lord Hari's favourite regal mountain, Shri Govardhana, which bows down, placing its peak on the ground before it, and which is filled with the beauty and sweetness of Radha-Krishna's extremely wonderful amorous pastimes.


15      Please meditate on the fair and dark youthful divine couple who, surrounded by Their friends, and overwhelmed with sweetness, have plunged into an ocean of nectar at Radha-kunda, which arouses transcendental amorous desires without equal or superior.


16      Who, after attaining immeasurably sweet Vrndavana, where transcendental, limitless, wonderful, opulent nectar enchants the king of Vaikuntha, where everyone is blinded by the madness of sweet love for the heart's friend of Shri Radha, and which eternally shines in this world with a splendour greater than the nectar ocean of bliss and knowledge, will seek out any other place?


17      O supremely blissful Vrndavana, your beautiful forms are worshipped by the Lord's dear liberated souls, even up to the timid girls of  Vraja. Now that Your form, filled with the ultimate sweetness of Shri Radha-Muralimanohara, has entered the pathway of my memory, I have suddenly become very fortunate.


18      I meditate on Vrndavana, where after eagerly studying the singing of  Radha-Krishna, the male cuckoos fly to the mango treetops and madly sing in many wonderful ways, where after gazing at Radha-Krishna's dancing, the peacocks dance wonderfully, and where the male and female parrots imitate Radha-Krishna's conversation.


19      May beautiful Vrndavana, which is filled with cuckoos celebrating a great festival of singing, peacocks happily dancing, the sweetness of the music of bumblebees humming, trees, vines, and flowering-vine pavilions, and which fulfils the desires of Radha-Krishna's sweet maidservants, appear before me.


20      Friend, please meditate on fearlessly beautiful Vrndavana, which is filled with kadamba groves, beautiful with numberless trees and flowering vines, and the entire wealth of the divine couple expert at tasting nectar, and which stands on an island in the shoreless nectar of spiritual splendour.


21      I eternally bow down before Vrndavana's trees and vines, which are far beyond the influence of matter, and which  mercifully grant all the goals of life to one who even once sees, touches, hears about, or remembers them.


22      In Vrndavana the clear, splendid sky is fragrant with pollen and beautiful with many graceful branches trickling new honey, and the ground is sweet with Radha-Krishna's nectar footprints.


23      All glories to the Lord's most exalted abode, which is named Shri Vrndavana, which is the eternal nectar ocean of transcendental love for Shri Shri Radha and Her blissful lover overwhelmed by Her sweetness, which is the ultimate limit of the wonder of the nectar of transcendental mellows, which is the ultimate limit of all wonders, and which is the ultimate limit of transcendental good fortune.


24      The wise search in vain for the five values that culminate in prema-bhakti. They who take shelter of even a blade of grass growing in Vrndavana forest, easily attain all values.


25      I am a living corpse. When, giving up false ego and false proprietorship for this material body and other material things, will I find myself residing in Vrndavana, which is filled with nectar of pure love?


26      With all my heart I shall serve Vrndavana's residents, the dust from whose feet purifies even Brahma, Siva, and all the demigods.


27      They who by the touch of Shri Radha's forest have pure spiritual forms sweet as nectar, even though and  others cannot see it, are worshipped by Sukadeva Gosvami and other great souls.


28      I meditate on the most fortunate person who, even though they commit offenses, place Shri Radha's feet in their hearts, and live in Vrndavana.


29      I yearn to dance the dance of serving Vrndavana's queen, whom Krishna, aroused by Her crooked eyebrows, and thirsting to enjoy amorous pastimes with Her, praises again and again.


30      Enjoying sweet, sweet pastimes, flooded by the rising nectar ocean of amorous desire, and at every step Their handsomeness drowning in the nectar ocean of handsomeness, may the two fair and dark splendours appear before us.


31      In Vrndavana a person whose heart knows how to taste nectar meditates on the youthful fair and dark divine couple, who are full of handsomeness, glory, playfulness, charm, sweetness, and expert knowledge of the arts of love, who at every moment flood Their gopi friends with a great stream of wonder, and whose bodily hairs stand erect as They enjoy great amorous pastimes.


32      May limitless Vrndavana, which is a limitless ocean of beauty, a limitless land of sweetness, a limitless treasure of the moonlight of thoughtfulness, a land of limitless good fortune, and the limitless secret root of the Supreme Lord's nectar, fulfil my desire without limit.


33      When, on Shri Radha-Krishna trembling with passion as They meet under a great tree, from trees plunged in bliss splendid and sweet monsoon showers fall and splendid fruits and flowers are scattered on the earth, the birds suddenly stop their tumultuous cooing and stand still and silent.


34      Sweet Vrndavana has a ground very sweet with very sweet bushes, trees, and flowering vines, very sweet bees, birds, and deer, very sweet lakes, rivers, and mountains, and its very sweet gift of ecstatic divine love.


35      I shall become trees in Vrndavana and please Shri Radhika-Krishna with my limitless, splendid, sweet fruits, my unlimitedly, splendid fragrant flowers filled with splendid pollen and splendid honey, my splendid hosts of birds, and my splendid twigs and buds.


36      I meditate on Vrndavana where, happily picking some branches from trees charming with very splendid fruits and flowers and filled with glistening branches sprouting even from their roots, two fair and dark splendours enjoy transcendental pastimes.


37-38  Radha will say, "O beautiful one, please dance," and I will dance. She will say. "Please sing", and the bees on my petals will sing a melodious song. She will say, "Please shed some tears," and honey will flow from my flowers. She will say "Please laugh," and my flowers will burst into full bloom. She will say, "Please embrace this tree," and I will embrace the tree with my tendrils, pressing my flowers against his trunk. She will say, "Please bow down before the Lord of My life," and I will fall down on the ground.  In this way I will be a flowering vine completely obedient to Her every word. She will nourish me by sprinkling me with water from Her own hand. Lord Krishna will be very pleased, and He will bless me saying, "May you attain the blessings of My beloved Radha."

39      Shri Radha-Madhava eternally sing the glories of Vrndavana, which shines with sweet beauty many millions of times greater than the beauty of liberation or the beauty of Nandanandana, Puspabhadra or other celestial gardens, which is filled with the wonderful, beautiful, limitless nectar of transcendental pastimes, and which even the Upanishads, the crest jewels of the Vedas cannot approach.


40      Let me glorify Vrndavana, where the numberless fortunate bees delighted by the fragrance of tulasi and other flowers, pleased by the fragrant parijata flowers in the Nandanandana garden, or happy in any other forest, all fly.


41      They who have fallen into the abyss of repeated birth and death, they who have renounced everything, they who are liberated, and they who are great kings, become immediately enchanted when they see Vrndavana, which is a very great ocean of sweetness and bliss, and which has come to this fortunate earth to give a great gift to the conditioned souls.


42      They who have deeply entered the realm of the senses and they who have taken shelter of Brahman become overwhelmed with bliss by once seeing the beauty of Vrndavana.


43      The glory of beautiful Vrndavana is so wonderful that even the slightest scent of it binds one and throws him in an ocean of nectar.


44      Vrndavana's glory, which with the its own ropes binds even the supremely handsome and opulent Personality of Godhead, cannot be understood by a person like me.


45      Worship Vrndavana forest, which is filled with the sweet nectar of passionate divine love, as if it were your very life and soul.


46      Possessive attachment to wealth, children, wife, and everything else has simply brought suffering to me.  Now I shall renounce everything. Now I choose to live in Vrndavana.


47      Neither completely unbearably torments, nor maddening happiness, have the power to make me give up my deep love for Vrndavana.


48      The very wonderful fair and dark youthful divine couple, who eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes in the beautiful groves of Vrndavana, are my life and soul.


49      They who are slow witted, and they who are very unfortunate do not take shelter of Vrndavana and worship Radha-Krishna.


50      This is my lament. This is my great astonishment.  I am astonished that a person can live in Vrndavana and still not worship Radha-Krishna with the nectar of transcendental love.


51      In this beautiful forest of Vrndavana I am filled with love for Radha-Krishna.   I do not care for the opinion of the common people.  I do not care for the opinions of the common people.  I do not care for the rules of the dharma-sastras.  I do not care what is the fate of my material body.


52      I bow down before the trees  of Vrndavana, which are eternal, changeless, very virtuous, free from the touch of matter, faultless, and eternally liberated, which are glorified by the Vedas, which have forms that are shoreless oceans of the very sweet nectar of transcendental knowledge and bliss, which are plunged in ecstatic love for Krishna, and which give to all the most precious of all gifts.


53      I bow down before the great trees of Vrndavana, which are filled with leaves and sprouts, maddened bees, the tumult of many birds, streams of nectar honey, and branches bowed with many splendid wonderful fruits and flowers.


54      Staying on the ground, enchanting Shri Radhika speaks sweet words and points with Her forefinger.  Krishna the best of lovers, glancing from above with charming eyes, makes the splendid fruits fall to the ground as His queen carefully collects them. Please worship these trees of Vrndavana.


55      Very glorious, filled at every moment with the sweetness of great transcendental bliss, very tall with many far extending branches, showering the great treasures of the supreme goal of life, and bearing great fruits and flowers, the supremely exalted trees of Vrndavana are splendidly manifest.


56      All glories to Vrndavana's beautiful trees, which are eternal, full of knowledge and bliss , more splendid than the moon and all the stars, covered with numberless leaves and branches, respectfully served by all the splendid seasons, and opulent with a cooling shade that breaks all the burning sufferings of this world.


57      Intelligent persons who take shelter of beautiful Vrndavana's opulent vines melting with motherly love, and throw far away the idea that they are material, become supremely successful, both in this life and also after death.


58      Let me glorify Vrndavana where, spitting on impersonal liberation and all material goals, certain  very intelligent yogis rejoice, having become birds that stay on the branches there and coo a tumultuous barrage of eloquent logic that crushes the importance of material life and material work.


59      Renounce everything and take shelter of Shri Vrndavana, in this world the sweet transcendental place where Radha-Madhava eternally enjoy pastimes.


60      Directly seeing that it is filled with immeasurable glory and opulence, that it is the generous giver of ecstatic love of God, and that it is the realm where the fair and dark divine couple eternally enjoy transcendental pastimes, one should worship Vrndavana.


61      Even though I have lost control over my senses, and even though in all respects I am the most pathetic of men still, if the forest where Shrimati Radharani enjoyed transcendental pastimes accepts me as one of its residents, my life will become a complete success.


62      Let me suffer millions of wicked thoughts!  Let me suffer millions of wicked deeds!  Let me suffer millions of unkind words!  Let these calamities fall, O Vrndavana, but let me not be separated from you.


63      Chasing from your ear the hellish word "woman", which is filled with stool, urine, phlegm, pus, and other horrors, reside in Shri Radhika's garden.


64      Stay far away from Lord Hari's illusory potency in the form of woman, which will throw far away all intelligence, renunciation, love for Lord Hari, and love for Vrndavana.


65      Just as a strong wine, a woman can intoxicate a man with a single glance. This intoxicant will make it impossible to reside in Vrndavana. O Vrndavana, what will become of me?


66      The undefeatable enemies who are my senses repeatedly crush me under their attack. Again and again they bind me, and now they have imprisoned me in a painful place.  O Krishna, please rescue me!


67      I am again and again burned by the poisoned arrows of sex desire, even though I reside in Vrndavana. Alas! Alas!  I can find no peace.  What shall I do?


68      The heart of even a wise man can become intoxicated by the pot of stool that is the body of a young girl. Without hearing, seeing, or coming near any girls, remain always absorbed in meditation on Vrndavana.


69      With a single glance a young girl can completely bewilder me and make my body burn with the fire of lust. What will become of my desire to attain spiritual perfection?


70      I have no shame. Even though I am completely blinded by lust and anger, and even though I am controlled by greed, I continue to aspire to attain pure love of God, and I continue to reside in the forest where Shrimati Radharani enjoyed transcendental pastimes.


71      Even though I am bewildered by lust and his accomplices, I still yearn to attain the pure love that is hidden even from the Veda, and I still reside in Vrndavana.  Vrndavana's mercy is my only shelter.


72      When resting my cheek in the palm of my hand, repeatedly washing my body with a flood of tears from my eyes, again and again pathetically calling out, "O Muralidhara!", plunged in the nectar of love, and indifferent to the maintenance of my material body, will I reside under a tree in a solitary place in Vrndavana?


73      A person who thinks women to be like tigresses, palatable food to be like poison, wealth to be useless, association with materialists to be like the loss of the greatest treasure, material possessions to be like stolen property, and his own senses to be like his enemies, and who is full of love for Lord Hari, can properly reside here in Vrndavana.


74      What man will not find himself forced to give up all good qualities and all sense of shame merely by the casual glance of a beautiful amorous woman? What will a man attached to women not do in disobedience to the orders of guru and scripture?  For this reason , if you are tormented by lust, or if you fear dying in the flames of lust, then simply drag your body to Vrndavana and develop pure love for Lord Krishna, who wears a crown of peacock feathers.


75      Even the word "woman" makes me blind with sex desire. For me, anger fills every direction with blinding darkness. Greed shakes my heart. Still, while I reside in Vrndavana, none of these has the power to destroy me. Let me always stay in Vrndavana.  At the time of death let me give up this material body here in Vrndavana.


76      When, very kind to everyone, expert at breaking the shackles of material illusion, unagitated at heart, seeing all women as walking corpses, only to maintain my body collecting a small quantity of food from different places, and as tolerant as the earth, will I become a sincere devotee residing in Vrndavana?


77      When, singing of Radha-Muralidhara's beautiful pastimes, finding in my heart bliss and eternal love for Them, condemning all kinds of sense gratification, and loudly calling out, "O Krishna! O my beloved!" will i become overwhelmed in Vrndavana?


78      Vrndavana, the great purifier of the fallen souls, the protector from the fearful serpent of repeated birth and death, the holy place that transforms its residents into great saints, the object of worship for the greatest sages, and the abode of Radhika's charming lover, is my life and soul.


79      I say to myself:  "Follow this dark youth, who always yearns to enjoy amorous pastimes, who is overwhelmed by the sweet nectar of love, whose bodily hairs stand erect with joy, who is loved by Lalita and her friends, who is Radha's life, and who, taking His beloved by the hand, wanders in the secluded groves of beautiful Vrndavana forest."


80      Please reside in Vrndavana and worship the two fair and dark splendours wandering the pathways followed by swarms of bees, trembling with passion, and repeatedly embracing, smiling and laughing in the forest.


81      The result of pious and impious deeds do not trouble, the illusory potency maya cannot touch, all the virtues of the great souls worship, a host of all opulences desires to serve, and the demigods headed by Brahma glorify a person who has taken shelter of Vrndavana.  Shri Shri Radha and Krishna consider him one of Their personal associates.


82      I meditate on Vrndavana which is beautified by a host of cooling moons that sprinkle blissful nectar in the ten directions, by a host of trees and vines bearing fruits, flowers, buds and leaves, by flocks of birds filled with the nectar of pure love for Lord Krishna and making a great tumult of jubilant warbling, and by many splendid places studded with jewels.


83      My heart plunges into Shri Vrndavana, which shines for some time in the material world of three modes, which eternally shines with wonderfully sweet splendour above everything in the effulgent sky of transcendental knowledge, and which is beautiful with limitless sweetness and filled with Radha-Krishna's wonderful pastimes.


84      Look at Vrndavana, served by very sweet, splendid, beginningless, endless vines, trees, bushes, and other plants eternally blooming in every season, filled with splendid transcendental nectar streams, jewel mountains, and beautiful jewel vine cottages, and wonderful with many birds and deer!


85      Shri Vrndavana is more purifying than all transcendental knowledge.Shri Vrndavana is the most efficient means to attain all that is valuable. Shri Vrndavana is the supreme abode of transcendental pastimes. Who will not serve Shri Vrndavana, considering it millions of times more dear than his own life?


86      All glories to charming Vrndavana, which breaks the material desires of many births, which shows a great sweetness to Laksmi, Siva, Brahma, and the other demigods, which, as a mother, takes no account of the offenses of its dependants, and which is blissful with the touch of Radha's feet.


87      All glories to charming Vrndavana, which is supremely splendid and sublimely sweet, which is wonderful with a flood of bliss, which is filled with Lord Hari's mercy, love, and other virtues, which is the crest jewel of all wonders, and which is the place where Shri Radhika-Madhava enjoy a nectar festival of amorous pastimes.


88      Cross the ocean of the illusory potency maya. Cross the ocean of spiritual light known as the Supreme Brahman  Again and again drink from the splendid ocean of the Supreme Person's bliss, and then cross beyond it. Enter the splendid,  pure, nectar ocean of pure love for Lord Krishna, and then enter the splendid island in the middle of that ocean.  There devote your life to the service of charming Vrndavana.


89      Leave far behind the gross and subtle material realms, the causal ocean, the brahmajyoti effulgence, the Vaikuntha planets, the palaces in Lord Krishna's city of Dvaraka, and all other useless places. Simply become absorbed in gazing on Vrndavana forest with eyes filled with love.


90      Checking the senses when they obstruct residence in Vrndavana, seeing that the charming abode of Vrndavana is pure and spiritual, always desiring the supreme auspiciousness of giving up the body here in Vrndavana, and throughout life renouncing all talk of sense gratification, reside in this forest of Shri Vrndavana.


91      I bow down before Vrndavana's trees, which at every moment shower supremely blissful madhvika nectar, which spread charming reddish pollen in all directions, and which are filled with the buzzing of bees intoxicated by the fragrance of limitless, splendid blossoming flowers.


92      I meditate on Vrndavana's splendid, limitless, most wonderful, charming trees and vines, which bear splendid fruits and flowers in every season, which are spiritual, which can assume any form they wish, which are great philanthropists that fulfil all desires, and which are filled with love for Radha and Krishna.


93      Vrndavana's trees, which are made of various jewels, which are filled with various beautiful fruits and flowers, which have various beautiful twigs, leaves, new blossoms and buds, which expand various wonderful sweet fragrances, and which are filled with various wonderful birds happily playing and singing, have enchanted my



94      Vrndavana eternally shines with the splendour of great trees made of various jewels, birds of various jewels, flowers made of various jewels, nectar fruits of various jewels, and trees with waves of sweet honey of various jewels in its places made of various jewels.


95      Friend, this is a young tamala tree embraced by a beautiful golden vine in this forest grove.  Aha! Look!  Is it not so?  Why do these crooked friends not believe me?


96      Day and night your male friend stays with me. He braids my hair in various ways, draws artistic designs and pictures on my face with musk, kunkuma, and sandal paste, and decorates me with garments, flower garlands and ornaments.


97      He repeatedly places His moonlike face before my face. He repeatedly gazes at my face with unblinking eyes. He is always very eager to talk with me. He lies down and places me on His chest. He always keeps me by His side. O friend, how can I describe the love your male friend, the jewel  of all handsome young men, bears for me?


98      Dear friend, ask me to tell my story. How have I become so fortunate? I shall tell you these pastimes. Who am I in comparison to dark complexioned Lord Krishna that He should have held my hand the way He did? What happened then? I cannot remember a thing.


99      He decorates my braided hair with many splendid flowers, He draws a line or red sindura in the part in the middle of my hair. He decorates my eyes with black mascara.  He dresses me in silken garments.  He repeatedly gives me betel nuts to chew.  Your male friend shows me His love for me in these ways.  Still He does not draw me to His side on the bed?


100     The lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya are far away. The powerful age of Kali  has now appeared.  How will it be possible to attain pure love for Lord Krishna without becoming attached to Vrndavana?