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1        (In Vrndavana, which is very beautifully decorated by the circle of Radha's friends), who are charming with tinkling anklebells and belts, beautiful toe-rings and glistening anklets, decorated with beautiful jewel armlets  and hair ornaments, and whose beautiful broad hips are touched by the swinging vine of their braided hair, which is decorated with bunches of flowers, and the root of which is bound with a great cluster of jasmine flowers that attracts a great swarm of bees...


2        whose beautiful conch-shell necks are decorated with glistening lockets, whose beautiful reddish lotus flower hands are beautifully decorated with jewel rings, who are situated in eternal youth, who are supremely expert and intelligent, who are the most skilled singers and musicians, who are Shri Radha's followers, who are far beyond the understanding of even the Upanisads, and the crest jewels of the Vedas...


3        (in Vrndavana, which is very beautifully decorated by Shri Radha), who is served by splendid servant-girls that are great treasures of all intelligence and all expertise and the shade of whose lotus feet is difficult for even the most beautiful of all young gopis to attain, who (Radha) is eternally overcome with the bliss of transcendental amorous passion, who is loved day and night by beautiful friends whose bodily hairs stand erect in ecstatic love for the divine couple.


4        who (Radha) is a wonderfully splendid and auspicious crescent moon shining in the midst of the many glistening stars that are the host of Her friends and dear maid servants, who floods the world with festive nectar waves from the ocean of wonderful golden splendour rising from each of Her transcendental limbs...


5        who (Radha) fills all directions with waves of pure love, of Her wonderful beautiful, golden complexion and of the graceful sweetness of Her delicate limbs sprouting from youth, who relishes perfect intoxicating bliss, who continually enchants the birds, beasts, trees, vines, and others....


6        whose wonderful beauty is millions and millions of oceans of beauty, where the beauty of Laksmi, Gauri, and the splendid demigodesses is not even a single drop, who stands at the topmost limit of splendid, wonderful skill in the arts of love, whose bodily hairs stand erect as She again and again tastes the nectar of pure love for Lord Syama....


7        who is decorated with a belt, ankle-bells, necklaces, bracelets, jewel earrings, hair ornaments, armlets, rings, and a beautiful glistening pearl set at the tip of Her nose, who wears Her hair in a large braid decorated with a bunch of beautiful flowers at its tip, which swings about Her beautiful broad hips, who wears  splendid jewel  ornaments in the part of Her hair, who wears a beautiful chaplet of flowers at the place where Her braid begins....


8        the golden moon of whose beautiful forehead is decorated with a glistening sindura dots, the waves of whose moving eyebrows again and again create limitless millions of passionate desires in Her lover, the gracefully playing Khanjana birds of whose eyes stun Her lover, the sharpened arrows of whose playful, restless, amorous sidelong glances again and again overwhelm Her lover......


9        who enchants the heart with both the wonderful moonlight of Her shy smile and Her conversation as sweet as a cool stream of nectar, whose limitlessly sweet lips are splendid as a glistening pomegranate flower, whose chin is a nectar ocean of beauty ornamented with a single beautiful black musk-dot....


10      whose splendid, delicate cheeks are glistening golden mirrors fashioned from the great ocean of transcendental beauty, whose incomparably beautiful teeth stained from chewing betel nuts are like beautiful pearls and beautiful, glistening, perfectly ripe pomegranate seeds....


11      whose beautiful nose, as lovely as a sesame flower, is decorated with a beautiful pearl studded with splendid jewels and gold, whose beautiful nostrils are lime Kamadeva's two wonderful quivers, whose charming lips, more red than roses, are marked with both the stain of betel nuts, and a wound left by the teeth of the charming master of Her life.


12      whose very splendid conchshell neck is decorated with a wonderful graiveyaka necklace, beautiful kanthika necklaces, and padaka lockets glistening with various jewels, who is decorated with many splendid bodice that covers Her breasts, which are like two mountain peaks of nectarean beauty, or two fully blossomed flowers grown from the jewel mine of transcendental beauty....


13      whose charmingly beautiful slender abdomen is marked with three folds of skin that are three waves in the ocean of transcendental beauty, whose very beautiful hips are dressed in glistening red silk, whose splendid golden plantain tree thighs are filled wit the great wonder of a great flood of glistening waves of the nectar of pure transcendental sweetness...


14      whose splendid knees and ankles are like beautiful lotus stems, whose lotus feet display limitless beauty and sweetness, on each limb of whose transcendental form is a very wonderful monsoon shower of wonderful beauty, auspiciousness, great sweetness, splendour, and the transcendental symptoms of pure ecstatic love for dark complexioned Lord Krishna....


15      who, the hairs on all Her limbs standing erect in ecstasy, Her beautiful limbs now moving languidly because of having tasted the bliss of unrestrained, uninterrupted, passionate, transcendental amorous pastimes with dark complexioned Lord Krishna, Her words overwhelmed with emotion, and her every  feature showering a great monsoon of transcendental sweetness, by presenting in this way a very unusual appearance has deeply worried and upset Her gopi friends...


16      and who, placing the blossoming vine of  Her languid transcendental form on the dark complexioned transcendental form of Lord Krishna, and served by Her maidservants, who affectionately massage Her lotus feet, fan Her, give Her betelnuts, and render other services, and playfully taking the chewed betelnuts from the moon that is the mouth of the Lord of Her life, placing them in the moon of Her own mouth, laughs, gives them back to Her lover, and playfully repeats this game again and again....


17      with Her, Shri Radha, (in that  Vrndavana forest) a certain dark young moon, wealthy with many skills in the arts of amorous pastimes, limitlessly wonderful with a great wealth of love for Shri Radha and a great flood of handsomeness and charm, and overcome with eternal amorous passion, enjoys transcendental pastimes.


18      I meditate on the wonderful divine couple, who are overwhelmed with  newer and newer amorous bliss, whose fair and dark forms are splendid and charming, who stand in the prime of youth, who, bodily hairs erect because of Their intense passionate yearnings, have become like blossoming kadamba trees, and who eternally stay in the secluded forest groves of Shri Vrndavana.


19      May Shri Hari's wonderful youthfulness, very wonderful and beautiful Radha, handsomeness that enchants the entire world, transcendental, amorous pastimes, submissiveness to Shri Radha, and very wonderful sattvika-bhava ecstatic symptoms, such as tears, standing up of the body's hairs and becoming stunned, fill my heart with wonder.


20      May Vrndavana's sweetness, the sweetness of the beautiful forest groves, the sweetness of the fair and dark youthful divine couple, who are blind with love, and the very wonderful sweetness of the host of waves of Their transcendental pastimes of conversing, glancing, tricking, touching, and joking, all appear before me.


21      May I always wonderfully love the dark complexioned youth that plunges Radhika's maidservants in the shoreless ocean of supreme bliss, that has crossed to the farther shore of the arts of amorous pastimes, that is eternally overwhelmed with transcendental passion, and that eternally stays in Vrndavana.


22      This forest named Vrndavana, where the Radha-Krishna Deities shine as Radha-Krishna's own sweet form shine, and where a person who has made the nectar of the divine couple his life and soul enjoys as the divine couple's friends, who have dedicated their lives to Them, enjoy, shines as the beautiful Vrndavana in the spiritual world shines.


23      Vrndavana-dhama, the sweetest of nectars, has no equal or superior. Radha-Krishna, the two crowns and transcendental goals of our lives, have no equal or superior.  The beautiful gopis, who nourish the pastimes of the divine couple more dear to them than life, have no equal or superior.


24      What nonsense!  What nonsense! What misfortune! Even though he is a 'great man' he still does not like blissful Vrndavana!


25      If even the 'greatest' person refuses to take shelter of blissful Vrndavana, he should be called the lowest of  men.


26      I do not love blissfully sweet Vrndavana. What is the good of my knowledge, devotion, or renunciation?


27      Pathetic! Pathetic  are my scholarship, noble birth, good character, and splendid array of virtues! Because in this life I do not love Vrndavana, I am a living corpse.


28      Because I have not renounced  everything  and taken shelter of Vrndavana I am more pitiful than those pitied by the pitiful and I am more foolish than the greatest fool.


29      Lord Chaitanya's feet are far away.  Powerful Kali has appeared.  How will love for Krishna be attained without love for Vrndavana?


30      Ah, only a fool happy to be praised by piglike men will not take shelter of Vrndavana, which is an ocean of bliss.


31      Alas! Alas! I have left Vrndavana to go to another place. I have spit out the sweetest nectar and knowingly drunk poison.


32      All directions are filled with glory!  The world is full of bliss! Oh! Oh! I do not see anything except Vrndavana!


33      What can I do? I am a madman. I will just say this one thing: Knowledge, renunciation, and all other virtues are worthless without Vrndavana.


34      Calling out "He's a thief!  He's wretched and degraded", cursing, hitting and tying it up, let everyone trouble this faultless body.  Let it suffer a host of unbearable tortures, but let my body stay in Vrndavana.


35      Vrndavana's queen brings limitless pure bliss to He whose face is Vrndavana's splendid moon risen from the nectar ocean of bliss and love. She fills Vrndavana with nectar and She makes Her beautiful friends again and again shed tears and their bodily hairs stand erect in wonderful ecstatic love like Her own.


36      When, filled with ecstatic love, will I serve the splendid, wonderfully playful, fair and dark youthful divine couple as, served by a host of beautiful young girls bringing many splendid offerings. They enjoy wonderful transcendental pastimes in a beautiful pavilion of flowering vines under s desire tree by the Yamuna's shore in Vrndavana forest?


37      Wearing tinkling ornaments on Her ankles and a glistening sash on her broad hips, her waist slender, a necklace of glistening pearls on her flower-bud breasts, a cluster of flowers on the end of her swinging braids, a splendid pearl set in jewels and gold on the tip of her nose, and wearing a wonderfully colourful silken sari, may one of

Radhika's golden complexioned young maidservants appear before me.


38      When it sees the most beautiful young demigoddess, who continually celebrates a festival of passionate love, and who charms even the greatest sages with her beauty, playfulness, artistic skill, and enchanting sweetness, in its heart, the tip of the toenail of the girl who serves Radha's feet spits in contempt.


39      I  pray that I may see the maidservants splendid with playfulness, beauty, youthfulness, and other virtues gathered from the supremely blissful ocean of the splendour of the lotus feet of Vrndavana's queen.


40-45  When in my heart will I properly worship Shri Radha, who is fair as molten gold, whose limbs are flowering vines, who is a shoreless flood of beauty, playfulness, and fresh youthfulness, whose swinging braids play about Her broad hips, whose beautiful breasts are two wonderful golden mountains, whose pleasantly smiling face is sweet with ever-new nectar, whose eyes are two khankana birds playing in the ever-new nectar of transcendental mellows, whose smooth vinelike arms are filled with beauty and lustre and are splendid with glistening armlets and beautiful bracelets, whose ears are decorated with glistening transcendental jewel earrings, the tip of whose nose is decorated with a splendid pearl set in jewels and gold, whose conchshell neck glistens with various kinds of golden necklaces, whose hair is decorated with many jewel ornaments, whose fingers are decorated with beautiful, glistening jewel rings, who wears a bodice that holds the flood of splendour from Her breasts, whose exquisitely beautiful waist is so slender it can be encircled by a single hand, who wears a splendid jewel belt on Her hips, who wears  beautiful anklets, who, furtively glancing at Her lover, trembles with very sweet feelings of love, shyly smiles, and playfully covers Her breast with the edge of Her sari, the rising moon of whose face creates waves of gentle smiles of ever-new bliss, the hairs of whose body stand erect with transcendental love, who smiles as She speaks some words with a gopi friend, whose restless eyes move here and there, and whose vinelike arms tremble with ecstatic love?


46      Let hundreds of arrows of harsh words pierce my heart. Let hundreds and hundreds of kicks fall on my head.  Let hundreds of days pass where I am unable to get even the smallest meal.  Remembering at every moment the fair and dark glories that are my life's treasure, and whose forms are two oceans of sweet nectar, I shall happily live in Vrndavana.


47      Birth after birth you enjoyed the loving attentions of a dear wife who offered you flower garlands, sandalwood paste and a host of other gifts. In some births your pride knew no limit, and in some births you had no fame.  In some births you were a great scholar learned in many books, and in some births folly would not leave you.  Today you should be displeased with all these things. Give them all up and simply worship Vrndavana to attain transcendental bliss.


48      Thin and emaciated, my body undecorated and my hair unattended, wearing a kaupina, some ragged garments and a patchwork shawl, very mild and peaceful, silent, staying far away from others as if I were the lowest of the low, and my heart deeply entering into the pure devotional service of Shri Radha's lotus feet, may I become a very fortunate resident of Vrndavana.


49      What is the wealth of Kuvera?  What is the eloquence of Brhaspati?  What is the great opulence of Indraloka?  What is the use of having the handsomeness of Kamadeva?  What is the use of the wonderful mystic perfections obtained by yoga, austerity and other means?  All these become a pathetic mockery when placed in a person averse to the place named Vrndavana.


50      Who will not worship this earthly Vrndavana, where Radha and Krishna eternally enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes, which is situated above all other places, the residence of the enlightened and the ignorant, and which with its sweetness, splendour, and host of other virtues, has defeated all other places?


51      If fools see defects in this inconceivably glorious earthly Vrndavana, where everything is effulgent, pure, spiritual, and full of nectar, and where all living entities swim in a nectar ocean of pure love for Krishna, the farther shore of which even the three Vedas cannot see, then what can the wise, who have the eyes to see, say to enlighten them?


52      If one worships Vrndavana, which has endless beauty, endless sweetness, endless splendour, endless nectar, love for Krishna, endless kindness, and generosity and endless glory, then his good fortune is also endless.


53      O dearmost, supremely blissful Vrndavana, If I could see the splendour of your moving and non-moving residents with millions of transcendental eyes, if I could smell your sweet fragrance with millions of nostrils, if I could hear about your noble virtues with millions of ears, if I could wander through you with millions of feet, and if I could bow down to offer respects to you with many millions of heads and hands, I would still  not be satisfied.


54      Vrndavana is the most exalted transcendental abode. If my ears hear about the faults of Vrndavana, I shall pierce my ears with a dagger. If my tongue speaks about these faults I shall happily cut out my tongue.  If my eyes see them I shall put out my eyes.  If my mind believes the account of Vrndavana's faults I shall give up my life. If my ears and other senses thus become like untouchable outcastes, I shall stay far away from them.


55      O Vrndavana, I do not find this kind of happiness even on Candraloka. Your particles of dust dwarf the happiness of all the demigods.


56      Worshipped by the great demigods, the trees, bushes, vines in Vrndavana are full of bliss.  O slow-witted people, of what use are millions of celestial mandara trees to us?


57      I pray that I may become an insect in Shri Shri Radha-Muralidhara's supremely opulent Vrndavana.  I am not eager to become even the most important personal associate of the Lord in any other place.


58      A person who continually, and with great love, describes and hears the transcendental virtues of Vrndavana, makes Lord Krishna heavily  indebted to him.

59      I dearly love the transcendental forest named Shri Vrndavana, which is filled with all the most exalted transcendental virtues, and which contains many beautiful forest groves where Radha's lover enjoyed transcendental pastimes.


60      O Vrndavana, If I can become even a blade of grass at the edge of one of your forests, then, if even the opulence of Vaikuntha were to suddenly fall into my hand, I would not see it as something very beautiful or desirable,


61      Let me experience all terrible sufferings in Vrndavana.  I shall not live in any other place, even if there I enjoy all spiritual and material opulences. 


62      One who harms the residents of Vrndavana will suffer for a long time in hell.  Because I can see this truth, I pray that I may always be devoted to the residents of Vrndavana.


63      The thieves who live in Vrndavana are cintamani jewels granting all the most exalted goals in life.  Laksmi, Siva, and all the demigods aspire to touch them.


64      I pray that I may be fortunate to become an animal, bird, blade of grass, or speck of dust in Vrndavana forest, which is flooded with the wonderful nectar of dark complexioned Lord Krishna.


65      I think the ultimate goal of life is to attain even a small amount of love for the land of Vrndavana, which is opulent with the splendid pastimes of Shri Radha-Muralimanohara's feet.


66      Wandering, out of great curiosity, in Vrndavana forest, and Their soft, sweet words very wonderful nectar for the ear, Radha and Krishna see some wonderful and beautiful sight, and earnestly say to each other:  "Look! Look! Listen! Listen!"


67      Let us take shelter of Vrndavana-dhama, where the greatest splendour, the highest love for Krishna, and the ultimate beauty of Shri Radhika are manifest.


68      May I yearn only to serve Shri Radha-Krishna's lotus feet in Vrndavana's charming groves by the Yamuna's shore.


69      Who will not be filled with sweet yearnings to serve Shri Radha-Muralidhara, who are splendid with amorous playfulness in the lovely groves of Vrndavana forest?


70      Even Laksmi and the other demigoddesses cannot hope to worship Radha's lotus feet.  O Vrndavana, by you power I now yearn for that service.


71      Fool, once you leave Vrndavana, where even Laksmi and her friends cannot enter, and where the noble goddesses of devotional service meet the Lord's nectar opulences, where will you go?


72      Oh! Oh!  without manifesting his original spiritual form and qualities, who can enter Vrndavana's groves, which are flooded with sweet waves of bliss and are the site of Radha-Krishna's graceful amorous pastimes.

73      Let us glorify the supreme king of forests, the realm of spiritual love, where by entering one is filled with a great wonder of transcendental happiness, where the blisses of Radha-Krishna's wonderful amorous pastimes fill everyone with wonder, and where the wonderful joy of the divine couple's most wonderful awareness that They are each other's property shines eternally.


74      By offering very beautiful service, the god of love pleases in Their hearts the divine couple, whose glory rebukes the golden campaka flower and the blue lotus, and who at every moment enjoy passionate amorous pastimes in the opulent cottage of flowering vines by the Yamuna's shore.


75      Please meditate on the youthful divine couple, who are splendid as a golden campaka and blue lotus, who are overcome with passionate love, and the playful splendour of whose eyes, voices, and forms enchants the fortunate gopis in the sweet abode of Vrndavana.


76      Crossing the ocean of the three modes of nature, which is filled with great material suffering, and then crossing the ocean of spiritual light, see the Lord's many spiritual planets. After again and again enjoying happiness there, leave and go to the supreme abode named Vrndavana. Once there, search for the Radhika's nectar forest garden.

77      Wonderfully rich in the happiness of love, and your expert intelligence eternally

devoted to the service of  your two Lords, eternally reside in the charming groves where

Radha-Krishna enjoy amorous pastimes in the beautiful Vrndavana in your heart.


78      Sent by one of the gopis' leaders, and their hearts filled with intense love, some messengers now serve Radha-Krishna, who thirst to enjoy transcendental amorous pastimes in the beautiful groves of Vrndavana.


79      Of what use are scholarship, noble birth, good character, handsomeness and wealth?  Of what use are charity, sacrifice, and other pious acts? Of what use are hundreds of fames?  Of what use is severe austerity?  Of what use is renunciation, yoga and other spiritual practices?  Of what use is seeing the truth?  Of what use is service to Vishnu?  Of what use are these wonderful things for a person who has not made very wonderful Vrndavana, whose sweetness enchants even the Lord, his life and soul?


80      O Shri Vrndavana, I am now very fortunate. I have become the object of your very, very great mercy.  You have given me the right to reside within your boundaries, a right that is prayed for by Lord Brahma, Sukadeva Gosvami, Sanaka Kumara, and other great souls.  This gift gives me hope that some day I will directly serve the splendid, charming, eternally youthful, eternally amorous fair and dark divine couple.


81      O Shri Vrndavana, O land more affectionate than millions of mothers. O place whose supremely wonderful transcendental glory is eternally remember by Laksmi, Siva, and a host of great souls, if you have now appeared before my eyes, and if you have granted me residence within your boundaries, which is sought by the greatest devotees, then why do you now hesitated to allow me to serve the great souls that live within you?

82      Please happily serve Shri Shri Radha-Krishna, who have no equal or superior, whose deep love for each other eternally grows with Their handsomeness, playfulness, expert intelligence, and host of virtues, who are wonderfully flooded by the nectar ocean of intense bliss, and who eternally stay in Vrndavana.


83      Flooding everything, including even Goloka, with a limitless nectar ocean of transcendental moonlight, my  Vrndavana is like a very charming splendid moon shining above everything.


84      Now talk of the three modes of material nature is completely stopped.  Now the spiritual planets of Lord Hari have become dim as fireflies.  What more shall I day?  Completely eclipsing the happiness found in any other place, Vrndavana shines with great transcendental splendour.


85      If we ignore Vrndavana, which is flooded with the nectar of Radha's lotus feet and filled with the bliss of love for Lord Hari's feet, then what are the other things we will talk about.


86      Even if I must pass millions of births before I again obtain a human body like this, I shall still reside in Vrndavana.  My only wish is to reside in Vrndavana.


87      Alas! Alas!  Fie on me! Because I am attached to the very insignificant and unbeneficial ideas of religion held by the common people, I have ruined my residence in Vrndavana.


88      Shrimati Radhika's forest is the perfect atonement of sins, the ultimate shelter from offenses to great souls, the crest jewel of all principles of religion, and the crest jewel of all goals of life.


89      O dear friend whose life is Vrndavana, give up contact with ordinary people, a contact that destroys the goal of life, and give up attachment for the pot of stool known as the material body, an attachment that fills the lowest people with joy.


90      The fortunate bow down before a person who, always seeing the eternal and sweet spiritual forms of Vrndavana's grass,  bushes, and other living entities, and bowing down before them with great devotion, resides here in Vrndavana.


91      The fortunate, shedding tears of love as they remember Shri Radha's feet decorated with tinkling jewel anklets, reside in Her forest.


92      Vrndavana is completely filled with the sweet nectar of pure love for Lord Krishna.  All moving and non-moving residents of Vrndavana have spiritual forms, and you also have a spiritual form, just as they.  Give up all external ideas.  Do not be attached to ordinary religion.  Knowing the truth, always reside at Shri Radhika's feet.


93      When, in this Vrndavana forest, diving into the great transcendental nectar ocean of pure devotional service to the lotus feet of Shri Radha and Her beloved, Lord Krishna, will  I completely forget about the existence of my external material body?


94      To reside in Vrndavana I would perform millions of irreligious acts or millions of sins.  I would tolerate anything.  I shall attain my goal.


95      Eternally I bow down before Vrndavana's residents, who have limitless splendour and bliss, and limitless splendid love for Shri Radha-Krishna, and who hold in their hands the limitless power of the

supreme Personality of Godhead.


96      Let me praise Vrndavana's birds and other creatures, who are plunged into the ocean of limitless moonlight, flooded with the wonder of limitless beauty and overcome with limitless love for Lord Hari.


97-99  In Vrndavana, which is beautiful with many vines charming with splendid leaves and flowers, wonderful with many splendid flower archways, decorated with many splendid flower couches, splendid with jewel lamps everywhere, beautiful with male and female parrots expert at reciting plays, poetry and other literatures, decorated with lovely forest palaces, enchanting with the humming of splendid bees and glorious songs of cuckoos and other birds, filled with a network of very gentle, pleasantly cool, splendidly fragrant breezes, and which fulfils all desires, the fair and dark divine couple are overwhelmed with amorous desire.  Please meditate on Them.


100     Not far from Govardhana Hill, the king of  mountains, is a charming ocean of transcendental  glory.  The splendid nectar of all eternity, knowledge, and bliss accumulated together hardly equals a drop in comparison.  A single drop of the ocean of glory completely eclipses the sweetness of an ocean of nectar multiplied many millions of times.  Within that ocean of glory is the decoration known as Vrndavana forest...


101     which is filled with the currents of an ocean of bliss that makes the nectar of all other blisses become like a single drop, which is filled with all wonders, which has beauty to attract the eyes and heart of the goddess of fortune, which is flooded with the wonder of the nectar of pure bliss, which is wonderful with fragrance, splendour, sweetness, and charm....


102-104 which is wonderful with splendid blossoming mallika, lavanga, jati, yuthika, kadamba, campaka, sthalaravinda, sirisa, kunda, ketaki, kusumbha, kimsuka, and other flowers with beautiful madhavi and other vines with limitless flowers, with blossoming priyangu, nagakesara, asoka, karnikara, atimukta, saptala, and suvarna-yuthika flowers, with many wonderful varieties of jhintika and fragrant bandhujiva flowers, and with hayari, kubjaka, and other flowers, which is filled with many wonderful varieties of buds of flowers, with many wonderful varieties of leaves, blossoms, and great networks of many clusters of flowers, with many wonderful varieties of sweet fragrances, with many wonderful showers of nectar, and with many splendid trees....


105     which is filled with a great treasure of bliss created by the wonderfully sweet conversations of the male and female parrots who recount the confidential pastimes of Radha and Krishna, which is filled with the ear enchanting sounds of "kuhu kuhu" softly spoken by the cuckoos, which is filled with madly dancing peacocks and the blissful tumultuous warbling of many other kinds of birds....


106     which has in its midst beautiful groves of newly blossoming flowers, which in the beauty of its blissful flowers and wonderful jewel vines has no equal or superior, which has a beautiful bed decorated wit a host of opulences, which has the remnants of what was enjoyed by Radha-Madhava, which is a kingdom of all bliss...


107     which has in its midst a grove with a very charming lake filled with intensely blissful, glistening, clear, nectar water, splendid with its four sides studded with jewels, jewel staircases leading to its waters, its jewel shores shaded by splendid kadamba trees...


108     its deep waters delighting the dearmost divine couple and manifesting a great variety of tastes for Their pleasure, its kamalas, utpalas, and other lotuses opening and closing, the surrounding forest groves reflected in its splendid jewel waters...


109     very beautiful with many jewel sarojas, kumudas and other lotuses, all filled with the wonder of limitless fragrance, with ever increasing sweetness, and with petals expanded in ecstasy at every moment, which has shores filled with flowers flowing honey...


110     which has for the divine couple, who enjoy pastimes in the midst of the waters, a sublime forest grove with a beautiful jewel cottage that fills the gopis with wonder, which is paved with jewels and crystal and filled with splendid flowers below, above and in all directions...


111     which has four shores splendid with great jewels, which has wonderful pavilions of splendid flowering vines with many splendid and wonderful ornaments, and which is wonderful with the opulent beauty of many wonderful blossoming kadambas and other wonderfully splendid nectarean trees.


112     Please show me this very wonderful forest that makes a great flood in the shoreless ocean of Shri Shri Radha-Krishna's thirst to enjoy amorous pastimes, and that makes expert arrangements for the pastimes of the divine couple that finds pleasure in Vrndavana.


113     Radha hid in the forest of golden lotus flowers attended by swarms of very sweetly humming bumblebees. Krishna entered that forest, and mistaking one of the golden lotuses for Radha's face, began to kiss it. Radha then emerged from hiding, reassured Her beloved, kissed Him, and laughed.